Friday, May 02, 2008

Singaporeans now highly dependent on Foreigners!

Our PM's main May Day message to workers is not to thank them for their hard work, acceptance of poorer terms of employment, not demanding higher pay despite inflation....his main message is Singaporean workers are now dependent on foreigners for jobs. I would like to thank the PM for reminding us that we now have zero bargaining power because there is now a huge supply of foreigners. He went on to say "they are hardworking and willing to work long hours". ...thanks for encouraging all Singaporeans on May Day to buck up for Singapore Inc. I'm so sorry we ordinary Singaporeans have disappointed our leaders so much by not working hard enough.....I do put in 13 hour work days after my small ordeal getting to work on over-crowded buses and trains but I resolve to work even harder this year.

When it comes to debate on foreign talents, the govt hammers its critics saying "don't be small minded" or "there will be no jobs for Singaporeans if foreigners go away". But nobody is asking foreigners (some of whom are my closest friends) to be sent home. I would like to reassure the govt that we are not xenophobic.

"More Singaporeans are employed than ever before despite all the foreign workers here"
-PM Lee

"If the employment situation among Singaporeans has improved, why doesn't the govt publish unemployment rate among Singaporeans anymore?...Instead the govt now publishes the unemployment rate for residents which includes PRs" - Lucky Tan

Even the foreigners are concerned about our foreign talent policy! There influx has cause rentals to rise, and increased the competition for jobs - and the foreigners are feeling the heat from other foreigners. I would like to tell these foreigners to relax, without the new foreigners coming in, they too will not have jobs based on the PAP govt logic. Wisdom abounds in our foreign talent policy.

Our PAP MPs launched a crusade against ageism a few months back - prejudice against older workers. They blame ageism for the rising structural unemployment which sees many over-40s finding it difficult to get a job. Yes, ageism is the cause of structural unemployment, not the twenty-something beer girls that MP Lim Boon Heng has been praising that causes the 40-something beer aunties to be unemployed but ageism. I'm sure our govt doesn't practice ageism when it hires people, just look at MM Lee. It is not the influx of young workers that causes structural unemployment among older workers but ageism among employers that causes the problem. Once again our govt has the right policies in place to encourage old folks to work longer and employers down the line have to take the blame for the structural unemployment problem.

It is indeed baffling why so many Singaporeans cannot appreciate a policy that is obviously good for them and the benefits of which have been well articulated by our govt : "without foreigners, you'll be jobless", "foreigners help to create jobs" etc. What is worse is foreigners themselves are failing to appreciate our foreign talent policy - the ang moh who married a Singapore girl living below with 3 kids whom I meet often at the coffeeshop to chat with is always talking about how crowded, competitive and expensive this place has become since he chose to settle here. I wanted to chide him for being unappreciative of our govt but he is a good friend of mine and as a foreigner he probably has a harder time understanding what the PAP does is always good for the people.

We, in Singapore are so lucky to have a good govt that implemented a good foreign talent policy to bring in foreigners whose talents are so diverse and varied they can do almost anything Singaporeans can do. We should be thankful for the competition and not be so paranoid to think they are here to take away our jobs. Competition at all levels of our society is good except at the highest levels where our PAP leaders sit - having competition from those pesky opposition members will distract our leaders from doing what is good for us that will bring the maximum benefits to Singaporeans. I would like to urge the 350,000 low wage workers who make less than $1200 a month to understand that our govt is a compassionate one and is not to be blamed for their plight. It is not the hundreds of thousands of workers from developing countries that caused their wages to be depressed.....they should look at it this way, without the hundreds of thousands foreign workers willing to accept low wages coming here, they wouldn't even have the jobs that pay $ is the foreigners that make their labor worth something....and they will be worthless without the govt's foreign talent policy. ....they should be appreciative that they have a full time job although it is not enough to pay for basic necessities. Let us not be small minded and be grateful for the excellent policies the PAP have implemented for our benefit.
James Gomez the notorious opposition member appeared during May Day in Toa Payoh.... listen to what guy who once lost a form has to say:


Anonymous said...

Do the ministers know what they are talking about and the feelings on the ground? Of course the ministers make sense to themselves when their performance bonus is measured by GDP / economic growth. Does it make sense to the man in the streets????

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell PAP ministers are asking Sporeans to bite the bullet and prepare for the hard times ahead while they prepare for their own pay raise soon and ignore calls for accountability.

The PAP is not fit to lead. The ministers are self-serving and hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

A perfect storm on the political arena is long overdue in Singapore!!

Anonymous said...

Manpower minister Gan Kim Yong said as much - tripartite agreement - do not ask for salary increase to fight inflation - let us see how they 'manage the ground' with the impending ministerial salary increae. what will they spin next?

joe said...

PM Lee is sending a veiled message to Singaporean workers.

"Accept the foreigners, or you all can go and eat shit"

This is also another way to pull a few fast ones to re-focus the attention to the personal level. Well, they needed a lot of distractions from the MSK incident.

Anonymous said...

I did 3 engineer job ads for my company recently. Of the some 100 resumes/CV I received, 95% are from foreigners. Where are the Singaporeans?????

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon 1.17pm:

They are there what....5% of the resumes are Singaporeans...they are just being diluted. All things equal, they have a 5% chance of getting the job.

Anonymous said...

After they raise their 'Salaries' they tell peasants to moderate our expectations on our 'wages'. Then threaten us that we must suck up to FT's for our jobs? It's their stop at 2 policy that caused a massive shortage of citizens that we are in this dump! A whole generation of Singaporean citizens have been misplaced, displaced and replaced since the FT policy was started a decade ago that's why you dont see many middle manager-citizens left as they are doing other jobs now or feel too desponded to even try to apply for jobs anymore. Just imagine how you will feel if you tried unsuccessfully trying applying for jobs for 2 years? Not to mention 10!
Another dose of bad govt here.

Anonymous said...

Wage: payment usually of money for labor or services usually according to contract and on an hourly, daily, or piecework basis

Salary:fixed compensation paid regularly for services

Source: merriam-webster dictionary

Anonymous said...

It would surely make sense also to change the law and make it possible to employ cheaper foreign talents, say from New Zealand, as ministers and top civil servants, since the Government and Union chiefs themselves are not small-minded people.

Anonymous said...

ah!! I see the light. singaporeans should be thankful for FT!!!

Onlooker said...

Are We dependent on them or are they dependent on us?
The big companys own by millionaires depend on cheap labour(with no NS disruption why need got gurkhas what Mas selamat Who???).
So lower salary local guys don't start a family nor even eat.
More enterprising huh?? "We people from china are not easily bullied" get about $1200/mth(soup spoon) but suay suay got the busiest place when asked to wash spoon say machine overload and go stabby stab the "anatagonistic???" supervisor.
Point to note Low crime doesn't mean no crime actually mean that crime is on the rise and guess the main reason.
Well So far all that can be forseen is that when the situations in their homeland get better.Or the SubPrime Shiit hit the fan.
Guess where they will be returning to?(hint pre 1997 hong kong)
Oh in the mean time local talents have left (inclding Millionaire's parastic heirs)....
So i guess this is their foresight.
To anon 1.17pm Ahem The Engineers that you employed have you checked with their respective "University"?
Degrees Sales online are so abundant now especially MS certifications(in which case you will get a better deal in a local diploma holder). The thing with FT HR now is that so long as they are from the same country they get the green light :)
And MS is withdrawing operations from India now.Sound like they make a few very serious bugs in Vista :)
Most notable being the 2g Ram basic requirement and Fake Security (Actually nuisance posted as security) well we can all Switch to Ubuntu hardy heron run even on lower req.
PS A lot of them do not know what Java RMI (remote method Invocation) is and need to ask on yahoo answer XD.
And the website point to a professional "Indian" software Development company specializing in HTML (What no AJAX ,mySql or even XML?) XD
Good luck maintaining the sales Database you need it :)

Anonymous said...

Hougang Town Council staff are all S'poreans: Workers' Party
It reveals this in response to challenge from PAP MP Seng Han Thong
By Sue-Ann Chia

ALL the town council staff in opposition-held ward Hougang are Singaporeans, the Workers' Party said on Friday in response to a challenge from MP Seng Han Thong of the People's Action Party.

However, the WP was quick to add that it recognises the contribution of foreign workers and is not against their employment.

For instance, Hougang town council does not object to its contractors deploying foreign workers in the estate, it said in a statement signed by the party's organising secretary Yaw Shin Leong.

The town council is run by the ward's MP Low Thia Khiang, secretary-general of the WP.

Mr Seng, assistant secretary-general of the National Trades Union Congress, had on Thursday taken the opposition party to task for its May Day message.

The WP had questioned if Singaporeans 'truly benefitted' from the job boom as six in 10 new jobs went to foreigners.

Rebutting the WP, Mr Seng told reporters on the sidelines of the May Day rally: 'We should take a pragmatic approach on this foreign worker issue.'

He also challenged the WP to match its words with deeds, by ensuring the Hougang Town Council did not hire any foreigners.

On Friday, the WP reiterated its views on foreigners.

'The issue here is not of foreign workers' employment per se but rather how the Singapore Government and the labour union will ensure that the dignity and societal position of Singaporean workers are not compromised,' the party said.

The Government's attitude, it added, should be to put Singaporeans first and 'resist any erosion of Singaporeans' societal standing'.

'It is the Government's responsibility to show compassion for the plight of the workers facing the pressure of high inflation,' the WP said.

Anonymous said...

Typical ranking of people in Singapore by life and career prospects.

1) MIW elite and family

2) Other elites and family(eg. rich people)

3) FT

4) SG girls

5) SG guys who are officers (easier to get job in public sector)

6) Other SG guys, unless part of groups 1 and 2.

Anonymous said...

And SG guys are forced to do NS and defend the country? In time to come they will ask what is in it for them?

Anonymous said...

Jobs for FT!! NS For Sg males!!

PeterH said...

If George Orwell was alive today, He would be suing the PAP for copywrite infringement of his book Animal Farm... as Squealer says: "Comrades!" he cried. "You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples." We are all equal - some more than others

Anonymous said...

I tell you why all this uncontrolled influx of foreign workers is happening. The fault boils down to the alternative system that Lee Kuan Yew thought he has so cleverly created to a true democracy.

In the early 60s, LKY after failing to convince workers to join labour unions set up by PAP, illegalised the other unions and then arrested and detained without trial their labour leaders.

Thus ended free labour unionism. Then the NTUC setup by PAP and claiming to the umbrella organisation for all other union took over the labour movement with a cabinet minister as its secretary-general - probably a world first and only in labour movement.

Now 40 years after this debacle of free unionism, Singaporean workers do not a voice anymore. Nobody fights for their rights and privileges as Singaporean workers.

Instead the foreign workers are having a heyday at the expense of Singaporeans and the PAP advances all kinds of reasoning to justify the paradoxes in the market.

For instance if there is quota for foreign workers in relation to Singapore workers, why are some companies employing so many of the former?

If $2200 is the minimum salary for foreign professionals, why are some of them drawing lower than that? Why are MNCs allowed to engage them abroad thus bypassing the Singapore labour laws including the fact that some of them are not paid overtime? So some of these foreign professionals are not having it easy also.

In the meantime, other foreign professionals are having a good time whiling around in air-con offices sometimes doing next to nothing and employed in the belief that they have the required academic qualifications.

I spoke to one India CIO about Indian IT professionals and he told me that in fact in India there are countless unaccredited and untrustworthy schools that can issue all kinds of paper qualifications, so do not be fooled by the number of IT professionals from India.

For Singaporeans, the academic qualifications are stringently checked because for the majority of them they come from the schools all located here. But try India or any such big country, and see if you can tell if such and such a college is accredited or even exists.

In any case, the career opportunities and salary scales for Singaporean workers have been threatened because of the lack of free labour unionism to protect our workers' interests.

To put it in another way, PAP perverted the democratic system which ensures there is free unionism.

Therefore Singaporeans, what we are experiencing has deep historical roots. LKY thought he has created a better system to democracy. In fact about 15 years back he even claimed that democracy was wrong and indicated he wanted to take away the one-man-one-vote system.

But what LKY has created is nothing new. It is nothing but a throwback to a feudal system where the monarch has all the say.

Talking about the communism that he once seemed so much against - but nevertheless is nowadays hypocritically very chummy with - the current PAP system is most alike the communism of China! The only thing left for us is really the vote and that through a stroke of luck, LKY refrained from removing some 15 years back.

Dr Lee Siew Choh who led Barisan Socialis the breakaway party from PAP in the early 60's and who narrowly escaped from being imprisoned by LKY, had this to say during a 1988 electoral rally : "PAP claimed that Barisan Socialis was communist and thus arrested and detained my colleagues. In reality PAP is the real communist party."

Onlooker said...

Well The anon above is spot on :)
Some so called FTs have Experience in Unix enviornment.
But when asked to apt get something the "huh???" face come on.For goodness sake they don't even know how to tar stuff.
Don't blame your FT HR they are just supporting their fellow country man (to the point of compromising your security systems and introducing bugs "unintentionally?").
Oh and the "sheep skin union" have become like Wal mart where it appear local mom and pops shop disappear :) Cheap? 6.20 for rice increasing still talk about hoarding.

21st dec 2012 said...

"the ang moh who married a Singapore girl ... is always talking about how crowded, competitive and expensive this place has become since he chose to settle here"

Yah. Come some more lah. Get conned some more lah!

Onlooker @ 3.39pm
FT is tricky. Some of them can be really good. I have seen b4. They may know it, but just pretend they don't know. A common saying:
"Those that do know a lot pretend they don't know. Those that don't know pretend thay know a lot"

The former applies to china FTs esp. The latter applies to singaporeans as observed from FTs perspective

Anonymous said...


You can complain all you want. But at the end of the day, you will still vote for Pay-n-Pay.

You get what you vote for. You lost your job to an FT?

Serves you right!

Anonymous said...

It's easy for someone who earns $3million to say that foreigners create jobs. Wait till he earns $1200 a month, then he'll know what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

If we outsource our government, I believe the FT's government will create more jobs for singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Without the PAP, our women will become maids.

Without the FT, all singaporean will be jobless.

Anonymous said...

Dont trust James Gomez! the coffeshop uncles said that he is also PAP man! But he "pretended" to join another party!
the case of "lost form" is part of wayang - so that WP will not appear good in the eyes of the public.
and James Gomez was questioned by the authorities and given a WARNING ONLY!
No fines at all (unlike Chee Soon Juan)
See the wayang?

Anonymous said...

"Of course the ministers make sense to themselves when their performance bonus is measured by GDP / economic growth. Does it make sense to the man in the streets????.."

When it is done this way, the economic interests of the locals maybe sacrificed for the greater good. Hence, that way of performance gauge is totally flawed.

Anonymous said...

The correct situation in the market should be reported as detailed and transparent as possible, given its great importance to everyone's (locals) concerns. It is not just low wage workers and beer ladies that they want you to believed. Foreigners really came in to compete at ALL levels. From bank managers, bank officers, bank clerks, to doctors, lawyers, even small time businessmen which other countries automatically bar entry, they are our so called invited foreign talents.

But when you are retrenched from your job, what are your chances of going back to a good job when the foreigners are entrenced all over the places? Isnt it fair then that the govt compensate the locals with generous unemployment benefits and payouts from the huge revenues it collected from these foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Historically, lords are not open to bargainings. How then to lord over you if you are allow to bargain?


Anonymous said...

For those who have handled job applications from foreigners, one would notice that almost every applicant from the Philipines or India is a degree holder and there are hardly any diploma holders from these countries.

I was later given the understanding from our HR Manager that these degree holders are actually equivalent to our Certificate or Diploma holders. And our company use this loophole to apply for Employment Pass for these applicants in order to avoid paying for levies for semi-skilled staff or to get around getting our licence renewed on account of the number of degree holders employed.

Another reason is also because they are much cheaper to employ than experienced Singaporean or Malaysian staff.

This explains why our company is full of Indian and Filipino staff.

Anonymous said...

the erroneous caps in the past decades on the quotas which allows only small numbers of locals to pursue tertiary education in singapore were set by our systems engineers as part of the govt policy on education. due to wrong estimations and too much control, it has in a large extent contributed to the present shortage of skilled workers in singapore. becos as a consequence of this quota system, older singaporeans in the past, except for a wrongly predetermined number, were stopped out of their ambition to pursue tertiary education. and to solve the current problem of talent and skill shortages in singapore, we now import container loads of foreigners from less stringent educational institutions, to lord over them.

hence our foreign talent dilemna today is really a consequence of failed past plans.

Anonymous said...

We are suffering the consequence of many other failures, but no, they never admit failures or mistakes. They can only admit 'honest mistakes'. They are too talented and powerful to have their regime tainted with the stigma of failure.

Isn't the present foreign talent deliema also the result of past population policies, ie forcing and punishing people for having more children. Now? They are trying very hard to reverse that, but it is too late.

Likewise saying that a casino can only be built over a certain dead body. Now? That certain undead body even came out to support the casino proposal.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite afraid that modern day conquest would not be as bold and obvious as military combat, but that it will take the form of a highly concealed and underhand mean, subtle enough to not to be noticed or insignificant enough to be overlooked. Nevertheless, foreign talents and workers, though, to a certain extent, fill up job positions faster than locals do, they should not be criticized as people that are here to "snatch rice-bowls" from the locals. They should be, instead, seen as objects of inspiration judging from the fact that though many of them are better or as qualified than their local counterparts, they are willing to take up job offers at a lower wage. It is a clear sign to them that they should either be as "gullible" as foreign workers, or to really equip themselves with better skills and expertise, or else to face the harsh consequence of "survival of the fittest". But still, the influx of foreign talents into Singapore should still be kept under an "optimum" number to ameliorate the social animosity that the locals have for foreign talents and to ensure that peace can be sustained in this rapidly globalized world.

Anonymous said...

to the person who said "yawn! at the end of the day we still vote pay and pay" sorry sorry, we cannot help it leh. they keep giving us a few bucks just before elections. sorry sorry

Anonymous said...

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