Saturday, April 12, 2008

Human Rights Protestors wasting their time!

Our esteemed PM has excellent advice for those pro-Tibet human rights protesters : they are making a wrong move! Protesters all over the world are the same, they are nothing but trouble makers.

Straits Times has given front page coverage to a speech given by PM Lee at an international forum held in Singapore. In his speech PM Lee explained why it is not wise to protest against the Chinese because:

"The outrage in China, especially among the young can be read on flooded internet bulletin boards, all carrying virulent anti-foreign sentiments....Were they in English, young Americans and Europeans would realise that their displays of contempt for China and things Chinese will have consequences in their lifetime, well beyond the Olympic Games" - PM Lee

Gee, I'm Chinese too. I thought those protests were against an evil regime that committed human rights abuses in Tibet. Now I'm really angry after reading PM Lee's speech, those protestors are actually out to condemn ME because I'm Chinese. Thanks to Straits Times and PM Lee, I'm really angry with those Westerners who are protesting against my race and the country that my grandfather come from. It is really strange that the Herald Tribune and all the useless western media said that they were protesting against human rights abuses and the crackdown on Tibet. No! They were protesting against me and trying the humiliate the country of my forefathers.

"No government can give ground to any core issue under such public duress whatever the merits of the argument" - PM Lee

Whatever grievences those people have, they should file a complaint with the department that handles such issues in the Chinese bureaucracy. Although the Chinese govt may be a bit behind us, I'm sure they have such a feedback department to take care of such issues. Protests are simply a waste of time:

"The protests have no impact on China's policy in Tibet or against dissendents" - PM Lee

The protests have no impact on China's policy in Tibet although it is beamed around the world and caused the European Parliament to pass a resolution urging a boycott of the opening ceremony. The Tibetans should not have such protests around the world to highlight the plight of their love ones in Tibet who have been jailed for standing up against unpopular rule by the Communists. They should keep silent and go about their own lives and spend their time making money and shopping.

I'm glad that protests are banned in Singapore so that Singaporeans don't waste their time doing something unproductive and useless. Protests have no impact on governments. MinisterVivian Balakrishnan recent said, "I believe it is vital to keep sporting competitions and politics separate. We must not let politics obstruct the celebration of sports and all that it stands for" when he was asked about Tibet. Yes, I agree we should not mix politics and sports - but why did we participate in the American led boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980 . I guess the human rights abuses in Afghanistan committed by the Soviet Union was just too great to ignore and we have to let our compassion override our principles for that particular olympics games. We, Singaporeans are so lucky to be led by wise, compassionate and principled leaders. ...leaders whom we can trust to guard our rights, interests and freedom....


Anonymous said...

"The protests have no impact on China's policy in Tibet or against dissendents" - PM Lee

That's only a frog in a well talking because the frog only rules in his little well.

He thinks the world is only as big as his little well, where protestors just standing around with some messages on their T-shirts are being arrested and jailed by his henchmen.

The frog only knows what his father has setup for him; he came in the easy way, sat on the throne and thinks he such a great guy. He is wimp like his father because he cannot take public dissent, feels threatened by criticism and protests.

Therefore he resorts to bullying the weak, frightening his opponents with strong arm measures so that those opposition people who want to remain in his good book will have to act like PAP such as reflected in their selection of candidates (wah, high qualifications, good at climbing corporate ladder, speak like officialdom) and then be incorporated into its system.

Those who prefers to act like a "bull in china shop" or as the Hokkien would say "Gu Tao Long Piet" (JBJ) or act radical (CSJ) have no place in PAP's system; they must be destroyed politically by hook or crook.

But the frog does'nt realize that this can only work in his little well. Out there is a whole big world where public protests can in fact effect change.

Besides the frog does'nt even understand the Internet opens up a whole arena for poliitical play ; well let sleeping dogs lie.

It's the New Deal, wimpy frog. I'm not talking about the President Roosevelt's New Deal for the Great Depression. I'm talking about the New Deal for all politicians, ruling or opposition.

The blogsphere has and will increasingly become not just a place to politically inform voters but also to check on politicians.

No longer will it be a simplistic divide between ruling party and the opposition. The electorate will become more and more informed thanks to the immediacy of Internet-based information and communication.

It is a force politicians cannot fully suppress, not even in highly controlled China. People will learn as they use the Internet to sieve out the truths from the falsehoods.

Mainstream media when found wanting in giving people the facts will be increasingly ignored for political messages.

This the frog has yet to fully accept; nor have the wannabe-PAP opposition parties fully grappled with that.

All this is just beginning thanks to the work of a very few powerful bloggers and sponsored by the world hidden champions of democracy - Google, WordPress, amongst others as blog services!

A new era of politics have crept upon us but we are not quite understanding all the dynamics because it is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

For a more balanced view i.e. a glimpse of what Lee Hsien Loong meant by "the outrage in China... on flooded internet bulletin boards", you guys may wish to refer to this:
and this:

Anonymous said...

My mistake. The first URL should have been:

Anonymous said...

Lucky claimed he is Chinese.

No, he is not.

Because, if he were really Chinese, he would have been outraged by the obvious double standard - namely that while the British could get away with invading and conquering one entire continent (Australia) after another (North America) and exterminating one culture (Native Australian aborigines) after another (Native Americans), the Chinese were subjected to protest even while they invaded only a neighbouring land and then allowing the people there to retain much more of their culture and religion compared to what Australian aborigines and Native americans were allowed to retain.

In fact, lucky is nothing but pseudo-westerner. Thus, he is perfectly fine with the genocide of Australian aborigines and the elimination of Native Americans, but find himself disgusted by the Chinese comparatively milder behaviour in Tibet.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Herald Tribune and the other western media are useless and LYING that they were protesting against human rights abuses.

If they were speaking the truth, they should start by protesting the human rights abuses committed against Native Americans (and then urge White Americans to pack up and leave for Europe). They should then proceed to protest against the human rights abuses committed on Australian Aborigines (and then demand White Australians to pack up and leave for Europe too).

And then, they must systematically protest against the human rights abuses in Norther Ireland, Falkland Island, blah blah blah, till the Europeans invaders in each of these countries pack up and leave.

Then, and only AFTER then, do they have the moral authority to tell China to stop abusing Tibet and to leave Tibet, for it must be remembered that China first invaded Tibet and claim Tibet as its own even way before Europeans invaded North American and Australia.

So why should China leave Tibet before the Euroopeans leave Australia and north America?

So till then, it is a LIE and nothing but a LIE that they are protesting against human rights abuses.

Clearly, their aim is simply to put China/Chinese in a bad light, and prevent China the glory that it badly wanted in its "coming-out party" aka the Olympics.

Fact is, these is an international (or rather western) agenda against a rising China. Anyone who is not bias, should be able to discern this.

Unfortunately, there are some of us who are bias, and who swallow up western media articles blindly even while rejecting the Straits Times.

Anonymous said...

1. ALL countries/culture, at the height of their power. seek to expand and to invade others.

2. The Arabs, the Chinese, the Europeans, the Indians -- all no exceptions.

3. The question is only of degree. So ask yourself: historically, which country/culture has invaded others the most AND is still invading others?

A. For eg. how did the Chinese language, culture, lifestyle spread to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal?

B. Now what about English and Spanish and French? Did English enter North America via trade? Did Spanish enter South America via trade? Where is the Mayan Kingdom now? The Dutch culture entered Indonesia via war or trade? What about French culture in Vietnam?

C. When the Arabians were the top astronomers and hence sea navigators. Did they send warships to conquer all nearby countries? What about the Chinese - the lateset being Admiral Cheng Ho's fleet? Did the fleet conquer all the South East Asian ports and countries they visited? What about Britain? WHAT DID THEY DO WHEN THEIR WARSHIP REACH NORTH AMERICA?

D. Right now, what is happening in Iraq?

I submit that, based on 1,2,3 above:
FIRSTLY, what the Chinese did in Tibet is no big deal WHEN COMPARED to what other civilisations did. (A comparision is necessary. To refuse to compare is to hold China to a higher standard than other civilisation in power and that is bias and unfair, not to mention unreasonable!)

SECONDLY, for the Western media to ignore what their own civilisations did and are currently continuing to do, but to pick on China is nothing but an agenda against China and things Chinese, as Lee hsien Loong rightly pointed out.

THIRDLY, for ordinary citizens such as Lucky to do as what the western media did, shows (a) ignorance, (b) prejudice due to a brain already brain-washed by biased media
(c) a lack of understanding of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong was simply trying to do the same-old same-old - position Singapore as a go-between of China and the West, as just his father had tried in the past.

He was trying to highlight to the English western world, what Chinese China felt. In doing so, he was trying to raise the value of Singapore as a billingual east-meet-west nation which can hopefully help the west understand the east and vice versa. This is one way for Singapore to be of value both to China and to the west

While we can fault his thinking (actually, his old man's thinking), I do not think we should read his message as being a statement on "the role of protest in sg", as what Lucky is trying to say.

I think in this case, Lucky has mis-read the agenda of Lee.

Anonymous said...

Then why don't you Chinese Singaporean just go back to China and return the Temasek island to the Malays?

Anonymous said...

Mainland Chinese are highly nationalistic, so are the Americans and those of many other nations.

If every nation sees things only from the point of their national interests, then there will be no common platform for them to sit down and resolve international issues - be it human rights, democracy, trade etc.

If because of accusation of human rights abuses - true or untrue - the finger is pointed back at the critics, saying look at your own records, then there will be no end to dispute.

Democratic and human rights issues are correct; what is sometimes wrong is the abuse that goes with it using them as tools to bully, isolate and suppress a nation's or nations rise to greatness.

But methinks such things are nowadays beyond the power of even the most perverted regime to pull off.

So cool it and let the political leaders of China & other big countries involved take the issue to the UN for settlement. No need for ordinary people nor for that matter even politicians of a small authoritarian nation as Singapore to prejudge.

What does LHL know about Tibet? First look after Singapore in the right way, let our people be free and live a truly democratic system. He cannot even do that, then he should stop commenting on other nations.

If he cannot run Singapore properly, denying that even democratic principles such as that of freedom of speech and freedom of the press is correct and good for the nation, then he is not fit to tell other nations or people what is right and proper.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 10pm:
Then why don't you Singaporean Malays go seek refuge in Malaysia if you feel so bitter about being in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Malay, Chinese, Indian or Eurasian Singaporean, dont get it wrong that Singapore had belonged to any racial group.

This is because when this island was sold to the British by the Sultan of Johore then, it became the property of the British.

But then after WWII, the British had to get out because colonialism was under attack. British got out but with a local proxy running the country to see that it continues to be pro-British. It is the same as Malaya, in fact I would think also for India, even though Malaya and India were not sold to the British but rather colonised.

Let's not be so uninformed and living in some fanciful misty past that if a certain race were to get out of Singapore, things would be heaven. If that were really to happen, Singapore would probably end up as some backwaters.

Appreciate each race for their qualities and treat each other like fellow Singaporeans otherwise you cannot win tyranny which wants to divide the races and thereby rule.

Anonymous said...

our beloved PM yet again wonderfully displaying his "what to do, it's happened" leadership. and merely spewing his "let's close ranks" mantra, really leaving the idea of justice prevailing to gather cobwebs.

anon 7.25pm has got it slightly wrong in the sense that we're talking abt a toad here; a frog to describe our dragon prince is an insult to the frog.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 9:02 PM,

Thanks for the video. Tibet has been part of China. Not once in my posting mention whether Tibet should be part of China. It is about treatment of human beings.

anon 9:23 PM,

Yes Westerners were despicable people. Look at the way the treated the Aboriginals, the Red Indians, look at how they treated the people in their colonies. The way the Spanish spread diseases and killed natives in South America. They were condemned by their own societies amd history books for doing so. None of this should be condoned. One wrong does not right another. There are protests every week in America over the Iraq War, the detention without trial of suspected terrorists..etc. The western society allow its own govt to be condemned, its newspapers criticise Bush every day over what is happening in Iraq. You can protest against America for its treatment of Red Indians 100 years ago if you want.

anon 9:54PM,

Yes, I must be an ignorant fool and all those angry Chinese nationals whose media is controlled by their govt and think these protesters intend to humiliate China are enlightened people. These protesters are also fools, that is alot of trouble to go through to humiliate the Chinese. Protesters who gathered by the millions around the world to protest the Iraq war are American haters out to humiliate America? Americans who protest the Iraq war are humiliating themselves?

anon 9:11,
I'm not a pseudo westerner. I'm insulted to be associated to a barbaric civilisation PREVIOUSLY associated with those abuses you mentioned. I'm sure few white Australians will stand up to defend how they treated the aboriginals - their parliament just apologised for various acts they committed decades ago. I'm well aware of history and the acts of men towards one another. Nothing that happened in Tibet is as atrocious as Americans enslaving africans to work on cotton fields. But that is not today's topic....

Kaffein said...

You should see how Kevin Rudd brought the human rights issue with the Chinese Premier.

Man, the walks the talk. He's been winning lots of admirations both in AU and overseas for his bold speech in China.

Politics? Maybe, be it sure takes a lot of guts.


Localized Multi View said...

Ah doi. Since you are so angry against our dragon prince. Why not return to china?
I really don't like peeps who leave their own country to work in their host country and criticize the Host country Leeder(This is also a local human right){ only locals have the right Unless You start serving NS Shut up please }
My stand is Tibet People have a right to complain about their Situation.
Well Since there are so many you tube video I really need to remind you Why China Succeed in the first place.And why the crackdown can become bad.
The most Critical Event is this:
Tian An Men Heroes
The video speak volumes
Western Media
I must say most biased.... not!
Oh a banned Site? in china????
Tian An Men:- Wikipedia
Got a pre-vandal Copy can restore anytime :)
And finally a shameful Act
How Uncouth

Anonymous said...

"things Chinese"... err...I hope PM Lee isn't talking about all the human rights abuses as being somehow part of my race's characteristics. Because they're not. I would protest against China too. And a lot of Chinese inside China might like to do it too. And for those talking about American natives and Australian aborigines, that took place during a time when the whole world had different sensibilities. Slavery was still common. As human beings, let's do what we can in the present to make the world better. That doesn't include allowing China to do in 2008 what other world powers did hundreds of years ago. It's wrong for any country to do it now.

Anonymous said...

Wow with all the text book examples of history lessons I thought I am in a history class.
Thanks for all the history bit. Lets come to the present. Whats the point of crying over spill milk? I dont believe what happened 100 years ago will affect u and me in anyway now. And I believe the western people have learn quite alot from their past and look what they have become now? I dont see barbarians that disregard the opinions of others.

But look at singapore and china. were the peoples' opinions ever seeked when laws and bills are passed down? only the elites and the indifferent dont ever bother.

Back to the topic of protests, so do I dare to protest so to hold on to my belief? frankly do not. And hence like many singaporeans, we have forsaken freedom to express our rights.

Muhamad Nur said...

You mention protest is a waste of time and have no effect on the government. You are dead wrong on this.Asian countries gained independence from European powers after experiencing either silent protest(India) or violent protest(Vietnam).

It is a means for the masses to congregate and face injustice in their society(eg:Myanmar). Protest or peaceful demonstration is a healthy expression a person can show towards his country. It is the layman's collective voice to bring about change or action.

Your argument about the protestor in Tibet is so narrowly focused as to think that because Tibet is located beside China, it gives China the right to claim sovereignty over Tibet.

You forget about the vast natural resources Tibet has and that Tibetans are racially different from Chinese(eg: Japanese and Chinese).

Magic Warn said...

Mr. MM Lee himself is the one time protester that led Singapore to what it is today