Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WSJ wages a 20 yr attack on our courts!

According to AG Walter Woon, this vicious western paper has nothing better to do than to smear our courts for the past 20 years. In the two editorials published in the Asian Wall Street Journal, entitled 'Democracy in Singapore' and 'Judging Singapore's Judiciary,' allegations were made that Singapore's judiciary was 'not independent' and 'is biased and lacks integrity'. Don't they know the integrity of our courts is unquestionable. Now our AG has no choice but to haul them to court and proceed to charge them with contempt of court.

You can be sure they will get a fair hearing in our courts on a case concerning our courts. If they are found innocent by our courts what they say would have to be true - our courts are biased and lack integrity so such a verdict wouldn't be worth much. Therefore, there is no choice but to find them guilty and that will prove that our courts are unbiased and operate with integrity. Our courts are so unbiased they are able to judge a case in which their biasness is questioned. Wow, that is true justice.


Anonymous said...

The biggest question should be:

"Why is AG not taking IBA to court, since its report on Singapore's judiciary was the very source that WSJ was citing in that news article?"

No money to squeeze out of it? or Just plain bullying?

Anonymous said...

Life is so predictable in Singapore. We can all predict the verdict of this case.

taxi driver said...

LOL! I laughed until my stomach pain pain. Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Walter Woon, the new hachet man for the MIW is just spewing shit out of his mouth. Why would WSJ waste money waging a war against the Singapore Judiciary? They are not standing for election and secondly, these purportedly slanderous articles would not increase their circulation which is meagre in Singapore. The only reason why the Singapore Government is after them is that their opinion is highly respected all over the world. I suppose truth hurts badly!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that we have such an outstanding AG. After taking office, he must have read all the old papers of WSJ tracing back to the later part of 20th century.

Fortunately he discovered the plot of WSJ and took action without further delay. Now, the govt should conduct an in house investigation to find out how come the previous AG, e.g. Tan Boon Teck, Chao Hick Thin had neglected their duties and did not take action against WSJ when the latter mounted relentless attack against our Judiciary during their term of office. Tan Boon Teck, Chao Hick Thin.. WHAT HAVE U GOT TO SAY?

Anonymous said...

I hope Fatso Woon will try to fine WSJ $1 billion. Must sent a strong signal to all foreign media who try to wage a 20 year war against us.

Anonymous said...

two top legal man. one not only look ruthless, has shown to be ruthless or capable of making ruthless decisions when called for.

whereas the other top guy look more geeky and dorky.

if you have been wondering whether an academic can kick ass,well, wonder no more.

they don't give you the top job so you can write more books you know.

Anonymous said...

That is why Singapore has the best system in the world ! Sure win victory if government on your side,and where can you find that elsewhere ?

Kangaroo court ? who care. Show me the money.

Anonymous said...

i suppose you can't be contemptuous if you're satirical.... or can you?

Alan Wong said...

Any judiaciary should not leave any doubt about justice being seen and done.

If any judiciary leaves any person with the slightest doubt about its independence or integrity, then such a judiaciary is no different from the one that was under the corrupt ex-president of Taiwan.

Our "kangaroo court" case is a good example of whether our judiciary has any integrity left. If this case is not thrown out by our courts, then it only serves to prove that the defendants has been right all along because so far it is only WW's opinion that the T-shirts are directed at the S'pore judiaciary. Nobody have said anything to that effect.

Is it a matter of "siapa makan padi siapa rasa pedas" or literally meaning it is the person who eats chilli who will feel hot ?

Anonymous said...

what's the pt of having power when you can't be powerful?

the rule of law or .... one man rule?

Daniel Ling said...

Lol... So true... But didn't notice this issue until Lucky Tan write about it...

True Justice, totally.

Anonymous said...

I think our AGC needs to come out from their ivory tower.

They really think that people in the streets all believe they are not biased????

They stupid or what?

Anonymous said...

I strongly support what our AG is doing. Our judiciary must be protected against slander at all cost. Just like the honour of our elite leaders.

However is does seem strange that they do not give a shit about their honour and integrity in other parts/courts of the world.

Onlooker said...

Jia liao bee AG have a chance to sue ang moh media to prove his worthiness as an (aspiring) elite.
But I thought NotUS got a lot of free money to keep this kind of jia liao bee employee mah.
Economy bery bad so Must be gunning for the Million Dollar paycheck lah.

Anonymous said...

Fatty Woon needs a victory against an angmor to hang from his belt. So he decides to sue. In his own courts, of course.

Anonymous said...

ah ah ah brilliant post.
The world is changing and moving forward , Singapore instead moving backward.
Singapore is a joke, like the PAP and the courts

Anonymous said...

The irony is WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the rightwing Fox News in the US. My questions is: If WSJ loses in court, will international companies pack up and leave S'pore?
My answer: Probably not. Making money is more impoartant.

Kaffein said...

It's like asking your brother's accounting firm to audit and 'ok' your account books.

Your judicial courts are the defendants, fighting to prove their courts are unbiased.

How can the presiding judge be from your courts? Makes no sense, leh. Shouldn't it be a neutral international court that makes unbaised, unpolitically motivated verdicts? Unless you have the mindset that the West are intent to 'do Singapore in'.

Qi-kuai. No wonder they are charging people who wear kangaroo t-shirts.

Truth hurts.