Sunday, June 01, 2008

BREAKING NEWS : Man arrested for insulting civil servant!

Gopalan Pallichadath Nair a former Singaporean has been arrested on the charge of "threatening, abusing or insulting a public servant". Gopalan is now a US citizen but back in Singapore for a visit.
Insulting our capable honest civil servants is indeed a despicable criminal act. I'm glad Singapore arrests such people who impugn the integrity of our civil servants. I know some of you may be concerned about people getting arrested for posting highly negative views about our civil servants because you have never heard of any other country doing that (except N. Korea?). I understand your concern but let ask you if other countries have civil servants as good as those Singapore? Of course not, we must have laws to protect them.
If you know Gopalan's background you won't be surprise at all with his arrest. He was a member of the Worker's Party - I've told you guys many times these people are nothing but trouble makers. Even after living in terrible country like USA operating under an inferior system of Western style democracy for so many years, he failed to appreciate and acknowledge the superiority of our Singapore system and our govt. This guy is hopeless. Unfortunately, the ISD no longer detain such people for redoctrination - it could be they are beyond redemption and ISD have given up on this type of people.
I applaud the govt's prompt arrest of Gopalan. It demonstrates the openness that PM Lee has promised Singaporeans when he took office. We are now open to arresting former Singaporeans who insult our civil servants and govt on their blogs. Looking ahead I see great political progress for Singapore with this move, without such critics on the internet, our govt can only get better.


Anonymous said...

It's good news Nair is arrested.

Our top civil servants are doing such a brilliant job running the country surely they CANNOT be afforded to be insulted.

kudos to the govt!

Anonymous said...

Gopalan is an American citizen as of 2005 according to his blog .

Now this is not going to be the usual kind of cleanup job that PAP is used to. Gopalan purposely taunted the PAP to arrest him in his latest post dated 30 May 2008: LINK.

And so it happened but not all that simple for PAP, given that the US jealously protects its citizens' rights abroad.

Watch the show.

Anonymous said...

Jeff clark from NY,US wrote to TIME, published in the inbox, calling his president a LAME-DUCK, incompetent and ineffectual. How foolish of him. If he was here, he would have been thrown in jail for not learning the power of praise and worship that got us where we are!!

Anonymous said...

Our government always treats people who insult our civil servants very nicely.

Chia Tye Poh insults our leaders and he is treated to a 32 years holiday on Sentosa. Francis Seow was invited to stay at a hotel at Whitley Road for a couple of weeks.

We have a nice chalet in Changi waiting for Nair.

Anonymous said...

>>We have a nice chalet in Changi waiting for Nair.

..Mr Nair might be our first foreign guest staying at Pulau Batu Puteh (or Pedra Branca)

Anonymous said...


Am I stupid or what. I have read and re-read the Nair guy's blog. His challenege (but it's been repeated as threats) was for Lee's to sue him as he had defamed them. Instead he gets arrested for insulting a civil servant. I believe this leads to the question on what is insulting to a foriegner where freedom of expression in protected under the constitution. Would I have insulted Sadam or Osama if I call them names or would I be given a medal. I can call the Myanmar junta murderers and can get away from it, perhaps not it Naypidew or whatever it is called.

Anonymous said...

Arrested for insulting 'sewer serpents'? Must be a protected specie near to extinction.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're just being sarcastic, no one in their right mind can actually believe Singapore has a superior style of "democracy" than the US. There is a reason Singapore is barely one notch above 3rd world status and why the vast majority of the developed world doesn't even notice Singapore exists.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, LKY's style of governing worked for Singapore during his time. I would be the last to agree that he deserves whatever he is getting today and would not even begrudge him anything he wants for himself, even if he wants a billion dollars.

What bothers me more is that now his legacy may undo all the good he had done. Singapore has change, and so has the people. I doubt anyone believe any longer that ISA is relevant and the use of the Courts to justify demolishing anyone disagreeing and/or opposing him. There might be a fallout from going after the Chee siblings and now Gopalan Nair. Only fools and the acquiescent will not be able to see through the charade.

Chee has emerged fully satisfied that he has achieve his objectives, i.e. to debunk the idea that LKY is perfect. He also had the opportunity to tell LHL to his face, in public, that LHL is PM not because of his own doing but that of his father. Right or wrong, Chee had his day and he has nothing to lose as even without the Lees in court the result would still be the same. Why LKY went to court is anybody's guess for he had refuse to answer most of Chees cross-examination, and with Mr. Singh's raising objections most of the time, does not give the public a good impression.

By using M/s Ang to go after Mr. Gopalan, LKY is refusing to confront him, and prefer to take the other course. Again, I doubt very much that LKY wants to continue fighting his opponents directly. I don't really blame him as he is a fighter, but age is creeping up and I guess he is too tired to continue.

This is my opinion and I might just be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well, Nair taunted the govt to take action against him, so...

if i go to America, and taunt the govt to arrest me while i bad mouth their president, i think they'd snap me up in an instant too.

Nair falls into the Chee-type personalities - wanting to be a martyr.

good luck in trying to squeeze out of a a toilet window, Nair...

Anonymous said...

"if i go to America, and taunt the govt to arrest me while i bad mouth their president, i think they'd snap me up in an instant too."

You've obviously never been to America. Nearly every foreign journalist (not to mention many of the local ones) insult politicians and zero happens. The Americans have something called habeus corpus unlike singapore.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the tone of this blog, I think its satire is an insult to one of the most proficient and corrupt-free government in the world.

By implication, it clearly throws doubt on the practises of governance in this country, which contrary to its claim is untrue.

If unchallenged it will only serve to subvert the efforts of this government in its aim to build the best of aspiration available to all Singaporean.

I have filed a police report asking them to look into identifying the author(s) of this blog and I hope he or she will duly be charged.

There's no need to make haste and delete any post in this blog, by all account, Google has cached the content in its entirety.

But while new post be added to this blog and written in the same tone of subversion, it will only add to further incrimination and I suggest a cease and desist to its activity.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:19 PM that quotes

"I think its satire is an insult to one of the most proficient and corrupt-free government in the world.

By implication, it clearly throws doubt on the practises of governance in this country, which contrary to its claim is untrue."

Oh My God, this guy is even satirical than Lucky Tan ! Look like Lucky Tan finally find his match.

"I have filed a police report asking them to look into identifying the author(s) of this blog and I hope he or she will duly be charged."

why not you leave your real name, contact number, and blog url (if any), and we will the ask the police to contact you instead ?

"But while new post be added to this blog and written in the same tone of subversion, it will only add to further incrimination and I suggest a cease and desist to its activity."

You really deserve to stay in free accomodation with curry rice pay fully by taxpayers.

You may even be charged under nuisance act. If you have nothing better to do, do post to instead. You find more 'credibility' in that site.

Don't be a clown. The police has much better thing to do than entertain you.

mint said...

anon 8:19pm,
I don't like the tone of your post either. And i think you obviously have a distorted and biased view on this blog. In every of the post in this blog, u can see how dedicated the owner is to the proficiency and integrity of our govt. Yet u claimed otherwise with ridiculously distorted view of your own and even threatened police interference. I hope u will be duly charged for creating unnecessary threats and distress to others.

mint said...

i saw the news on the charges brought against Nair. He had been portrayed as a fool who did silly and trivial things to agitate the govt.

Anonymous said...

aiya, the cheebye Nair is giving the government an excuse to paint the opposition/social activists as a clown lah.

what cheebye martyr? If he has guts, I urge him to conduct subversive operations against the singapore govt from the land of the free like what Francis is doing, instead of this fuck-up taunting plan.

Cheebye Nair.

Anonymous said...

letter to ST forum today provided a classic quote on the new style of democracy:

ask not what LKY can do for you forever, ask what you can do for LKY now.

thanks, i am learning.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:19pm

Why don't you just browse around the whole day?

Anonymous said...

Hi; the show is getting interesting for i can't help but think of Robert Ho and SM Goh CT.


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:19 wrote:

"I have filed a police report asking them to look into identifying the author(s) of this blog and I hope he or she will duly be charged."

A WP politician once said that he had before him, two police reports filed against 2 PAP MPs.

That WP politician was successfully sued for defamation, for insinuating that the 2 PAP MPs might be involved in wrongdoings.

Beware Anon 8:19. We might sue you for defamation, for insinuating that Lucky or any of us are involved in wrongdoing. You have money to pay?

family man said...

Govt has indicated, via Lee Hsien Loong that he will need to fix the opposition so that things can go smoothly in Singapore. Read in our 154 today about South Korea. How they are bickering and bills are not passed. 3 issues still outstanding
-aid to needy citizens
-burden of the oil prices
-reducing car tax.

I guess we can blame the likes of Chees and Gopalan that because of their antics, our PAP govt is also having problem facing these 3 issues - hell - we even need to raise ERP charges due to the Chees.

無名小卒 said...

Talk cock! Sing song!

yamizi said...

family man:

what has raise of erp due to chee?


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.19 should visit the unofficial website of 'Yeo Cheow Tong' or 'Talking-cock' to really fathom the tone of insults of the Government that exists in cyberspace. When is he going a file a police report against them?

Onlooker said...

Just saw a post that point out that today change a June 2 new title from a objective title (American jailed for insult) to an opinionated one (Man "threatened judge").
Confirmed that because I also took 2 copies of TODAY that day.But the first copy not in good condition.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.19. What are you talking about? Lucky Tan only sing praises and worships our esteemed governemnt and leaders. All of his posts made me feel so good and fortunate that our leaders ONLY interest is to look after us ordinary Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

I hope one day Singapore collaspes and the sinkies get what they deserve for being compliant brain-washed sheep.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

-Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous said...

superficiality will fill the stomach for another day. as the day passes, no one account for those who slip into oblivion one by one. home, work and malls, all are fine.

all must be fine.

Anonymous said...

I support anon 8:19, i can't believe singaporean are so ungrateful. Without LKY.. singapore would still be a fishing village. Now Singaporean are enjoying such a high standard of guys are so free to critize our wonderful leaders. Anon 8:19.. i'm going to file many police reports.. hopefully they have time to help us amidst trying to catch mat yoyo. : )

Anonymous said...

The man is freed today, albeit w/o his passport! I'm sure he'll miss his curry rice now. Bet he can't wait to check in to Whitley.

That fella deserves only the harshest of punishment - how can he dare insult our esteemed leaders?!

Anonymous said...

only people full of egos and themselves can't bear to be criticized/insulted .

usually, an egotist can't listen well and therefore is a liability to public service - eventually. nor can an egotist be entirely impartial or objective.

reaction to insults leveled at those beholden to the establishment give you a fair indication of the kind of leadership running the country.

if you don't feel shame, you'll be full of lame excuses! if you can't be humbled, you can't lead!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nair can opt to remain in the US Embassy and forced the US Government to step in and intervene on his behalf. There is no problem in getting a new US Passport as the Ambassador is fully aware of his predicament. See link:

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 11.49. Lucky Tan is always sings praises of our government and its leaders, just like the North Koreans. Oh, great exhalted leader, without you, we wouldn't be in this wonderful country! We only sue people who critizes the country and only encourage praises.

Anonymous said...

All you lucky bums. So much food in your bellies. Energy to criticize, condemn, mock, etc.

Open your 3rd eye! Look around the world. the soaring food and oil prices have caused riots in many, many countries. Mind you even large and resource-rich countries are not spared!

When oil hit US$200 or beyond then I tell you. None will be found on blogs. Picture the scenerio then . . . (that's if you are intelligent as you appear so) as we have neither oil, mineral or forestry resource nor land.

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