Friday, November 28, 2008

We are all helping the PAP.....

Thanks for your comments to my previous posting. A few warnings that criticising the govt can be hazardous to my well being. ...I hope not and for the PAP sake, I hope not. Here is my response to your comments:

Do you know critics & the opposition calling for transparency and accountability now actually helps the PAP? ....Presently, the PAP still have sufficient support of the people. If it makes the positive changes now, it will really help to retain its power - the GIC & Temasek losses while they are large is still not devastating. If nothing is done, losses are hidden and these 2 entities accumulate more losses as the economy sinks, PAP's position will be weakened further. People are not fools, they will know even as these entities try to keep things secret.
It is strange, but true, that many of us are asking for things to be done that will help the PAP retain its support in the long term.I cite you this example...and it is interesting: When Tony Blair wanted to fight the Iraq War, he was strongly opposed by the members of his own party and general population. The Opposition which was the Conservatives supported the war and encouraged him to go to war. A few years later the Conservatives turned around and started condemning Blair for misleading the country to war, mis-managing theIraq Waretc. Blair had to resign for the Iraq War.
If you simply hate the PAP, you should be asking them to keep GIC & Temasek as it is, encourage them to invest in risky assets ...and let them continue to be secretive. Surely, one day the hubris and arrogance withinn these organisations will result in catastrophic losses ...and the PAP is finished.
What many Singaporeans want from the PAP is for them to do the right thing and work for the interests of the people. The PAP is better off listening to its critics....Michael Jordan when he was the best of the best at the height of his game paid millions to consultants to critique his play. The reason why he did that was because he felt that the people were so overwhelmed by his greatness and past success, they are incapable of giving constructive suggestions to improve his play. That was how Jordan reamained great until he retired. Chess great Garry Kasparov looking through analysis and commentary on the games of legendary Bobby Fischer found that many of these were wrong and influenced by Fischer's past success and reputation - mistakes were overlooked and even praised [Link]. For many organisations and people, their past successes led to their downfall - they live on these successes, surround themselves with people who say only good things, they get rid of constructive critics, deny their mistakes and eventual destroy themselves. If you hate the PAP, you should congradulate them and tell them that they are doing a wonderful job ...thank you!


Anonymous said...

The old man thinks he is a genius and the rest of us are idiots.

I can't remember the last time he took any of us seriously. As far as he is concerned, we are little children who don't know better.

He really thinks he is that smart because the Shitty Times constantly bootlicks him.

AlphavilleSG said...

Hmm... The idea letting PAP annihilate our reserves reverting back to the good'ol days, picking coconuts, being a sleepy fishing village sounds quaint. I'll take two please!

Anonymous said...

If I really wanted your advice, then wouldn't I had filled our ranks with heartlanders, instead of scholars?

You stupid heartlanders just sit back, and let us scholar big boys run the show. If you had any good advice to give, you would have been a scholar too.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Criticism on government policies is not to help the ruling party or any party. It is to help the country called Sinkapore. The problem is that this place has a very die hard culture created by 40 years one-party rule. This culture has infiltrated into all levels, from top government level to institution to local company to their managers. The culture of bully, victimization and harassment is there. Human right and level playing field is missing in certain places. The nation needs a cultural revolution to survive the future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.39 am

Old man is of course a genius lah.

If not how to get 50% walkovers, 66% mandate and 98% of the seats in Parliament? And next round also most likely the same.

If this is not genius strategy, what is?

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon 8:35,
:::Criticism on government policies is not to help the ruling party or any party.::::

Of course. That is what check and balance is about to make sure Singapore is in good shape. But in doing so, there is side effect of helping the incumbent govt and moving it along a more sustainable direction. A govt less blinded by its own arrogance can see this is invaluable.

Deity of Cannons said...

Ok, that's a novel idea, mister.

The name of the game is complacency.

The very word that they liked to use and use for everything that goes bad.

I like your idea!

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

I enjoy you blog and it is my daily reading. You are right, if I don;t care, why should I bother to write about them. Better make my own money and enjoy the benifits that come with it.

Back to the issue of Temask and GIC.
If take a look at it, All the money come from the selling land, IPO country assets(Singtel, DBS) and borrowing from CPF.

Look a the CPF interest rate. Who is paying the interest rate? 2.5% from OA and 4% in SA and MA. There is close to 100 billiion on it. How to pay 4 billion of intrest yearly on it. It has to be borrowed by GOvernment by issuing Bond and they take the money to invest.

That's why They wanted to stopped giving you gurantee 2.5% and 4% interest lasst year and peg to Long Term Government Bond yielf! In two years time, your interest rate in OA, SA and MA will drop to 2%! As the PAP will drop the gurantee of minimum 2.5%.

As temask is lossing big time now, the borrowing will be less and they will pull down the yield of the long term government bond! So we are going to screw...

The rush to delay the CPF SA was to minimise the redemption from the baby boomer who are retiring now and getting more and more!

So all the CPF life are just to delay the final cisis of CPF having more withdrawal then contribution.

It is a cover up and together withe the big loss in GIC and Temask, the future is very bleak!
1. Prepare for more GST hike!
2. Low CPF interest
3. more delay in withdrawal of CPF,
4. Mean Testing to be very Mean for the Middle Class in Medical after MR Zen master Khaw had left the post.
5. ERP will go to the Roof
6. Worst the Singaporean are growing Old, day by day, Therre will be influx of foreigners so that they come and buy your HDB and support the prices.

In conclusion, Singapore will never be the same again! It takes 25 years to built and 25 years to change it upside down. We are only lucky that his son and daugther are doing it togethe for us. So he cannot blame others. HA HA

Satay said...

I like the angle of this piece of psuedo-satirical posting.

Mr Tan you are keeping your writing fresh. Keep it up! Hope that's not too much praise!

Anonymous said...

i have a theory.

after so many yrs, the ones at the top, especially the lees and their ppl, are long out of touch with reality. Decades of media spin and bias has reinforced their own beliefs in themselves. Means they really believe in wat the 148th media writes about them. the "good news" really make them think they r talents, elites and supermen.

with such ppl u can no longer hope to talk sense & reason liao, bcos they live in a diff reality. thats why the endless silly remarks from them, so embarrassing, but to us only, makes perfect sense to them.

recruit ong

Deity of Cannons said...

Mister Lucky, I am just curious on how you gonna go on if you and us were to stop the critique?

Are you hinting us the heat too hot for you to take and you have intentions to close you blog?

Ah, Don't worry.
Discretion is the better part of valour, sometimes.

I have seen 2-3 blogs like yours close since 2004.
Citing warning letter from the MDA to health reason, they close down because the criticism to the your fav party ran hot as volcano lava.

They are just worried being made a "Mr Brown".

I assure you; as long as there is an avenue of venting steam from local policies. Folks will flock to it like Flowers to Bees.

I would rather encourage more such blogs to open up as the lesser targets appears to the authority.

More easier they find easier to zero in.
As more similiar sites pop up like mushrooms, boy! they are gonna find hard to zero in.

Ban the internet?
No way!

Anonymous said...

I once read the book call Animal farm by George Orwell. In this farm there live the pigs, horse,cow,chicken,goats...and many other animals. One day the pigs gain a lot of power with their collaboration with human....any protest or pointing fingers or constructive criticism is a no-no. I remember one day a horse makes a complain and he was promptly taken away in the van....many wonder what will happen to him...many also wonder what will happen to them....In the end the pigs begin to walk more like humans and went on to chant "Two legs is good and fours legs bad!"-feelng more and more powerful. Go figure, how this parables fits in Spore.-100% correlations!

family man said...

Lucky, I share your sentiments.

I do not intend to leave Singapore for other countries.

I believe with time PAP will move and become a more caring party, and MM moves to another life.

There is hope for Singapore. PAP may split and things get messier, but better.

Onlooker said...

Not really, because What was said is only ideas until it get used properly to propel the course but then The elites think they are so smart when they "Implement" $$$olutions that are detrimental to citizens.
They never realized that "It only hard work when you are doing the hard work."
They are just too disconnected and detached.

currypuff said...

Unfortunately, history has shown how resilient authoritarian regimes are, how hard it is to get rid of them or even to effect fundamental changes.

Look at North Korea. It's people have suffered extreme hardship brought on by incompetent leadership. A million is reported to have starved to death (1/4 Singapore's population). Yet nothing has changed. The Dear Leader's grip is as strong as ever. The citizenry has long been rendered impotent by his father and the world would not risk war with her massive army.

Look at Myanmar. The junta is universally hated, even by her own people (judging from the last election). I am sure the generals are even more unpopular now, both within and without the country, after the world saw how they mishandled the humanitarian relief effort ('they can eat frogs'). The country has a charismatic leader who has been jailed for a long time yet still commands respect from the world. But in spite of this, in spite of an embargo by the West and the occasional protest led by monks, the junta is as strong as ever.
If there is a country where regime change can be effected by force with a good chance of success, it is Myanmar.
The factors are there:
1) Myanmar has a highly respected figurehead in the form of Aung San Suu Kyi (at least in the West) with the support of the vast majority of the population.
2) The citizenry is so sick of the generals that they will sooner embrace a herd of buffalos to lead than stick with them.
3) The armed forces, though powerful, are armed with antiquated equipment, not highly motivated and are not judged to be able to offer stiff resistence for long.

The people are ready for change. They are ready to embrace democracy after 1/2 century of military rule. But...

the world did nothing.

Anyway, before I stray too far, what I am trying to say is this.
With absolute control of society, the mass media (beside the internet), the judiciary, police, army, finance, and most important, a population that has been subverted for over 40 years, it will take more than big losses in a few investment and 10,000 unhappy investors to effect fundamental changes.

Looking at N. Korea and Myanmar, it is likely that the country will suffer a total collapse of the economy and mass starvation before we will see a regime change.

Moussie Dong said...

Unless u want to be the next Chia Thye Poh, the best is to emigrate, and take out all your CPF money(if it's still there, and while they still allow 100% withdrawal).

Leegime change? U all r joking rite?

Donaldson Tan said...

I am pro-Singapore.

xNSman said...

Singaporeans who really love their country would want it to improve and the best and happiest place to live and stay. And not just a country for the rich or elite. We speak out because we see an illness that is gradually eating away the foundation of a true civil society and many of our citizens turning into cold robots and money grabbing people. Love Your Country, Speak Out!