Thursday, September 04, 2008

Obama's wrong values....

I'm very troubled by this speech by Obama - supporting the existence of unions, workers' benefits, minimum wages and pensions. I think MM Lee is right about Obama being inexperienced and it looks like he has a lot to learn from Singapore.

Goodness how are American workers going to compete if Obama ever becomes president. With the emergence of cheap labor from China, he should be encouraging American workers to give up their benefits, accept lower pay and longer working hours. In Singapore we nationalise the unions and privatise all the state own services so they are free to make profits. PM Lee said that businesses will be more willing to hire if we make it easier for them to retrench workers. Over the years, the govt eliminated pension schemes for teachers and public servants but preserved it for the highest elites like ministers and superscale civil servants who make in one year what ordinary Singaporeans make in 2 lifetimes. After our ministers' pay was increased to end their painful sacrifice, workers who cannot cope with the rising inflation were told that wage increases will not be good for them by union chief Lim Swee Say. Now that is the model of leadership that Obama should be learning from. Instead of pandering to the demand of whining workers who keep telling him of their hardship, he should stand firm on capitalistic principles. The markets will take care of the workers and hand them a fair deal - no need to dictate minimun benefits, minimum wages.

Obama has a lot to learn from Singapore on how to compete and maximise GDP growth. He should open the floodgates to Mexican workers to enter the country and then explain to American citizens that it would be too simplistic to say that this will depress the wages of low income workers. He can also explain that foreign workers help to create jobs for Americans. He should remove all subsidies for the poor, sick and old and explain to them that subsidies will make them unhappy. Obama has a lot to learn from our esteemed leaders to make America a better place for Americans.


Anonymous said...

Not sure u should joke about this. If Obama loses US will be affected but SG will be badly hit.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not surprised since Singaporeans are more advanced economically and politically than the rest of the WORLD.

U.S.A is actually waaaay behind us. Why would Obama help 98% of americans who are just average and mediocre? He should just focus all the resources and goodies to the top 2%. Elitism is the way to go, but National Service is for ALL.

Obama, you are misguided BIG TIME!

Our advance systems:

1. Creating monopolies to provide necessities and then tell the people its good for them. Price increases meant to improve services.

1. 43 years ago we started off as a democracy. 15 years from now I hope to see Lee Hong Yi as one of our beloved Ministers and LHL as our SM. This is for own good because of political stability.

2. Tripartite
Unions,Employers and Govt are very close akin to incestuous relationship, meant to improve workers' lives.


Economist with a heart :)

ps: and they still ask us why we want to emigrate to 3rd world countries like Oz,U.S,Canada and UK.

Anonymous said...

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Limpeh said...

Lucky, got one part you say wrong lah! You wrote that our minister pay rise end their painful sacrifice. Actually hor, never end yet. They still sacrificing alot, and so, must expect their pay will still continue to rise.

So can only say ease their painful sacrifice nia, cannot say end ok!!

Anonymous said...

It's expected lah, with the super low salary that American presidents are getting, who wants to be president? All good candidates prefer private sector, leaving only lousy leftovers like Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Compare this with Singapore, where all ministers are world-class, it's like day and night.

Who in USA can think of brilliant solutions like increasing ministers' salaries, more ERP, GST increase, letting MSK escape, letting somebody with wrong passport leave, not conducting by-election, opening the immigration floodgate, means-testing, increasing CPF payout age, asking companies not to raise wages, asking the poor to have only two meals a day, packing more people to the mrt, and labeling those who migrate quitters?

We all should thank heavens that we are blessed with these superior fellows who spurned the private sector to humbly serve us unworthy people!

Onlooker said...

Gasp of horror.
You mean Obama actually believe in things that will help his country recover from the debt that Bushy has placed their country in.

Anonymous said...

Who say Singapore will be badly hit?!

LKY say we are invincible!

We don't need US because we have China and India working for us, ok!

Obama will lose big time. All his policies will only have one result, the country will collapse.

Unlike ours, Singapore will only collapse if we have a by-election.

See how strong we are?!

Not my sdp said...

I agree with you.

Allowing all those unions to strike whole day is not doing any good.

Similarly we have some political parties here that also propounds such activities and we should question our support for them

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Singapore System of Governance is so fail-proof and powerful, it should be copied by politicians in all other countries.

Alternatively, other countries can engage our top talent rulers for a fee of few million SIN Dollars per year, to have the Best to manage their nations.

Anonymous said...

Wow... the things i read and the comments given here are so full of thought that it surprised me that i used to think i am learning more in a regular JC curriculum taking GP lessons...

Anonymous said...

every country seems to have leadership issues except SIN. every country now and then will change leader like they change fish water but not SIN. in SIN, though our population is small, good able leaders are everywhere for cherry picking. we are blessed to have leaders who know precisely what to do to keep the country stable, money flowing and good jobs for anyone who is willing to work hard.

SIN is so unique and so one of a kind, no wonder leaders from all over the world are learning from us. obama must visit our leaders if he wants to up his game before the presidential election. our elder statesman will teach him how to conquer his rivals like he did with his.

SIN will have many good years ahead because of able leadership. Nothing can go wrong. the key to successful nation building lies in the heads of a few good men.

SIN is very lucky. we will always have a few good men who will ensure eternal success and bliss. the people praises for them will always chorus through our history books and national papers. from children to grand parents, all will sing praises of their achievements. and when they depart, all will worship at their altars.

praise and hail SIN leaders because, only in SIN good men are produced and no where else. our success is testimony that SIN has found the secret or the key to the everlasting kingdom.


Anonymous said...

those who want power are telling the people, you need a few good men to check on a few good men just in case.

now, do we need another group of few good men to check on the few good men who want to be part of the power equation( and deliciously paid for it) to check on those few good men who are already endowed with powers so on and so forth?

one day, just one fine day, we may end up with our own thugSIN or is it amongst us already?

Anonymous said...

Some people want power to be rich for themselves.

Some people want power to be 'rich' for the...people.

All i see is both group are much richer than the people they serve.

Anonymous said...


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