Monday, December 01, 2008 to get the govt to relax...

It has been several months since the PAP govt allowed protests to be held in Hong Lim Park. Gee....our govt must be very disappointed. When our PM allowed protests at Hong Lim, he must have thought - "ah, now people can protest against the evil western media that has been attacking our respected courts" ...if Singaporeans truly believe the integrity of our judicial process, they should be outraged by the ang moh media that portrayed our courts negatively . Instead of protests against the Western media, we get all these minibond investors gathering there every week saying negative things about the MAS, banks and even the govt. ...and there is this opposition character called Goh Meng Seng aka Madcow poking at the holes in the system everyweek.

Hey, given the grand achievements of the PAP govt, its 4 decades of building trust, a caring govt, a govt of the highest integrity and govt of the highest competence, one can expect at least a few ordinary Singaporeans to stand up and say a few good things about the govt. Where are these people? There has to be something good about this govt worth defending. Surely there is someone who is not paid by the govt, does not depend on govt for business or a job ...surely given the quality of this govt, there has to be someone willing to stand up and say a few good things about the govt.....what happened to all these people why so quiet?

When the Internet became widely used, all we get is this negativity about the govt sloshing around in cyberspace. It must have been disappointing...even terrifying for our govt. Given what they thought of themselves, they must have expected a thousand blogs dedicated to the profound thoughts of MM Lee and another thousand dedicated his grand achievements. There should be another thousand blogs dedicated to explaining the superiority of the Singapore govt's policies and planning over those lesser govts. But all we see is citicism...more criticism. Our leaders who have made a painful sacrifice to lead us are so disappointed. They tried to first to control the Internet by regulation, monitor it to induce fear,....but decided recently that they needed to embrace it....yes, it has been a love-hate relationship with the new media but they realised that they have no choice but to love it and hope it will love back.

If Chee wants protests to be allowed everywhere in Singapore, he should really do the opposite of what he has been doing. He should send someone to Hong Lim Park every week to say wonderful things about the govt or talk about the evil western media. I'm sure a video of this will make it to the desk of our PM and he will be so delighted and happy with the decision to allow protests in Hong Lim, he will allow protests in every housing estate...and may be everywhere in Singapore. If the Internet did bring with it 1000 blogs dedicated to promoting the Singapore form of govt and explaining the superiority of our system over the inferior ones in the western world, our govt would have embraced it from day 1. Singaporeans are not ready for freedom of speech until they learn to use that freedom to praise our esteemed govt. Singaporeans are only ready for their human rights the day they learn to use it against the oppressive western media that imposes its ideas on us. Singaporeans are not ready for democracy ....until they are ready to use it to defend the great ideas of this govt...


Anonymous said...

I was reading the Wall St Journal this morning.

I pointed the article "Singapore strikes again" to a foreign friend. This article is not in the asia edition for good reasons.

He said, 'Singapore sucks again'. In brief, Singapore has a very negative image outside Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about the Spore Govt, Lucky, had LKY made some crucial policy errors in the early days (like making Chinese the main administrative language, or allowing a rampant corrupt culture to take root), Spore would be a totally different place today.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.10pm, stop living in the past.

Onlooker said...

Which remind me of the ostrich which bury it's head in the ground as they thought that the situation will pass if they just bury their head in the ground.
This prove a point that a single party system can not tolerate/ cater to any criticism that are constructive.
Just like the Emperors who lost their empires due to the fact that they listen to the Eunuch(Ball carrier) and corrupt Minister's Advice.
And surprise, They believed in a "Meritocracy" of the lineage(even in the minister lineage) right to rule too.
So in theory,We have a imperial court system here in Singapore lol.
All hail the emperors
Wan sui wan sui ..... although no one can really survive for 10000 years at least not now.
\o/ == lol Catch(with arms stretch out.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.10
Say what you like, I really believe, yes really , no kidding, I believe Singapore would be a better country now if Chinese had been the Administrative language. Its just that the geopolitical situation at the time did not allow us to do that.

Anonymous said...

Who needs blogs and the speakers' corner when you have the Straits Times?

Anonymous said...

Despite having Chinese as administrative lang and having a rather corrupt gahmen, I believe Taiwan did pretty well until recently. Japan uses Japanese. Not the cleanest of gahmen. Korea too despite a civil war and starting from a lower base. The Swiss uses German\French\Italian. Germany uses German.

On the other, UK has been on a decline since the 60s. UK uses English.

Singaporeans really should read more.

Anonymous said...

To 11:46am who wrote " 'Singapore sucks again'. In brief, Singapore has a very negative image outside Singapore.".

I agree with you, when I was in a foreign countrry recently, a friend commented that our PM is paid a few million dollars a year for managing such a small country ! He said the US President is paid much much less and manages a vast country in comparision !

AlphavilleSG said...

Let's be clear, to the 33.3% of Singaporeans, our govt. is not equal the PAP govt. our idea of what Singapore stands for is not the same as what the PAP has demonstrated.

Please tell that your friend.

Anonymous said...

oh my. luckytan, you MUST NOT be kidding are you?

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1965, over the years I have grown together with the nation and have seen it prosper and I am grateful to the ruling party for making the conditions right. But that's where I stop the praise. Yes, its a acheivement but we did not put a man in space nor were we devastated by twu nuclear bombs. We were a thriving trade port and were kicked out of Malaysia, which the people did not want to join in the first place. So stop this grandstanding and look around the world for countries which have acheived much more than us and learn how to be humble. Our leaders behave as if we owe them a living but reality is that the success of singapore is as much the poeple's effort as it was theirs.

aiyoyo said...


last time success is by last generation PEOPLE,

but ever since nowadays it seems commoner feel

many pressure in daily life, economy gloomy,

high costs etc..

not sure how to continue on for commoners


Anonymous said...

We are living in a ever changing world. Everything is moving, changing, either rising and developing or declining and dying away.

So do not think that the PAP government will be there forever and ever.

You cannot just rule people in the climate of fear for a long time. Economic well-being, is not the only thing that matters in life.

The PAP cannot go on suppressing it's political opponents by unfair means.

The younger generation is not as compliant as the older generation.

It has nothing to do what was or used to be the policy back then. It is all about what it holds for the future.

Be prepared for change, because when it comes it will be in leaps and bounds.


Anonymous said...

Why few bloggers praise the S'pore gov (Ruling party). It is because people know this is a hypocritical gov. They are the self-interest rather than compassion lots. They like to claim that we are the 1st class nation and yet treat the citizenry like the 3rd class nation.

pugdragon said...

Anonymous 12:10pm, c'mon. Chill. Can't you see that the author's really writing a sacarstic article & not really pro-sg-gov? Singapore leaders will only embrace democracy if we support & defend their system. Which means Singapore leaders love burger king: Have it THEIR way.

What's really happening (imho) is Singapore took the right initial steps. Build flats, create jobs.

Then they got greedy. Singapore's got one of the largest budget surplus in the world, & they're not gonna use it to reward us or help us tide over bad times. Instead, they drain more outta us, wanting more.

Not to mention that they chucked the old citizens aside who once took hard jobs with meager pay that led to Singapore's current prosperity & advancement.

This is exactly like the time when The Rock was the people's champion, then he turned his back on the people by joining Vince MacMahon's Corporation.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky is back to his satirical best again after so many weeks.
We all really miss that

soojenn said...

"If Chee wants protests to be allowed everywhere in Singapore, he should really do the opposite of what he has been doing."

Ha ha ha. Lucky.. you are good. If only CSJ would open hi mind to listen to you. That will be the day.

We should give praise where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

By Fang Zhi Yuan, Chief Editor

In a speech made yesterday at Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Singapore, PM Lee said that a human rights commission and independent elections department are not priorities for Singapore, the prime minister said Friday.

He said whether Singaporeans have jobs, security and a future are more important than the number of commissions in the country.

While liberals and human rights advocates like us will cringe at his shallow remarks, it is unfortunate that many of our brethen subscribe to PM Lee’s beliefs.

For over 4 decades, public discourse has been tightly controlled and dominated by the ruling party PAP and the state media.

The concept of “human rights” has been corrupted by them to become narrow, selfish individual rights often at the expense of the stability and security of the nation.

The role of human rights fighters and advocates has been denigated to that of provocateurs out to create trouble to disrupt the social fabric of the nation.

The PAP has always argued for the need to “suppress” and even “suspend” the rights of citizens in order to preserve the hard won peace enjoyed by the fledging nation state and to a certain extent, Singaporeans by and large are convinced by them.

For our parents generation who grow up knowing no Prime Minister other than Lee Kuan Yew, human rights is a Western notion not compatible with a Confucian society like ours which prides itself on social fairness, justice and solidarity.

The very mention of the word “human rights” will raise the spectre of protests, rallies and riots in their minds which will immediately send a chill down their primate spines.

The continuous perverse corruption of the truth about human rights is necessary in order for the PAP to maintain their political hegemony.

What is the truth ?

Human rights is about jobs, security and a future.

Without basic human rights, Singaporeans will forever be at the mercy of the ruling elite and executive who has the overwhelming power to dictate not only how they lead their lives, but their future offspring as well.

When DBS decided to cut 900 jobs without warning, the retrenched workers are left with no other forms of recourse to seek justice because they do not have the right to protest against its decision.

In spite of a security lapse which leads to the escape of JI terrorist Mas Selamat, the top personnel involved are still in charge of the nation’s security apparatus. Singaporeans have no right to demand for their removal.

Singaporeans from the lower-income group face a bleak future with their CPFs tied up in housing loans because they have no right to decide how the government uses their CPF monies.

As long Singaporeans do not wake up from their deep slumber that they have traded their human rights for the right of the PAP to rule, we will never be the real owners of this nation we are born in.

We have become a nation of digits, a figure on the census, a contribution to our GDP to be used to adjust the pay of our leaders and a human machine to be replaced by a foreign “talent” or “thrash” when our usefulness have been outlived.

40 years later, the PAP continues to corrupt the ideals of human rights in order to save its own skin.

Young Singaporeans who are concerned about their jobs, livelihoods and future must pay more attention to their rights as citizens of Singapore.

Without human rights, we will never have political or economic rights. Instead of waiting for the PAP to throw us crumbs of “rights” which should be rightfully ours, why not fight for it and demand an equal share of what we truly deserve ?