Saturday, May 03, 2008

Opposition May Day Messages!

I'm totally disappointed with the May Day messages put out by the opposition parties in Singapore. The Worker's Party demands the govt explain how its foreign talent policy helps Singaporean workers when an increasing number are holding "contractual part-time" positions. They ask if the social standing of Singaporeans have been eroded in their own country. Oh goodness don't these people from the Worker's Party ever read the newspapers! Without foreigners, we will all be jobless. Our social status might be low now but if we ever question the foreign worker policy our status will sink lower. The Workers' Party is again trying to plant poisonous seeds of discontent into the minds of Singaporeans. What is there to fear when our GDP is increasing monotonically. ...year after year we march on the path of progress. The status of ordinary Singaporeans is very clear - we were once average people now we work harder to stay average, those who are not motivated enough, too old, too average will sink under the weight of competition. Unlike our elite leaders who bury their opponents competing under the fairest rules, the ordinary citizens have great difficulty beating the competition. From the foreign university students who come on free scholarships to the IT workers who serve no NS or reservist duties....the foreign competition is here as a source of motivation for Singaporeans. They help to stop you from being complacent and this will help to solve the problem of complacency among ordinary Singaporeans which has been blamed for Mas Selamat's escape. Our elite leaders who earn the highest salaries in the world need no competition because of their extraordinary dedication to the goal of serving Singaporean's interests.
The Workers' Party and the SDP both attacked tripartism the cornerstone of harmonious industrial relations. Can't they see the value of a pro-govt union headed by a PAP leader. What better way to help workers understand that they have to accept the pain of pay cuts during bad times, subdue their demands for higher wages during good times and periods of inflation. Working more for less is always a good thing for ordinary citizens but for our leaders to get less than 7 figure salary results in a painful sacrifice. Tripartism promotes greater understanding especially at a time when income inequality has escalated. Singapore has 350,000 workers who make less than $1200. The workers have to understand it is their own fault that their wages have fallen to a point they find it difficult to afford the rising cost of necessities such as transport, utilities, housing that is provided by this caring govt. They did not upgrade their skills fast enough and it is unjust to expect the govt to hold back those hikes and risk the profits of govt linked entities when they can find thousands of imported workers who can afford the services of our govt. It is tripartism that helped our workers accept the foreign worker policy in its current form. Our GDP is the single most important scorecard by which our leaders measure their performance. It is so unfair if our capable leaders have to be held back by the mediocrity of ordinary Singaporeans. Tripartism helps our workers accept what is necessary to keep our GDP growing.
Singaporeans should be thankful on this May Day for dedicated leaders who puts the interest of citizens ahead of everything else. Whatever they do it is done for the good of Singaporeans and Singaporeans have to understand that. Our national union, the NTUC exists primarily to maximize the well being of the Singaporean worker. Although it is now involved in many businesses such as groceries (Fairprice), insurance (Income), housing (Choice Homes), food courts (Foodfare), taxis (Comfort), healthcare (Healthcare) etc, it is able to champion the cause of workers rights. The reason why they have so much time to run many businesses is these days aren't many rights left to champion for the Singaporean worker.


Anonymous said...

One can understand if Lucky uses the term TRIPARTISM between the govt, trade union and employers because he is just using that term in a sarcastic way.

But for the opposition parties, such as the WP, to take such a tripartism for real and to criticise on that basis just goes how incapable they are of enlightening the people.

In the first place there is no such tripartism!

The NTUC which controls the over 60 trade unions is none other than a PAP's organisation run top-down with a full cabinet minister as its secretary-general.

The NTUC will parrot what PAP says and pass down the policies to the trade unions.

Why the opposition has not been able to see this is a marvel. The whole labour movement is but a sham in Singapore.

yamizi said...


Somehow you just make yet another junior staff in a big corporate firm feel more useless than ever.

Seems like little chances to strive for greater heights?

Anonymous said...

You are very funny and witty.
Rock On!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am so thankful to the NTUC and its calls to people not to purchase and hoard their rice. There is about 6 months stock left, purchased at a price before the prices increased.
Meanwhile the price of rice has increased over the past week as indicated by the forum page writers.
I am so proud that NTUC has sought this opportunity to profit on the backs of the citizens, after telling them not to hoard rice. I am sure this profit will increase the bonus of Lim Swee Say!!

Anonymous said...

How sad, we have reached the limit that we need them to survive. We are the slaves of the foreigners. Singaporeans have lost their rights to the foreigners... How sad...

Anonymous said...

Now the guy with unkempt hair hanging all over his forehead like a broom but still paid $millions in ministerial salary is in charge of NTUC.

He used to be in charge of the Ministry of Environment and never did a good job about the crow nuisance during his tenure.

This despite the fact that our little island was under invasion from countless crows flying around, soiling everything with their droppings from people's laundry to coffee shop tables, killing and frightening away other birds.

When people complained about the risk of diseases being spread by those birds, his ministry countered that those creatures posed no such risk, what more with the silly excuse that crows were too smart to outwit by humans ... until there was a report in Japan that dead birds were found with the SARS virus.

By that time of course, the unkempt one was already moved into another position and hence released from all responsibility over the matter.

I never come across a political minister like him who does not respect people enough to keep his hair properly combed. Well clearly his "hairdo" is nothing about fashion such as sported by the young. It is more a case of utter disrespect of the people he represents as a politician.

A political party like PAP which used to arrest youths during the late 1960's with such unkempt hair and had their hair humilitatingly cut, can yet paradoxically allow a full cabinet minister to indulge in this kind of misbehaviour.

Now that he is in charge of NTUC, our workers and other Singaporeans are not going to have a better time. He is more on the lookout for his own good for he has told our people off thus : "Stop complaining about our ministerial pay increase. It is all for your own good".

Just in case you do not know who I am talking about his name is Lim Swee Say, now the secretary-general of NTUC.

Anonymous said...

Lim Swee Say is a good guy, until he joined the PAP. Just like many others eg. Vivian Balakrishnan. I guess they just have to tow the party line (literally).

When one is paid excessively, it's very hard to be objective. There's always loyalty to the hand that feeds you millions.

Let's not shoot the poor guy down. Buy him a comb and some gel instead :)