Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stanford is not a good university.

I used to think that Stanford was a world-class university. I'm therefore shocked to find out that they have accepted one of our opposition members, Chee Siok Chin, a person who has been found guilty of contempt of court & defamation, for a leadership training course. Are they out of their minds?

They have also invited her to give a public address. This is unbelievable. Here is a woman who has been arrested and criminally charged in Singapore for speaking in public and they want to invite her to commit her heinous crimes on the Stanford campus.

Chee Siok Chin was one of 27 people selected out of a pool of 500 for this course. I can't imagine who the other applicants are but the entry standards of Stanford has fallen to such an extent criminals, bankrupts and opposition members in Singapore can actually qualify for their courses.....and what is more shocking is they are paying her to attend the course!

Perhaps the people in Stanford do not know CSC well enough and are not familiar with her past activities in Singapore. ....they should thank the Official Assignee who has prevented CSC from attending as she is a bankrupt - thereby preventing any damage to Stanford's reputation.

2ad7733b3f4acaa6f7cd3a5292fdbdf2.jpgFriday, 25 July 2008
Singapore Democrats

Stanford University's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) has written to the Minister for Law K Shanmugam to ask him to allow Ms Chee Siok Chin to attend its Summer Fellows Program.

The Official Assignee rejected Ms Chee's application to travel to the US because she is a bankrupt.

In a letter to the Minister (below), Dr Michael McFaul, Director of the CDDRL, informed Mr Shanmugam that Stanford has invited Ms Chee to give a public lecture for which she would be paid an honorarium of US$2,000. This would allow the SDP leader to pay her creditor which is the Singapore Government.

The OA has yet to respond.

Stanford University CDDRL's letter to Singapore's Minister for Law:

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, 616 Serra Street, Stanford, CA 94305-6055

July 22, 2008

The Honorable Mr K Shanmugam
Minister for Law
Republic of Singapore
100 High Street #08-02
The Treasury
Singapore 179434
via Fax and Email


Dear Mr Minister:

We are writing about the decision of your government to deny Ms Chee Siok Chin permission to travel to Stanford to participate in the annual Summer Fellows Program of our Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

We feel this decision is wrong and unfair, in that it infringes on her freedom of movement and denies Ms Chee—who was selected through an extremely competitive process that chose 27 applicants from a pool of over 500—the opportunity to enhance her knowledge and skills in ways that will benefit Singapore and also improve her professional capacity, including her ability to earn income in the future.

We understand that her request to travel was denied because it will bring no benefit to her bankruptcy estate and to her creditors. We would like to call your urgent attention to a new development that renders this assessment out of date.

Ms. Chee has been invited to give a public lecture here at Stanford University, during her stay as a Summer Fellow, with an honorarium of US$2,000. (Please see the attached letter of invitation).

Since all of her expenses as a summer fellow will be covered separately, we would assume that her honorarium earnings could be used to help meet her obligations to her creditors upon her return, benefiting all concerned.

Given this new material development in her case, and given the warm relations of cooperation that Stanford has been developing with Singapore, which we hope will continue and grow, we respectfully request that you review her request on an urgent basis and grant her permission to attend the CDDRL Summer Fellows Program.

The program begins on Monday, July 28, but we would accept her as soon as she can arrive at Stanford.

Thank you for your consideration.


Michael McFaul
Director, CDDRL


Anonymous said...

Once again you are spot on Lucky Tan.The 3 best universities in the world are NUS,NTU and SMU.

But why are we stopping here? Lets continue the list..

The best brand of democracy in the world is the One Party Rule system. Multiple political parties like the one in Taiwan,Korea,Japan and India can only bring CHAOS!!!

The best politician in the world is Lee Kuan Yew, followed by Lee Hsien Loong and hopefully in the not so distant future Lee Hong Yi.

Long Live PAP!
Long Live the Lee Family!
Long Live Singapore!

Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!

Anonymous said...

I rather like upstairs' comments. anon 11.10 pm is also spot on.

Anonymous said...

finish off Li Hongyi.
let the Old Man feel some real pain before he attends the NDP.

Alan Wong said...

With this invitation, any denial would only goes to show how narrow-minded and selfish our PAP leaders have been. And definitely, graciousness has never been a personal trait exercised by any of our PAP leadership, even LKY included.

So PAP leaders, isn't it time that you stop being hypocrites by advocating Singaporeans to be more gracious.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that NUS is the best university in the world because all its management, deans and heads are the best in the world. Its management, deans and heads are mostly related to or friends of if not already the members of PAP, the 1st class ruling party in the world. As such, they cannot be second best.

Anonymous said...

Of course, our local universities are the best and the best only !

Check this out, where else in the world can you found a university that can breed leaders that influence the local universities with great profound theories the world never heard of. Only in this tiny RED DOT!

New Theories for new economy.
Increase GST to help the poor
Increase ERP to help business
Increase minister's pay to regain moral authority
Depress wages to fight inflation not including those gahmen.
Pay World-record salary to gahmen to run a tiny red dot that not even has a natural disaster.
Need world-expensive prata man to serve as good-for-nothing president, making prata for LKY.
82 MPs that sing praise to PAP to create the make-believe world
World first Trinity and nepotism system. MM, SM, PM with Hojinx, LBY
GRC with increasing contestant and high election cost. Cost opp party bear, for PAP, use taxmoney.
Much more to elaborate but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

One man accepts a doctorade shamelessly even when the student and teachers protest the award. They quote an environment agency (PERC) for transparency, when the issue is about law. Then they prevent someone from attending a conference at a ivy leagea university by using bankrupcy laws. I am so so proud of them.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.15pm,
we also have 5 mayors for a tiny city while other huge cities like London, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc have only one mayor. Further, their mayors are elected by the people living in their cities.

Anonymous said...

Stanford is so cheapskate - $2k only, of course they can only get speakers like the Chee quality. I bet you they would much rather invite dynamic speakers from our cabinet, but do you think they would bother to go all the way to such a mediocre university for $2k? They can make that in a blink of an eye, or from the beeps on the ERP system.

Anonymous said...

Sinkapore Lumbur One!

Onlooker said...

Wah they actually pay someone like her to speak in their university.
Come to think of it, Their standard are not as high as ours because they actually believe in democracy and that they accept accept interaction of values instead of cramping "Asian Values" down the throat of their student.That also why some of the fair weather "Weaker" international skip bond student go there(or Yale or MIT) after they come to our university They are just too "weak" to serve their bond.
That's Why NTU have to give them 1 Million dollar to retain their talent leh so they can eat more nutritious food loh.
Their standards must be lower than ours.
Well you know what the seat warmer said:- "once a quitter(from china , india, wherever) always a quitter"
Also our Local Uni are top ranking University better than Oxford leh according to Strait times (where doc? Chua LH practice her MD in Quackery).

gwailo said...

Now you understand why everything is so expensiv ein Singapore?
Read here.

Anonymous said...

NUS is indeed a great university in the world because of "more than equal opportunity" style of management. Unlike Stanford, this state-run-organization like those in China has no workplace victimization and harassment. It does not require "equal opportunity" way of doing thing there. Stanford has surely no match on this excellency. It should be the top university in the world.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen anyone sink to such low level in my entire life. I do not even respect them as human being. These are cowards hiding behind the system for they know they cannot win an honest fair challenge. So much for honour.

Anonymous said...

Chee was accepted to participate in a 3 week seminar. Perhaps she would speak, as all participants do. In any event, Stanford University is one of the premier institutions in the world. The acceptance of Ms. Chee, and the simplistic reaction you express, says more about Singapore than it does about Stanford.

It is clear that Singapore has a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

> The 3 best universities in the world are NUS,NTU
> and SMU.

Not even in the top 100.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, do you know if CSC was able to go to Stanford after that letter? I sure hope she is able to.

Anonymous said... all have such closed minds! happy in your little compfy world, eh? Face the world, s'pore is good but not the best...nus ntu smu arent nowhere near world class univs...lee kwan yew- he has may respects - is just a benevolent despot. PAP is dictatorship...and u all shall realise htat someday.

Anonymous said...

Stanford produces Google, Hewlett Packard,etc.

Everyone knows that NUS/NTU/SMU system of education is unlikely to produce such great companies.

Because the students are only interested in reproducing the correct answers with the correct concepts during exams so that they can work in gov stat board and MNCS after getting their first and second upper class honors.

cristian said...

How do you know she is a criminal? From the "free press" in China?:))) If she is a member of the opposition, of course she is considered to be a criminal against the communist regime. I think some people need to understand the situation she is facing. She may be a criminal by Chinese laws, but if you try to judge her by democratic laws, you might find out that she has done nothing.
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