Thursday, November 27, 2008

What is WORRYING about GIC & Temasek Losses!

A few years ago, Singapore Technologies invested in a harddisk company known as Micropolis. I remember that day very well because I met up with a few friends in engineering familiar with the harddisk industry and they were highly critical of the decision - the industry was highly competitive and consolidating and Micropolis, a small player with production problems just can't compete with the bigger players. I told them off saying that our govt must have done its due diligence and looked at the investment carefully ...after all this is tax payers' money and the govt can't be playing dice with it. Micropolis went down pretty fast after $630M in tax payers' money was put into didn't even have a fighting chance. All this was brought up in parliament but it was explained that everything was approved and nobody can be blamed for the massive losses. The citizens should just accept it and move on. ...and Singaporeans learned to move on because the losses got bigger but the people were more silent than ever. Temasek's Shin Corp $5.9B investment is really interesting for those who bother to check it out. Because foreign ownership of a strategic asset is not allowed in Thailand, Temasek found a front - a Thai national based in Malaysian together with Siam Bank were the official owners of Shin Corp[ownership structure, Shin Corp unvestment]....and all this was revealed only because Thaksin was thrown out of power and had to go to court. Citizens of any other country would be horrified at the loss of billions on a risky investment. They would have called investigation and reform. .... but in Singapore, we were able to move on and not fuss over a few billion dollars.

In late 2007 and early 2008, both Temasek and GIC started investing billions in western banks - $36B in all - despite the numerous warnings by analysts and commentators that the situation was extremely risky. But it wasn't just experts who knew that almost everyone could see the risk. Yet there seemed to be no risk too high to take for Temasek and GIC. 9 months later $20B of taxpayers' money is lost in these investments alone. BUT THE WORRYING THING IS NOT THESE LOSSES..........

What is worrying is the lack of reponse to all these events. At which point will the check and balance kick in? At which point will Singaporeans be calling out loudly to reform the GIC and Temasek? There is NOTHING simply NOTHING to stop what is going on in these entities - no independent media, no people's power, no opposition strong enough to demand change. If any one these events had happened in Hong Kong, South Korea, US or Japan, they govt would have been taken to task and safeguards would have been put in place so that bad practices and risky behavior can be stopped. Subsequent massive losses could have stoppped when Micropolis occurred....or when Shin Corp occurred. The PAP govt took out all the check and balance in the system - controlling the media, repressing the opposition and bullying its citizens into silence. The massive losses are a product of a broken undemocratic political system....and you should be worried because many other things can go wrong.


yamizi said...


You okay or not? I'm ashame to say that even for me, I won't take it to the street to protest or whatsoever, 'cos I need to earn a living, I need to work!

Even if people go to the streets, nothing substantive could be done anyway. PAP carry on running the government; GIC and Temasak carry on doing their investments which beyond our comprehension.

Checks and balances only exist in society that adopts the western liberal democracy style of politics.

Do you think Singapore adopts that style of politics?

LuckySingaporean said...


You need to earn a need to work? Do nothing about the situation and a few years later you will end up with no work, no money and no hope.

slohand2 said...

Lucky, I love reading your articles, as usual. What Yamizi feel is what has been indoctrinated into our society. Another myth is that our ballot is not secret. I think we need not go into the streets, no need to be so dramatic. Rather we let our votes do the right thing.

I think it is shocking that the GIC and Temasek can carry on doing the bad investments and are still haughty enough to tell the world that we have more where it came from. Do we? Im not so sure. Our reported 300 billion would have been decimated by now to maybe 30 percent by now. As the case may be, the day of reckoning will be too late.

Anonymous said...

lucky, those things you mentioned matters, but really we are hostages of the 66.6% who either don't care, don't want to see change, my ah gong, bless him, is 93 years old, at times lucid, he still praise the pap, whereas his son on the other hand, participated in student protest, and me, i left the country.

PK said...

The worrying point is that our reserves - are really our reserves or the money park here by foreigners and being made use of by Temasek and GIC (estimated to be US$700B) for investments.

Outsider said...

Nothing can be done! This is the root cause of the shit hole that Singapore is in today.

Everything of course can be done. The problem is of course with the kiasu, kiasi, bochap attitude of singaporean.

What's wrong with going to the street to tell and show your govt your dis-pleasure with them. What can they do with you if thousands turn up? They may put a few in the jail. Then many more turn up on the street the next day and so on. Please be rest assure that there won't be enough prison to hold all of you.

Singaporean need to do something about it if you feel you are unjustly treated by your govt. No point complaining and do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

In bad time, we lost billions and we are blamed. Wait till one day, one good fine day, the market turns around and we make billions. All Sporean will cheer at us. By then our pay cut should be reinstalled and we should then have pay increase and bonuses. We are looking at long term investment. What so worry about these short term loss. As you Sporean know, no small loss then no big gain. That's why we do not bother Sporean with all these complicated investment as we have the best leader and best team to take care of these investment. Sporean just need to stay calm on these recent small loss - just how many peanuts are there? Let us do something about it for the long term.
From Joint Spokeperson of Temasak and GIC.

Anonymous said...

unfair. Whilst our MM Lee is demanding high pay for 'top notch' leaders, our citizens are not demanding of top notch performance? Allowing Father, Son and the Holy Ho to lose billions and get away lighty?

This imbalance cannot last for long.

Anonymous said...

Our President is not doing his job. He is suppose to make sure that our reserves are not squandared away, that is one of his more important roles as a cutodian of our reserves.

Ong Teng Cheong ,God rest his soul, would surely investigate all this nonsense if he was still alive.

yamizi said...


Hmm, so what do you do besides blogging?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Really impressed that you are able to gather all such data and give us a very enlightening report.

Thank u.

Your sincere reader

Anonymous said...

UniqueLee S'pore:

The CEO of the country's investment arm is the wife of our Prime Minister.

Perhaps this is why most businesses here adopt a strict HR procedures to prevent staff from being put in situations where gross "conflict of interests" could arise.

So much for first world standards of governance.

Anonymous said...

Like the song by the Manic Street Preachers go, "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next"

Anonymous said...


I understand your concerns. I feel helpless too because the challenge infront of us seems too BIG for our small shoulders to carry alone; to change Singapore that is inline with S.korea,Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, India and the growing number of new democracies in latin america such as Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay etc.

These countries were just like us, under a dictatorship. Thousands were jailed, many were killed and millions were deprived of their rightful dignity as human beings and not cows to be milked.

But take heart Yamizi; what those countries have already achieved gives Singaporeans hope what we can and must achieved tomorrow --> a REAL democracy in Singapore where we REALLY uphold the Singapore PLEDGE...To build a democratic society, based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

Never did we agreed to consolidate power in the hands of one family. Is Singapore a democratic country or are we NOT?

So Yamizi keep on reading this blog and spread the word to more people.

Keep up the good word Lucky Tan. Tell the truth like it is. You are a real gem! You really destroyed the myth that Singaporeans need million dollar salaries to step up to the plate.

And to ALL those avid readers spread the word about Lucky Tan's blog. Soon more and more people will know that the Emperor is naked.

In all my heart, I believed Singapore will not be left behind to be another North Korea or Syria.

We owe it to ourselves and our children to have the moral courage to change Singapore to what it was once: a democratic country that cares for the well being of its citizens.


Economist with a Heart :)

Anonymous said...

maybe only hope (short term) is that we vote 4 a credible/independent candidate as president.

Onlooker said...

Perhaps this is the main reason why Singaporean are leaving en masse to work an live in other countries with their CPF fully withdrawn.
As more and more of us leave because of the legalized Corruption,cronyism and Slavery(to boost the ego of those White Unicorns).
The REboot have to come within our homeland.
FYI a multiparty Government is the best way to go especially in the oversight department.
Let look at it this way, one party system is lethargic and complacent.

Anonymous said...

Isnt this similar?

Anonymous said...

LHL was the Finance Minister cum PM until the final quarter of 2008.

We must remember that most of the financial mess and heavy investment losses arose under his watch as the Finance Minister.

To have his wife lose so much in various high profile billion dollar investments must have been hard for him to swallow.

As her superior in the chain of command, would it have been embarrassing to remove should she have underperformed as the CEO of Temasek Holdings?

It makes one wonder if Tharman was appointed as the Finance Minister to shield him from the consequences of his actions or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...


> LHL was the Finance Minister cum PM until the final quarter of 2008. <

I got the year wrong.

It should be 2007 instead of 2008.


Anonymous said...

Tar-man ,like Richard Hu in the previous crisis, is brought in to clean up the mess.

LHL at least did the half decent thing and faced reality each time he messed up ... unlike some western democracy where Goldman Sachs is still looting the country.

I just hope it is not too late and I fear Micropolis\Shin\ML\Barclays\ABC will really be peanuts in comparison.

It is pointless to blame the 66.6 as the stupid/clueless will always be the majority. Its up to the 33.3 (thats u yamizi) to stick out their neck and make a difference.

yamizi said...

Economist with heart,

Thank you for the encouragement. Just like to clarify before I get misunderstood. I support Lucky's blog and I think his blog is one that we should take it seriously because he provides many interesting facts and he is able to break technical jargons into layman's language for us.

It's just that what I feel on the ground is that homegrown Singaporeans will not change much.

1. Not all areas get to be elected. In some areas they walk-over-you literally.

2. Even if there are areas that are contested, my gut feel is that many Singaporeans still have that kind of fear (or something like that) in them, which in the end, make them do unmanly thing. If you had noticed my comments recently, I had been urging for everyone to 'be a man and do the right thing'. =)

3. Probably many other Singaporeans share the plight like I am, 手停口停 which means if you stop working, you ain't got nothing to eat! This make many of the fellow citizens to be more and more political apathetic. Who is willing to go beyond the coffeeshop talk? To form a party or say to run as a single candidate etc?

4. With all these in mind the only, no-choice, option left a man, do the right thing at election!

*salutez to Lucky*

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

Forget about democracy, Sporean live in a dictator's country, as you now know-a country of lies to be honest (although the leaders and CEO of banks tell lies all the time but they can be criticize or the consequences ultimate catches up with them and that's the truth! The truth shall set you free. Sporean are no difference from the Jews under the Egyptian's rule in Exodus in the Bible.

Do what you want and until the truth is reveal, there will always be believers of the PAP lies...

Achieve freedom first and foremeost!

Truth can only come when
1)There is freedom of speech
2)Freedom of expression even to criticize the PAP govt-not hiding under the anonmyous, etc
3)No ISA-threat, bankruptcy to family or security for being an opposition
4)Are you willing to pay the price of the oppositions?-As the few that will turn Spore right side up?
It requires the guts and courage of the 12 disciples of Jesus, willing even to sacrifice their life, knowing that their reward in not on this earth but in heaven.

You are right, the consequences of your inaction today will catch up with you on day!-in the sons and daughters and future generations of Sporeans.

Value materialism more than freedom ?Vote for PAP!

yamizi said...

anon 1:58pm,

You forgot to leave your name sire.

Anonymous said...

Fools and their money are easily parted. Especially when it's not theirs in the first place.

I recall our dear leaders saying that they had the best talent in Temasek and GIC. And that they're highly paid. It's easy to say they're investing for the long term. In a bull market, any idiot who puts money in blue chips will see capital gains or at the very least maintain his capital. I could give my 4 year old daughter $100k and tell her only to buy blue chips and hold for the next 10 years and surely see gains in those investments (provided those companies dont' go under!).

The trick is how these investments are managed such that they do not suffer massive losses when the economic climate prevailing at any given time is bad.

I'd like to see how our 'talented' people in Temasek and GIC manage the peoples' reserves in this present climate. If they can come out of this economic crisis and say that they have not lost money or even made some profit, I will take off my hat to them and I say they are real talents and deserve what they're paid. Otherwise, might as well hire my 4 year old to manage our reserves.

So far as I see it, they've made wrong decisions and have taken massive hits. But the crisis is still not over yet. For the sake of our CPF funds, here's hoping that our Temasek and GIC guys make the right ones.

slohand2 said...

Anonymous, I dont want to proof them wrong becos a shitload of $$ is involved. Every mother's son can tell you they are wrong, except themselves. 40 years of work by Singapore can vanish if there are no checks.

As for yamizi, lets all do the right thing, be a man and get back our basic rights.

Anonymous said...

There still is one last check and balance - the ballot box.

Unfortunately, you losers don't dare to vote against PAP. Even my grandmother has more balls than all of you put together.

Anonymous said...

Do not really think Sinkapore will ever change at ballot box. Already many are leaving because they see no hope for change. That's why they change themselves by leaving to a different environment.

When come to election, GRC and boundary change and all sort of rules will ensure more walkover and ultimately the same status quo again and again for next 5 years and next 5 years.

The real problem is that our constitutions can be easily changed by the ruling party without referendum. Unlike Swiss, referendum is required to change important policies and laws. Sinkapore constitutions need to revert back and abolish those post-1965 revisons, e.g. GRC, elected president, election rule changes, and then make a clause in the constitutions to have referendum for any change to constitutions to safeguard the real democracy in this red dot. Go back to one-person-one-vote basic system in the next election. Then there will be hope for this rotten country.

From: Flake Constitutions Lawyer

Anonymous said...

Too much power in the hands of one ruling party,and the abuse of this power is the root cause of the problems in Singapore. The citizens must have the courage to break this power before it ruins Singapore.

Sgcynic said...

Talk is cheap. Please sign the petition for Mr Tan Kin Lian to run for elections:

At the least, the numbers will be a signal for the incumbent to wake up their b- ideas.

Anonymous said...

We have come one full cycle. He built it and now he and his family are destroying it. He, his son and daughter in law will lead us to ruin soon. The blatant refusal to account for the losses is a show of strength by him to declare who owns the country.

TeE said...

Don't worry! These must be put into context with our overall assets!

Temasek and GIC combined have a total of more than US$400B!

Our government can jolly run for the next 10 years without tax reveune!

Maybe Dr Chee was right! Our government is indeed run like the NKF.

Jon said...

At which point will Singaporeans be calling out loudly to reform the GIC and Temasek?

To understand this, you need to understand the Somebody Else's Problem Field.

“An SEP is something we can't see, or don't see, or our brain doesn't let us see, because we think that it's somebody else's problem.... The brain just edits it out, it's like a blind spot. If you look at it directly you won't see it unless you know precisely what it is. Your only hope is to catch it by surprise out of the corner of your eye.

Anonymous said...

By calling out for GIC and Temasek to be reformed, you are insinuating that GIC and Temasek leaders are unfit for office. You have insulted their honour, credibility and reputations.


Sue you till your pants drop!

Anonymous said...

There's an article in Today about a foundation being set up by the wife of Dr Goh Keng Swee to benefit the poor. (

Quote: “The Foundation will keep Dr Goh’s legacy alive and perpetuate, among young Singaporeans, his values and selfless efforts to build up his nation.”

Values forgotten by those who demand to be the highest paid worldwide, even with the impending salary revision. His wife also recounted how careful Dr Goh was when dealing with state resources... Makes me wonder how much it must have pained the "Architect Of Modern Singapore" each time he reads of the losses made by Temasek & GIC.

Deity of Cannons said...

What we need a French Revolution eqivalent; the storming of the Bastille or something like that.

Then your fav party will wake up their ideas.
When 3/4 of the country are in revolt, call the Riot they outnumber the 2 million plus angry mob.

I was an ex gahman sector, I left it because when they do offends my senses.

This MP can be in board of director of a particular board and while another can be a CEO of a another board with can be working closely with latter. And vice versa.
All members of the same party ruled by Ah Kong and all answerable to him.

feedmetothefish said...

Time must be bad?

In the Straits Times of 27 Nov 08, I saw the picture a Prime Minister hawking this father's book at Brazil!

Or is this a it conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

It’s a good thing that you’ve brought this is up for discussion. No surprises why Singaporeans are not sticking their head out. I bet there are 80 percent of households in Singapore that have at least one member working for the government or related organizations. Singaporeans are worry that besides getting oneself into trouble, love ones may be affected as well – call up by tax dept; eviction from HDB; retrenched; pass over for promotion; etc. Other reasons would be to ask questions such as – Who are the labor unions. How many big organizations and whom are they. How independent is our judicial systems. The power wielded by the first family – Nathan is the 2nd. Public housing and so on. Over the years, the PAP government has build up very formidable mechanisms to consolidate power. Singaporeans are by and large and known to be a pragmatic and selfish lot. Many questioned the wisdom of committing to something that is “very costly”, “no guarantee” and most importantly “no or low personal benefits” - Not sure considerations were provided for future generations though. The indifference of Singaporeans is also exacerbated by the sad story of JBJ and the weak and unsophisticated opposition we have thus far. My guess is that we’ll need a charismatic someone who has the courage, academic qualifications, intelligence, with a quick and sharp mind and the oratorical skills to engage in Parliament. And engage intelligently too because there is really no use for oppositions to debate without research and backups such as reliable data and statistics. Singaporeans really ought to worry about their indifference to politics. If the ice in the artic really melts enough to open up a shipping route, the banking industry takes years to restore to its former glory days, a couple years of heavy budget deficits and mismanagement of our reserves, the next ten years can be quite different and their safe nest may well be damaged beyond repairs. The effects of climate change, globalization and the financial crisis are expected to add to uncertainties facing Singapore. Singaporeans should call for greater accountability and transparency in governance only because no small elite group should to be allowed to shoulder the responsibility for 4 million. It is comforting to know that there are many Singaporeans who are concerned about the future. It is hoped that the current group of senior and younger leaders are also concern enough to reexamine their personal priorities and place national interest above all else. For a start, they could put the current system, which they claimed to be the best, through one more round of possible scenarios and publish the final results for public scrutiny.

LuckySingaporean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LuckySingaporean said...


Do you know critics & the opposition calling for transparency and accountability now actually helps the PAP? ....

Presently, the PAP still have sufficient support of the people. If it makes the positive changes now, it will really help to retain its power - the GIC & Temasek losses while they are large is still not devastating. If nothing is done, losses are hidden and these 2 entities accumulate more losses as the economy sinks, PAP's position will be weakened further. People are not fools, they will know even as these entities try to keep things secret.

It is strange, but true, that many of us are asking for things to be done that will help the PAP retain its support in the long term.

I cite you this example...and it is interesting:

When Tony Blair wanted to fight the Iraq War, he was strongly opposed by the members of his own party and general population. The Opposition which was the Conservative govt supported the war and encouraged him to go to war. A few years later the Conservatives turned around and started condemning Blair for misleading the country to war, mis-managing the war in Iraq etc. Blair had to resign for the war in Iraq.

If you simply hate the PAP, you should be asking them to keep GIC & Temasek as it is, encourage them to invest in risky assets ...and let them continue to be secretive. Surely, one day the hubris and arrogance withinn these organisations will result in catastrophic losses ...and the PAP is finished.

What many Singaporeans want from the PAP is for them to do the right thing and work for the interest of the people. The PAP is better off listening to its critics....Michael Jordan when he was the best of the best at the height of his game paid millions to consultants to critique his play.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe we can change the system thru a ballot.

They have consolidated too much control over our democractic process. It is a farce now.

However, the cycle of life never changes. It must get to "worst" before it gets to 'better'.

Of course, it can take a long time to get to better.

Now, it is not the worst yet. But this deep recession is probably the catalyst needed to hasten the cycle given that singaporeans are the most cowardly of people on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Last election, 50% of the seats are walkovers. Which other democratic country in the world has this record? Tell me, why should the next election be any different? The opposition is still as weak and disorganised as before or even become worse. So rest assured PAP will remain in power for long time whatever their faults. How I wish I am PAP gahmen!

Anonymous said...

A failure in any political system is the fault of the ruling party in that country. In turn, it is the fault of its citizens who do not demand for the evolution of political system in their way.

The only way is to change your own environment. You Singaporean are to be blamed not us the rulers.

Anonymous said...

Sinkapore will change only after the current generation of those older than 50 has gone. This means another 30-40 years.

Sinkapore will not be revert to a fishing village as some worry. It will be still a 3rd world country. Possibly, it is worser than present day in terms of economy and living standard.

If your next generation has moved, there is no worry for you. Why complain then?

Anonymous said...


why most investment loss $???

dont they have all the top brains in that organization??

aiyoyo when can we withdraw all our CPF $??

so many of such loss investment things going on...


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Temasek and GIC are borrowing money from the CPF to invest elsewhere. In return, CPF members are paid 2.5% interest in ordinary account and 4% in special account.

If Temasek and GIC make such big losses, will CPF members' 2.5% or 4% interest be safe or guaranteed? Worse still, are their CPF money (the principal sum) safe? This may sound caustic or alarming. Look no further but the recent Lehman Brothers's minibond saga. Similarly 1 or 2 years ago, no one would ever imagine that Lehman Brothers, a prestigious 100+ years old investment bank, would collapse. I hope my worry is unfounded. This is because my CPF money is at stake.

Anonymous said...

this government is a BIG JOKER

whole world know they lost billion of dollars. The westerners are mocking at out stupid government

sadly, only stupid government exists in singapore. because the people are stupid enough to vote for them

Anonymous said...

Your CPF money is at risk.

But you have no way to withdraw it untill you are 65 (if you can live that long).

CPF system is also another STUPIDEST policy ever. It is legally steal people hard earn money away and then lose these money in foreign investment

Anonymous said...

GIC chairman = LKY
Temasek CEO = LKY daughter in law
LKY = ex-PM, ex-SM, current MM, & future SMM (supreme minister mentor)

Unless LKY let go of his grip on singapore, there is no way singapore can improve itself from present situation

Good news is that LKY is long overdue. I hope the younger generation can overrule currect political landscape and moving towards democracy.

Anonymous said...

Land of the slave and home of the coward!

aiyoyo said...


so next time go oversea

cant say i singaporean

wait other people laugh me.

very worry my cpf $,

and also need to withdraw not so late.


aiyoyo said...



not sure these PEOPLE got eat pig brains or not?

aiyoyo so siong to be commoners,

need worry those INVESTORS, cpf $, bread & butter etc.

not sure if those INVESTORS got worry so many things or not?


Anonymous said...

Singapore will change when MM Lee has returned to dust. Why is this so? Does the PAP have any clear leadership? No. Once the chief is gone, the infighting will break this party up


Anonymous said...

some guy said long time ago that it will take decades to get the details of the accounts.

How long more to wait before accounting is started?

Wait forever?

(: said...

you can get your CPF out,
migrate, be a PR there,
your CPF money would roll out.

Anonymous said...

GIC and Temesak should just be opened and honest by admiting - Yes we screwed up and we are not perfect. We overweighted financials when we should have a diversifed portfolio. In our greed to earn more returns, we invested hastly without due diligence. We have lost alot of the nations money and we promise not to get them back via higher taxes. Instead we will cut our pay (not by 20% only), forfeit our bonuses and remain uncorrupted as we will still be earning millions.

What they are doing is denying its a bad investment by saying they are in for the long run..

i wonder how they explain ABC, Merrill Lynch, etc.. excuses after excuses..

If they make a mistake, be man to admit they screwed up big time!

Anonymous said...

1. Nice post.

2. Many Singaporeans behave like Spathi.

3. There is a solution, but the real question is - are you willing to pay the price?

Anonymous said...

Is the gov losing their heart and soul to this money grabbing world......

Take high pay....take the easy way out wrong things not solve internal problems...only know how to bring in "Aliens" to steal our jobs ....and cause difficulties 4 the local kids to enter Uni...
U know how many local talents you can groom for 108Billion....
Really a laughing stock...
In the 1st place why did I vote u in....
Silly me!!!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund) is run by the stupidest people in the world and investing for the short term, as they made a profit of US$10 Billion in 2008!

Singapore SWF is run by the smartest people on earth, investing for the long term, therefore they lost $108 Billion in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, may I further qualify my praise to:

“… The smartest and bravest species to walk the earth…”

Anonymous said...

Sorry, may I further qualify my praise to:

“… The smartest and bravest species to walk the earth…”

unlike the cowardly CIC (Chinese Investment Company) Fund Manager Lou Jiwei, who said in Hong Kong on Dec. 3 that he was "not brave enough" to invest in financial institutions in today's turbulent market conditions

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