Friday, June 06, 2008

ST Forum : Chee's Potshot at Govt diminish our reputation!

Another great forum letter (see below). The Chees have diminished Singapore's reputation by criticising the govt. As citizens we should not take potshots at our govt, we should contribute our views through formal channels such feedback sessions and "meet-the-people" sessions. We should not air our negative views openly and in public because the PAP govt listens to the views of ordinary citizens and all we have to do is write in to the ministry or see our MPs.
"Character unlike reputation cannot be bought....".-Chee Soon Juan

After the episode with Chee, I suggest the govt up our rebranding campaign budget by another $10 million to offset the damage Chee has done to our reputation. The rest of the world deserves an accurate picture of Singapore - a dynamic globalised city with numerous opportunities. Any visitor can come and see for himself the true Singapore - the efficient airport, the ultramodern infrastructure and smiling happy people.

When Chee criticises the govt, it gives the people the wrong picture. It makes people think that Singapore govt is harsh towards the people - this is not true, they are harsh only to the Chees and their sympathisers. As long as you don't do what the Chees do, bad mouthing our govt in public and in their writings, you will not experience any trouble. Yes, I know some of you are wondering why it is necessary for Singapore to bankrupt and jail people for saying bad things about our can find plenty of bad things written about George Bush on the Internet and so far nobody has been arrested. Similarly, you can find S. Koreans openly criticising their President and they cannot be arrested. As a Singaporean, I know that these other govts cannot measure up to the high standards of the PAP govt - that is why they deserve the criticism they receive.
"In order to make sure that we protect the integrity of the judiciary and people's confidence in "In order to make sure that we protect the integrity of the judiciary and people's confidence in the judiciary is not affected, you have to be very, very strict with anyone who attacks the judiciary in scurrilous ways or calls into question its independence" - Law Minister Shanmugam

Singaporeans are lucky to be living in a country where there are laws to protect the reputation of their leaders and top civil servants. These laws help us to trust the system....the integrity of our system cannot be questioned because there is no doubt that they are just. We preserve the system by jailing people who question the integrity of the system. In other countries with less perfect systems in place, the views of people who question the system is used to reshape the system - for example here is a group of Californians demanding electoral reform because they believe the system is unfair : Link. After 300 years, these Americans still can't get their system right and need to change it all the time. In Singapore our system cannot be questioned because we got it right under the PAP govt....there is no need for change and criticism . We have to make an all out effort to preserve and protect the system by catching those who question the system.
You cannot question the independence of our courts because you have to believe in its independence without question. How then do you know? You know because the PAP tells you so and if you question the words of the PAP govt, you impugn on their reputation and that will land you in court. As an ordinary citizen, it is best for you to believe and not question....questions can get you into alot of trouble ...just look at the Chees!

Chees' potshots at Govt diminish our reputation (ST Forum 5 June 2008)

I AM one of the ordinary citizens simmering over the way Dr Chee Soon Juan and his sister Ms Chee Siok Chin have tried to embarrass Singapore by going out of their way to raise their reputations at the expense of the country's.
I do not claim to be a patriot but I am hurt when Singapore's reputation is diminished because of the potshots the Chees have taken against the Government.
As a union leader, I know this Government goes out of its way to canvass the views of ordinary citizens.
The ministries hold frequent conversations with union representatives and I have had the privilege to question leaders and Cabinet ministers including Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.
I take pride that my voice is heard. Being heard does not mean being allowed to demonstrate nor riot.
There are many ways to engage the Government but the worst way is to drag its reputation down through one's actions.
Lim Yao Ho


Anonymous said...

Glad to see an example of this Mr Lim Yao Ho.

Recently, while I was in NYC, a famous friend of mine told me that Chee was featured in the New York Times, which I didn't read at that time. But I was glad that I fed this friend with more information of Singapore. How the PM is the son of the ex-PM and the $$$$ of Singaporeans in the hands of the PM's wife and how overseas investments using these funds were friend was like...oh my holy cow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wah, kachua went on a venomous attack on dr chee cheong fun today. lol. dr chee must be doing something right for kachua to devote half a page to remind sgaporeans why they ought to hate chee cheong vicious words used to describe chee are: sputtering meteor and antisocial personality disorder. ragtag band with no credibility. even opposition leaders are distancing themselves from his personality disorder. and then came the bloody blow on his faith - from one faithful christian ridiculing another faithful christian fight for justice somemore. but coming from one who serves caesar, what does she know about justice? lol.

kachua ends with more poisonous words calling chee irresponsible, reckless, impulsive, UNETHICAL and again....antisocial personality disorder and unlawful behavior with disregard to truth etc.

and after sowing vitriolic confabulation, kachua than cowardly put in a disclaimer clause to perhaps .... preclude a slanderous judgment? lol.

Cheesy said...

How dare u call her kachua?

I am sure such a discredited fellow like Dr Chee is no threat at all to the ruling regime.

Let's give it a thought here - Chee is a bankrupt, a unrepentent law-breaker and is said to be mentally whacked.

Anyone STILL thinks he's a threat?

No way! The ruling regime shouldn't spend so much effort and time on this hopeless fellow. WHY BOTHER since he's no threat wat.

Anonymous said...

The union chief is a government minister, so what kind of different views does the union hold in conversations with other cabinet ministers? In any event, whatever views the union holds has to be in line with those of the government, not the union members it represents and certainly not the ordinary citizens. The mind still controls the right and left hands and union leaders who think they are really making a difference are just having their own pipe dreams.

Anonymous said...

The unions in singapore are a joke. They only know how to depress wages because the only thing our multi-million dollar ministers know how to do is just depress wages... like a one trick pony.

Our MIW know no real solution to increased globalisation. We are not paying penuts and yet we are still getting monkeys.

I don't know how this union leader can look himself in the mirror every morning.

LKY has done an excellent job in turning union leaders into collaborators. Must have taught them his experience from WWII.

Sylvester Lim said...

Yes, our leaders and judical are gods and being perfect, are never wrong. To question them is a great sin against our country. We need to reflect on our sins and hit our heads against the wall at the Cantoment Police Station in regret for our terrible thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Since Chee did the unthinkable act of diminishing the government's reputation, I think it is time to get NTUC chief Lim Say Say to do a little rebranding to restore the government's reputation. He has an excellent record of rebranding most of our unreputable jobs into much sought after ones, after rebranding, for job hungry older Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

to anon 12.02 pm:

You are right to say we are not paying peanuts, yet we still get monkeys. Actually we are getting these monkeys who have been trained to feed the huge gorillas that consumes bananas. According to Woody's wife, peanuts are worth approximately $600,000., so a banana should be at least $1,000,000.

Anonymous said...

" ... here is a group of Californians demanding electoral reform because they believe the system is unfair ...In Singapore our system cannot be questioned because we got it right under the PAP govt ..."

But the above cannot be true lah. Of course in Singapore, there have also been modification of the laws of the land to improve things. Like the following:

-- PAP banished the jury system, which existed during the colonial days. Since then, the courts have been so efficient. There is only the judge to decide on the verdict without a jury to interfere. And the judge as you know is appointed - and can be removed anytime - by the PM. So you can see how right the verdict can be when PAP is a party in a lawsuit.

-- PAP also changed the whole concept of the labour movement to reflect "national interests" by setting up PAP's own national umbrella labour movement known as NTUC headed by a cabinet minister. I am sure no other country can beat such progressiveness in changing things.

-- Before PAP came into power, opposition people still can speak in public without a permit. LKY used to do so with David Marshall and there are some photos around to confirm this. Now under PAP this is not allowed. So technically anyone who speaks in public is subject to arrest based on the judgement of the police.

So you see Singapore is as progressive as any democracies because PAP is always open to changes to the laws of the land for "national interests" and this has come to be defined as anything that makes the work of the PAP government more efficient.

The logic can be summed up in this equation:

PAP = elected as govt = govt is to look after the national interests = anything that goes against govt is therefore wrong because it would then be against national interests

Therefore PAP says if you want to challenge it, you must be able to take over the govt. It's so simple, why can't diehard critics like CSJ understand this?

Anonymous said...

there are two different ideologies in tussle. both have their merits. it's when one try to overrule the other is where the problem arises.

i wouldn't even suggest a takeover by anyONE.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:30

Can't you see that the system PAP has been perpetuating is not democracy but a return to feudalism. PAP has actually created a modern feudal system without parallel.

The PAP leadership represents the royalty; the GLCs represents the lands which the royalty apportions to the feudal lords managed by elites, including scholars enlisted in govt service (as Mandarins of yore) and very highly paid and looked after. The people are the subjects who toil and produce for the royalty and feudal lords.

Democracy is undermined by vote buying and threats of deprivation of estate upgrading, nay even maintenance even. Opposition is either cowed into submission or severely punished and removed from standing for elections.

What works in such a system are the feudal characteristics not the democratic ones.

For that matter even in the US, Obama is trying to undo the wrong to such a throwback to feudalistic dictatorship by Bush over the last 7 years under the guise of protecting their national interests. The whole nation of USA was largely fooled and bought that story only to now realize the quagmire of Iraq they have sunk into.

I hope that their support of Obama is motivated by more than pragmatism due to the Iraq and economic issues.

Democracy is correct; there is no other way because democracy despite its many flavours is about accountability and transparency, of continuing improvement to the system.

Even China govt admits that democracy is correct even though it is not taking to it right now by way of popular elections.

Anonymous said...

"Yes Sir, you didn't say whether you believe, IF we believe in democracy....I guess these days the PAP believes in GDP rather than all those things...just like true love cannot be can't eat democracy and freedom..." - Lucky Tan

Anonymous said...

Mind you. Such bully culture is also with those GLC, government departments and organizations. The victims have no choice but to keep quiet. Or else, the victims will lose their jobs and will go into poverty straightaway. So, most if not all will be silent and many leave the place. Such bully culture is the unique national culture created by the government. Older brother bullies younger brother; stronger student bullies weaker student; boss bullies subordinate; big local company bullies smaller local company; Civil servant or MP bullies people; government bullies citizen. This is really unique here.

Anonymous said...

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