Saturday, June 07, 2008

Obama has won the Democratic Nomination...

I really don't know what Americans see in this feller. A rookie senator who has not gone through proper grooming. He is not even qualified to run for the president of Singapore who needs to have prior experience running a corporation with a turnover of $200M. He talks about "change" and that seems to go down well with Americans. Unlike Singapore, their system is imperfect and needs alot of change.


Anonymous said...

In Singapore, we can't even ask for change. To even question the need for change can be construed as defamation or character assassination or bankrupting the national reserves

mint said...

He's charismatic, smart, eloquent, highly capable, speaks with a passion and conviction and more importantly with sense and logic. He lifts up the hopes of the folks of America. Contrast these qualities with some of our leaders here who often can't talk with sense let alone convince us. If only there's an Obama here, i'll definitely give him my full support!

By the way, Lucky or anyone here knows where i can download the videos of past speeches or debates of barack obama?

Anonymous said...

Get this clear: our leaders don't fight for Singaporeans.

They only fight for the $$$$ of Singaporeans. That's the fighting spirit of our leaders :-)

Where's the fighting spirit in Singaporeans?
systematically eroded.

Anonymous said...

Change? Where is my change from the Yong Tau Foo store huh? Where, where, where?



Anonymous said...

Please be reminded to change your underwear everyday.The change is good for the economy, good for the environment.

Wisdom of the day:

A change in underwear a day keeps the doctor away!

Onlooker said...

Using the Compare function that our meritocrats like to use.
Obama pass, legislate and co sponsor more senate stuff then Clinton.
> loc MPs esp PMS
Ob does not have the "Under enemy sniper fire experience ;) ;)" that Hil had in "Bosnia"
- Hil l8or cover up the hit piece
Hil prescribe to a "all in the family" + "Old boy club theory" where Ob will go down hard on Subsidy to Rich company.
"it take a Clinton to clean up after a Bush" therefore 4 + 8 + 8 + 4i where i = no of term.
sim to SG Dynasty
Hil want VP at cost of dicrediting Democrat party.
Now any change = good fr USA cos USA is patron god of lot of SG Compy.
Also if Ob win pres race, Talented Sgn will go back there. Therefore no one for some (study by rote no innovation) Scholars(imp,loc) to steal credits from.

Anonymous said...

Oppositions whether in the same political party or from another party/parties are viewed as part and parcel of a healthy practising democracy. They are not viewed as a personal enemy nor an enemy of the government or the state. Oppositions should not be fixed and bound up so the incumbent leader is free to run the country as he sees fit. The government is not infallible, as Mr. LKY said and foreseen and unforeseen events do happen. There is no such thing as a flawless government nor a perfect person or leader.

We the citizens whether we are in agreement or disagreement with the policies of the government, are not the enemy. We have every right as citizens to make our views known. If name calling such as calling our justice courts as Kangaroo Courts, that is a view expressed. If we the citizens have to be careful of all our words and actions, then we are no better off than those third world countries under a strict authoritarian regime. Must we all be happy and satisfied with the way we are governed? If that is the case then the government should have gotten 100% of the votes in the last elections and there will be no opposition at all.

Anonymous said...

that chap who challenged the ruler was emotive with his words. actually, the word 'prostituting' is very commonly used in the bible.

i bet the ones who took offense also go to church.

i say burn the book if you have an issue with that!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, are you against the America-led invasion of Iraq or not?

If you are then you ought to be happy that Obama is nominated because he voted against that war whereas Hilary voted in favour of it.

To me that is enough for the time being to assess the appropriateness of the democratic candidate. Or do you prefer John McCain for the US presidency, one who also voted to attack Iraq and may even start a war with Iran and set the other superpowers into battle array and hence World War III?

This is the horrific danger represented by another US president who cannot be depended upon to think beyond a US-centric mindset. Hilary and McCain unfortunately fall into this category given their vote for the Iraq war.

I am not sure about your stand, Lucky, given your previous post on Obama that he talks nothing but change, change, change.

Hope to have an indication from you.


Area Of Circle said...

what the hell are we always fighting on this issues just relax buds ...

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