Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mas Selamat has COMPLETELY disappeared!!!!

Yes, he disappeared from Whitley Road Detention Center but it seems he has also disappeared from the main stream media. Yesterday, I scanned the Business Times, Straits Times, Today and The New Paper .....none of the newspapers had any mention of Mas Selamat. Mas Selamat has decided to move on from our newspapers.....

While scanning the papers, I found an article about a certain Mr. Lam in The New Paper Mr. Lam is a sub-constractor who was hired to take down abestos from the roof of a factory. His workers were provided with safety helmets, safety goggles, gloves, safety harnesses and belts. He was not present at the worksite but had a supervisor to oversee the work done by the workers. Unfortunately, one of the workers stepped on a plastic sheet on the roof that couldn't take his weight and fell to his death.

'I was not around the work site, but my foreman said that the worker was feeling dizzy. He was walking backwards when he fell off the roof.'
But, he admitted, that as the boss of the company, he is responsible for the safety of his workers
Hey this guy wasn't at the worksite, he had a foreman who was suppose to ensure that procedures are followed and a worker who reported for work sick and he couldn't possibly have known about it. He could have easily blame people down the line for this mishap...yet he was silly enough to accept the blame for the worker's death. He wasn't even paid much to accept this responsibility - "Lam's annual income, according to his tax returns, was a little over $43,000. Last year, it was $51,000". This guy certainly has alot to learn about good leadership.
Anyway although Mas Selamat is still missing, we should all start moving on. Our govt believes he is still on our island and not somewhere else. Mas Selamat must like our shopping, food and weather alot because it is already 2 months and he has not attempted to relocate to another country. In a few months, the posters will be taken down from the buses, the search will be called off and Mas Selamat will turn into a Singapore mystery - like those McDonald's boys who disappeared mysteriously in 1986.


Anonymous said...

Good posts. And after all that, to quote Mr Wang, the biggest escape artist would be Wong Kan Seng.
The rot starts from the top.

While we have a national emergency of inflation, our govt still deem it fit to support citibank and UBS, but not spend a cent in subsidising the price of rice.

Yes, that would be the slippery slope, the spin goes, but if the reserves is not meant to HELP Singapore and Singaporeans, I question the basic first principles - what are our reserves for? the holy trinity (Father son and duaghter in law) to punt the stock market?

Anonymous said...

mas selamat is already dead at the detention center. everything is cover up.
time to MOVE ON...TO HELP his family (wife and children)

patiala pataka said...

This is an excellent example,WKS needs to know about this.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, can we start a fund to help Mas family? Can you imagine the pain they are going through?

Whatever the story that the govt can concoct, (Mas is a terrorist / no immediate threat / but the only thing we lost is face etc )we must thank Mas for helping singaporeans understand their govt better.

And how govt is right, but all faults accrue to the Gurkhas. I hope the Gurkhas understand now the meaning of the word - fall guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your article really makes me laugh. Very sharp - similar to that of Mr. Wang.

I have been detecting a trend of giving examples on accountablity as compared to that of the MAS's escape.

Anonymous said...

There were those persistent one line posts that Mas Selamat has died. Was it the same person who did the postings anonymously?

And if he was, is he related to Mas Selamat or his family, one who has privy informations of him? Can he be more specific and show certainty of his claim with some evidences?

If You are the poster and reading this, I like to bring to your attention that there are people of different races ready to help out, as You can read in blogs. Many are told that he(Mas Selamat) is married and has a family. Should he(Mas Selamat) has passed away, many are willing to assist his family as can be seen from the blogs.

Many are not very convinced of the charge(terrorism) against him because no damage was caused by him and he was not charge in a Court of Law. Yet there are others who believe in conspiracies and ploys. Whatever it is, anyone who has proof that he(Mas Selamat) is dead should do the people a favour by disclosing the claim with evidence(s). Once, this done, the people can move on to react accordingly.

Otherwise, please do not post hoax as it is not nice to publish untrue claim. On top of that it will make the poster a dishonest liar out to create troubles to others. The Last itself is a great sin.


Anonymous said...


There in lies the problem. If the ISA can find his pants hanging on the door, and post a public announcement that he may be wearing that same pair of pants, I wonder what finally is the truth from the ISD.

Yes, we all want closure, even if he escape to Indonesia and makes a video to mock our MHA incompetence. Then I will believe the govt and the COI.

In the mean time, we all wait for part 2 to unfold.

feedmetothefish said...

Yes, they would like Mas to move on. They would like all of us to move on.

Now, "The external turbulence will put our solidarity under stress. But we must not end up arguing among ourselves, or worse, quarrelling over how to divide what we have, or else, we will be worse off." PM on ST today.

Divide what we have? GST increased by 2%, ministers' salary increased to millions $,$$$,$$$? Let's not quarrel over it?

And I think Mas is doing fine at

If we stop laughing about it, we'll end up at IMH.

BrainWashed said...

Who??? What????? When????
Sorry Got brainwashed by Ch 8 and CNA
With So many lame show.
PS Even Malaysian channels (Used powderful antenanne) got Better than our local shows. What Happened :(
I don't want so many made in China Show. and go to Beijing show (use the recent payout to go meh????) Waaahhhhhh :(
And so Mas Selamat Disappear into the sunset like those WMD......
PS I not watching this year Olympic maybe rent Video or play Wii games so as to not watch any of those Olympic broadcasts :)
But I will Catch F1 (sempang and night race:) :0....

Anonymous said...

Somebody else has never been found..and they arent even searching..the guy is Phey Yew Kok

Anonymous said...

That Selamat could be assembling a bomb or hatching a new plot right could Singaporeans be going about with their daily lives and not giving a hoot about this dangerous fugitive?! What happened during Total Defence Day recently? A few schools were 'busy' switching off electricity, handing out rations and re-enacting WWII is this appropriate in countering terrorism?