Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dr. Adrian Yeo has passed away....

2 years ago, I wrote about Dr. Adrian Yeo whose life was completlely destroyed by a CNB sting that involved entrapment tactics.

I have just found out that the young man has passed away 2 days ago after a viral infection.
His wake is at Blk 38 Sing Ming Drive.

We should not make criminals out of troubled youths, destroy their lives completely for a single mistake wouldn't have been committed if they were not enticed into it by the people who were supposed to protect us. The newspaper reports in 2006 said "Dr. Yeo threw his future away"...I think he had his future taken from him by the system.

I'm still angry about it....and now I'm sad that it has to end so tragically.


Onlooker said...

Another fine Example of the MHA "efficiency" in putting down even destroying Singaporean talent when They can't even catch M SK Who escape from a toilet.
And they stil haven't found what they are looking for.
PS the Millionaires children + friends had always have access to those thing all the time.
For Eg The "Child" is given sentence reduce to shorter reduce to house detention leh.
Then the Australia Viet Mule got what? the Death sentence lah what else, We oredi cane Michael fey.
But the real kingpin never get caught one?
Perhaps it because of the washing of those cash is such a "hygienic" thing to do.
You know every Char Kway Tiao uncle want to give LKK extra eggs and hum leh, Cos LKK is "just" so "clean ;);)".
Recent point: the Taiwanese use OCBC to wash and friend PPNGuinea.
Assumption: That is the real reason why the Flame never get here. \o/
And no FuWa cartoon here :)

Anonymous said...

It is very depressing. The Singapore system is starting to show leaks and cracks and it pains me to know Singapore is starting to be run like a Corporation.

For this reason, i will not be lookkign to rush back home to work in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Sad that he passed away. But to put the blame just on MHA just on heresay is not right either. Sg has been very strict with drugs and it applies to everyone. No point trying to put in the gay angle. Many peronal factors involved - broke up with boyfriend, he made the decision to go with drugs etc.

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Anonymous said...

Dinesh Singh Bhatia?
But he is not guilty leh.You people are too harsh on Victims of circumstances.Just coke what.
Also he is right about caning Micheal Fey.
One father is taxi driver the other father is Very well connected.

yamizi said...

The deceased no longer shared responsibilities with the living. I wonder do his parents need to pay all his outstanding debts...


Anonymous said...

so sad... :(

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the news?

Nod said...

the people who are suppose to be protecting us is turning an ideal into a job, with work-targets to be met, results to be shown, and bonus/ pay rise to be tag to the private sector.

Anonymous said...

How about this... Adrian was a drug user who happens to be gay and was a doctor.

Lucky, are you saying the use of entrapment is wrong? Or under the law some should be treated more equal than others?

Anonymous said...

How about this ... Adrian simply happens to be a gay who is a doctor and knows how to get access to drugs?

The guy is dead. His name long tarnished by MSM. Give him a break or have u totally lost ur compassion\human decency.

PS: Ends does not justify means. Never has. Never will.


Sword of Revealing Light said...

What ever Do you mean Anon 3.09AM.
The good doctor is not even given a chance.
Anon between nod and noname
This remind me of the senator Larry Craig of USA.
You see there is this incident of soliciting (in a Minneapolis airport toilet A well known hotspot)by the Good senator who have been pushing for laws against Gays.
But it would seem that he was caught under the same Entrapment Scheme that he had been proposing maybe he think he is above the law.
The defense he put up is so .... that his wife ....
Dr Yeo mistake is to go along with the SPF gay who need to trump up a charge against a fellow gay.
Well you know, Homophobic people are usually harboring gay thoughts too.
There is this USA study of the gay population serving as cop you know... Don't how that's translated here but my guess is there are.

Anonymous said...

its a tough moral question, but here's my 2cents worth on entrapment.

I would think - if a person is a known criminal, or drug kingpin and he's been able to avoid the law and cause misery to a lot of people, then if entrapment is what it takes to take him off the streets, then i would think it may be acceptable.

But if entrapment is catch a small fry, a drug abuser in this case, who's more of a victim than a criminal, then i think its not right. what he needed was counselling and help. not jailtime.

That old-school thinking of "scaring" users with jailtime was probably effective during the roaring 60s hippy era, when our nation was being built. But to apply it today, its a bit harsh and not in line with a "caring", people-centred govt.


Anonymous said...

Actually, his future was not thrown away - not permanently anyway. The Chinese newspaper reported that he was allowed to continue his houseman training after prison, and indeed, he had been doing so for the past year. at SGH and KKH's A&E dept.

Having said that, it is still my opinion that such entrapment should be made illegal.

The Oriental Express said...

I have expressed my views in my article, "Every person is unique." It is painful for me to write this article. If only we could turn the clock back.....if only....if only.....

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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