Monday, October 13, 2008

Minibonds : DBS compensate investors in Hong Kong...

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Audio was downloaded from and recorded from a SCMP broadcast.

Think about it - same bank, same products....yet DBS offers compensation to Hong Kong investors but not Singaporeans. Why?....


Anonymous said...

hmm...lets see.

maybe because they want to invite more HKers to come and invest in Singapore soon? or give PR status to rich HKers? so that HKers will accept Singapore scholarships?

Anonymous said...

Krugman won the Nobel prize! Huh?!

Anonymous said...

Can't you see the privilege of being a Singaporean?

Now that you have no money to lose, how can you lose money?

Anonymous said...

I have a cunning plan.

Let's start a bank run to scare the shit out of them, ask all those who are cheated by the banks (500+?) to form queue outside of DBS to withdraw small cash, repeat the queuing, make sure the queue extends out to the street.

When everyone sees this and ask question, start the rumor that DBS is in deep shit with exposure to the credit crisis. See who wins. It is the depositor that calls the shot, remember your deposit is only guaranteed up to $20,000.

You die your business? Surly not my dear banker, if things don't work out our way, we can break your back.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.09PM is very smart.
All the Minibond and DBS investors should do just that.
Also, spread the rumour that there is a bank run on DBS, just like what happenen in BEA in HK.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bankers in Singapore is synonymous to the PAP leaders. They are one and the same. The Great Banker Goh Chok Tong already said, "That's life" (You die your business)

Remember that all your economic suffering is due to PAP.
Remember to break its back in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Tan,
I am one of the unfortunate investors in the Lehman-linked minibond "investment", and have just lost a significant part of my savings. Unlike you, I am not well-versed in financial instruments and cannot articulate things like you can. And yet, the loss is painful nonetheless. I follow your blog and am appreciative of the points you bring across. I am also made more aware of what HKMA is doing, and am furious that our MAS is doing shit. Your points are always objective and logical, and basically hard to argue with. Can I request that you write to the beloved ST Forum and say what you say here? I think your voice deserves a larger platform. It would certainly help folks like me. More Singaporeans should be given the chance to hear your point of views. Thanks.

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