Sunday, July 27, 2008

SM Goh : PAP will win back Hougang....

I'm so glad SM Goh is looking at this matter of great urgency - to take back Hougang from the WP and create a parliament of pure 100% selected PAP MPs and that will be a great step forward for Singapore. My comments in red ....

SM Goh confident PAP will eventually win back Hougang
Channel NewsAsia - Sunday, July 27

SINGAPORE : Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has said Singapore’s political system should facilitate the emergence of a strong, effective government after every election and a responsible, constructive opposition.

By PAP definition, a responsible constructive opposition has yet to emerge from Singapore. What is a constructive and responsible opposition? One that will help the PAP promote its policy masterpieces like CPF Life, means testing, GST and import of foreign labor. These policies are critical to Singapore so anyone criticizing them would be nonconstructive and irresponsible - so far such a constructive opposition has not emerged and Singaporeans are now warned against voting for the opposition at this point in time.

Mr Goh was speaking at the National Day Dinner of the opposition—held ward of Hougang on Saturday.

His key message at the dinner was that the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) must continue to produce results which make people’s lives better.

In 3 years time when we have the next general elections, the key question to ask is "Is your life better after 5 years of PAP rule?"....the answer is always the same - without the PAP, the island would have sunk and your sister, mother and wife would have to be maids in other countries. The fact that you have a HDB flat to live in, a job to go to, food to eat and means-tested medical care means your life is better that it would have been without the PAP. So the only logical conclusion is your life is better with the PAP than without the PAP - so you have to vote for the PAP.

He also said the PAP must never lose the people’s trust as this is the ruling party’s recipe for the continued success of Singapore.

It is indeed amazing but true...the PAP govt can lose the people's money without losing the people's trust. Recent reports and correction on reports that Temasek has lost billions in its investment in Merrill alone (not counting other trouble western banks) ...Temasek explained that it had sold off 5 million not 43 million shares in Merrill which it had earlier said was long term investment. We were told about the 5 million shares only because of a filing error which cause the market to be abuzz with rumors that Temasek had jettisoned its investment in Merrill.

I have learned over time that the way the PAP earns the trust of the people is to manage critical information so that the citizens don't have to worry. From Shin Corp to unemployment figures among Singaporeans. ....there are things that Singaporeans don't have to know. If you don't know, you don't worry and you learn to trust.

While many democracies try as far as possible to have the highest possible level of transparency and give its citizens as much information as possible without compromising national security, the PAP approach to building trust is to implement the draconian Official Secrets Act (OSA) and to manage information and make sure only the good news get to the people.

Mr Goh said that is why he is confident of eventually winning Hougang back from the opposition. Mr Goh was in the thick of action in the opposition—held ward of Hougang during the last general election in 2006.

Mr. Goh also said this before the last elections during which he promised the people of Hougang hundreds of millions in upgrading if they were to choose the PAP candidate. I think it is a matter of money, if hundreds of millions won't do the job, he will just have to keep increasing it until the Hougang people can see real worth of their votes.

Returning for this year’s National Day celebrations, Mr Goh noted that the opposition parliamentarian for the area since 1991, Low Thia Khiang, believes his job is just to ask questions and check the ruling party, but not to offer solutions to problems.

Mr Goh said this is a rather narrow view of the role of an opposition. And the Senior Minister has thrown a challenge to the advisor and grassroots leaders of the Hougang division — to keep its incumbent Mr Low on his toes.

Gee, Low Thia Khiang is such a narrow minded kind of guy but I recommend he stay that way. The last time the WP launch an extensive manifesto to address every single major PAP policy with alternatives, it was attacked as "a timebomb" and "poison". I noticed that people who try to change the political system don't stay out of jail or bankruptcy for too long. Chee Soon Juan is the type of opposition that sees a broad role for the opposition - see what happened to him.

Mr Goh said, "Amongst the things you can do... I suggest you study the annual accounts of the town council to ensure that the funds are properly used. Check whether the arrears for S&C (service and conservancy) charges are piling up, and eating into their reserves. Make sure that enough money is put aside for cyclical maintenance.

I think after studying the accounts of the Hougang town council, they probably won't have time to study the accounts of GIC and Temasek Holdings. It is so wise of the SM to remind the people to concentrate on what is important in the Hougang Town council and not be distracted by what is happening elsewhere.

"In your walkabouts, check on the estate maintenance. If Mr Low has done a good job, give him credit for it. If there are deficiencies, point them out to the residents. In short, play the role of an effective opposition in Hougang."

He noted, "Eventually, I believe we will win Hougang back, but whether we do or not, I think (we should) serve the people. That’s what we are here for."

Mr Goh noted that the people living in the opposition ward know that they have benefited from government policies. But many also think that there should be an opposition to keep the ruling party on its toes.

The Senior Minister said, "Ideally, our political system should facilitate the emergence of a strong, effective government after every election and a responsible, constructive opposition.

"But no matter how you design it, there is no guarantee, because it depends on whether good, honest and competent people come forward to stand for elections and the wisdom of the electorate when they cast their ballot.

"So there’s a natural tendency — which I can appreciate of some people wanting to have a voice, not belonging to the party, not belonging to the PAP — to check and balance the PAP. That’s understandable because people want to debate issues, they want to have their views expressed in Parliament."

So Mr Goh said the ruling party’s primary task before the next election, which is due by 2011, is to look for good candidates.

He said, "In India, the world’s largest democracy, several criminals have been elected into Parliament and some are serving jail terms, including one convicted murderer who is waiting for his appeal to be heard.

"But recently, they were brought out to vote because a confidence motion on the government was hanging in the balance. They were of course then returned to jail. But can you imagine MPs with criminal records holding the future of Singapore in their hands?"

So the Senior Minister hopes the opposition too would look for good candidates so voters will be given a real choice. — CNA/ms

OMG, western style democracy is so horrible - look at what is happening in India!!!Thank you for reminding us of the negative examples on democracy, there are several hundred countries with vibrant working democracies but there is nothing we can learn from them. Many countries that went from communism to thriving democracies after the fall of the Soviet Union - Poland, Hungary, Czech...etc were just lucky to get this inferior system democracy working for them. The constant focus on failed democracies will remind the people that democracy is not good for them and they should happy with what they have today.


Anonymous said...

Actually there IS a MP with criminal record... And he IS a MINISTER too...

Onlooker said...

Yeah right, listen to what the seat warmer said after all TT Durai get 3 mth + reduced sentence for stuffs that could easily get someone convicted for more than 10 years if they are not connected to the wife.
I remember that his pay is peanuts according to the wife too.
And Bukit Batok is now a MP less constituency.Why no by election?
So much for rule of Law. If so confident, why not allow the by election.
I'm sure those who lost their job or have their pay freeze due to FT and comment are just dying to vote them in again especially for Tharman.
They are confident they will get Potong Pasir too but after so long...... Still no result.
And I sincerely hope that they are able to get high calibre MP like President Ong teng cheong again.
But from my view the better ones are trying to leave as soon as they can.
While I'm hoping that they will come back.They had made the mistake of not being a scholar and not related to the people in power just like a previous opposition member LKY.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha, 2nd chance lah. When you are on the bogside, you have to live by rules..............loyalty has a price.
Oh,oh, oh freedom, oh. oh, oh freedom, freedom cannot be bought.
Freedom is not free.
For once, the ground is really awakening to the high cost ... and the wonders of the high salaries..peanuts are really peanuts.
As for Bukit Batok ? Let us wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Well done people of Hougang ! I was proud of you in GE'06 and continue to be proud of you. I always tell my Foreign Friends how fearless you and PP are in the GE to thwart the 100% win by PAP.
You are the beginning of better Democracy here without which, we will be doomed.
Keep it up and spread the word how else better other wards can be even without PAP rule.

Tew Nia Seng said...

SM Goh is correct.Pap will win back Hougang, but he can't live to see it.It will be another 25 years.By the time, SM Goh already in hell.

Anonymous said...

SMGoh, Singaporeans are not that naive as to put their countries into the hands of criminals. If Chee Soon Juan were be a minister in the future, or any politician who was jailed by the law because of being an opposition party, he is merely a political criminal because of defamation charges slammed on him.

Gohflykite said...

We will take your words seriously if you, Goh C T or PM Lee personally stand against LTK in Hougang. Mr.Goh, it is a bad time to make political jokes, not when national day is just approaching. Right now,
I see you warming the SM seat for PM Lee when he retires. After that you can warm the MM seat for him. Be thankful Mr.Goh that you are paid millions for such an easy task. I also hope you have the ambition to warm the President seat as well. Please show us the meaning of 'hunger' by being the first Singaporean to warm all the seats. hahaha+hohoho

Anonymous said...

During the last two elections the PAP were talking about the chikus in Hougang being ripe for the picking. In the end it was LTK who plucked the chikus. I pity Eric Low because wooden really spoiled the party by being there during the 2006 election thus giving the opposition more votes. Nowadays when the two old men open their mouths they tend to put people off. I hope next election the other old man comes to Hougang and help to give LTK more votes. Hougang people are like that. The more you try to threaten or put them down, the stronger they will rise up. Long live Hougang!

Anonymous said...

Win back not likely lah. Confiscate maybe, by hook or by crook lah!

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh and Mr Low should both resign their Parliamentary seats. Hold by-elections in Hougang and Bukit Batok. Then let us Singaporeans decide.

tewniaseng said...

To Mr Peanut Goh, if you want to win back Hougang,the only way for you is to play cheat by abolishing Hougang and merge into your Marine Parade GRC.But if you do this way,many people will spit on your face,and urinate in your grave,if you are buried and not cremated.

Anonymous said...

Re: To Mr Peanut Goh, if you want to win back Hougang,the only way for you is to play cheat by abolishing Hougang and merge into your Marine Parade GRC.But if you do this way,many people will spit on your face,and urinate in your grave,if you are buried and not cremated.

Reply: Don't think he dare to do that, he might even lost his Marine Parade. Trust me, this re-arranging of Singapore map will one day back-fire on the PAP. They only need to lose ONE BIG TIME in order to get killed.

BTW, this man is a shameless and put his money in overseas bank but using term "Quitter" on others. What a joke and I think PAP is a big Joke. PAP had lost it when they show all the good old PAP ministers the door. I think they were asked to "retired"

(1) worrying they will be a threat to the Lee family if the old man meet his maker.

(2) Easier for the current old PAP to bend the young and inexperience PAP to give in to their need.

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