Thursday, June 26, 2008

MM Lee : Opposition will ruin Singapore!

Now I see....that is why he sued, bankrupted, jailed and imposed so many restrictions on the Opposition to prevent them from gaining power. He was trying to protect Singapore from ruin. I think the world has rarely seen a man as noble as our MM.

MM Lee warns us not to vote for the opposition "in a moment of fickleness or just sheer madness" when we get "bored" at some point in the future. Not only is Chee Soon Juan a crazy psychopath, people who vote for the opposition may be suffering from sheer madness. No wonder Singapore will be ruined if the opposition is voted in- crazy opposition members voted in by crazy voters. Because the PAP has done such a wonderful job, it is not possible for the people to vote for the opposition because they have suffered pain from bad PAP policies ....if people vote for the opposition, they have to be crazy, bored or fickle minded.
MM Lee has also reminded us that "Western-style" democracy cannot work in Singapore because it is hard to get able people into power when " you are judged in accordance with your persuasive powers". I totally agree with him. We better watch out for people with persuasive powers who try to persuade us the PAP is not the best govt for us and their policies are not the best things that happen to Singaporeans. It is not necessary for the PAP govt to persuade us that the GST hike is good for us, CPF Life is good for us and means testing at hospital is done for our own good. They don't have to persuade us because we already know that the PAP is the best thing that happened to Singapore and we should all be thank and appreciative by not voting for the crazy opposition that will ruin us.
Opposition would ruin Singapore: Lee Kuan Yew
SINGAPORE, June 26, 2008 (AFP) - The Singapore opposition would ruin the wealthy city-state's achievements in five years if they ever gained power, the country's founding father Lee Kuan Yew said.
Lee, 84, warned Singapore voters against putting the opposition at the helm of government "in a moment of fickleness or just sheer madness" when they get "bored" at some point in the future.
Should this happen, "I think all bets are off because in five years they (opposition) can ruin this place," he told delegates at an international forum late Wednesday.
He stressed that, unlike many other countries, Singapore did not have natural resources such as oil, gas, forests, timber and aluminium.
"When you are Singapore and your existence depends on performance -- extraordinary performance, better than your competitors -- but that performance disappears because the system on which it is based is eroded, then you've lost everything."
Lee, widely credited for shepherding the underdeveloped port into one of Asia's wealthiest nations in one generation, said younger Singaporeans often tell him he is "playing the same old record" when he delivers his message.
Singapore's small opposition has only two seats in a parliament dominated by the People's Action Party which has been elected since 1959.
Despite its economic success, local and international civil rights groups have criticised the government for cracking down hard on dissenters and political activists.
Street protests are rare and public gatherings of five people or more are banned without a police permit.
Lee has maintained that Western-style liberal democracy is not the right model for Singapore.
He said one ingredient for a country's success is putting able leaders in government. This could be difficult under a more freewheeling US-style democracy in which "you are judged in accordance with your persuasive powers," he said.
Lee holds the cabinet rank of Minister Mentor in the government of his son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


Anonymous said...

And that is really sad. If we have a slew of 4 opposition in parliament, will it spell the end of Singapore? No - it happened with Ling How Doong et el and we survived!
I also find it sad - if PAP is voted out (cos Wong Kan Seng is still in Parliament and tainted the whole of PAP) and Singapore goes down the drain, that only shows how WEAK our civil service is and how badly LKY has led Singapore.
Singapore is bigger than PAP - it consists of all citizens of Singapore, all employers, the blog writers and loyal opposition.
LKY and his cronies give themselves too mucvh credit.

xNSman said...

Thank you LKY for the leadership. Based on what he said, we can do away with the pesky elections which is a waste of time and money as the PAP is the only party capable of running tiny Singapore efficiently. Better still, all opposition parties should be dissolved and merge with PAP arm of alternative views. That way, the PAP can concentrate on running our country. Thank you LKY for the liberation! We no longer have to crack our heads about which party to select and issues such as human rights and freedom of speech are a waste of time for small and fragile Singapore.

Anonymous said...

this article clearly shows MM Lee's thinking and where he is erring... he has no feel of the ground.

many of us are, well maybe just me, not asking opposition to take over. We just want the current government to be more accountable to Singaporeans, be more transparent, for them to get off their high horses, and most importantly, TO LISTEN TO US.

people vote for opposition not because of fickleness or boredom, its because they're frustrated with PAP.

if PAP makes changes to improve itself and focus more on the people, everyone will vote for them, with or without upgrading and Singapore shares.


Anonymous said...

Don't vote for opposition. If we have a freak election results, the armed forces might stage a coup.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, the old man is right.LOL.

Anonymous said...

yes, the old man is right.

so what to do to stop us from voting opposition if we're bored or feeling fickle?

get the PAP to get down from their high horse, listen to people, and revamp their ministries and unconvincing leaders.

Verbose Onlooker said...

Oh my The M&M is absolutely right.I was like totally flabbergasted at his total brilliance.
Look what happened when we vote in An opposition Party in 1959.
Mind you that is a time when there is no such thing as a GRC ward where you get to vote in your minister in package deal you know (3+ in 1 deal to be exact).What a bargain. Most now become walkover zones and constituencies.Good for the ruling party ,good for you (progress packages ,hdb upgrading that PR also enjoyed).
Anyways, during 1959 We vote in the Opposition And it had caused a lot of problems since then.In the years that followed We have been labeled various labels that is deem fitting to us like Bochap, kiasu, kiasee and the more recent Complacent and negligent by that Opposition member's Actions.How appalling, Imagine voting in such irresponsible people.
Any credits(Airport,PSA being no. 1) that have been due to the citizens contributing their time and effort have been credited to one opposition member who was so popular and "honest (Wear white clothing scary during hungry ghost)" that the char kway tiao man want to give him extra eggs and condo in his kway tiao.
All other contributors to history are pretenders like that certain Major General Lim Bo Seng in Mac Ritchie who is aptly demoted to Major as his rank is given by the Chinese nationalist party.
We are also thankful for M&M contribution as a nation builder too as every single brick here is laid by his hand and surveyance done meticulously by a L&L firm.
We enjoyed the fruits of his labor without helping him.
I guess that why a lot of us felt shameful (Why can't we do/give more?) enough to leave. We can't exploit an old man now, could we (by making him work till so old and not helping others like him to deposit to their life annuity)?
Not to mention that the opposition seat warmer failed to take care of business properly. NKF, recession 1997 ,SAR and other thing happened during his watch,you know as reminded by the "honest" media.

That's why We must make sure that Oppositions gets that message.

We want our vote to be counted.
We are tired that our grandparents have to work as toilet cleaners.
We are tired that our FT are not as qualified as they claimed.
We are tired of being labeled and look down by people whose success is due to our effort.
We are tired of Trades that should have been conducted by citizen becoming a co-opt and organisation that monopolized such trades and increase price as they "feel like it".
We are tired to work so many overtime and endure a permanent paycut since 97 so that we can saved enough to start a family with backup plan (because we cannot develop crutch mentality) in place.
We tired of Millionaires and their spawns living in dream land eating mee siam mai hum and failing in their basic duties.
We are tired of The increasing imported serious crimes that are dismissed as "low crime doesn't mean no crime".
And finally we tired of Telling them our problem, addressing/ asking/ pleading them in forums on issues that matters to us and they just implement it anyway.
So listen good Spread evenly.If you (fresh one please) come here properly, we can at least get to choose properly.
We all know what we get when we have one who shouted :"Merdeka x 3"
We are the citizens of Singapore.
Hear Us RawR.
(But then got to convince mom and dad progress package = more GST/ERP Headache... ):
But will try anyone that include Yawn who made a boo boo with his silly post and other non bankrupted people/ reformed bankrupt who won Anson81 a Chinese Majority smc b4.
Even a discharged (diagnosed by DR CLH MD of quackery) Bankrupt is better then the present situation.

Anonymous said...

Wow..the logic of his argument is brilliant. Now we know why he is the mentor. Now we all know that the people in Potong Pasir and Hougang are"fickle minded, mad and bored". They must be the true descendents of the bloody lunatics who worthed for the opposition in 1959.

Anonymous said...

"you are judged in accordance with your persuasive powers,"

It it not the persuasive powers of the PM that convinced that GST is to help the power and that WKS is the best man for the job even after he has proven how talented he is repeatedly.

What a joke, now I know MM means.

Kaffein said...

Geez I really don't know what he is thinking. Really. Now I understand what CSJ said when he pitied LKY. I understand what he meant now. LKY cuts a palpitable figure in my mind. I used to admire him, I definitely know otherwise...


pc said...

He not only sue the opposition party but anyone who may take over him. Do you belive what a mad man tell you ?

Robert HO nric S0197974D said...

1. Just short quotes and their urls :

"...fixated on wholly meaningless govt data that managed to report the lowest inflation... However, the govt's ability to make 'economic growth' magically appear is based purely on statistical finesse."

"...govt [should] adjust nominal GDP gains using the GDP deflator, which represents the inflation rate. This is done to strip inflation out of the GDP calculation so that only real growth gets counted: not nominal gains that result purely from inflation."

"Similar illusions are created in other numbers, such as retail sales, corporate earnings, and stock prices, which are all rising merely as a result of actual inflation being higher than the official reports. For example, higher retail sales reflect consumers paying higher prices for the products that they buy. They may in fact be buying less stuff, but are paying more for it."

"Similarly, just as inflation causes prices to rise for goods and services, it causes stock prices to rise as well. Though such gains may be less than the actual increase in the cost of living, as long as the govt gets away with using bogus CPI numbers which fail to fully reflect inflation, ...takes credit for nominal gains as if they were real."

"However, as ridiculous as the phony GDP number was, yesterday's biggest joke was a report on global competitiveness put out by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which ranked the [LIE KY LHL PAP] economy as [among] the world's most competitive. To arrive at this conclusion, the forum has obliterated the obvious under a mountain of theory. In determining country rankings, the WEF weighed strengths in their "12 Pillars of Competitiveness", including: institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market sophistication, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication and innovation. It is as if the WEF decided to judge a weight loss contest without using a scale, by instead focusing only on mental attitude, dedication, perseverance, and nutritional education! As a result the prize is awarded to the fattest contestant. [Singapore] is clearly not [among] the most competitive economies in the world.


"More Proof That Numbers Lie"

"Numbers don't lie, do they? Ha! Numbers are the biggest liars on the planet."

"...govt statisticians – and corporate ones too – typically "crunch" numbers into the shape they want. Numbers get punched, beaten, hammered, bullied, and bamboozled. When the torture session is over they'll admit to anything. That is how we get a "consumer price index" of only 3%...when everyone knows prices are rising a lot faster.



"Increasing prices in just about everything has overshadowed the city state's prosperity in the last four years."

"The city-state has been hit by an unceasing bout of price increases that has overshadowed the city's prosperity in the past four years. Inflation is at its worst here in 12 years [now 26 years] and has become the people's biggest worry today. For many, the high costs are blurring the Singapore Dream."

"Worst affected is the broad middle class, ...a punishing [from] 5% to 7% rise in the Goods and Services Tax (GST)."

"There are two immediate effects. The value of money is dropping by the week, and savings are discouraged since consumer prices are rising faster than interest the banks pay on deposits."

"The govt appears unable to take action to stop the epidemic, a contrast to the first-generation govt during such crises."

"But so strong and persistent is inflation that many Singaporeans feel they are the poorer for it."

"...the govt ...priorities are economic growth and asset accumulation (for foreign investments) – even at the expense of a higher cost of living. To that end, it has increased GST from 5% to 7% and may eventually reach 10%. Fees for public services are being raised to ensure no drop in Treasury collection."

"Deficit budget, although not entirely unknown in Singapore, is a very rare happening."

"Many young professionals who just start off in life are worried that the sharp run-up in property prices has made it virtually impossible for them to buy a flat. Some are putting off marriage or raising children."

"Understandably inflation has become a hot debate subject. This is tough for the middle class and working class, which are just struggling for a living amidst the perceived wealth, unhappy and with few choices in life."


"Grocery bills increase as prices for foodstuffs go up."

"A Straits Times check on a random basket of basic goods sold at supermarkets here revealed price increases in almost every category, from fresh chicken to coffee and milk formula."

"Rising food prices have contributed to inflation here. September's [2007] overall Consumer Price Index showed that prices generally retreated by 0.3 per cent from the previous month, but the food component - the biggest item at 23% - rose 3.7% as the cost of fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood and milk powder, as well as hawker and restaurant food, went up."

"Consumers The Straits Times spoke to said that while increases for each item may seem like a token sum, together, they add up to a much bigger grocery bill."

"She said that rental on her stall, which is now S$4,500 a month, is set to rise to S$5,500 at the start of next year, and then to S$6,500 in 2009."



"In GDP math, sometimes one plus one equals zero."

"If you don't understand that, welcome to the confusing world of national income accounting, where up sometimes is down, and where sometimes one plus one can equal zero."

"Because of the way govt counts and reports the numbers, real-life inflation was understated and growth was [therefore] overstated."

"The economy didn't really grow 3.9%, and inflation really wasn't 0.8%. The numbers aren't as good as they look."

" did produce quirky numbers that don't accurately reflect reality, even though they are correct from an accounting point of view. The accounting is right. But it's not reality."



"Why the GDP link?" "...the higher the gross domestic product (GDP), the bigger the bonus — even some ruling party MPs question the wisdom of such a link."

"If Monday's parliamentary debate on pay revisions for ministers and civil servants focused mainly on that "benchmark thing", yesterday's session saw the spotlight being trained on the GDP bonus."

"This bonus is a component which ministers, parliamentary secretaries, top civil servants and MPs are eligible for. Several of the 13 backbenchers who spoke yesterday had reservations about the GDP bonus. One common refrain heard in the House was whether it is a fair performance peg to use."

"We all know that a rise in GDP may not benefit all sectors of society equally. Some may even lag behind. I would suggest that the Govt consider using indicators that directly impact the livelihood of all Singaporeans," said Dr Lim Wee Kiak (Sembawang GRC)."

"He proposed one other indicator to be considered: That of the total cost of running the Govt as a percentage of total revenue. After all, CEOs in the private sector have to ensure profits are not eroded by increasing [inflation] costs and expenses, Mr Loo said."

"Other suggestions of alternative benchmarks included: The consumer price index and the inflation rate, as a way to keep cost of living affordable and protect savings; citizens' feedback to major public services; the number of jobs created for Singaporeans; and even the number of Singaporeans who migrate."

"Based on the latest revisions, ministers will enjoy a GDP bonus of between 3 and 8 months if the economy grows between 5% and 10% or more. But they will not get any bonus if the economy grows by 2% or less. For example, the entry-level annual salary of a minister this year is expected to include a 5.9-month bonus based on Singapore's estimated GDP growth of between 4.5% and 6.5%."

"Another comparison, between the civil service pay increases and the S$30 monthly increase for those on Public Assistance, was raised in the House. Said NMP Kalyani Mehta: "If we are going to be [so] generous to civil servants, then let's be generous to the very poor." In response, Mr Teo Chee Hean, Defence Minister and Minister-in-Charge of the Civil Service, said: "The needs of these individuals are quite different and we need to find more holistic and flexible ways of looking after their needs.""

"One new issue that cropped up yesterday was the danger of concentrating too much power and money in the hands of top public officers. MP Denise Phua (Jalan Besar GRC) said: "As responsible leaders, we must be careful not to leave behind a system or structure that combines power and monetary rewards to such high levels that incumbents are so handcuffed by this lethal combination that they find it hard to let go." NMP Eunice Olsen argued that the coupling of political and financial power is more likely to lead to the creation of a rogue govt."

"On this issue, Mr Teo said that the checks are elections [RH: a lie since elections are routinely rigged] and the ruling party's selection process. "If (a person's) motivations are self-serving or to make money, we do not select him. And if we discover that's what he's about after he has come in, we drop him," he said.


"But economists say one crucial aspect to watch out for is rising inflation. It hit 2.9% in August - the biggest monthly rise since 1994. MAS expects inflation of 1.5% to 2% this year, and up to 3.5% for the first half of 2008. But it expects this to ease in the second half of the year, with inflation at 2% to 3% for the whole of 2008."


RH: Many, many, THANKS to Mr Kaye Poh, from whose brilliant email all the above articles are sourced and excerpted here. The thrust of all these articles prove convincingly enough, that GDP Numbers are faked Higher when Inflation is faked Lower than it really is. They prove why LIE KY LHL PAP kept reporting abnormally Low inflation numbers for decades, when the experience of every Singaporean is of rampant inflation. Also, by reporting falsely Low inflation numbers, LIE KY LHL PAP disguise the simple fact that our CPF monies are actually Reducing in value, eroded by Inflation because the miserable, exploitative, cheating, scam 'interest' they give us are far, far, below inflation -- "an implicit tax" as Prof Mukul Asher [ ] wrote. . Also, by reporting -- and convincing us through their PAPaganda media -- that inflation is 'low', the alleged GDP each year becomes automatically and fakedly Higher thereby giving the Ministers and top civil servants more millions in GDP 'Performance Bonuses'!!! Disgusting, dirty, cheats and scammers who routinely rig elections so as to be able to keep paying themselves more millions.

Anonymous said...

To the great and glorious MM,

I have read what you said through the news report "Opposition would ruin Singapore".

I think you are either forgetful of what a fantastic job you have done to the opposition.

I mean how can you not know my dear MM. You engineered it all. There is no real opposition left in Singapore, let alone one that can do PAP in.

I know you did'nt say that an opposition in power will do PAP in. You said an opposition in power will do Singapore in.

But for some reason I read it as the former. Is'nt it all about your own self interests, your big ego, the immortalization of your glorious name through PAP's continuity should one day you pass from the scene as everyone would?

Nowadays it rings loud like a cracked bell if I hear PAP leaders like you saying that "we are doing this for the good of the people, for the good of the nation."

Anyway, why do I say that there is no opposition left that can do PAP in?

You mentioned that the people might give the "vociferous opposition" a chance. But sir, the only vociferous opposition is Chee Soon Juan who has been disqualified from standing for elections after being bankrupted by you.

Same thing with J B Jeyaretnam. Only recently he was able to make a comeback but as you know he is quite old like you. How far can he go?

So where is the vociferous opposition that might come into power?

Oh I see you mean WP, SPP, NSP etc. Ah, that's where I am all puzzled how you are able to make them into such docile watchdogs, in Low Thia Khiang's own words that the opposition should be a watchdog not a mad dog.

But LTK & his WP party pretended that they do not understand the situation inside Parliament. This is because when your son the Prime Minister said that he had to think how to fix up the opposition in Parliament, the WP protested against those words.

But since LTK does not tell us the true story, it does not mean another more forthcoming NMP Steve Chia did not say so in a public forum. He told audience that PAP gave him so much work in various committees and sub committees to cripple his role as an NMP.

See that's one way. What are the other tricks of your trade? My mind runs wild on this. Let me guess.

You can pay elected MPs very well like the current $13,000 a month allowance plus bonus based on the GDP performance. Now that adds up to near $200,000 annually. With such good pay, who bothers about risking his position by being a "vociferious opposition"?

Remember, JBJ was "vociferious" and thus kicked out of Parliament and jailed because he offended the Chief Justice and your good self by daring to take up the issue of interference of the judicial process.

But perhaps I over read the fear aspect of the current 2 elected opposition MPs in Parliament to explain their submissiveness. I think I should expand a bit on the benefit aspect as well.

Again my mind runs wild in the absence of information. But lets suppose as an opposition MP you run a firm, say a law or accounting firm. And lets suppose PAP through a proxy come to you with a few big multi-miliion contracts without telling you its political connection with PAP. Are you going to reject it?

Of course not. And then what if later on when the business links have been so deeply forged and you have become so happy with the lucrativeness of those deals, you are told it is all from PAP? Are you going to throw everything into the wind? Or are you going to make a serious rethink of your role you play as the opposition in Singapore?

That's a wild story I know. But I am just trying to find an excuse for these 2 opposition MPs and their parties for being so submissive to you.

But sir, you are cleverer than that really and we underestimate your intelligence all the time. You have everything under control. As former PM Margaret Thatcher said, you are someone who knew everything. Something like a god.

So why at your ripe old age do you still worry about such an unlikely thing as an power shakeup in Singapore. You are so good that there is literally no opposition in Singapore in the real sense of the word that can upset your plans.

In fact former rebels within your cabinet who tried to derail your specific plan for political successorship are now happily again in your service. Who can beat this?

Sure, people can vote in more opposition candidates but the latter coming from the current slate of qualified candidates will be behaving and speaking more like establishment than opposition people.

They will learn that it makes more sense to obey the unspoken rules set by you.

Since apart from politically crippled CSJ and his party, the other opposition parties are anything but vociferous being very quiet and docile like good watchdogs ought to be, so there is nothing for PAP to worry.

What you have succeeded, my dear MM, is to turn a democracy into a feudalism, while keeping intact the outer trappings of democracy, thus deluding many foreign observers that you operate a true democracy.

You believe you have created something historically novel and hope that other countries will emulate your system. Unfortunately what you have achieved is not a civilizational progress but a civilizational retrogression, one which you firmly believe works better than Western style democracy, even though that was how you came into power in the first place.

You, MM should be awarded the title of "Father of Civilization Retrogression" and you should write another book call "From Democracy to Feudalism".

I bet history books will remember you for posterity for such a invaluable contribution to the evolution of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the people of Hougang and Potong Pasir must be mad, bored and fickle-minded to vote for the opposition. But that was not the picture painted by SM Goh, when he said that Hougang and Potong Pasir residents have backbone and are not easily tempted by offer of money for upgrading. Who do we want to believe? I think they are slowly losing the plot and that the constant veiled threat does not sink in at all.

Starbucks said...

Please don't misunderstand our noble Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He is just trying to be a good father to his eldest son, who can't handle more than two opposition members in parliament, inspite of having two DPMs and two ministers without portfolio to help. Surely you don't want the guy to have a relapse?

supporter said...

“persuasive powers” - meaning just words and claims, like

‘we have not got richer, Singapore has’.

I do not believe it, show us the prove. Make every government member declare his assets and net worth. Better still make make the declaration compulsary before contesting an election. Then we will know now much money the person has made over the years and how much money he/she earned while in office. Transparent, fair and honest system.
No need for words and claims

Singapore has, but the majority singaporeans have not become richer. Yes, we hear of billions in reserve, invested by GIC and Temasek but do we really know. All we have its words. Do we have a equivalent of a federal reserve and bank to independently manage and account for our reserves. From what we see in terms of the structure ,only a few people control our reserves. Just words again.

Able men in charge

Just because you hand pick and choose them based on their academic record or what ever connection does not able men. That’s just words, know we are seeing with actual prove how able these men are. Very able in making honest mistakes, blaming others and running away from responsibility. Words again.

Anonymous said...

We must thank MM Lee Kuan Yew for talking about us and not talking to us.

Most of us are tired of listening to him, but he is kind to talk down to us indirectly.

The great wise leader will manage this tiny island for another five years. His worries are unneccessary. Rest assured he will bring Sg to greater height within the next five, ways above first world.


Anonymous said...

I used to have such high regard for LKY and his ideas. But it seems all he can do now is to regurgitate threats and warnings which really belonged in the 60s which I think he still lives.

I think he should repeat the point that our mothers and sister will become maids when we vote for oppositions.

Science guy said...

Who knows could he survive another 5 years.
Life is unpredictable the only predictable thing is nothing is permanent and things (status quo) changes.
Example: Shiny iron bars become rusty after exposed to the air even with varnish and lacquer it only take a tiny hole in the coating or a slight knock from the apprentice to create a hole that will introduce oxidizing oxygen to form the rust. It's just a matter of when.
Opposition are just catalysts like acid.
While the master smith filed off some rust the student introduce more holes.

Anonymous said...

S'pore looks like Zimbabwe; without
the hyperinflation.

Anonymous said...

(gasp of horror) Why would you think that Singapore is like Zimbabwe.
We are first world country afterall.
Mr Lee is just one of the foundation layer but he is most certainly not like Maugbe.
Why you may ask? well for example We might/could possibly have manufacture weapons for Junta to use against their people.
While Maugbe have to purchase machete from Shanghai China.
At least we know where some of those GDP came from.

Anonymous said...

Looking into his eyes, body language and the pathetic statements, and you can tell that this 'old man' is really fearful of losing power.

CSJ is right about him being a pitiable figure.

The opposition in power "will not" ruin Singapore in 5 years, but it will ruin the 'old man' because so much will be exposed to the public.

Anonymous said...

Can someone enlighten me,if PAP loses majority and the opposition forms the new government, what would happen to GIC and Temasek. Would LKY still be the Chairman and his son the Deputy. Will Ho Ching still control Temasek. These are listed as private companies so legally speaking you do not have to in the government to control it. This thought and others crossed my mind when I read the words "'I know how we got here and I know how we can unscramble it,'

Anonymous said...

George says:

MM Lee has said it many times that in politics it is not the responsibility of his party to help the opposition win votes. With that knowledge, shouldn't we take his words with a whole cup of salt?

Many would also know that this comment of his has been repeated many many times before, esp. during the GE hurstings. It is obviously designed to con and scare the population and his intention of repeating it every now and then is because he has the newbie Singaporeans in mind -those FTs-turned citizens. He knows full well, the rest of us are already immune to his 'doomsday' forecast having heard it for too often, far to long.

Alan Wong said...

According to the Old Man, ‘we have not got richer, Singapore has.

But one thing I do know is that the PM & his Ministers have definitely got richer.

So he appears to have made a statement knowing it to be false. So can I call him a liar in the same manner that he refers to others?

Anonymous said...

If the opposition comes into power, a very thorough audit will be done on GIC and Temasek. The new government can continue to retain the services of LKY, HC and LHL [which is extremely unlikely] or appoint other talents to the job.

We need to ask ourselves, how did the trio end up holding those appointments ?
So in the same manner, the opposition in power can appoint their own members.

However the opposition will listen to the voice of the citizens and steer clear of any conflicts of interest.

The old man still thinks there are communists in Singapore and his paranoia is evident by the way he runs this country.

Will a person with humanity put Chia Thye Poh under detention for 32 years ?

Anonymous said...

Let illeegalize the Opposition. Then there will be fear of any "Opposition will ruing Singapore".

Anonymous said...

It is not difficult to see who is the mad one here. One who is utterly perverted by power. He invokes the name of Singapore to justify everything he does. How convenient isn't it? But is it really for Singapore? Or is it the fear that the skeletons in the closet will finally see daylight once the PAP is out?

Anonymous said...

After 43 years independence are we still not mature enough to be adults.Do we still need to be cuddled by our mothers in the
cradle? Leaders of the old generations shouln't be worry so much about what is gong to happen in the next decades in the country. Let the young people steer the stewardsip of the nation. After all these young people are well groomed socially, politically and economically to proceed to a better Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Someone was in fact treated for psychosis in the US during the 70's. That's what some in the medical community talked about then.

Anyway, when a person constantly indulges in self-aggrandizement and the use of extreme terms like "opposition will ruin Singapore", "my govt is extraordinary", "Singapore is a freak nation" it already says a lot.

Hitler and Stalin were madmen but while they ruled, nobody dared to question them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:11 PM asked an intelligent question as to whether Temasek will be subject to vetting by a new government should PAP falls.

I think LKY has it worked out long ago. As Anon 4:11 said, Temasek is considered a private company. And on at least 2 occasions PAP has said so.

During the Shin Corp saga, PAP countered criticism of that bad investment by saying that Temasek was run like a private company.

When questioned by MP Inderjit Singh on the losing investments in American banks, Minister Tharman again confirmed that not only Temasek but GIC are not subject to the government's control. They do what they see fit even if they lose $16 billion in a matter of 6 months since Jan 2008.

I believe PAP has already set down the legal framework for Temasek and GIC to be set apart from the government of the day - even though they are still run by politicians and their associates. Therefore if an opposition-formed government comes to pass, the legal framework will remain.

I have been puzzled thinking why PAP wanted to create another huge layer of power, namely the GLCs, to the governmental-bureaucratic structure? I reckoned the most PAP will benefit from this secondary GLC structure is that PAP can put its own loyal supporters like MPs, former Ministers, top bureaucrats, retired top army officers, friends and relatives to head the GLCs. That being the case, I surmised that may not these PAP people be removed should the opposition comes into power?

This thinking may however be an over-simplification of the issue.

It would seem that the GLCs is part of LKY's strategy to perpetuate PAP's control even in the event of a new government.

At Temasek website the following shocking information is found:

:: "Temasek is neither a statutory board nor a government agency. We are an investment holding company incorporated under the Singapore Companies Act and we operate strictly as a commercial entity."

And we thought Temasek is still a government company ! Temasek had been quietly re-corporatised by PAP unawares to the people. When did it happen? Why were the people not told about it?

What a sleight of hand by PAP. Now you see how dangerous PAP is given that MOF freely loans our national reserves and CPF savings to Temasek for its reckless ventures.

Blind supporters of PAP should be careful if only to look after their own welfare. When there is too much opaqueness in the running of the country, it is a sign that there are things to hide. I ask these supporters to investigate more in whatever capacity they have and not to assume that all things are well.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee should not be so worried about Singapore future so much. His time is coming close to an end. He got only may be few months if not years in life. Now is the time for him to relax and have a free mind and enjoy himself in whatever way he want to enjoy it. May be going for a long holiday with his family overseas and forget about the running of the government. After all you had left the running of the country to a quite capable people including your son LHL. The people of Singapore has grown up to be come a matured society and they know how to look after themselves. Please have good confidence and let them run the show without you around the premises and you should completely be out of the cabinet. The new leaders don't need mentoring to guide them anymore. They are no more small kids.

Anonymous said...

"I believe PAP has already set down the legal framework for Temasek and GIC to be set apart from the government of the day - even though they are still run by politicians and their associates. Therefore if an opposition-formed government comes to pass, the legal framework will remain."

Do not think so complex lah. Do you think the people will let them go away with this if discovered and espeically our CPF money is there.

What legal framework? Have you ever heard that new statutes can be passed overriding previous laws and can even be designed to have a retroactive effect. If you do anything wrong, it will always come back to haunt you.

So sleep in peace and vote in whoever / whichever party you think will care of your interest best. Singapore is full of very clear minded people who know what they are doing. Ruins are definitely not the thing any decent Singaporean (even opposition members) would want to see.

Very disappointed that such a great man has to resort to such a tactic and leaving such potential legacy.

Anonymous said...

We should embrace him and thank him for letting us know that Singapore will be ruined in 5 years.

Isn't this good? A new beginning for all of us that we can really compete equally?

I changed my mindset to thank him for doing such a wonderful job for Singapore after reading his memoir. Openly sayng that I admire him when others swear in their death bed telling me that this man is evil. I change my mind again after his declaration. Fickle minded? You bet. Oh yes, it does not require a surgeon to perform brain surgery on me. SOmeone already did. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hey ... have to give credit to LKY for who he has done for singapore.
but singaporeans are getting fed-up. everything is going up up up. for us who run businesses, the overheads is going berzerk because of the property prices. what and who is regulating this.
of course when more people get fed-up as their voices is not being heard, then you will only get what is inevitable.
if only our voices is heard positively and not as a threat!

Anonymous said...

LKY did a great job.

but the question that begs to be answered is does this new generation of PAP leaders know how to manage the new generation of Singaporean?

i don't worry about opposition ruining Singapore, I worry if there is much left for them to ruin.

gary teoh said...

The situation of spore now is already ruined by pap, when the opposition takes over, there is nothing left in GLC and Temasex. It is not transparent in this investment, nobody knows our reserves except LKY and LHL.Vote in 20 or 30 oppositions, it will help spore prosper.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why voting Opposition into government would be a freak result?


I cite Evidence:
1. GRCs
2. Gerrymandering
3. Fear that voting is not secret (PAP will not dispell this fear in people, because FEAR is to their advantage)
4. High election deposits if anybody wants to stand for election
5. Candidates for Elected President need to fit certain criteria (which BTW excludes most everybody else except for PAP or ex-PAP or very pro-PAP people). Wait for this, candidate needs to be approved by some goverment appointed council (LOL!)
6. Pork barrel politics i.e. holding the people ransom (and get this!) with the people's own money!
7. Virtually all rich, connected, influential people in Singapore are related to PAP or are pro-PAP. PAP has a stranglehold on the economy through its many GLCs and by owning 70+% of all property in Singapore. Anybody wanting to have a toe-hold in the Singapore economy has to play nice with PAP, or else!

With all this factors FOR the PAP, I would also say that getting significant opposition members into parliament is a freak result.

Many PAP minds have been working at this to make this so.

Is it treason to:
1. Thwart the will of the people consistently
2. Violate the spirit (if not the letter) of the Singapore Constitution

Anonymous said...

Armed forces staging a Coup for reinstating a PAP-lead government is TREASON against the people of Singapore.

Treason is punishable by law. Death IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Well, think LKY or LHL read all these blogs; they can only say one thing, Cannot be bothered what all Singaporeans are complianing. The reason is simple, the jolly well know that the citizens are all trained to obey since Kindergarden. We can only know how to say yes, do not know how to say "NO".

Oh yes definitely they have indeed ruin many things and screw up the investment too. But who cares because they know the citizen will not ask or probe into it. Even if the citizen do probe into it, so what, who are we to know where the investment goes to etc. Even you ask CPIB also pointless because their boss is LKY.

Remember what LKY said in his late or mid 1980's election? "If he sees that his empire is in trouble, he will get up from his grave.....bla bla bla". So bear in mind, it is his empire, the Lee's empire; not Singaporean or you or my country.

LHL is a total failure and disaapointment. Not only he is not compatible to his Father, but, not even to SM Goh. He simply can't speak, can't relate to the citizen and only knows how to talk crappy.

We all know what they can do and it's not the opposition dare not talk back to put up a good fight etc. The reason is, you can see those who opposed to the PAP generally either end up on exile, Changi prison, go bankrupt etc.

Like Mas Selamat case, you think Low Thia Kiang dare to say more? No, because the old fox and his son is going to get over him for sure if he opens his mouth too much. The citizens are not stupid. A crippled guy is able to climb the toilet wall? Able to climb up the high wall and jump across the fence? Hahahahaha! Why not tell Wong Kan Seng to try doing it and he may probably end up crippled.

Whatever it is, the Government knows that we are not united and we are not brave enough, but, just a trained dog that listen to the boss command.

We don;t think opposition will ruin Singapore because the PAP have already ruin most of it. Everything are privatized and own by them. So even if the Opposition were to take over so what, it only an empty shell.

God is fair, if you do not think for the people; soon that person is going to loose something or someone more precious. What you do, heaven is watching; when you will get your karma, time will come.

One more thing to add to old man. If you say the opposition cannot make it; think again. You were given a chance too and by the citizens when you were only a Mr. Nobody and an opposition too. You have to give up the empire thinking and the King to heir to the son thinking. If your son cannot make it, then he have to step down. You think you want your son to take the SM then, MM seat too. Hello, your Chiarman Mao ideal is over. Time to hand over and let others take-over.

Anonymous said...

Spore is just like another Zembabwe or vice versa. The only difference is one is much smarter than the other because the person on top went through the Cambridge education. Power corrupts!

Anonymous said...

If you still believe that old man? Forget him, the history tells you progress will continue with democracy. And, it is real democracy. There is one kind of democracy - people's power!

Anonymous said...

After reading the comment by MM Lee on the front page of the newspaper, I was rather shocked and astonished.

First of all, the GE is nowhere near its maturity, unless there is going to be a lightning election or we are planning ahead AGAIN!

Secondly, the comment that said, the opposition would ruin what we have acheived over many years will be ruined in 5 years.( That's 1 term of governance) So, does it mean that what we have built up over 3-4 decades is not good or not strong enough to withstand a (assuming) bad governance? Or is the opposition really that bad till what is created and achieved over 3-4 decades will be destroyed in 5 years.(all these provided the opposition is really bad, but we did not even had the chance to try them out.) P.S the opposition currently have law lecturer, degree holders and there are also veteran who are in there for as long as 20 years.

It just seems to repeat the many achievements and credits that PAP has achieved.

We are now going to First world and Beyond, no longer Third World to First. Its good that we can learn what has happen over the decades and use as reference for good purpose. However over referencing may hinder our progress as a nation into the 21st century as we are living in an everchanging world and the pondering on our past will not encourage our creativity and ability to growth.

On a personal note, I had to agree that Singapore transformed from third world to first in one generation of 30-40 years. That is an achievement that I am proud of. Now, its First world and beyond, we have new challenges, like reducing the wage gap, the divide between rich and poor, health problems, social problems and other stuff. The heavy influx of migrants and stuff. Its not abt the past. In the past, there is communist, now there is terrorist.

Its a different landscape and stuff. I care about Singapore, I want Singapore to be a better place to live in. Not just the slogan to our national day but truly a place where we can call home. A place I will feel proud to be a Singaporean, there is more to be done than HDB and subsidy to medical and education. Things like bus service mini subsidy and if I go to zoo or other attractions, once I flash my pink IC, I enjoy preferential rates. Little tiny mini things that will help!

Let's see what we will become to. A parliament with 2 good parties would be good, like England or USA. If we end up like Taiwan with 2 parties but lots of mess and no progress, then its a sad day.

So all the best Singapore!

Dillonhbpd said...

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