Sunday, April 06, 2008

MM Lee : Some are "Living in a Make-believe world".....

You should read the above interview with MM Lee which appeared on the Straits Times this Saturday. According to MM Lee, there are 2 reasons why Mas Selamat was able to escape from the detention center - he was an escape artist and the guards were complacent. Complacency has become a point of discussion in the Straits Times recently. The Straits Times in its article "Kiasu Kiasi complacent?" gave the 2 main reasons why Singaporeans are complacent:

"There is a sense of general complacency in Singapore because we have a very efficient civil service and Government that takes care of most people's needs - shelter, employment, education, medical, transport, even retirement needs...." - PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak.

Singaporeans have become complacent because the govt is so good at meeting their every need. No wonder the govt has been hiking the fees of every single one of those services mentioned by MP Lim Wee Kiak to reduce complacency among Singaporeans. His argument is indeed compelling - people in Hong Kong are politically active because their govt is unable to take care of their needs ....S. Koreans, Brits, Australians' needs are all not well taken care of by their govt, that is why they lack political apathy...a characteristic common among Singaporeans. This pervasive apathy has nothing to do with the arrest of dissidents in Singapore, censorship, media control, defamation lawsuits, draconian illegal assembly laws, treatment of the opposition etc.

The 2nd reason for complacency given by the article is this:

"Singaporeans take the smooth running of the country for granted and fail to appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure this" - Straits Times
Yes, Singaporeans are complacent because they fail to appreciate the work of the govt. I've often urged Singaporeans to be grateful to the govt...showing your appreciation is one sign you're not complacent.

MM Lee who often spoke of the need to preserve the system he has created was probably saying that more has to be done to ensure that the system he created will last. We must guard against dangerous forces that threaten this system especially the Opposition. No Singaporean should be complacent when it comes to the Opposition. We have to guard against the ideas they attempt to propagate by finding more time to read the Straits Times and listening to speeches of our esteemed leaders attentively. We can see that the Singapore Police Force is not complacent when there is a need to control the activities the opposition they always have ample manpower and vehicles ready to make arrests. We should also do our part - avoid undue opposition influence by systematically rejecting their ideas and believing what the Straits Times writes about them.
I urge Singaporeans not be so complacent that they are seduced by simplistic ideas put out by the opposition that is incompatible with the system that our MM has created. Among these seductive ideas is that of having stringent check and balance in the system. ...yeah like the idea of voting a sizable opposition to check on the govt. Our great govt needs no such checks because it is the only one in the world that can check itself. The other idea is giving the people more freedom and democracy - I'm sure Singaporeans don't want to be burdened by the responsibility of freedom and the duties as citizens of a full blown democracy. Good governance is best left to the PAP - a leadership that can be trusted to work for the people's interest.


Anonymous said...

pharaoh outlived 'moses'. lol.
all hail pharaoh!! lol

Anonymous said...

I believe that everything can go wrong with the current system in Singapore. But I'm still living in a make-believe world.

Anyone heard of a single ultra good investment made by the men in white? example, UBS or shin corpse?

Anonymous said...

The cited interview was made by Straits Times which asked "Singapore has been successful many ways...".

Arghhhh, the whole interview is really nothing less and nothing more than PAP talking to itself.

It's real funny but still the old fella makes a point that things can go wrong in Singapore.

But you mean it takes a prison break to realize this? C'mon, what can go wrong already had over the last 40 years.

It's PAP with its deceptive propaganda where wrong must appear as right, failure must be announced as success through the PAP's press. What else can a PAP mouthpiece called the press in Singapore do?

We know, we know, that's why we are keeping tabs on the comedy that you and your mouthpiece are acting out.

Say something fresh, PAP, it is all getting very stale.

Anonymous said...

A forumer from Sammyboy summed up the whole MM discourse into one golden line: "Singaporeans are now experiencing first hand a good dose of Complacent and Bad Government that turns around and blame the citizens for their own Complacency."

Anonymous said...

At 95, you can still be fit enough to drive. I am impressed. Looks like we will be driven to more good years ahead.haha!

Anonymous said...

"Our great govt needs no such checks because it is the only one in the world that can check itself."

I don't think your above statement is correct. There are also other governments who also check themselves ............. until the day comes when they are checkmated.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is 'living in a make-believe world' when the blame for making mistakes are pushed to someone else while credit is always arributed to one person.

Anonymous said...

mas selamat is alreday dead. pls dont talk about him...but pray for him. May the killer be punished (i heard he was already killed in the detention center)

kelly said...

A very good blog entry!!

I am living in a make-believe world EVERYDAY!! I fantasise some nasty neighbour closing the door on his own fingers, and I chat within ! Nothing wrong with that and a bit of giggle even if you know certain things won't happen in real life as in a virtual world.

I appreciate the Singapore government too!! But also, I dislike the way certain things "work"....someone needs to re-look into the workmen's compensation 'laws' and get rid of some rust! And someone needs to be kicked in the ass (or gently nudged) of the person who suggested turning Sin Ming into a funeral hub!! ~rolling eyes~

Anonymous said...

I am frightened.
Apparently the whole Blogosphere represented by the commoners and the Rulers are having confrontations and conflicts. Where will these lead to; no war, this I am quite sure but where will nationhood? No gestation of one has taken place yet since our Independence given to us on a platter by the British over four decades ago. And if ever one cell of it{nationhood) appears now, it seems destined to miscarriage.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

knn !!! you commentators who write alot very shiok hor. better start to educate those singaporean that are eligible to vote next election on what these farking garmen wrong doing. get these newbies to visit website. stop their propanganda before it is to later for us to sing majulah singapura.

Anonymous said...

If Mas Selamant did not die in prison, he escaped with the help of corrupted officials within the system.

Not small flies who guard the toilet, mind you.

The toilet break indicated corruption within the ranks of government which LKY is fighting tooth and nail to avoid revealing.

Singapore Government is incorruptible and hence the million dollar salaries. This foundation cannot be shaken.

He needs us to live in his make-believe world.

jesus said...

Extrapolating on the post above, the war against terror is more than just dealing with terrorists. It is a war of ideologies, the battle of the hearts and minds.

The PAP govt is morally bankrupt and is all about money politics. There is no ideology other than one of economic growth and to make more money. But humans don't live on bread alone.

If Mas Selemat is still on the island, then clearly someone or some groups are sheltering him. This is what the govt and their think tanks should worry about more. Utter failure in intelligence and operations. Out of touch with the ground. Indeed without Mas Selemat the police would not have discovered illegal migrants who have been hiding here for more than 3 years!

I saw a Mas Selemat poster the other day at a HDB lift lobby and someone has scrawled the word 'hero' across it. LOL

Under the undemocratic PAP, Singapore is only nice on the outside but rotten on the inside. A tsunami will come soon, I can feel it in my bones hehe.

Onlooker said...

I make believe that the Leeder guy is not senile all these time.
Otherwise the thought of the make believe Leeder being senile would have turn my stomach.

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