Friday, May 16, 2008

Opposition Member votes for PAP!!!
Ha ha ha. This is really a good one. They go round asking people to vote for the opposition while they are voting for the PAP themselves. See! What did I tell you about the opposition...they cannot be trusted. Yaw Shin Leong of the Worker's Party admitted voting for PAP's Teo Ho Pin over Ling How Doong. As a PAP supporter I find it difficult to understand why people would vote for Ling given his performance in parliament but I guess members of the opposition "die die" have to support the opposition. Those are the ground rules. Let me explain further.
The opposition recruits people for their rabid hatred of the PAP govt. Before someone is allowed into the opposition he is asked 3 questions (1) Do you hate the PAP? (2) Do you hate all their policies (3) Do you hate everyone that works for the PAP govt? The answer has to be "yes" for the person to be admitted into the opposition party. Apparently, the Worker's Party slipped up when they recruited Yaw, his level of PAP hatred is too low for him to be a worthy opposition member. His hatred for the PAP is not even high enough to overcome his unwillingness to support Ling How Doong, a former MP who couldn't speak one line of proper English and whose Chinese is equally bad..... after one term in parliament, the constituents really "tak buleh tahan" him and couldn't wait to voted him out. Still, as an oppositiom member, Yaw Shin Leong does not have the luxury of choice that other citizens have, he "die die" must vote for the opposition. If anything, he has to show how rabid his hatred for the PAP is to be acceptable to diehard opposition supporters. Rational thinking is simply out of the question.
As a PAP supporter, I welcome hateful opposition members. You see our MM has prepared the system well for this kind of opposition. At this point, it is time for a story from the book "No Man is an Island" to illustrate this. MM Lee (who was PM at that time) in the 70s was rehearsing for a TV broadcast at RTS (now known as MediaCorp). While rehearsing, an irritating fly was buzzing around him and he couldn't get on with his speech. There was panic among the staff at RTS who didn't know what to do. MM Lee ordered all the lights to be turned off and asked for a flashlight. He turned on the flashlight at one corner of the room and waited patiently. The fly flew towards the flashlight and was expediently destroyed. The next day, the walls were sprayed with fly repellent to make sure the same thing did not happen. You see, over the years, our MM treated the opposition as expediently as the fly. Our laws are strengthened to make sure that the opposition can be taken care of the moment they are not careful in their speech, their actions or their publications. The ordinary citizens who are generally well fed and well entertained by the media wouldn't care much if a few pesky opposition members are bankrupted, detained, arrested or jailed. But what has this whole thing got to do with the Yaw Shin Leong episode. Everything......
Being an opposition has to be perceived by the public as being involved in something very risky so people wouldn't join the opposition and the recruitment of opposition members will fail. To show how risky it is, opposition members have to be arrested, jailed or sued for defamation. This can only be done if they break one of the many laws the PAP govt created over the years. Certain opposition members are the easiest to handle under the system, they just get low ranking police officers who are paid to enforce the law to do it....they don't even need to waste their time and get their hands dirty. The next day the newspapers reported that the police acted because laws are broken and the public get the message that "opposition politics = breaking the law = jail". So how to recruit people like that? Only heroes need to apply.........but our society won't appreciate self-proclaimed heroes and despises martyrs we did not ask for.
The problem with Mr. Yaw is he is a moderate. Arresting him is like arresting the man on the street. Criticizing him is like criticizing ordinary Singaporeans. It is a problem when nothing can be done to people like Mr. Yew. He is very cunning too. By saying he voted for PAP's Teo, if anything is done to him it is like the PAP going after the people who voted for them. As a PAP supporter, I fear opposition members like Yaw who appeals to the ordinary Singaporeans and make themselves palatable to the majority. The bigger problem is if Yaw does not get into trouble, people may perceive joining the opposition is something safe and worthwhile doing. People like Mr. Yaw are the real danger to system because if they manage to get into parliament in large enough numbers they can demand changes. I warn my fellow PAP supporters that while we are vigilant against the vocal activist opposition members who are easily handled by our laws and police, it is those that work quietly among the population to gain support that threatens our beloved system.

May 15, 2008 I voted for PAP in 2006 elections: WP candidate
Opposition party leader Yaw Shin Leong draws online flak for revelation in his blog
By Sue-Ann Chia

HOW should an opposition leader vote in a general election (GE), especially one who is contesting the polls?
For Workers' Party leader, he voted for the ruling People's Action Party candidate in the 2006 GE - and has now found himself in the eye of an online storm.
Mr Yaw, a Bukit Panjang resident, had revealed in his blog that he voted for the PAP's Teo Ho Pin who was contesting the single-member ward against Singapore Democratic Party chairman and former opposition MP Ling How Doong.
The disclosure was just a one-liner: - Teo Ho Pin (MP) - Good MP. I voted for him in GE06.
And it was hyperlinked to Dr Teo's blog.
However, it soon appeared on a popular online forum and sparked a furore among netizens who registered their ire and disappointment in more than 100 postings.


Anonymous said...

As I see it a less noted issue with WP candidate Yaw going public about his vote
for PAP MP Teo Ho Pin is that both he - and likely also his party - fail to understand the need to create the right image of the opposition for the people.

Of course there will always be differences among opposition parties but as you can see in other countries where the opposition make any significant headway, they are always presenting an united front to the people.

In these democracies, individual candidates without any party allegiance also run under the banner of these large coalitions.

Taiwan, Japan and of late Malaysia are good examples, just to name a few. So long as the opposition are presenting themselves as disparate groups and even running each other down as Yaw is doing, they are still not THE opposition in the eyes of the electorate.

Look at Malaysia. Only by uniting the opposition parties through an coalition called Pakatan Rakyat despite severe basic ideological differences (just think fundamentalist PAS) did they managed to win big in the recent GE.

Anonymous said...

People like Yaw is considered double head snake.He should join pap, instead of WP.Since he said pap candidate is more credible, capable, then he shouldn't contest AMK GRC at all.Pap team in AMK is much better than WP's team.According to Yaw's theory,WP should get less than 10% of the vote in AMK.So,who dare to vote for WP in the next GE ?

Onlooker said...

I want to quote our Prince "What to do it happen let's move on"
But then Most people are in no contest zone(don't forget all those gst/progess???/growth dividend packages)(what to do?), Then you know who get automatically elected(how come no enough oppo candy and dates)(it happens) and then They decided to implement policy for our own good(.mean test+, GST+, ERP Gate+,HDB conservancy+ ,FT++ ,minister pay++,BullS hit+++, others please add)(let's move on)

Thought Provoker said...

The 'I am a PAP supporter' was a nice touch of ironic sarcasm there. Not sure if readers noticed the intended contradiction though.

Anonymous said...

What Yaw has expressed might well be in line with his party policy of no longer believing that the opposition stands for opposition anymore hence :

"The term opposition is a legacy of the Western parliamentary system, and I have never believed that an opposition party should oppose for the sake of opposing ... The WP's role is to revise and improve on government policies." - LTK

Actually that saying that "opposition should not oppose for the sake of opposing" originated from the PAP leadership many years back before LTK used it.

I am not sure whether LTK truly meant it; It could just be a political ploy to prevent PAP from playing dirty with WP.

However what he said is surely having an impact on his party people and voters. He should be careful. He should also have more faith in the voters.

This is because despite being targeted Hougang voters stood up to PAP and gave him more votes in the last GE. The same applied to Potong Pasir for Chiam though to a smaller extent.

I think the last elections gave PAP quite a shock. PAP always thought our people are weaklings that can be easily bought over. In fact some critics of PAP also seem to think so.

NO! This is wrong. Our people are some of the strongest in the world. The daily struggle in resourceless Singapore to make a living is tough as even foreigners living here can attest. This calls for much strength from a people.

However the fact that the voters have been re-electing PAP over the decades is because they have to push on with life and not become bogged down with politics.

When Lee Kuan Yew destroyed the opposition by jailing them without trial in the 60's, the people had to move on still.

PAP was not so bad as to fail completely, so people make do with it especially when the crop of opposition from 70's to end of 90's can be said to be largely disorganised and sometimes accompanied by colourful individuals who like to clown around, the "Harban Singh" type, if you are old enough to know.

Now that the opposition has somewhat become more organised and the downward trend for PAP is there for all to see, this is a time to close ranks among the opposition parties and to stand up to PAP.

Should this happen I am sure PAP will think thrice to sue any opposition members for defamation over a small remark.

The voters has actually shown that they are not afraid of PAP despite what some might think. PAP lost 8% in the last GE. This is a serious loss. Another similar loss in the next GE might see a few wards including GRCs going to the opposition.

Only the foolhardy in PAP would think nothing about this.

And for PAP critics we should have hope and faith. And in the meantime instead of just criticising PAP, there is just a great a need to criticise the opposition for what they are failing to do. This is needed if we want to see more opposition candidates elected.

Don't just because we don't like PAP and its policies, we keep romancing the opposition. Why should it be that because I am against PAP, therefore I think the opposition is as good as it can get?

For me voting for the opposition is really about voting for more democracy, about ensuring accountability and transparency of the govt. It is not about idealizing the opposition. It is about protecting everyone's interests.

Should WP show that it is in fact collaborating with PAP to further strengthen PAP's wrong policies, we must expose this.

For now I still give LTK and WP the benefit of the doubt. But we must be vigilant. Watch what it says and does. Don't trust blindly just because it is an opposition party.

Anonymous said...

One of the strongest traps that PAP can devise to make even opposition MPs fall in line with its agenda is the MONEY TRAP.

Who can escape from this once the big money is conferred?

Lee Kuan Yew used it successfully on his ministers, MPs and top bureaucrats. It is completely legal in the form of salaries and other approved legitimate income like directorships in big companies.

Being only human, opposition people can also be made docile by increasing their MP allowance further from the current S$13,20 a month plus GDP bonus.

There is a true historical story in the Romance of the 3 Kingdom in which an upright ruler Liu Bei was rendered hedonistic and forgetful of his original objectives for years through the use of luxury by another kingdom.

This lesson should not be lost.

No wonder a great man once taught people to pray "Lead us not into temptation".

Anonymous said...

1) have you guys noticed that the one resounding word often used by bloggers and commentators is the word ...quality?

it is obvious many are supportive of 'quality' candidates. what that means is if there is someone of quality out there, that someone can be assured of winning because the time seems to be right to work in such a candidate's favor. so if you have a calling to serve, now is a good time to come forward?

2) in regard to YSL who voted for PAP. geeze, this guy is definitely unclear of his ideological positioning. and herein lies the distinctive difference between those who would represent the people and the incumbents. if you share the PAP elitists ideologies, you might as well cross over - which i think he did comfortably. otherwise, he should have wasted his vote.

3) the days where the use or rather, misuse of laws to defeat those who would stand to be counted is definitely number in the information age. the abuse of the laws is nothing but acts of cowardice really. PAP insecurity and antics are getting tiresome. so those who are worried about legal actions over minor flaws should take heart. many are aware of dirty tactics employ by the ruling party and it can only work against them if they persist in their follies.

4) why opposition? it has a negative connotation. think proposition. proposing your values and ideologies in the interests of the people. and please spell it out clearly for all to see( make sure you can also deliver and if unclear, debate with your fellowmen) before you enter the arena against the PAP! and if the people like what they hear, your seat is secured!!

Anonymous said...

>No wonder a great man once taught people to pray "Lead us not into temptation".<

...but deliver us from evil or the evil one.

In the SAME chapter below where the statement was made, the great man also said, you can't serve two masters.

Your inference on riches to temptation is spot on!

Anonymous said...

those who waste their time on sunday listening to crap're not under laws but grace is taking on new meaning.....very loud across the borders.....can you hear?

wo wo wo wo....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the WAGES of SIN is death; SOLD as slaves to SIN; slaves to SIN?

sold, wages and slaves aren't they currency related?

so what really damn you? picking your nose in church? lol.

Anonymous said...

opposition parties do not have to oppose for the sake of opposing. Otherwise they would have lost their credibility. Sometimes when presented with 2 options which are clearly not the most optimal choices, u just have to make the better out of the 2. I see WP candiadate Yaw demonstrating this credibility in 2 ways :
1. as an opposition, he shows that he's rational enough to still make a better choice rather than blindly opposing. If he genuinely thinks that the PAP candidate is better, why can't he vote for PAP?( WP does not equate SDP)
2. He's true and he knows what he is doing to himself and to the people. Yes, WP candidates are true and know what they are doing to the people too.

It's so easy to get rid of opposition candidates who blatantly oppose. Like Lucky Tan says, the govt just has to deploy the low rank police officers and charge the oppositions for breaking the law. It's those who know how to play around with this game who are able to at least survive and thrive ( hopefully ultimately) under the very biased rules of the game.

Anonymous said...

Psst. It's 'critisising'. You don't want too many people who use 'critisizing' coming over, do you?

Anonymous said...

oops. criticising.

Anonymous said...

so what it means is that if they can't outwit you, they resort to violence,cheats and censorship huh?


i am very proud of how our parents raise our kids...:)

Anonymous said...

an old sage once said....if you want to grow a forest, give it sun, water and dirt. but if you want to burn down a forest, use paper money! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has few avenues for whistleblowers: Survey

What are they trying to say?!!??!!?


AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!! Run!Run!Run!

Anonymous said...

fucking country with fucking values.

bloody fucking hypocrites..HAHAHAHAHAHA

i am not talking about sg lah...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Why do we always have opposition candidates slapping themselves in public? If he is not opposing the PAP what is he trying to do by standing as a WP candidate? Oh dear, no wonder the opposition camp is directionless and in disarry. No wonder JBJ could not digest the situation and has to come out at his age. That says a lot about Singapore's political scene.

Anonymous said...

Yaw's explanation for voting for PAP is only reinforcing PAP's hold on the people.

Yaw said he elected PAP Ho because he thought he was better than SDP Ling.

So should we vote for WP candidates because they are better than PAP candidates?

But how to tell WP candidates are better than PAP candidates when they have never been elected MPs, except for LTK?

By showing the voters that WP candidates have high professional qualifications? Unfortunately PAP will produce better ones given it has a very large base of people - bureaucracy, GLCs - to not only pick and choose from but also force them into political service.

So WP should not fight on those grounds. Unfortunately it seems it is going that way. Yaw's argument seems to reflect this WP's electoral strategy. This is self-defeating.

I feel that the focus should not be on the quality of oppositon candidates but on bringing PAP to account, on ensuring more democracy through multi-party Parliament, in encouraging voters to assert their voting power to put PAP in its place and not to be bullied by it - in short to restore the rightful position of the people as the boss of the nation instead of the PAP.

WP used to have a better slogan. It was "Power to the People" but now it is "You have a choice".

"Power to the People" is packed with meaning that can be expanded upon such as what I just said might suggest.

Opposition parties like WP should cease fighting on grounds - like academic qualifications, track record as MP - that they have less advantage.

Change the ground rules by making people look at voting in a totally different meaning from what PAP has been preaching to the voters.

WP should be able to see what those PAP's postulations are. They are but a set of concepts that neither the opposition nor the people need to buy into.

Judas said...

"It's so easy to get rid of opposition candidates who blatantly oppose. Like Lucky Tan says, the govt just has to deploy the low rank police officers and charge the oppositions for breaking the law. It's those who know how to play around with this game who are able to at least survive and thrive ( hopefully ultimately) under the very biased rules of the game."

I couldn't agree with you more. That guy who got hung on the cross must be a fool. I reckon his followers too must be idiots who help run the country.

That's the reason why I never go Sunday Temples. Ha.

Anonymous said...

>I feel that the focus should not be on the quality of oppositon candidates but on bringing PAP to account, on ensuring more democracy through multi-party Parliament, in encouraging voters to assert their voting power to put PAP in its place and not to be bullied by it - in short to restore the rightful position of the people as the boss of the nation instead of the PAP.<

>Change the ground rules by making people look at voting in a totally different meaning from what PAP has been preaching to the voters.<

good points. generally, the oppositions know that. problem is, they are ineffective and totally unaggressive for fear of legal actions and fear of being proven wrong . to hold somebody accountable, you need to be very sharp and tenacious/aggressive like LKY. do you see anyone with that kind of caliber in the alternative camp? and how many multi-parties are you looking at?

Anonymous said...

face it, this country is run by geeks coming out from a single tracked education system. geeks only think of bread and butter, primarily, and not bread and fishes. so that's why they are so....OILY! lol.

Anonymous said...

what about james gomez? he is a pap supporter too! and he acts wayang by losing the form

Anonymous said...

Some opposition jokers seem to be more intent on dragging the opposition's cause into the mud. And the public honestly do have the perception that they are put there really to destablise the opposition. Have you ever noticed that some past opposition candidates eg Harban Singh, seems to be immuned from lawsuits in so many elections.