Saturday, July 12, 2008

MM Lee: There is a conspiracy against us!

I would like to warn my fellow Singaporeans of this conspiracy to undermine our success by western organizations. The recent IBA criticism of Singapore's judiciary is part of a larger conspiracy "to do us in". Instead of studying the great success of Singapore and learning our secret formula for never-ending GDP growth, these westerners are trying to pollute our minds with human rights, freedom of speech and democracy, inferior concepts from western civilization.

"Human rights groups are simply like religious evangelists - they believe they are helping to bring a good thing to a country that does not have it"
- Chua Lee Hoong, Straits Times, Think Aloud 12 Jul 2008.
"If human rights is a religion, it isn't PAP's religion...." - Lucky Tan.

These western interests are trying to promote human rights and they do it with a religious enthusiasm. Hey what does human rights have to do with the well being of our society? Who needs it? Come on, why are these western institutions on getting our back about human rights?

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

—Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)[2]

"Ya..ya who needs all these things when you have the PAP to tell you what to do...."
- Lucky Tan

I believe these westerners are jealous of our success and accomplishments and are out to sabotage us. We did not let human rights hinder us to reach this level of success. If we had human rights in place would we be able to get rid of those harmful opposition members so easily? If they're given the right to speak in public spread their poisonous ideas would we be able to convince Singaporeans that the PAP works for their interests and is the best govt they can ever have? What kind of progress who we have if we have to treat everyone equally, give them the right to speak up and protest, and allow them to choose whoever they want to be their leader? You can be sure our society will be very different if we do that. If our people are empowered, will they be willing to work without medical benefits, without retrenchment benefits and without minimum wages, until they are 70 yrs old...quietly accept all the fee/fare/GST/ERP hikes.......surely our success as Singapore Inc would have been undermined.
The best thing for Singaporeans is to shut their minds to what the outside world says about us. We can reassure ourselves with the help of Straits Times and journalists like the Chua sisters that Singapore has been on the right track. You have to believe that our MM Lee has developed a workable system with leaders whose integrity cannot be questioned/ They're chosen by an rigorous selection process for us that will help to preserve the status quo. When the next elections come around, remember that is to show support for the upgrading of your HDB flats.

There is a conspiracy to do us in, says MM Lee

Minister Mentor rebuts human rights groups' criticism of Singapore
By Sue-ann Chia
ROBUST REBUTTAL: Mr Lee at the Economic Society of Singapore dialogue during its annual dinner last night, which was moderated by editor-in-chief of SPH's English and Malay Newspapers Division. -- ST PHOTO: LIM WUI LIANG

MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew last night dismissed human rights organisations' criticisms of Singapore's style of governance, saying that they were trying to 'do us in'.

In a robust rebuttal of these groups' assertions that Singapore is not a liberal democracy, he said that they had never run a country and did not know what was needed to make Singapore tick.

'There is a conspiracy to do us in. Why?... They see us as a threat,' said Mr Lee at an hour-long dialogue during the Economic Society of Singapore's annual dinner.

Explaining why these groups regarded Singapore as a threat, he said it was because they saw that the Russians and Chinese have been coming and studying Singapore's success story and picking up pointers.

The leaders of these countries ask 'how does this little country with so little talent keep its ruling party in place and run a tight ship, honest, and effective, and make progress?'

'Can they (the Russians and Chinese) do it? I don't know. But they are picking up points here and there.'


'That integrity and the sense of honour and anti-corruption has remained a characteristic of the PAP till today...
... more
Mr Lee was responding to a question on whether Singapore needed a Western-style liberal democracy to succeed.

He said groups which advocate the need for liberal democracies were prescribing universal rules for the whole world.

But he threw down this gauntlet:

'My question is to them, have you ever run Singapore? Do you know how we got here? What were we? What we are now? And how we can become better?

'We are not stupid people. They give us all these advice... Who are they? Have they ever run a country, created jobs for community and given them a life? We have and we know what it requires.

'Nobody (who) advocates this has any idea what they will do to a society if you implement these rules.'

Mr Lee believes each country will have to decide which political system suits it best.

'Different people have different cultures and forge different consensus and seek different solutions to their problems,' he said.

But he was also quick to acknowledge that the People's Action Party (PAP) will not always have the answers:

'I'm not saying the PAP government will always be supreme, will always be honest, will always be A-plus.

'The day it is no longer honest, it should be out. And another party should come in, with equally honest people.'

Turning to the opposition, Mr Lee said:

'We are not trying to block them. We are trying to force them to collect a group of people equal in competence...When we fail, they have a team that can take over.

'But unfortunately, they can't do it. Because the people with ability, drive, ambition and energy don't want to come into politics. If they wanted to, they will join us (the PAP).'

For Singapore to continue to succeed, it needs to find the next generation of top notch leaders.

Mr Lee said the present generation of leaders could last at least two terms.

But if they did not find talented people with the drive and energy and integrity to match the demands of the job during this time, 'then I say, the future is in doubt'.

'The system is there, but it cannot run with mediocre men. You need top men.'

The PAP has managed to recruit good people and its leaders had, in turn, won the trust of Singaporeans through their integrity and honesty - values which the PAP still holds true today.

He said the task of finding new leaders is no longer his:

'I've done my job. I've passed it on to the next generation. Chok Tong has passed to the next generation.

'If you have a competent team on board, honest and dedicated, it will last. If you have bums, then even with best of institutions, it will fail.'


Anonymous said...

Is there a way we can sue this group? Take them to court here and show them how fair our judges will be. Better still, arrest them.

Onlooker said...

"Oh no, the sky is falling. The sky is falling." So said Chicken Li ttle.
"Fickle voters who vote opposition will undo everything we build in five years!!!" same as above
And the most recent:
For a better message add ministerial b4 wages and productivity.:)
Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said on Wednesday 09 July that a rise in wages without a corresponding increase in productivity would only fuel inflationary pressures (ST article, 10 July).
Beside a world class leaders we have also have world class clowns and world class entertainer too. 3 in 1?

xNSman said...

MM is hilarious lah. Thank you for the laughs MM. We won't know what to do without him!

Anonymous said...

MM Lee is the Mugabe of Asia.

illusionist said...

The conspiracy is against LKY and his team of eunuchs. How convenient of him to assume anything against him as against Singapore.

Singaporeans can also assume that there is a conspiracy to turn the country into Singapore Inc.

We might find ourselves without a country at this rate and the rest of the world will view us as employees of Singapore Inc.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, the old man is really losing his marbles. I suggest we put him to sleep permanently before he makes a bigger fool of himself.

Anonymous said...

IBA must have been conspiring with the West to do many countries in if what he says is true. I think our mental one is getting paranoid.

Anonymous said...

MM = Moron squared!
Russia, China - one Ex-Communist country, the other still a Communist country. Why he cite these two? You all know right? No need to add a leg to the Python.

Anonymous said...

I think the despot has finally lost it.

Mugabe of Asia, haha that's a good one.

Anonymous said...

It's all a matter of ministerial promotion based on mental deterioration:

PM - Pay-n-Pay Minister
SM - Senile Minister
MM - Mental Minister

Only in Singapore there are such titles.

What could be higher? Someone in a blog suggested ZM - Zombie Minister.

Die, die must stay on.

Anonymous said...

He is right though. Two communist countries trying to learn from us. What does that tell you? I think we are not far off from exhibiting the behavior befitting a communist country!

yamizi said...

How come the word 'honest' appeared so many times?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.56 am, I would suggest the next and final(?) level of promotion be:
HM = Holy Minister

Anonymous said...

MM has a good mind. His idea of conspiracy against 'us' can well be a story that some great director can make a great movie on it. Make sure the movie is showed in Singapore for all to enjoy.

I wonder why only Russia and China wanted to learn form us. Why not the Western countries, I means the opposition parties of the Western countries, come and learn from us since we all know that their ruling parties are mediocre.

Anonymous said...

HM, Holy Minister.
ah ah ah that's a good one too.
Like Mugabe, soon he will tell us that he's been appointed by God himself.
The man has visibly lost the plot. He is an embarassment to us all.

Anonymous said...

ZM = Zhobolan Minister
and everyone of them deserve this title, no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

Our leaders seem to don The Emperor's New Clothes. Worst still in this case; even when told, they won't listen. Instead, they brush off everyone else who has a different opinion as evil, and trying to "do us in". When one stops listening to others, they are most vulnerable to fail. Sad. Given the handsome salaries our civil servants (servants!?) earn, they are all too blinded to tell what's good from bad anymore. Very very sad.

celyra said...

"MM Lee: There is a conspiracy against us!"
When will he ever stop all these drama?

Nod said...

omg. the old man is getting insane!

Anonymous said...

hey Lucky,

I like your sense of irony. What we desperately need is to reduce the power of the government and authorities to control the lives of Singaporeans. Our laws are crafted in such a way that our ministers have the final say in almost all facets of life. It's hard for liberal democracy to grow here because it's sooo easy for the government to apply laws to restrict or prevent anything it deems threatening to the status quo. Agree with them or not, opposition politicians deserve credit for bravery. It's scary not to mention dangerous to one's personal freedom and well-being to oppose the PAP government. Our only hope is that Singaporeans exercise their right to vote out the PAP.

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