Saturday, April 19, 2008

PM Lee : Finding Leaders, rating the Opposition.

Here's an excellent article that appeared in Monday's Today : PM Lee on Internet Lessons by Loh Chee Kong. Loh Chee Kong is this year's Young Journalist of the Year and represents the best in Singapore journalism. Here's PM Lee's take on the opposition in that article:Unlike our world class govt the standard of the Singapore Opposition leaves much to be desired. "Mr. Chiam speaks much less nowadays" (maybe because he is lying in hospital due to a severe stroke). Mr Low is only good at "nitpicking" - the last time he "nitpicked" about how billions of CPF money is handled and how it is moved to GIC for investments and why those returns are not given back to CPF account holders. That is really too much nitpicking for our esteemed govt to tolerate. As for Sylvia Lim, "her speeches are rather cautious and reserved" - her last speech on why top judges should not be nominated by the PM resulted in her being called a "conspiracy theorist" by our Law Minister - if she is not cautious she would be fined for abusing her parliamentary privileges like her predecessor JBJ. Of course, her speeches cannot be intellectually stimulating and thought provoking like those given by PM Lee himself....I'm sure PM Lee is definitely not so overly cautious like Sylvia especially that time when he put "hum into mee siam" or the other time when he said he needed to "fix the opposition" and buy his supporters.
Overall I give the Opposition an "F" for the terrible performance. It is their fault that Mas Selamat has escaped from the detention center because they failed to warn the police about the security flaws when they were detained there. Our govt has also put the blame on the citizens for being complacent, and the guards for being negligent - the only people who are blameless in the Mas Selamat escape is the govt itself. For that they deserve an "A" for fulfilling their responsibility towards the people.
I've told you guys many times that there is no such thing as "good Opposition" in Singapore they are either breaking our illegal assembly laws like the Chees or under performing in parliament. The PAP has reported that it has shortlisted 100 people to be the "next generation leaders". Like our current PM, good leaders are very hard to find and require extensive searches, and it takes alot of persuasion to get them to agree to become MPs after they are selected. After they are selected, they are bundled into GRCs so they will get into parliament even though the voters don't really know them that well - they don't have to worry because the PAP has already selected them for us. I urge my fellow Singaporeans to be more careful during the next elections and avoid emotive opposition rallies that can deceive you into voting for people without the right credentials instead of the PAP candidates who understand that guarding the people's interest is not as simple as guarding the people's interest - policy making is about many tradeoffs that the PAP govt has created - from they many GICs, the deserving power elites and maintaining the status quo, what is good for the people becomes an ambiguity - these days we are not even sure who "the people" are given our nation has been corporatised and transformed into a business entity. It is more important than ever before to find the people with the appropriate motivation to serve. Contrast that with the thinking of the Opposition especially the Chees who think that the best way to safeguard the interests of Singapore citizens is to empower them with the right to speak up, protest and with transparent govt to arm them will all the information needed to question the govt. That is all hogwash because we the people know what we are incapable of .....and our govt has frequently told us so....leave everything to the PAP, don't question them for we have no intellectual capacity to understand what our great govt does let alone question them. Our PM Lee said and you should trust him:
"While the Government has been increasing efforts to explain its policies to Singaporeans........In fact, if we test people’s understanding of policies, I think even news workers and PAP MPs might not pass.” - PM Lee
I hope the govt can help us find the "next generation leaders" who can understand govt policies and represent us in parliament. There is no place for the opposition because if PAP MPs cannot understand the PAP govt's policies what can the opposition do for the people. We the people should learn to trust our govt fully to serve us well. The opposition MPs have accomplished nothing when they urged the govt not to raise the GST because they did not understand why the GST hike is needed. They accomplished nothing when they asked the govt to do more for the poor because only the PAP govt understands why it is necessary to have poor people in Singapore. The opposition accomplished nothing when they demanded that the people be given more affordable housing because only the PAP understands why the people shouldn't be given too much "market subsidy". Only the PAP understands the system it created, only the PAP can find the right leaders for Singapore and the people should only vote for the PAP.


pap_forever said...

Yet another timely piece from Mr Lucky Tan.

I just wish that the political tsunami which hit our northern neighbour recently will not come to our shores.

I sincerely hope not. PLEASE don't, fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I find it rather strange that even though PAP MPs cannot understand the PAP Govt's policies, they can be expected to explain PAP Govt policies to their peasant voters.

Or is it sufficient to say that they do not have to explain PAP Govt policies to peasants because peasants need not have to know about PAP Govt policies. Just follow what the leader says.

No wonder some are saying that when George W. Bush, the No. 1 gaffer in the world leaves office, that position will be filled by one of our own.

Anonymous said...

Do they need to understand? They only need to repeat everything what PM says... in simple
ca--y B--ls ... fill in yourself... what a joke

Anonymous said...

let me side track a little bit. Our govt likes to create policies which nobody could understand. Some bother to speak up a little by questioning the rationale behind. Genius explanations given by the esteemed people just don't hit the average brains we have. In the end, we accept these make-no-sense theories and continue with our let-the-govt-be living. But then, this is not the desired response that our bright leaders want, coz they complain we are too complacent as those who think or rather assume nothing can go wrong are being complacent.So this has long been happening. What to do?

Anonymous said...

PAPi Have too many excess baggages(ie Potential MP candidates that aren't used kept in civil post)
Go for a Diet.

Opp Have too little Talent Not really populace too scare to make a wrong move after all who want to end up like jbj and cheese.

Remember Snow white Stepmother and what happen to her.
Mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest .... you know
found out: eradicated: finally frustrated to death.
But U see there is something called karma and paper cannot contain a raging fire.
Sooner or Later....

Anonymous said...

When will PM say this one day?

" Actually, people of Singapore need not vote at any election. Even if they do, they won't understand what a democracy is and what their vote means. Just leave it to the Government. We will fix them."

Anonymous said...


Your article being a parody, I hope it is not a romancing of the opposition MPs you are focusing on. If so, I think Lucky is being too humble because you are actually doing more than the opposition in addressing issues and engaging the people.

Ultimately, democracy with its checks and balances boils down to NOT trusting politicians by themselves to do right - whatever party they hail from.

For this reason we need a multi-party Parliament - just like there should be competition in the marketplace for consumers to benefit the most.

Such a multi-party Parliament exists in all working democracies. Except Singapore.

This is because the geographical constraints of Singapore allows it to be easily come under political tyranny - a major watershed of which happened in the 60's when Lee Kuan Yew using the ISA arrested and detained without trial many opposition MPs.

Since then the opposition parties have been in shambles and could not consolidate and this owing to petty differences.

In any case, whatever the case what should stay is people's vigilance against all politicians. Idealizing them is not helpful in this regards.

It is not a case of opposition against the govt but more a case of the people needing to take control of all politicians.

Just because some politicians come from the opposition do not necessarily mean they are not working hand in hand unconsciously with the govt of the day to sideline the more radical but otherwise aboveboard opposition figures.

Vigilance please.

Anonymous said...

"While the Government has been increasing efforts to explain its policies to Singaporeans........In fact, if we test people’s understanding of policies, I think even news workers and PAP MPs might not pass.” - PM Lee

Thank you Mr Lee, we sinkie are glad to have you drafting and implementing polices which Singaporeans can never understand.

Anonymous said...

JBJ said on TV interview yesterday that Singapore is a politically castrated society. Strong words.

I can see that he is always acting the role of a messiah. I would rather grant him the role of a would-be spoiler of PAP system but one that has failed miserably.

He had all the support from the voters but what he did to harm himself - by saying outrightly defamatory things against PAP leaders and thereby getting sued to kingdom come - cannot be excused. JBJ seemed obsessed with running LKY down personally, hoping thereby to collapse the system.

What a whimsical approach. The comeback kid will not make any difference.

Anonymous said...

All these empty talks about qualifying leaderr......i think only HIS son will pass the PM test with flying colors.

I mean Horny Lee Hong Yi.

Not the other white colored albino one.

Anonymous said...

Many people in cyberspace seem to agree that the next PM is already being groomed and is studying in the US. The comment about not having anybody capable of assuming the PM position is, well, just telling others to back off.

Alan Wong said...

Maybe our PM please answer this question :-

If you happen to drop dead today, does it mean that Singapore will do without any PM until the next PM is discovered and groomed 2 or 3 elections later as none of the current Ministers qualify to be PM material.

What nonsense! Absolutely doesn't make sense. It appears someone is definitely trying to con us.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he really knows how the population rates him.(66.6% according to him is a strong mandate against a bunch of newbies, whose fathers I'm sure are not as powerful as his). He is so full of himself (like father like son)that he hardly knows of the many titles the people have bestowed on him. The father at least knows that he is about to be the chart topper of the most hated list.(Which he admitted he rather be. He sure gives Bush Jr a run for his money in terms of his oral skills...

Anonymous said...

The shit gets so deep that one actually needs wings to stay above in Singapore.