Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Minister Wong Kan Seng should not resign!

I keep hearing people asking DPM Wong to resign. This is SO ABSURD. Do you expect the CEO of a company to resign because the night watchman fell asleep at his job and allowed the warehouse to be burglarized? Of course not! If you do that you're going to lose of great talents in govt such as DPM Wong KS. DPM shouldn't be blame for Mas Selamat's escape, if you think hard about it he is totally blameless. Here's why:

1. WKS probably did his work and visited the Whitley Detention Center and that infamous toilet. You really have to forgive him if he thought the ventilation window is too high to climb out. ....and those high fences and high walls really looked very high to him.

2. Can someone tell me how the DPM of Singapore is suppose to ensure that those Gurkha guards do their job and make sure the Mas Selamat kept the toilet door open when he pees. ..do you actually expect DPM Wong to be present every time Mas Selamat needs to go to the toilet?

3. Some people say WKS should have put our terrorists in a more secure place instead of the Whitley Detention Center. My reply to them is this : Whitley held some of the most dangerous people our society has ever produced - Francis Seow, Chia Thye Poh, Marxist Conspirators and none of them were able to escape. Like what the MM said, Mas is an escape artist. Among his many talents - crashing planes, bombing buses, master of disguise...Mas is an escape artist...his is also good at disappearing acts - 53 days and still no sight of him.

Mas Selamat seems to have vanished into thin air. According to the findings of COI, he dropped his pants and ran into the forest. Combine that with the insistence that he is still in Singapore. How does a half naked man disappear completely in urban Singapore? This has caused people to speculate that he did not escape but died under custody.....the escape is just an elaborate hoax to cover up his death.

Mr Low Thia Khiang asked subsequently, “Is this episode also the result of the complacency of his ministry in failing to supervise the agencies under his charge? Is the DPM aware that there is speculation that Mas Selamat died inside WRDC?”

DPM Wong answered, “May I ask Mr Low whether he believes that indeed Mas Selamat has died?”

Mr Low said, “No, I don’t.”

Let me dispel all these rumors:

1. If Mas Selamat died in WRDC, wouldn't that be a cause for celebration? The death of our most dangerous terrorist, who wanted to crash a plane to kill innocent civilians cannot be a bad thing. Why would the govt ever want to cover up his death.

2. According to rumors, he died long before 27 February and only when his family wanted to visit him on 27 Feb did the "people in charge" activated this elaborate hoax to explain his "inability to show up". His escape coincided with his family visit because the toilet from which he could escape from is located at the wing for visitors - if his family didn't visit, he wouldn't be able to escape.

3. Why was there no CCTV footage of his escape? CCTVs failed to capture his escape because they were being upgraded to "motion sensor type". My question is how did such an evil man get so lucky?...Where was God that day?

My own conspiracy theory which can never be proven false is this : Mas Selamat was reformed by months of rehabilitation and had turned over a new leaf. He offered to go back to Indonesia to help locate his former JI buddies for our intelligence unit. To make sure that they don't suspect he now a mole, the escape was staged. That is why the director of the WRDC received no blame for his escape. The only problem is a govt of such great efficiency and competence as the PAP may find it hard to convince the population that it has made a mistake. That is why all the blame was pinned on the Gurkha guards and the govt is totally blameless in this whole episode. It was also necessary to use this escape to remind Singaporeans not to be complacent and think they can actually survive without the PAP. I challenge anyone to try to prove my theory false. This theory definitely fits in better that the "Mas Selamat is already dead" theory. DPM Wong should not resign, he should be promoted for masterminding this great plan to flush out the entire JI network using Mas Selamat. My theory is the only one that can explain why nobody in govt is blamed for this escape.


Capt_Canuck said...

Sounds like the PM and Ministers have a perfect system. When good things happen in Singapore "The ministers and PM are all great minds, we need to increase their pay for their talents!". When things go bad "The ministers can not be held responsible for anything that happens down the chain. They aren't super people you know!" and Singapore only whines but doesn't complain.

Did you happen to read that article in the PAP newsletter (Straits Times)? How Singaporeans whine but only a small percent actually complain to make things better.

Wonder if next year you are going to hear from the PM "We need to increase the pay of our ministers and PM so that we can attract even better talent and brighter minds so that escapes like Mas will not happen again"?

LuckySingaporean said...


Thanks for a reminder of how superior our system is. THat is how we end up with leaders who are so great

The great economy is not due to the thousands of Singaporeans willing to work hard for low wages, it is because our ministers wisdom that make this country great. All the problems can be blamed on complacent citizens and low ranking employees in the service.

We whine alot but to complain takes too much effort.

U'll do a followup on More reasons why WKS should not resign.

Rahul said...

That is a great theory. Hopefully the other JI members will not read it and become suspicious...

Anonymous said...

so Mas Selemat has become the Chief Intelligence Officer according to this theory.

How about an extension of this theory: To export and propagate FEAR within Singapore in order to cause alarm, distraction to the people, etc., so people won't think of revolting too much against PAP?

Anonymous said...

this piece sounds pro. anyway, it looks split in the middle. will pm judgment call on this issue weight against him? he seems to have paved a way to escape responsibilities for its heads. apparently, the key to absolve responsibility is delegation and empowerment. with that set, the bulk of blame can stop anywhere along and down the line depending on how you frame the story. citizens will probably be concern whether this case will be precedence for other screw ups in future or those already committed but have been cleverly concealed.

yes, singaporeans whine alot and they should if they want to improve things around here. problem is, there is still too much bureaucracy within the system that stand in the way of justice - and i would even say it is deliberate.

all complaints will have to pass through an elaborate process which may involve costly settlement - as deterence. you see, the system is designed to weep out 'complicated' and 'sensitive' cases. when such cases arise, the privilege top will assess and determine the fate of these 'sensitive' cases. if it is unfavorably evaluated, delay tactics and lame excuses usually follow before your case be given a fair hearing let alone getting to the crux of the matter. and depending on who you are up against( that explain the troublesome and sometimes costly process), the buck may just stop at the judgment of those seating right at the top, whom you have never met nor could have known you personally, passing all kinds of unspoken judgment before delivering a final parting shot by telling you off in polite officialdom languages like: oh, it has been extensively investigated ( god knows how they do it without all the facts and details) and that's the end of the story! but if you insist on arguing or taking your complaints further, you will be beset with more obstacles and heavier financial burden!

how clever huh?

truth be told, the common man in most cases don't get real justice in sg because they have made it too troublesome for you to do so! often, you will be put off by their staff, delays and lame excuses. and in some cases,the political and financial( hurting the brand,image and jobs) costs will be too heavy to bear if they allow to correct a deliberate structural impediment!

go figure the rests out!

Anonymous said...

Not that singaporeans are afraid to fight. Question is...how to fucking fight an unfair fucking system full of fucking idiots who sold their fucking souls to fucking cowards who fucking sit at the fucking top????

We all do out fucking calculation and at the end of the day, we say...fuck you and fuck off...we shall see you at the fucking poll!

Hear that fucking psychophants?,,:)

yamizi said...

I wonder what will happen to Mr Low if he answered 'yes' instead.

Anonymous said...

Satirical writing aside, I am personally very disappointed at PM's response on govt responsibility. Very disappointed!

What's with the latest style of reversing questions on Mr Low?

When asked about the conspiracy theory of Mas Selamat having died in WRDC, DPM WKS reversed the question to Mr Low.

And then, PM did the same thing and reversed the question on whether DPM should resign. And when Mr Low kept silent, he said something like "Silence... so that's settled then".

How compelling and convincing. I'm starting to think that we are ALREADY getting a bad dose of govt, now!!

numbernine said...

Maybe LTK wasn't fast enough.

When Wong Kan Seng asked him "May I ask Mr Low whether he believes that indeed Mas Selamat has died?" The answer should be "you're the home affairs minister and you're asking me? Is it my job to quell the rumours or is it yours? Why don't you hand your portfolio to me so that I can show you what a real home affairs minister can do?"

And when Lee Hsien Loong asked him if Wong Kan Seng should resign, the right answer should be "that would be hasty. But a committee should be set up to appoint his successor first."

Onlooker said...

Noticed he only answered the second question with another question aim at a person(could be anyone Chiam,low sylvia whoever).
This would be called a parry and attack question based answer strategy.
Proving that they do not really want to clarify matter and people not following the dialog will not see any problem with that.
So what to do , leave it lor. = bochap

Alan Wong said...

In the midst of such a blunder, yet it is really unbecoming for both the Clown Prince & his Cousin-in-law to have replied in such a rude manner to the questions raised by Mr. Low.

It's like both of them couldn't give a damn to some of us Singapore peasants.

Hey Clown Prince, don't forget that Mr. Low was properly elected by a section of our electorate to represent some of our interests.

If both of you do not want to show Mr. Low any respect, neither do we need to any respect to you either.

Especially when you are the type who wants to enjoy the perks of a world class salary but doesn't have to qualities to earn it.

Anonymous said...

Well, Lucky, there's another conspiracy theory which i now begin to believe more true...rather than yours.

The nonchalance and brushing off of accountability of this incident tells me that:

Mas Selamat is actually not the so-called danger he's made out to be.

Perhaps, when Indonesia first captured him and handed him over, MHA made a big announcement of his threat, just to tell vested interested parties out there (i.e. other govts and global MNCs spending money in Singapore), that Singapore is safe and has an organisation protecting it from terrorist threats.

Perhaps thats why Indonesia say - if we catch him now, we wont give him to you.

and explains very clearly to me - why Mr Wong let ISD director off easily, and why PM Lee let Mr Wong off easily.

PM Lee is ex-military man, a general. Of all people, he knows what accountability means.

Anonymous said...

LTK had to answer no to WKS's question because otherwise he might be construed by PAP as opposing for the sake of opposing - whatever that exactly means to him. This is something that he explicitly spoke against in late 2007.

LTK also had to back up his statement then that "WP's role is to revise and improve on government policies". So how can he be confrontational? I mean in the same interview he even questioned the meaning of the opposition, saying the idea came from the West. May be his job as opposition MP is all wrong and should be relinquished altogether. That would be more convincing.

Anyway, you see, for the WP to act confrontational is risky. Risky because PAP will use everything in its power to fix up the WP. We have seen what happened to CSJ - leaving aside for now JBJ who deliberately taunted the PAP leaders to sue him as though he had some divine immunity.

PAP can also fix up WP in Hougang by delaying estate upgrading. Although the residents there - despite being sidelined for estate upgrading - stood up to PAP and gave LTK a resounding 8% increase in votes, LTK is not about to tempt his fate in Huogang.

I understand LTK is a smart person. However he should also realize that his mild approach in Parliament is not being misread by PAP. WP wants to play along with PAP until the next GE; same way PAP wants to play along with WP.

I mean what's the secret that both wants to win and win big in next GE. And what does PAP not know about WP's preparation?

This I am assuming LTK relatively non-confrontational approach - such as not in retorting WKS - is a political strategy to appear innocuous to PAP.

But I could be wrong. LTK might actually mean what he said in the earlier cited pronouncement that his party is there not to confront PAP but help PAP fine-tune its policies.

If this indeed be the case, then the incorporation of WP into the PAP system is obvious - this especially when one sees that 8 out of 9 of featured candidates in WP's latest promotional leaflet are all U grads, very much in line PAP's elitist way of selecting politicians.

Also said...

To further your theory a bit: In this instance, the PM can claim no one is up to task for leading the country and it will take a longer time to find someone to replace him because to be a PM, one has be "perfect".

Anonymous said...

Totally ludicrous and erroneous article.
So we should be happy that if MS died and see the JI network taking revenge? Brilliant!

Dinosaur said...

I was born here in Singapore. So are my parents and family. Over my 54 years of foot steps in Singapore, though not considered very lucky life, but fortunately that I have learnt a few things…

that Gurkhas are the best. Gangsters scared of them. LKY believes in them. Americans trusted in them. They are rank in par with our elite SAF unit and assigned to patrol at Changi Airport…

that our ministers are the best. Their ability and capability is matched with the top paying talent on this island…

that meritocracy system is the way to go for progress. Power=Responsibility, now Responsibility=Reward and recognition…

So I could not believe my ears that Gurkha fell asleep while MS gone to pee in broad day light. It is hard to fall asleep in condition like this… Bad finger pointing story… Please restore my few sweet memories left about Singapore…

WKS is not the issue here. Mask the name and ask… If he is the best, but yet not delivering the result, what do we do next? Are we in trouble? No more good people on this island? Future appear very dim ya? CCTV upgrade or what not, the person in charge of the detention centre should start his career from Carpark Casher or Patrol Station Casher to gain experience first… Obviously, a management booboo… own up man…

About Power, Reward, Responsibility, Recognition…. Yes, we should not ask WKS to resign because He is the best. He is still holding the power of a Minister. He has not suffered a pay cut. He has lots more Recognition as the result of this story. He has the Responsibility to bring MS back….

Only when he brings back MS, that I can accept future story that “we send him away for covert mission”. Plastic Surgery is very advanced these days. May be we go buy a look alike to close the case…? Money no problem….

What the hack, I only want my few remaining sweet dreams be restored…

numbernine said...

I don't think that Mas Selamat was unimportant when he was captured. Whether, as a fugitive he is able to continue posing a threat to Singaporeans is highly questionable. Similarly with Osama, they have not managed to capture or kill him but either he is dead now (not impossible considering there is no shortage of people who want to take over him) or he is retired / in exile. You can't be an effective terrorist or commander when you keep on having to hide.

Even then this episode is highly embarrassing to Singapore. The idea that Singapore is a fortress has been compromised and this will give no small encouragement to those who want to try their luck at terrorism.

Low Thia Khiang plays the role of the holding striker in football. His job is to keep the ball, keep himself in the game. Chiam is down with a stroke and he's the only elected opposition guy left. He's almost got no room to maneuver and I'm not even sure if he's an asset to the opposition because the PAP can always say "there is opposition in Parliament what, Singapore is not a sham democracy".

Another possibility is that he knows that PM Lee in offering up a rigid unapologetic indignant stand is doing more damage to the image of the PAP than he could ever accomplish himself. He wouldn't want to get himself embroiled in a petty argument with PM Lee when he's busy scoring own goals.

Well all those members of Bishan Toa Payoh GRC or whatever ward Wong Kan Seng is in should have a chance to vote in the next elections. They should know what to do from now on.

I don't agree with the comment that just because WP recruits graduates it becomes elitist. Many champions of underdogs - names like Gandhi and MLK come to mind - were uni grads. Lenin if you really consider him an egalitarian person was a top student. And uni grads are not as rare as they used to be. Most MPs in developed countries are uni grads anyway.

In fact I would consider this a positive development because PAP has always been questioning the credentials of the opposition and saying they can't run the country, don't offer substance etc. Even if the WP ends up being a second PAP, 2 PAPs balancing each other out is still better than a complacent PAP riding roughshod over everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Do you expect the CEO of a company to resign because the night watchman fell asleep at his job and allowed the warehouse to be burglarized?

Your analogy is absurd.

What if the company is a security company and the watchman in question is guarding a $10 billion worth of gold for a client? Should your company CEO be "eligible" for sacking now?

Homeland security _is_ the business of the Home Team, and WKS is the person in charge. The blame should go all the way up to him. Period.

Anonymous said...

My theory is this. Osama has brokered a deal with WKS, to release Mas or face certain bombing in a location he so chooses. To protect Singaporeans from the horrific effects of such an act, WKS painfully bore the brunt of the fallout. As they say, in order for a general to succeed, many troops have to be sacrificed. So eight of the troops have been sacrificed, in order for the 3 million Singaporeans and the over 2 million PRs and potential citizens to be spared. WKS should get a meritocracy award and a further salary raise for his valiant and selfless performance. This is to ensure we get more good years and reach a Swiss standard of living unimpeded.

Anonymous said...

"My theory is this. Osama has brokered a deal with WKS, to release Mas or face certain bombing in a location he so chooses. To protect Singaporeans from the horrific effects of such an act"

read more on United State of America History please thank you.

politics politics politics. same shit different A$$hole.

1. i would like to congrats MALAYSIA for MSK arrest and the million dollars as promise by Singapore should be donated to Malaysian team.

2. MSK is just a joke, his an told A$$hole believing whats the "media" had sold to the people.
"oh my.. osama attack for Jihad"
eeekkk!! wrong!
terriorst are bunch of idiotic group of army.

3. Do you guys really know whats the meaning of "jihad" ?
people think of the word "Jihad" is airplanes, bombs, killing one another due to believes.
eeekkk!! wrong again.

do your homework. stop watching news and hear things from mouth to mouth. things will get better understanding.

well.. whats done is done. Shame on you if u dont admit you're wrong.
"even a dog know whats wrong, lay low when the owner gets mad"

Anonymous said...

Wong Kan Seng, should resign as he's proven to be an incompetent blame shifting spineless little creep!