Thursday, May 15, 2008

1994 : Dick Cheney on Iraq....

What you find searching around in youtube can be very interesting. Here's an interview with Dick Cheney just after the 1st Iraq War in 1994. He was asked why the American troops did not go into Iraq to bring down Saddam Hussein at that time. Listen to what he has to say....there was real wisdom in then.


Anonymous said...

I wish Rambo will go into Myanmar - get rid of the junta and like give humanitarian aid - but I too feel it will be messier when he leaves. This is so confusing.... But to have a meeting here, seeing our foreign minister smiling, shaking hands with the junta reps give me creeps as well. Is Singapore like Myanmar? Strange but where Mrs LKY is concerned, we read it only on thursday papers, while Sammyboy already divulged it much earlier. Make me worried about the intergrity of our papers....what else will they hide??

Anonymous said...

Anwar said of BN "It represents the past".

In the same way, Bush-Cheney and party also represents the past. They may still be in power but once the people no longer believe in them or think that they cannot do what they set out to, then these leaders feel powerless and dare not act dictatorially.

Ultimately political power lies in people giving politicians the moral support. Without such support, the positions they hold become rather lame - much like our elected presidency.

Thus instead of just wanting to get into office, the Singapore opposition should concentrate more on how to sell their ideas. For the real battlefield lies in the minds of men not in Parliament. For is not all that debate in Parliament a case of winning minds?

This is the reason big companies have been able to effectively sell their products - using advertisements - some of which are of poor quality from such things like soft drinks with nothing inside but syrup to expensive cellphones that last shorter than the toy phones your kids are playing with.

Win the minds of the people first and the rest follows. But Singapore opposition is not doing this. They don't even know how to knock doors to ensure that residents open them. They stand there and the residents peeping through the eye-hole think they are salesmen or RC members and thus refuse to welcome them.

Before they walk away, they slip their calling card under the door. Alamak, they should have done that earlier because I for one would have opened the door to chat with them.

Brush up your marketing techniques otherwise engage the professionals in marketing to help up, please.

It is all mind-war. You don't understand it, you are out of business.

Anonymous said...

back on to Myanmar - if the generals decide not to act - at which point will UN declare this as genocide? Is it not genocide now - knowing that humanity cries out for help, but people are purposely putting obtacles to prevent help from reaching there? And based on ST - making the people work compulsorily - like they are prisoners of war.

And George Yeo will probably meet them next week to shake their hands...

Anonymous said...

'And George Yeo will probably meet them next week to shake their hands'

Well, they probably think they have nothing else to learn from other first world countries, so they must now learn from Libya & Myamar on how to better handle a subservient population.