Sunday, September 07, 2008

Foreign Workers try to land in Serangoon Gardens Part 2

"They will rob our elderly folks. They will molest our women. They will sleep with our maids. They will litter. They will get drunk in our parks and make us feel unsafe in our homes"
- Reporter Tan Hui Yee
summarises the concerns in today's
provocative Sunday Times article "Your backyard, my front door".
I agree with the Serangoon Gardens residents. People have the right to choose who their neighbors are and the problems of safety cited by the people of Serangoon Gardens are a real and serious …so is the problem of congestion. Yes, there was little congestion when the buildings were schools filled with students who were taken home by school buses and cars but once the foreign workers move in, there will be congestion, crime will go up and parks will be messed up.

We should now organise petitions to evict foreign workerers in Boon Lay where they are concentrated -surely the residents there face the same dangers and inconvenience as those in Serangoon Garden. There is a dorm in Tampines - lets have it removed as it endangers Singaporeans in that area.
The Serangoon Garden residents have opened my eyes to a new set of values. I grew up poor in a kampung and was surrounded by people who were sometimes poorer than me. I was brought up to tolerate anybody who moved next to me and there were many “types”. One guy set up a shoe factory and housed his Malaysian workers next to my home. Althought they caused me little trouble, I realise now that I don’t have to even tolerate them and risk the unknown. I should have organised a petition to have them located far away from me. …why tolerate people who are poor, potentally dangerous in my eyes and different from myself.
I have grown up with the wrong values that one should be as tolerant as possible for a start to people who are different. The people of Serangoon Gardens are right, one should choose one’s neighbor to protect our property values. Some people are so low there is no need for the presumption of innocence and prejudice is not wrong…when they come, they will steal, rob, endanger the people around them.

"During the colonial days, we used to have parties
and play together with European children. It was
like one happy family and I don't mind them here"
- Jane Lim, Serangoon Garden Resident.
The Sunday Times also reported that there were 5000 expats who moved in the same area in the past few years and they feel welcome in the estate. Nobody there complains about traffic problems cause by expats.
If the MND stops the building of workers dorm in Serangoon Gardens, it has to do the same for those living in HDB flats in Boon Lay, Jurong West and Woodlands and remove the foreign workers there because if the safety concerns are real, it has to be real also for people living in HDB. The desire for people to separate themselves from others and prejudice against people who are different were once manifested in another country - South Africa in the form of apartheid. The whites in S. Africa justified this by saying, they felt unsafe living near black people who will commit crimes against them. I never ever expect to see the same kind of sentiments expressed in Singapore, a nation so proud of its racial harmony.


Anonymous said...

I suggest these dorms be built in district 9, 10 and 11 residential areas, can?

Anonymous said...

Nah! Built one in Oxley Rise area.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky, are you thinking of writing a piece regarding the new "Home is Best" (sorry not sure what is the actual title) TV commercial done by our dear gahmen?

Watching it makes me want to laugh.....why they "no balls" use Mediacorp artistes to act as overseas Singaporeans? Why not ask genuine overseas Singaporeans for their sentiments on TV?

Such devious deception is making me sick in the stomach!!!

Anonymous said...

Opps sorry it's not a TV commercial but rather an upcoming short series called "Sense of Home"........however the humour value stays the same =)

yamizi said...

I stayed in the PM's constituency and the foreigners often drink and talk loudly at my void deck also leh. I even saw one of them, after seeing me doing chin-ups at the fitness corner, using his hands to hang on the bar and whole body spin round the chin-up in acrobatic manner (no joke).

Like that my flat value will drop or not?

Or 'cos I live in flat so it doesn't matter anymore?

Anonymous said...

To yamizi,

you = HDB dweller = non-elite = 2nd class citizen = no rights to demand things from our gahmen.

So please remember your place and go back to your hole where you belong.

P.S. No offense but I was just being satirical.....I'm a HDB dweller myself = )

Anonymous said...

I have my son in Hwa Chong at Bukit Timah Rd and daughter in RGS at Dunearn Road.

I support the government creative idea is housing foreign workers in school. But, the school in Serangoon Garden school is too small and congested.

I have an idea. Hwa Chong and RGS are usually deserted from 7 pm till 7 the next morning. I volunteer to offer these two schools to foreign workers. They may take over the school after work and make good use of the facilities.

This is WIN WIN situation....

Anonymous said...

The Residents at Serangoon Garden clearly reflect the snobbish part of typical singaporean.

1 thousands students are acceptable.

1 thousands expatriates (high class FT) are acceptable.

But, 1 thousands Blanga, China men, etc (low class FT) are not acceptable.

yamizi said...

anon @ 9:33

I is sad to know I am a 2nd class citizens after going through NS, IPPT, RT, ICT


Anonymous said...

>>yamizi said...
>>I is sad to know I am a 2nd >>class citizens after going >>through NS, IPPT, RT, ICT

Yio bro...i will miss IPPT should i MR this year...the miserable $200 will come in handy. Any place i can "dump" my NS "medal" or personalised watch :)

Anonymous said...

"The Residents at Serangoon Garden clearly reflect the snobbish part of typical singaporean.

1 thousands students are acceptable.

1 thousands expatriates (high class FT) are acceptable.

But, 1 thousands Blanga, China men, etc (low class FT) are not acceptable."

hey u goondu or wat? 1000 students study there, but do they sleep overnight there?

1000 high class expats stay here, of cos acceptable wat!

the simple question is: do u find it acceptable to spit, litter, talk loud loud, puke, pee in public?

the crux of the matter is not racism or snobbery or wat shit. As long as these workers do not change their behaviour (and frankly they won't be able to, not in a generation or two), then they will never be welcomed by anyone who find such behaviour unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

"the simple question is: do u find it acceptable to spit, litter, talk loud loud, puke, pee in public?"

Many singaporeans do this too.
Btw, your streets are mostly cleaned by the banglas u so despise.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, as long as the person has a darker skin tone than the chinese, doesn't speak with a S'pore accent or a dialect, bound to have problems with the locals one lah. Would u want your beloved pet dog to be kidnapped for food by a vietnamese? do u want bangla playing bangla music until midnight? or a xiao long nu create problem with your family? no right?!

Onlooker said...

Ahhh the unlucky Comment no.13.
What to say but Lucky I agree with you in this stand.
Dr ChuaLH(md quackery) have propagate that People in Serangoon is Xenophobic(and yes the migrant forefather crap as her turbo spin is spoilt and she have to source comments for her article pathetic). Perhaps it is time that they start thinking housing solutions before they want to import more worker to sustain the facade of growth.
Another note:- Who is the contractor who want to house those worker there.Perhaps a boycott of that particular company's investment(stocks,reit(just don't shop there or just let their favorite FT ;) ;) shop there)) is at hand for those resident as the msm think that the residents with investment prowess are as Dr ChuaLH (MD Quackery) puts it: Power(hungry), pride(proud) and Prejudiced.
How about letting them stay near Dr ChuaLH(md quackery) house?

Anonymous said...

You mean you believed everything you read in the local press ????

Pug said...

I stay at Jurong West, where it's congested with banglas. There's so many of 'em here! They hog up the place. Banglas are their name, loitering's their game. Coffeeshops, open fields, void decks are not spared. You should have seen how they crowd up Jurong Point. They also enjoy litter-full picnics at grasslands where they leave lotsa litter for their fellow men after they're done. They're dirty & they bump into people, thinking that they're clean. They speak really loudly. They hog up paths by taking a page out of console RPGs, travelling in parties. They're like roaches. Seeing one of 'em is okay. Seeing throngs of 'em makes your skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

To Pug, who wrote:

"They're like roaches. Seeing one of 'em is okay. Seeing throngs of 'em makes your skin crawl."

I am really speechless. We are already in the 21st century Pug!

We should be judged by the content of our character and not by the colour of our skin or nationality.


Economist with a heart :)

Anonymous said...

I would suggest somewhere in the east and northeast. Bukit Timah is in the northwest? This part of Singapore already has a higher concentration of foreign workers in Bukit Batok,Choa Chu Kang, Jurong, Kranji etc.

Anonymous said...

Chances of Serangoon Gardens resident getting their way and this batch of foreigners "quietly" relocated to say......HDB heartlands?

Any takers for this wager?

yamizi said...

Is this considered as xenophobic?

Or xenophobic only applies to expats?

Anonymous said...

"I suggest these dorms be built in district 9, 10 and 11 residential areas, can?"

there are segregation everywhere not just in housing. in camp, officer's mansion is segregated from recruit's barely mentioned quarters. in the office, the boss posh office is segregated from the cleaners store room. in school, the principal spacious office is segregated from the security guard prison cell.

segregation is what makes capitalism works( haves and haves not). leaders who preach tolerance must first tear down their own walls.

THuNDeR δΌ¦ said...

"Would u want your beloved pet dog to be kidnapped for food by a vietnamese? do u want bangla playing bangla music until midnight? or a xiao long nu create problem with your family? no right?!"

I guessed all these being done by singaporeans should be much more acceptable. hahahahhaa.

So much for the strong racist stand gahmen is taking against blogers. they should confine those who sign the petition and flog them in their ars.

Wendy Neo said...

So, do something! Why just complain and complain? Emigration can be a tool too - just like a worker on strike. PAP cannot keep importing foreigners without coming to the bargain table, can it? Erm, maybe it can! Anyay, If you want to leave Singapore , come here to emigrate. If you want to stay and fight, come here.

If you are a new Singaporean who have just arrived, welcome! Here's your new Emperor, your new National Flag, your new National Pledge, and some quick National Education, introduction to our National Spirit, our National Song (KTV style) and the first (Betrayal) and last (Good Bye My Love) chapter of our national book to round off your quick orientation to Singapore. If you want to keep some pets in singapore, here's a frog, and there's a dog. Here are some of your younger MPs (who can dance damn well!) and there are the older MPs who look very dignified! For those sleepy ones, they are here. You will have a bright future in Singapore.

Oh, Singapore has lots of entertianment too - if you have no interest in politics and just want to listen to music, here's an old songs (just ignore that cry baby), and that's an even older one (just ignore those strange masks). If you are love poetry, you are in luck! If you are the sporty type, Singapore has it too. If you are the hardworking mathematical type, you will fit right in! Did I mention that Singapore also has Asia's most beautiful woman?

Finally, if you don't have enough money, don't worry. Our Ministers Money No Enough 2 (too). Just look around harder, there are lorry-loads of golden opportunity in Singapore!

Let's all Shine for Singapore!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the fact of the case is that the dorm is NOT to be build in mahbowtan, or lsl, gct or lky house. so it is ok. the rest of singapore, you eat shit. you take what i dish out and eat - do not complain - even if i turn a charming old estate to a ghetto!

btw, some st times writers very carry the gahmen balls! keep writing articles that we should be more mature and should live harmonously together with foreign worker and at the same time put so many political restrain on singaporeans!

Singaporeans, dun be fooled!

I favour housing it at Oxley Rise too!

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe so many bloggers are bull shitters! all said that serangoon residents are snobbish!

wait till it is build right in your next block and i see you protesting also!

anyway, most people are not honest too - just trying to say somehtign on the web. but when it is their turn, all u-turn.

if you welcome them so much as a living necxt to you, you open your house to all 1000+ of them as your room mates or next door neighbour!

bull shiters and hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Wendy Neo,

Take this opportunity to express my admiration and thanks to you for all the great work that you have put in your outstanding production.

Xiexie ni. Kam xia....

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,

Dun carry gahmen balls. Pls tell Mah Bow Tan where you live so that he will designate your neighbour to be the next dorm - permanent some more.

Dare to reveal which is your house or block? Dun dare? Then shut up!

Capt_Canuck said...

They actually said those things? that foreign workers will rob the elderly, molest the women and yada yada yada? too bad the foreign workers didnt have the Lee's law firm as lawyers. Could probably do a class action defamation suit and win $500,000 each from the people spreading such lies. That is, unless they can prove in a court of law that all 100% of those crimes in Singapore are commited by foreign workers and not actual Singaporeans. Then the foreign workers could take the money, leave Singapore and let Singaporeans clean their own toilets and bus their own tables.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, mai por lum pa lah!!! U wait until they move next door to u see u complain bo?

SpeedWeed said...

they might as well put up this sign and change afew words.

but wait, the people living there keep dogs.

Anonymous said...


did any1 say that all FW do bad things? BTW, not 100% s'porean do good things too.

so, only 1% of that 1200 fw do bad things in your neighbour hood is enough.

you really think without your brain!

give the serangoon resident a break. if you are so pious, let them stay in your house. all 1200 of them!

dare to to invite them?

Onlooker said...

To Yamizi :) the best points is always short and sweet :)

To Capt Canuck:
Tsk,Tsk.You still don't get how the system here in Singapore work, do you?
Even before the mass import of foreign Toilers there has always been people who are willing to work in those jobs that are consider distasteful to the populace.
I noticed you are always sidelining the core issue in all the blogs that mention it.
So let me ask again: Would you as a foreign "Talent(assumption)" Take the toilet cleaning job with pay that is grossly disproportionate to the job/service being done/rendered?(I do not know for sure but I have met some REAL talents who work and take up citizenship here so I would not discount you yet:)
My opinion is still of Quality over quantity. Especially in our world famous asian value "MERITOCRATIC" Society that China and Russia want to learn as "pax singaporean",yeah Riiiight.
And "don't find jamban(place to relieve oneself hygienically) when you need it"(quote from the famous stta MP who is also a "mat FT?") in this case jamban = housing.
Gee the growth before 1997 is all made by FT >>>ONLY<<< how do we, Singaporean and new citizens who served NS, ever survive without them(non commitment talent???) gracing our country XD .

Anonymous said...

My dear Singaporeans!!!

I have a piece of wonderful news to share with all of you!!! Our country has been voted the best country to do business in!!! Another No. 1 achievement by the brilliance of our beloved gahmen!!

Those who agree they are due for another pay raise, please raise your middle fingers!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

their salary is already so high, still want to go up? wah lau! cannot tahan.

btw, we should ask them to build the dorm at 6th avenue and oxely rise!!! :)

yamizi said...

xenophobic towards expats is that we afraid they snatch our jobs; while xenophobic to non-expats is that we afraid they make our living environment dirty and unbearable??

Anonymous said...

To Yamizi,

I am not afraid of expats taking my jobs. I never protest against that.

I am only protesting against some highly paid people made mistake and want us to pay for it.

I am protesting against some idiots who claims to be pious and self righteous, preach to everyone to "accept it" as it is not happening to their next block or same street.

It is so easy to claim "dun be snobbish, do not discrimate". I can write very well on that topic if I want. But reality is, I can sit with FW and interact with them. But to have next right at my door step? Have them as my room mates?

That is different level of comfort.

Anonymous said...

You dunno the world is filled with hypocrites meh?

Tonnes of them - from some politicians who try to convince us it is ok, to some ST reports carry gahmen balls, to some forumers who try to act for pap....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dow Futures is down -312.00 (-2.72%)

Looking on the brightside, the Garden folks wont have to worry about the impact of FW on the property prices much longer. :-)


Anonymous said...

As a SG resident, I want to Thank MP Ms Lim Hwee Hua for standing up for us in today's paper.

Yes, some ST writers really should be removed from writing. Unlike the Ms Tan of Malaysia's paper who was arrested for 18hrs for ONLY reporting what she heard, some (not all), ST writers do much worse things like slant their view, paint us in bad light, accuse us of being snobbish and prejudice. Did not give us the right to say our feelings.

If Ms Chua of ST Political desk can write such a piece - it tells a lot about her integrity and tinted lenses. Should she be treated worse like Ms Tan of Malaysia then?

BTW, we petition like any democracy (or near democarcy) do. We invite our elected MPs to hear our concern and bring it to MND. Did we abuse any "power" or any incite any class struggle like she is portraying or is she inciting class struggle?

It is really about zoning, planning and being exploring alternatives.

As it is, many people are hypocrites in standing so easily on the "right" side while not exploring the issues in depth and are afraid to voice in the unpopular.

I hope ST will be more responsible, objective and factual, and not incite division among own citizens.

yamizi said...


Any comments and observation on the recent collaspe of Lehman Brothers and its impact on the financial market in the global scale?

Anonymous said...

Actually Lehman is nothing compared to AIG. who is actually not out of the woods yet.

Now u know why we must pay LHL more than Bush :-)

If u really want sleepness nights, then check out the economic advisors of Mccain-Palin who looks they are going to win.

even our 66.6 are not so stupid.


HF said...

ok, news already said, they are going to built it there with a lot of measures and a new road to link up to the high way.
So, Lets MOVE the next new dorm location to house 2k-3k of them this time since 1 k is already settle.
AMK, Toa payoh, Red hill or Simei?