Friday, July 04, 2008

Videos from a small country.

I found a series of very interesting videos about N. Korea in youtube. Made by a team from National Geographic following a medical contingent specialising in eye operations from Nepal, the video shows the life of ordinary people in N. Korea.

Part VII is most interesting.... as each patient had his bandage removed after the operation to see the world for the first time in many years....guess what they did...

Interesting methods they have to handle dissent (Part V). N.Koreans think their Dear Leader is great without whom the country would be destroyed (see Part IV).

"For me I had a privileged life in that society. But I don't yearn for it anymore. There is one core value which is missing there which I think is freedom....."

- Defector who was a former elite officer (see Part VI).

"As each (blind) patient regain their sight we were amazed to see them direct their gratefulness to their Great Leader...despite their hardship, He receives credit for everything that happens here. As I watched hundreds of people do and say virtually the same thing ("We praise you!") over and over again I wondered which people had genuine faith and which were acting out of fear....and finally it hit after generations of absolute rule and complete indoctrination, there may not be a difference between true belief and true fear" - Lisa Ling (host in Part VII)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! What a silly country North Korea is! Those stupid peasantry actually believe their leader has God-like power, with every means and answer for their pathetic life. Glad I don't live there!

Anonymous said...

actually the ppl in North Korean actually reminds me of certain grp of ppl in S'pore...

Now i know why they scare the hell out of me...

Anonymous said...

Spitting image of another island nation.

Onlooker said...

Yes all the credit belong to our leader. Bansai bansai bansai.......
I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Tear of Joy or Joy of Tear.

Anonymous said...

i swear you were talking about some charismatic religion whose leaders are basking in the glory and power by proxy of an imaginary god of their own creation.

they, the flocks, too sing praises and dance and give away huge amount of money for unaccounted spending and lavishes

loveguru said...

follow the great master. never ascend to the top of the mountain and feast your eyes on accumulated personal wealth and power at the expense of others. and never ascend to the top of the temple and tempt the great one with your presumptiousness.

avoid the mirror image of religious hypocrisy found in the rule of laws.

may the heavens grant you life, peace and true prosperity in the land of abundancee in many milk and many honey where the beasts eat the straws for lunch, dinner and supper.

oommmh, ooommmh and oooommhneeetaufoohaha.

Anonymous said...

that means sometimes you don't see with the EYES.

Many Singaporeans see with their EYES many old uncles and aunties working as janitors or garang gunis. But what do they do? vote in PAP, who proceed to lock in their CPF and push in more foreigners than ever.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this documentary last year.
Yes, to us, they may seem to some of us that they are a stupid bunch of country bumpkins.
But just go do some research on the country and one can easily find out why the people act in such manner.
Most of these people haven't seen the outside world and they most certainly do not have internet access or even proper education so as to speak. It doesn't help when their government keep feeding them one-sided propaganda story to brainwash them.
We can't actually say the people are stupid.
This kind of propaganda tactics is quite often used by many politicians, and we don't really need to look far to see one....
Promote merits and credits of self and plant seeds of fear in mass to control and in turn, to submission.

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