Friday, December 05, 2008

Penang Style Transparency....

Well Singaporeans can't know what is happening to their reserves - why? Plenty of reasons lah...some of which cannot tell you (even the reasons not transparent). Singaporeans can't know the EMA formula for setting electricity tariffs - cut 24% still among the highest in the world....formula is secret cannot tell you. HDB cost of building? Secret. Secret, secret, secret...not just secretive but the govt is ready to presecute any public servants giving information regardless of whether it is in the interests of citizens whom they are suppose to work for.

Penang voted for the Opposition in the last elections. Now what kind of information do they get? Here's an interesting piece of info posted in Jeff Ooi's blog. It shows the cost of a study trip the Penang govt made to S. Korea:

They spent RM$32K ($14K) on the 5 day trip which had a contigent of 52...10 ministers/civil servants + 42 private sector reps. Now that is less than S$300 per person for the trip. Assuming the 42 private sector fellers paid their own way - the cost for each member of govt is $1.4K. Boy that is cost effective govt - flying economy class, not staying in 5 star hotels. I wonder if $14K is enough for a single minister in Singapore for such a trip .....I guess I'll never know because it is a state secret.


Anonymous said...

i think if singapore and msia continue on their paths of democracy, i'll predict that in 10 years' time, msia will overtake us in gdp per capita.

*gloom gloom

Onlooker said...

You mean they have Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) UK or US version there in Malaysia?
Wow that mean they more advance than us now liao.Because they know got database can check one.
The millionaires government say "need to take >>>>56<<<<< man years to produce a dollar-and-cents value of the immovable assets" to President Ong when he want to access information regarding Singapore's financial reserves(ie our CPF leh).
And regarding MSK, They still haven't found what they are looking for.
How "efficient(sac)".Gee aren't we glad we spend so much money on these Elite.

Jim said...

You are already getting a bargain for the super talented minster who could have earned 5 times more in the private sector. Given the huge sacrifice he made for Singaporeans, surely it is not right to deprive him of his material comforts?

Anonymous said...

You are not comparing apples to apples. In Penang, they are people representatives, of course they must be accountable to the people for the money they spend.

In Singapore, we have royalty mandated by heaven to rule the peasants. You don't expect Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to fly economy and stay in 3-star hotels do you? So you shouldn't expect Singapore royalty to do the same.

Alan Wong said...

It has just been revealed recently in the Taiwanese press that the following should have been classisfied as state secrets according to corrupt ex-Taiwan president Chen Shui Bian :-

1) Chen Shui Bian used his Air Force One to transport a total of US$30Million in cash during an official trip to Palau.

2) Chen Shui Bian's family received NT$1B (S$50M) just by merging some of the major financial banks in Taiwan.

3) Chen Shui Bian's family had wired overseas some NT$2B(S$100M)through money laundering agents and the figure is still climbing.

I just wondered whether our First Family ever have any state secrets.

Anonymous said...

If you know people in the grassroots, you'd know that some of your RC $ goes to "rewarding volunteers" with overseas "study" trips and branded goods. Why must be secret and cannot bring to light? Shameful to reward volunteers?