Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red Alert : Tan Kin LIan for President!!!

Remember this person called Andrew Kuan. He was a unknown Singaporean until the day he decided to run for president. Within a few days, his former employers had plenty of things to say about him. His former company JTC (which is linked to the government) even gave a press conference to give an account of his performance or rather lack of performance....nevermind staff confidentiality, national interests come first. It was all very humiliating for Andrew and he didn't even get to run because the selection committee concluded that his work experience did not meet the criteria required to run for president.

In an interview im today's Sunday Times, Tan Kin Lian's said he will run for presidency if there is enough support from the gound i.e. if the people want him to, he will do it. This must have triggered many alarm bells in the regime. The PAP govt would really love to keep President Nathan in the post for another 10 years. Unfortunately, President Nathan is already 84 years old. For the PAP, President Nathan's performance is excellent compared with the previous President Ong Teng Cheong. Unlike Nathan, Ong Teng Cheong took his job too seriously. He tried to do the impossible - check the govt's accounts with a staff of two people. His former PAP associates tried their best to help him to enjoy his job by not burdening him with too much information....a president's job is to smile, carry babies and host parties at the Istana. President Nathan does his job well. That is why the PAP is looking for another Nathan....not another Ong Teng Cheong.

Given his behavior in the minibonds saga, I'm afraid that Tan Kin Lian will be worse than Ong Teng Cheong. He looks like one person who will treat the issues of justice, accountability and transparency very seriously. If he does that how will he find time to carry babies and go for morning exercise like President Nathan at the East Coast Park. If he asks the PAP govt for more accountability and transparency, the PAP govt will want to get paid even more. They will hike their pay again saying their jobs are now more challenging because they have to be accountable. The other major problem with Tan Kin Lian is he stands up for the ordinary people of Singapore and he listens to them. For the PAP, a good president is one that listens to the PAP so that a consistent picture is painted for Singaporeans. See, if everyone consistently tell those who lost in money the Lehman Minibonds saga, they would have accepted it and suffered in pain quietly....all the PAP leaders kept quiet, it would have worked if not for Tan Kin Lian. Now the banks have to spend money to compensate at least the old and uneducated, this is not ideal for the PAP govt ...PAP is a caring govt who cares about the profits of our banks.

I expect the PAP to now start mining for information on Mr. Tan. Does he smoke? I heard he takes the MRT, maybe someone saw him not giving a seat to the old....? Did he make any careless mistakes in one of his 2000 transport claims in NTUC? Gee....the guy is not perfect.....there has to be something. Don't worry knowing the PAP there are people assigned to the task already. The PAP is thinking about Singaporeans, they want the Presidential elections to be a national holiiday for Singaporeans - if there is only one candidate, we can all spend the whole day shopping and give this sick economy a boost.


Anonymous said...

Checklist for Mr Tan:

- paid t.v licence?
- settle income taxes?
- paid library fine, if any?

Anonymous said...

PAP will be pouring over TKL's life with a 1000000x microscope to look for flaws.

Anonymous said...

I speculate that a rival elitist group in NTUC had ousted Tan Kin Lian in a vote in that he was too old school where he got to his position back when banks where foundered by Chinese immigrants like OCBC. These people took what they saw in the realms of the slick private sector, decided to established a new NTUC inline with that gloss. Of course Mr Tan resisted, the way that POSB and NTUC had its purpose and founding on serving the people's interest, first and commercial viability second, as Goh Keng Swee saw it but that was then, in negotiation and plotting, they installed an elite with amicable to both side and Tan was to step down with hurray.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Stop talkikng about Ong. He made my blood boil. Ungrateful bastard and he tried to bit the hand that fed him.

If not for me, he would be just another architect earning from hand to mouth.

I brought him into the party, made him an MP, then Minister, DPM and finally made him President.

He however thought that he was a REAL PRESIDENT... Tried to be funny... I could make him and I could break him... I even refused to grant him state funeral...

Don't tried to be funny Mr Tan...


Anonymous said...


Right from the beginning when TKL started on this lehman bro issues, etc... people were speculating that after this issue he probably will talk about EP...and it did HAPPEN!

I dont know... if TKL is to really become PRESIDENT...can he do what he is doing now????????

Just when I thought a lot of ppl at least the netizens were against EP????????


Mr. Tan, good piece...always like reading your posts :)

Lim Chih-Yang said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

I do read your blog here and there. I must commend your insight. It appears that Tan Kin Lian is now in the radar of the PAP and likely they are gonna dig up any dirt they have of him in his career at Income. It is hard for anyone to be incorporate for over 30 years and not have some hint of dirt in their life. The question is how much they want to say and whether to say it.

PAP has shown a willingness to tell all when it comes to their opponents. I wish they will spill the beans on their own PAP people.


yamizi said...

Adding on to the checklist of the first anon,

- surfed porn sites
- illegal download of anime/drama/mp3

tct said...

I don't know whether you have any knowledge of the law, but you've done extremely well in your comments on presidents past and present in Singapore and steered clear of anything that might come across as seditious. Tact is a quality I admire greatly. On the last bit about 'mining for information' I must say that you've picked on well about not being politically-incorrect to avoid investigations against your good self.

Anonymous said...

i think if Mr Tan had any fine for littering, jaywalking, it would deem as national threat.

Cannot let this dangerous man to run the country.

Satay said...

"Given his behavior in the minibonds saga, I'm afraid that Tan Kin Lian will be worse than Ong Teng Cheong. He looks like one person who will treat the issues of justice, accountability and transparency very seriously. If he does that how will he find time to carry babies and go for morning exercise like President Nathan at the East Coast Park... "

Welcome Back Mr L. Tan!

Anonymous said...

I totally concur with the Anonymous who commented about matter of what NTUC and POSB should be: a citizen-orientated organisation.

As far as i am concern, there is no more "love" for fellow Singaporeans except feeling of living in a corporate-nation.

Anonymous said...

The Great Leader,

Dun bluff lah. You chose him because he was related to you, right?

You didn't expect that someone from your family tree is still blessed with integrity and honesty DNA to want to do a real job.

Your bad.

Anonymous said...

Hope Mr Tan had not used company stamps for his personal letters and had not used the office copier for personal documents.

These are very very serious character flaws.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans so kiasi.

Elect TKL to be president got no harm what?!

If he is PAP mole, u just got another Prata Man. What makes u think Nathan is independant?

But look at it this way, he ran a financial organisation, NTUC Income.

Who has better skills than TKL to check on the nation's reserves?!

Ong Teng Cheong was an architect. He would need help that was not given. In fact he said he was being passed around the departments.

Given the recent losses in our overseas ventures, someone should really be checking on how our reserves are spent.

As to whether TKL or anybody, representative can do the work, come on, the people gives the rep the power.

In a real democracy, the power is vested in the people. Are singaporeans so dumb?

Please get your mind out of slavery mode.

If your president encounters problems checking the reserves, gather by the thousands at HLP, show that he is acting on your behalf. And you have every right to know.

Anonymous said...

Come on. Who say we are a democratic society? Don't bluff ourselves lah.
EP is just an other instrument to ensure the party in ruling is forever in power. Just like wayang acts like GRC, NMP, etc.
It is strange that some people still believe whole-heartedly what they say now.

yamizi said...

anon @ 7:30am

will you be part of 'gather by the thousand' or not?

Anonymous said...

Eh Mr Tan was a faithful PAP cadre until 3 months ago (when he started to disagree with PAP values). PAP probably know TKL better than Mrs TKL.

The TKL fella is really disrespectful/reckless. He should have the decency to wait for MM Lee to kick the bucket before jumping ship, no?

Anonymous said...

Please lah.... Don't any how say ONG related to me hor... He is Hokkien and I am the chosen Hakka... and his wife Shanghainese...

Everyone one to claim relationship... Do u know even one retired High Court judge, a Singh, also claimed that he was related to me...

Upon his retirement, he went to Lee & Li to apply for job. He was told that L & L was a family business and would not take in outsider. You know what... He claimed that he was also an INSIDER. He said, "I am also Lee.. I am Bang Ga Lee...."

Anonymous said...

If Mr Tan gets the approval to run after all the data mining, I guess the old man will have to stand against him. And trust me he will win. People can no longer say the post was created for him because he was forced to come to the rescue of the people against the likes of Mr Tan, who might want to do use in or ruin us. And they lived happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

Creepy -

The Great leader as President
Pinky clown as PM.
Mrs Pinky as Chair of Temasek Holdings (albeit with pay cut)

Creepy creepy.

Love S'pore but dislike PAP said...

I'm all for an Elected President BY THE PEOPLE and not one by the PAP. The reasons are very obvious. Our present one is too subservient to, you know who. Mr.TKL is ok for election as President provided he has no skeletons in the closet for the PAP to dig.
Go For It, Mr.TKL if you qualify!

Anonymous said...

"Skeletons in the closet"
Everyone has some skeletons in the closet. Show me one man who can claim to be so clean and I will tell you he is the greatest liar of all. Being a good leader is not about having made mistakes before. It is about caring for the people and not oneself and family. It is about having the decency and moral authority to lead and to recognise that everyone should have a choice by having the freedom of expression. In simple words, the people must be heard, even if they are the opposition. We have never had such a leader and will never will unless we see "change" in the form of demise of the old and regeneration of young minds

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why there is never any real spilling of the beans when one of the faithful is tossed out unceremoniusly because no longer useful or trusted ? Its because from minus day one there is already a dossier on every political leeder wannabe...this is how they keep them in check and muzzled ..

Anonymous said...

Well, dossier or not some can keep a secret. The last we knew, no one knew Devan Nair had a drinking and womanising problem till he became the President. Talk about Macain not screening his VP choice. Our system must have been really screwed that they could not smell the alcohol of his breath all those years but when he started opening his mouth after becoming President, the alcohol would be smelt all the way to cityhall.

Anonymous said...

aiya! if now TKL is still from the PAP party standing in to be EP, what say you people then???? so much character assasination about TKL here, sometime I just feel that some of you here are on paid assignments.

Anonymous said...

You fellas have a lot of comments and think so highly of Tan Kin Lian. Have any of you worked with this chap before????? I would never vote him in for president. As a CEO he treated NTUC Income like his own personal fiefdom(little kingdom), made some of his staff literally "beg" for a mere $50 increments, he sacked and promoted people as and when he liked. During the launch of Bigtrumpet website, the whole company had to "encourage" him to learn how to play the trumpet. Some of the staff had to spend hours listening to him play off-tune and then clap when he had completed playing.

So wake up lah people. It's not a case of digging things up about him - it was all there to begin with.

As for his desire to be president of singapore, he had been talking about it for sometime already when he was still at NTUC Income. He would go around from floor to floor and department to department asking his staff if they would elect him if he stood for the elected presidency - this was like 4 to 5 years ago? So he has been harbouring political ambitions for many years already.

Anonymous said...

If you think life in Singapore is gonna be better with Tan Kin Lian as President or your MP(God forbid). Think hard.

When he was at NTUC Income, he had this NTUC Income Forum which he used to good effect to get ideas and post his own. Whenever any staff posted something which did not agree with his views, he would "gun" it down. When it became clear that he was losing the arguement and that his idea wasn't even logical, he would delete all the comments that showed a different perspective. If the staff persisted in putting his/her view across, they would be sent a personal email from him which usually included a written reprimand which bordered on the crude. So what happened? Every Tom,Dick and Harry, Mary , Jane and Sue would agree to his ideas even if was against all logic.

Those who continued to hold their own views were "marked".

Think very hard my friends.

Speakthetruth said...

Let me also add that he talks about understanding the plight of the people and says that he now takes the bus and MRT. What car did he really own till the time he stopped being CEO of NTUC Income? A Mercedes Benz E200 or E300. He also had a personal driver. What sort of simple lifestyle is he talking about??

Where does he stay? Cactus Road. Do you know who can afford homes and live in cactus road? Check with your real estate agent. Go take a walk around that neighbourhood and you tell me whether he has simple tastes. If he wants to tout himself to be a people's man and lament about the civil service being overpaid and what not then why not he "do the right thing." and give part of all previous pay and bonuses as CEO of NTUC Income which he collected for a good 27 years? Better still downgrade and live in a HDB Estate and hey, give away all of your assets to charity as well. He claims to love the people of Singapore so much and is so willing to serve without conditions.So do it man. What you living in a big bungalow for?

For 27 years, he enjoyed the employment and benefits of being CEO of one of the largest insurance companies in Singapore and , of course, people can argue that's because he kept his job by turning in results - but don't us all have to do that??

Also, shortly after he left NTUC Income, he was asked what was his last draw annual salary with bonuses and he promised to give an answer to that. Did he. Nope. He claims that he earned much less than CEOs from private listed companies. So what was that figure? My guesstimate is that before bonus, it would easily exceed $300,000 a year. During his time, he used to advertise for General Managers with annual pay of $250,000. I am quite sure he was paid more than his GMs.

Some would say, oh, even if he were paid $500,000 , its much lower than what some of the CEOs in listed firms get paid. First, quite a number of the company CEOs or chairmans started the companies and took great financial and personal risks. So if they pay themselves more - who's to grumble. Well,look, its still good pay even if he were paid $300,000 a year before bonus - so why bitch about it? Unhappy that he was underpaid as a CEO, well, he could have resigned and looked for another job like the rest of us ordinary folk. No need to have painted yourself as a "poor underpaid" CEO. Look man, average folk do not live in cactus road and get driven around in large expensive cars.

I believe in an old saying-

"You can deceive yourself ALL of the time. You can pull wool over some people's eyes SOME of the time. But you cannot do so ALL of the time."

Kim Leng said...

Tan Kin Lian is very shrewd. He is making use of the people who are supporting him from the minibonds saga to help him get to the istana. And , guess what, they are like eating out of his palm man.

Vrey cunning. His blind supporters are now working for free for him. They include disgruntled investors, people from some websites who are anti-everything and ,of course, probably some of his ex-managers who enjoyed their life when he was ruling the roost at his "kingdom" at 75 Bras Basah.

These people who are blindly supporting him are really silly. They hardly know the chap and they will slavishly go around asking people - "Will you vote for Tan Kin Lian?" or go around asking people to canvass for him. Wah lao...gone lah. They did not even bother to check his bcakground. They worship the ground he walks on...hahaha...silly.

Go find out more about the man first...don't sell your souls so quickly.

Anonymous said...

When Tan Kin Lian was CEO of NTUC Income, many of the junior staff were paid below market wages, especially graduates. Kin Lian hated people better educated wokrers especially those with post-graduate degrees. He favourite phrase and excuse for paying his staff poorly," You are paid what you are worth." meaning that many of his staff were not owrth vey much in his eyes. he on the other hand enjoyed a good salary. He himself declared this in the onlinecitizen blog - bragging that he has paid in the last few years of his employement at NTUC Income more than 1 million in Income tax. Declared Tan Kin Lian, " Recently, IRAS found that I overlooked to declare the rental income on a rented property a few years ago. It was an oversight - as I had declared the rental income every year on the same property, including the year before and afterwards. My overight was due to difficulty in entering the computer system and failing to check the return during that year.

IRAS asked me to go back all the 10 years of income tax statements and confirm that all my income were declared. It was quite tough as my records were not kept properly. They want to charge me $x to get a copy of each pst year’s statement. More revenue for the IRAS

The tax on the overlooked undeclared income was maybe $10,000, maybe less. I reminded the tax officer that I paid more than $1 million in taxes over the past 10 years. I paid the tax in full on my income as I did not have time to look into ways to minimise my tax or to claim all the reliefs that I am eligible to. I am happy to pay my tax in full, as it means that I had a good income.

The kind tax officer finally agreed not to impose the three times penalty on my oversight but I got a stern warning. Good for our bureaucrats.

There will be other dirty linen. Right now, i don’t know where they are kept. If they are found out to be aired, so be it. Good for Singapore!"

See, he does not pay is tax on his properties ( only well-paid people , as he has already so declared that he was very well paid can afford all these extra properties) and has the cheek to blame IRAS for giving him a stern warning? Wow - I think it was good that IRAS got him to pay up. He has benefited so much from the system and so he should pay his taxes and declare them properly like everyone else!

My friends who are grads and were earning below market salaries are still working at NTUC Income and they finally got some pay adjustments after all this while when the new management took over. The management realised how poorly the company had been paying its junior staff all the while and adjusted their salaries.

I read in Tan Kin Lian's blog that he is talking about egalitarianism and he is trying to be make himself appear to be a champion for those with low wages. It is a joke and hypocrisy. There was never anything close to equality when he was heading NTUC Income. Managers close to him got salary increments as and when he felt like giving them but the majority of the junior staff suffered on low wages. This allowed him to declare his low operating cost. It was terrible. I am very happy for my friends who have finally gotten some wage adjustments that allow them to be paid closer to market rate for their jobs which will help them save a bit more and give their families a better quality of life after years being told that they were not good enough to be paid fair wages.Now life is less of a struggle for them.

Goerge Zoe said...

Correction - Tan Kin Lian does not stay at Cactus Road but at Cactus Crescent.Happen to drive past the place the other day - huge landed property man....the guys loaded with $$$. What would he know about people like us?

Heard his place has got a huge swimming pool as well.Well, I swim at the public pool not like this rich dude who got so fat a salary that he even brags that he pays high taxes. What arrogance!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....I chanced upon this blog and noticed the first entry asking whether Tan Kin Lian has not paid for anything like:
1. TV Licence
2. Library fines etc

Yeah, he did not pay his property tax! Heard it was 5 figure amount. He admitted it himself on that onlinecitizen blog. Hahaha....looks like its a lot more serious than not paying library fines.

That Tan "dude" really lives it up at his Octopus Road or wahtever that place it....big houses, big salary big, big car, big ego but did not pay his taxes....bad boy.

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Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian was a PAP member for 30 years so of course the PAP knows alot about him.

They know so much that they didn't choose him to run for election.

This Tan Kin Lian guy is eying the status and pay cheque of of the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian is no better than other PAP opportunitists. having worked with him for a long time in Income, I know that he support nepotism, does not like university graduates, does not like constructive criticism.
I suggest you people vote him in and you will see that for yourself.

After he is elected President, he will keep quiet and enjoy his life. He is a coward, a smart coward who knows that running for MP is not as lucrative as running for EP.

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