Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mas Selamat : Monday is the moment of TRUTH!!!

On Monday, DPM Wong KS will go before parliament to explain how Mas Selamat escaped. The whole nation is waiting for the mystery of his escape to be revealed. I've reproduced a map of the Whitley Detention Center (see above layout) so that everyone can better appreciate our DPM's explanation of what happened.
Leading up to Monday, Straits Times published a number of articles to highlight the important role that ISD plays to ensure the security of Singapore : Don't over look the outstanding work of Security Agencies and ISD deals with many terror threats not just JI . We should all be thankful to Straits Times for reminding us of the importance of ISD and the important role it plays in our harmonious society. Because the ISD exists, we can all sleep soundly at night as long as we're not seen as enemies of the state. ISD's past triumphs more than make up for its single lapse. It has rescued Singapore from harm many times in the past and will continue to protect us in the future.
To appreciate the ISD one must understand the key unique feature of the ISA which is detention without trial. One of the most notable success was the detention of 22 people who were part of a Marxist Conspiracy that threatened to destabilise Singapore in 1987. I was very young then and the actions of the ISD left me with a deep impression of their role in the stability our society. Without them Singapore would have fallen apart. The Marxist conspirators if not detained without trial would have resorted to violence and undermined the stability of our nation. Although not a single one of the 22 Marxist conspirators had ever been involve in any form of violence, there was no room for complacency. They were brought on TV to confess their evil intent after their detention. Although many revoked their confession shortly after, the ISD rearrested them for further rehabilition and most were eventually cured of their violent nature after the second detention. ISD should now consider the arrest of some members of our opposition who are starting to resort to militant tactics like locking the arms together during protests and biting the police when arrested.
The other notable detainee was Mr. Chia Thye Poh who was a dangerous communist out to destabilise Singapore - it took more than 23 years to rehabilitate this dangerous former physics teacher before his release in 1998. The case provides strong evidence that the ISD empowered by ISA exercises its power judiciously.
These days many Singaporeans travel and stay overseas for work or studies. Many go to countries without the equivalent ISD/ISA and do not allow detention without trial. I'm sure Singaporeans overseas feel very unsafe in those countries - I find it difficult to sleep well at night when I'm overseas and don't have the ISD to protect me. That is why DPM Jaya's reminder that the ISD has done outstanding work is timely given the escape of Mas Selamat. It is necessary to retain the ISD/ISA so that we can be sure the next "Chia Thye Poh" or Marxist conspirators are quickly detained without trial.


Anonymous said...

hi Lucky,

is this true? I can't believe such things happen in spore ( am referring to the arrest and unjust detention of the "marxist conspirators"). It seems such a big news in the history of spore. yet i don't recall it being in the history textbooks.

Anonymous said...

i see only one toilet....the gateway to freedom?

hypocritical pap out to spin again on Monday?

how about a parliamentary sitting to chat about the recent bad investments in ailing US and Swiss banks

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 11:38,

Who said it was unjust detention? It is justified because it was done for the good of Singaporeans. If it was unjust many Singaporeans would have stood up to condemn it.

Anonymous said...

mannn.... all the sarcasm here. i dunno if people are serious or not.

anyway Lucky1138 yes it is true!! you're probably not gonna hear about it cos there's lots of issues with the arrests such as lack of evidence and allegations of torture.

@lucksingaporean, i hope ur being sarcastic lol

Anonymous said...

On Mondays, I usually log on to Talking for my weekly entertainment.

Today, I wait patiently for the Talking Cock in Parliament to entertain me.

I think he won't disappoint. Can't he definitely costs more than those chaps at the talking site.

cheers ...

Anonymous said...

From the ST forum. Is that the real you Mr Tan?

April 21, 2008

S'pore escaped terror attacks, thanks to security agencies

I AM grateful to Deputy Prime Minister S. Jayakumar for reminding us about the contributions of the Home Team and the Internal Security Department (ISD) in keeping Singapore safe, especially from terrorist attacks.

His timely reminder prompted me to reflect on how much I have taken safety and security for granted.

In the last few years, many cities across the globe, including major cities like London and Madrid, have come under terrorist attacks. But Singapore, thankfully, has remained unscathed.

Let us remember that it was the diligence and hard work of our security agencies that have kept at bay the violence of terrorism that has haunted many other cities.

I am heartened by Professor Jayakumar's reassurance of ISD officers' continued determination in keeping us all safe.

We have been able to live a peaceful and fulfilling life here, largely because these officers have been working tirelessly, behind the scenes, to outwit those bent on harming us.

Thio Sun Hiong

Onlooker said...

Took so long and catch no ball.
Truly uniquely Singapore.

Black said...

Findings of the 3 members panel is out at Interesting report showing they does not know how he escape from the detention centre but they know he climbed out from the toilet windows, which is what most people guessed. They managed to find this fact after only 2 months! Indeed we have an efficient government!

Anonymous said...

it looks like there are at least two other cubicles without window and they have to allow him to use the one with the window.hahahaha

i am beginning to think our entire civil service are filled with people suffering from momentary idiocy. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Whether there are truth in the Inquiry Report, after hearing them on Monday, I am not sure.

But, I am sure the Investigations and Inquiries have made great progress. From (human and procedural) lapses, it has progressed to the penultimate human weaknesses.

So, the blame is in human nature and not the man. Corruption, abuse of power and impropriety are also human weaknesses. No argument with that.