Friday, June 13, 2008

Understanding the Gopalan Nair Incident....

US blogger Gopalan Nair is facing charges for insulting Singapore's civil servants. This is a very serious offense and he deserves to be jailed for it. I'll explain why it is so serious.

First let me send an email to President George Bush, Condi, US Supreme Court:
President Bush is the worst president ever in the USA. He is a liar and took the country to war on a false premise. He is corrupted by special interests shaping his policies to favor big oil companies rather than ordinary Americans. He is incompetent and his cabinet of neocons are prostitutes to a failed ideology that has weakened his great nation and destabilised the world. His pardon of his crony "scooter" Libby shows that he has no regard for the law or justice. George Bush should be impeached he is a criminal who surrounds himself with corrupted men who serve the interest of the military industrial complex, oil companies and Wall Street financiers. His administration is worse than any kangaroo court in asian countries and is a joke in the eyes of many people. Dick Cheney & Rumfeld are men who have sold their souls and their conscience for money.
Mr. Bush look here. I, Lucky Tan, will be in the USA on 10 Jul 2008. I will be within your jurisdiction and that of your corrupt govt and your corrupt cronies. What are you going to do about it?
Lucky Tan,
Holiday Inn LA, USA Room 438.
10 Jul 2008.
What will George Bush do to me? Nothing much, really. He has 20 million other insults on the Internet to handle so it will be a long time before he gets to mine.
Singapore leaders and top civil servants cannot be insulted unlike the leaders of other countries. They are protected by law from insults. This is about guarding the reputations and integrity of the people who run our system. They cannot be questioned on their independence, honesty, and competence. So why am I allowed to insult George Bush and his merry men....and get away with it? .....Why don't the Americans implement similar laws to protect their govt men and leaders?
The reason is quality. The quality of the people we have as leaders and civil servants are a lot higher than those in USA.

Quality is the reason why our media is allowed to attack the opposition in many ways - e.g. calling Chee a mad man, liar, scoundrel and psychopath. The quality of opposition members is so low, they deserve to be insulted, jailed, bankrupted and arrested. Quality is a treasured among our elites who possess so much of it. Quality is what Singaporeans pay for in our leaders - "you want quality, pay for it". American leaders don't have much quality and they don't get paid much.
Let me remind everyone to be appreciative of the top quality leadership that we have in govt. You should find ways to show your gratitude like writing letters of appreciation to the Straits Times Forum or starting a blog like me to help others understand the grand achievements of our esteemed leaders.

You may occasionally have the urge to say something inappropriate - perhaps after going through the ERP, or upon receiving your utilities bill or after the GST increase. Let me remind you there is a law in place to protect our civil servants from insults, you should try something else like blaming it on George Bush, the President of USA...he is not protected by law from insults so you can say as many nasty things you want about him. ....that will definitely make you feel much better. Gopalan Nair is guilty because as a US citizen for the past 10 years, he has not learned to vent his frustration on George Bush instead of our civil servants & leaders. If he wrote about George Bush instead of Belinda Ang & MM Lee, he would still be sitting in Starbucks sipping coffee instead of ChangiPrison - he has chosen the wrong people to insult....our leaders cannot take insults.


Anonymous said...

Are you being ironic?

Anonymous said...

isn't that obvious?

Sylvester Lim said...

Alamak! This blog is about praising our wonderful system in Singapore. We come here to read stuff that we want to hear. Really good stuff that makes the heart flutter and happy. All the PAP lapdogs must come here to learn new styles of ass kissing. Thanks Bro. You have made my day.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan you are my hero.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone point out which part of the law says no one can insult civil servant?

There's one that says you can't verbally insult policeman (a civil servants) and with precedence, the verbal assaulter has been successfully prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

public servants should understand why the public are hurling insults or denigrating remarks at them. if they had done well, they will elicit praise. similarly, if they had been unjust, do they expect kind words? c'mon. depending on the level of maturity or education level of the public, some will fuck you!! that's their way of've been unjust!

to use laws to suppress people's anger or the choice of angry words is not getting to the root of the problem. you can't use laws to demand respect. the best way to counter insults is to do justly. the best way to command respect is to earn it!

understand the people, not undermine their humanity!

oldhorse42 said...

A good piece of satire by a lucky and very careful person

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Nair case was not just about hurling insults. He challenged the authority. You can't challenge the authority here and not expect the authority to respond.

Assuming he knows all that, his intention then must be to give the case a greater exposure?

Anonymous said...

let's hope that the New York Times Editor who carried the news of Chee Vs $$$Lees$$$ will kindly feature Nair. Will he or she?

Nair mustt be enjoying te curry soup in changi prison.....But I heard many ang mos calling Singapore a dictatorship and nothing happens to them?!


Anonymous said...

Why is calling a spade a spade defined as an 'insult'?

celyra said...

Definition: To treat with abuse, insolence, indignity, or contempt, by word or action; to abuse; as, to call a man a coward or a liar, or to sneer at him, is to insult him.

Definition: Reality; actuality; truth;

Isn't it clear who's making the insult and who's stating a fact?

Anonymous said...

To prostitute one soul can be a fact. Behaving cowardly can be a fact. Acting like a bully can be a fact too. Truth is, there are many who would sell their conscience for a piece of real estate or... for a fat paycheck you know.

The right to call it what it is should be a legitimate human right.

Anonymous said...

anyone who "hurt" the fragile feelings of the men in white is equivalent to "attack" on their "integrity", "honesty" and "greatness".

Anonymous said...

the sad thing about nair's case is that our leaders responded to such taunting...

Let's hope for more compassion and sympathy.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many will remain uncontentious, polite, nice and even sweet after witnessing your father, mother, wife, husband, children beaten up and then follow by having your house burned down, career destroyed, bankrupted just because you want some accountability - a bit exaggerated to make a point lah

i think the authority had a pretty good deal considering they only got some probing questions for the above. we should do the same to them and see whether they would remain as 'un-contempt' as the chees?

Kaffein said...


Really good piece of article. In fact the world is laughing at us so much now for charging someone who has written against the way how he felt the court of law meted out justice.

*chuckles at the absurdity of such a law*


Anonymous said...

The rule of law is a fucking joke.

Should be called rule of flaws or flout.

Luckily, it is just a satire. LLL.

lackeysformoney said...

some people just don't get it. it's like fucking somebody arsehole before throwing the fellow in jail because he grunted during the fuck.

moral of story? you are not allowed to have an orgasm when fucked in the court ...yard!

prostitution said...

You know... if you go out in the streets now, offer $10k to any strangers who would call you father/mother just once, how many do you think wld do it?

8 out of 10? 9 out of 10? or 10 out of 10?

Seriously, how many would compromise your values( not so harmful ones) for $100k?

And you ask me whether i trust talents or believe in their integrity or what have you?


onlooker said...

Uniquely Singapore laws. Not really most country run by dictators have this kind of law.Maugbe, Junta and HJT for example.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan is being charged on the basis of an insulting email allegedly sent by him to the judge Belinda Ang.

He was not being charged based on what he wrote in his blog, even though according to his lawyer the alleged insults "essentially repeated those Nair made in a recent blog".

Charging Gopalan based on email rather than his blog goes to show that PAP is following the practice of its big brother, the US administration, of not charging bloggers - especially given that Gopalan is American - for their political thoughts on their blogs.

Were PAP to charge Gopalan based on what he wrote in his blog, it would create an issue with the human rights groups in the US, and this would put pressure on the US govt to take up the issue with PAP.

I would think PAP fears such a move. In fact PAP might already be having second thoughts to proceed with the case against Gopalan.

Any given his suck-up-kick-down approach, LKY might already have been pretty busy talking to Bush over the phone to ensure the case would not result in a diplomatic fallout.

The outcome of the case will show us to what servile extent the PAP has become in relation to the US.

Anonymous said...

Most of LKY's enemies happen to be lawyers. Francis Seow, Tang L H, JBJ. CSJ is the only exception, but he tried to be a lawyer over 3 days. Now we have Gopalan, another lawyer, but this one is tricky. The potential to become a political issue. Depends on his backing.

Anonymous said...

Cannot insult civil servant meh? My parents that day just insulted my principal. My principal oso dare not do anything, he scared my father complain MOE mah. haahaaa

Anonymous said...

There are PAP spies every where. I have been trying to include a link to Gopalan Nair's website on Belinda Ang's wikipedia entry but every time I add there is one chap who always reverts it back!!!

Anonymous said...

"He was not being charged based on what he wrote in his blog, even though according to his lawyer the alleged insults "essentially repeated those Nair made in a recent blog"."

i am not sure how true was that but it sure gives it a different angle.

sorry, potentially, lawyers are snakes. only recently, i watched a an arts docu featuring an indo upper class gentleman who gave up his legal career( graduated from harvard somemore) for painting or something. he cited integrity issue problem blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Guys, our PM is paid something like 6 times Bush's pay.

Surely our PM's quality is 6 times better than that of Bush ?

No ? Disagree ?

Remember to vote him out if you agree that our Clown Prince is nothing better than a Clown.

Anonymous said...

Now we see the prosecution is doing flip flops and cannot make up its mind on the charges against Gopalan. Delay here and there. World class kangaroo prosecution in action! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope you are joking. It's not about quality of leadership, it is about freedom of speech. If you don't understand that you'll continue living with a 3rd world mindset and a 3rd world lifestyle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

are you an idiot?

Vanessa said...

What is this idea about singapore leaders and top civil servants cannot be insulted? Why isnt this treatment extended to every human being?

One should not guard the reputation/integrity of the people who run our system. First of all, these people should be able to check themselves. If the citizens of singapore do not know how to select the kind of government to run the nation and have to resort to guarding their reputation, this is absolutely blinded faith.

How do you measure the quality of the government? What are the criterions? Is it only be based on the economic standing of the country or are there other values of measurements?

What stupidity is that to say that Quality 'is the reason why our media is allowed to attack the opposition in many ways'! One should analyse the WHY and not looking at the HOW to determine quality.

One can only start to appreciate the quality leadership that you have in government when the minority is being well taken care of, given equal opportunity and receive equal treatment like the majority. It is not just looking at what is being done but also what is NOT being done. Till that day, I would not associate quality with this government.

16yearold said...

One word. Bullshit.
Three words. You disgrace Singaporeans.
Six words. How much did they pay you?

Two words. Grow up.

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Anonymous said...

Many people say that the state of singapore and its government are fascist and a dictatorship.This seems also to be the opinon of Mr.Nair when you read his blog.
He also seems to criticize the inhuman form of corporal punishment for certain offences and is asking for the government to withdraw.

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