Saturday, June 28, 2008

Voting the Opposition will ruin Singapore Part 2.

I used to think that voting for the opposition will ruin the PAP because they will lose power to the opposition. But thanks to the wisdom of our MM, I'm now convinced that the opposition will ruin Singapore. They are security threats that is why so many of them have been detained by the ISD under the ISA. Singapore no longer use the ISA for this purpose but we have invented more subtle but equally effective means to take care of the opposition - lawsuits, bankruptcy, jail, character assasination etc.

After thinking about the threat to Singapore's survival posed by the opposition, I have come to the conclusion that it has become too risky to have elections in Singapore. Not only will we risk opposition members voted into parliament which will lead to Singapore's ruin, the whole election process is a total waste of time. The tea session system that MM Lee put in place to interview and select new MPs for Singaporeans is a far better system that elections....why should we bother with elections? Instead of having ordinary Singaporeans who may "turn crazy" or "vote for the opposition out of boredom", we can trust the judgement of our esteemed leaders MM & PM Lee to choose the best people for us. Ordinary Singaporeans without the necessary qualifications and experience cannot hope to pick the right people to lead them unless they vote for the PAP.
I know that many of you may be worried that if elections are eliminated, westerners may accuse us of being undemocratic. Don't worry with Dr. Chee's antics drawing so much attention, we are already accused of being undemocratic even when we have elections what is the difference? Anyway Western style democracy is not suitable for us. Our leaders long for something like what they used to have in China - a scholarship system to select the best mandarins to run the country. Elections are worthless legacies of the parlimentary system we inherited from the British. Although we have made numerous improvements to the election process by introducing GRCs, linking votes to estate upgrading and creating many rules to hinder the ruinous opposition, the whole exercise is still a waste of time and a couple of opposition characters still occasionally slip into parliament to ask "inconvenient" questions in parliament. These elected opposition members cost their constituents to lose out in their estate upgrading thereby undermining the value of properties in their constituencies.

I'm surprised that many asian countries have changed their system by adopting Western style democracy. S. Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and now Malaysia. Don't the Indonesians appreciate what Suharto has done for them and the system he put in place for economic progress? What about S. Korea, they used to be under the rule of strongmen and military leaders, now their President has to bow to demand of the people over American beef. See the ruin the opposition is bringing to Malaysia - it is ruining Badawi and the UMNO.
Some of you may be worried that if there are no elections, you won't get the goodie bag (NSS etc) they give out before elections. I want to remind you of the strange phenomena that occurs after elections - price hikes which suck up all the goodies you receive before the elections.
Elections are unless and troublesome. It brings uncertainty to our nation which is now for all intent and purpose Singapore Inc. They don't ask the workers to vote for the management team in General Electric - given Singapore Inc is about the same size as GE and ordinary Singaporeans are really just workers in Singapore Inc, why is there a need for elections?


Onlooker said...

All hail the imperial System that China based their (overthrow the qing dynasty)revolution (all those people die for nothing) on and now forget and want to implement (by Hu?) again except this time they call the emperor, PM (post meridian) expect to see "Hu" junior to succeed dad and We all know what happen in US of A when Bush king Jr succeed Bush king and that also why Mrs Clinton had a disadvantage.
So to our emperors :0
\o/\o/ Emperor ... Wan sui wan sui wan wan sui \o/\o/
\o/\o/ Empress .. qian sui qian sui qian qian sui \o/\o/
But then imperial system have no age limit to enter the exam leh.
Also the essay must be agreeable to the emperor as they (the not disconnected and well loved ones like qian long, kang xi) usually read through those essays.
Also they have an imperial martial scholar(ah beng) Exam too.Most certainly not because they can recite Sun Tzu stratagems which is considered a plus (no toilet paper scholar). Ability to Fight and know how to organize that ability being the main thing.
And I noticed the guy like Da You Shi (China chinese litany):- Ahem Which country Post Meridian is he? China , Malaysia or Singapore?
Solutions read more Singapore blogs for third choice.

Anonymous said...

What exactly was the intent for this term "Singapore Inc" coined by PAP many years back?

It has spawned various understandings of it from being another word for Temasek Holdings, to Singapore the nation operating like a company rather than as a society, to Singapore economy being dominated by GLCs rather than private companies.

Inc also formally means "A type of company, a legal entity where the ownership has been arranged into shares. A shareholder has no responsibilities to the company and the potential losses of the shareholder are limited to the value of the stock turning to zero in the case of a bankruptcy". (Wiktionary)

Anonymous said...

no matter what, few will deny the priests and prisoners the credit for raising the standard and quality of living in this country. but in so doing, they also unabashedly lifted their wages to unchartered level and far above the common man.

blessed with a system that line the pockets of the elites, anyone who managed to attain premiership or become "bearers of public office" in this exclusive club will inevitably enjoy all the powers, wealth and sinful kingdom privileges.

with such high stakes on the table, how do you separate the chaffs from the wheats or the priests from the "opposing wolves"?

do we want someone advocating change but actually, hoping to help themselves to some ... "loose change"?

Singapore.Boy said...

Please do not forget one simple fact of the political machine To be classified as a democracy or a republic there must be a "likeness" of one and holding elections is one of them even though we know that the PAP has done so much gerrymeandering that elections is but a formal procedure for them to win the seats.

I do not see how it is possible that other countries will still trade, do business and deal with us if we call ourselves a republic or a democracy without holding an election. We wil be cordained off the rest of the world with sanctions. God knows if there is anyone out there who wants to see us fail even when we singaporeans generally mind our own business unlike the US.

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Anonymous said...

In a way, LKY is right.

The way PAP has "engineered" the entire election process, it is almost impossible to overthrow them electorally.

When you really vote in opposition government, it must be because the citizens are really really suffering unbearably, to the point of either overthrow or die, just like in old China where the peasants overthrow the existing dynasty.

So, LKY is right. The opposition, if it ever take power, must be taking over a country that is so badly damaged, that it is not impossible for Spore to be ruined in 5 years. But the seed of ruin is planted by PAP.

Anonymous said...

This country survive by leeching. Therefore 'quan xi' with foreign powers in politics as well as investment is crucial. The trust built and brand name established by the ministers are hard to duplicate.

Try sending LTK to do LKY job and you will understand the gravity of the 'ruin'.

Anonymous said...

The reality of Singapore Inc - the domination of GLCs in the economic landscape of Singapore - makes replacing PAP men in them a particularly dicey business by any future opposition-led govt.

The govt, ie policy-makers, are perhaps more replaceable than the many key people in GLCs in a showdown, given they have gained deep and broad expertise - some in highly specialised fields like aerospace and marine - during the 5 long decades of PAP rule.

In that sense, there is some truth that an opposition formed govt can ruin the country if they do not know what they are doing.

LuckySingaporean said...

Singapore Boy,

Nowadays no elections other countries will also trade with us. Look at China - no elections...biggest trading partner for many countries. Vietnam too hold no elections but was able to attract so much foreign direct investments that the economy went onto overdrive and it is in trouble.

You're right it would be a bit odd if we still call Singapore "Republic of Singapore" if we don't hold elections. One way would be to change the name to Singapore Inc. That should solve this small problem.

Anonymous said...

If the PAP leadership can just be:

:: a bit humble when talking to the people
:: a bit more sincere and stop treating us like fools, such as by saying raising their already superscale salaries is for our good
:: a bit more caring in terms welfare for the needy
:: a bit less overbearing towards opponents

then I think that already can win back some hearts from the people. Does this take much from PAP?

After all PAP has the credit for governing Singapore fairly well over the last 5 decades. It would be a shame to throw this into the winds just because you fail to understand how people react to the wrong kind of behaviour/policies from their leaders.

Why is PAP after 5 decades of rule still not politically mature enough to institutionalize critics and dissidents as part of the whole political process?

If PAP is fearful of enemies, it is sycophants and poisonous counsels that are the real enemies of PAP and the nation. Promoting such people to ministers for instance poses a great risk for the country.

But PAP top leaders do not see that this is a grave danger, one committed since time immemorial by failed regimes.

PAP and its judicial system should not punish CSJ and his sister anymore, certainly not for rightly pointing out to the leadership that its lack of transparency in finances is a serious national concern.

The lawsuit claiming defamation for MM and PM was recommended by the lawyer who is now Minister of Law. I ask PAP top leadership to be careful of such counsel. That person at one time looked like an utter zombie on TV making the national day speech. What could have caused this? I am concerned that such a person has now become a full cabinet minister.

You should start setting a good example for the people in being fair and open to public dissent . At the end of the day, this is surely one way to win hearts and leave behind a good name.

Anonymous said...

singapore shit is capable of sucking to china and burma (mynammar) warlords.

what's so big deal about singapore?

You like serving your bloody NS in some ulu island (with insurance paid out of your pathetic NS allowance), while your foreigners arrive in droves, take your places in universities & fuck your girls in boat quay?

Science guy said...

The fertilizer is used to make the region more fruitful for the region.
Though for whom is a questionable thing.
Especially of those two you mention above plus some rich guy from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
That fertilizer also act as a version of (adv)RoundUp(tm)(adv) where the weed are prevented from growing and genetically identical crops are not affected.
However for those who denounce Evolution the. A freak Disease will wipe those genetically similar crop quickly as they will also share the gene that make them weak.

Anonymous said...

when you have a system that has only a limited number of top seats to be treated like gods, you can't afford to be gracious, nice and accommodating to anyone who will challenge your seats of power especially from talents deemed unworthy to be part of something that the founders have created.

also, people tend to forget it's a dog eat dog world out there and we are all part of a system that makes us what we are.

democracy? constitution and human rights? free speech? those are convenient tools of deceptive persuasion once employed by the you know who to cease power so why should the people go that way again?

nah, we need a more radical solution to this recurring problem of absolute arrogance!!

PC said...

You are so Lucky and I fully agree with U. What the point of having electrion while the perfect man pick by our fatjer but reject by you, the naugthy children. Before thy incraese the ERP, they will reduce the road tax. But then ERP will end up increase the cost of living and may end up increase bus and mrt prices. ERP is not just Every Road Pay but Everyday Rob People.

Anonymous said...

to demolish the ERP, you need to have the heart to demolish the PAP first with your vote.

Don't be a coolie yourselves and let your children eternally be slaves to this regime. This regime plays games by driving you to debts.

Anonymous said...

yea I totally agree with banning elections!

I mean look at the United Arab Emirates. People are flocking to work there. Investors are flocking there with their Media City or whatever. Also look at Saudi Arabia, Quatar, and most importantly CHINA!

Do you really think tourists, investors scientists care that the above-mentioned countries are dictatorships/autocraties. No! They just want to make money, have fun and live quiet peaceful lives.

So I firmly believe that Singapore will do just fine if it decides to be a dictatorship/corporation/one-party system.

At least that's what i feel will happen to Singapore if the opposition gets a semblance of power here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, look at the Middle East Countries, look at China, why do we need elections. I say lets go they other way, Nepal has dismantled the monarchy, I say lets bring officially introduce the monarchy in singapore (some think that its unoffically already present) and follow the middle east nations and Brunei.
Instead of goodies before the election we will get goodies for the king's birthday and more for the prince' birthday and even for the grandchildrens birthdays.
Hail the dynasty..more golden years.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 4:46 PM

I guess if Obama or McCain come to power, they must be severely crippled going overseas if it is THAT difficult for them to cultivate relationships with foreign dignitaries.

That said, I didn't think Clinton or Bush fared too badly on their first forays overseas.

Ditto with the new PM from Australia.

Anonymous said...

Why so many voices against election? Look at Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe has not attended any courses in LKY School of Public Policy (LKYSPP). He therefore got his first election failed. But, he did the second time and 'win' it by some means. He is not smart enough. If he has attended LKYSPP, he will know how to hold 'proper' election and ensure he is the only winner. Look what he did the second time, he is stupid enough to hold the second election for himself as the only candidate. No wonder there is sanction follows. Look at Singapore, we have election every 4 years and there is no sanction against us though little noise from somewhere. Everyone believes our election is fair and constitutional. How many people really know the truth? Consider this, Mugabe allowed assembly of not more than 10 persons but assembly of more than 5 is illegal in Spore. Who is smarter? Mugabe and his gang should come and attend LKYSPP. Not sure if the Dean of the School, 'Prof' Kishore Mahbubani has contacted Mugabe to offer help just like the alleged advice given to the Myanmar juntas in holding 'proper' election. In conclusion, we need such 'proper' election and this is a best selling point for LKYSPP. Without such 'proper' election, Spore will face sanction and LKYSPP may not exist.

Anonymous said...

when the oppositions pose no threat to the powers, the calm appearance of the water concealing the turbulence undercurrent is comforting knowledge.

but once a real threat emerges, someone will have to get sodomized!

without exceptions, that's the nature of PARTY politics, that's the usefulness of the rule of laws.

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