Friday, January 16, 2009

Another insane act...

Gee I guess it is the sign of the times. You cannot set an MP on fire even if you're crazy. ...and you cannot tell MM Lee that you love him by writing on the wall of parliament house. This time the act was committed by another unemployed man - a certain Mr. Koh Chan Meng. I wonder if they become insane before or after they become unemployed. Not sure if this feller is an ex-taxi driver.

It was reported that they sent this person for a psychiatric assessment - I say save the money lah. Anyone crazy enough to vandalise the parliament house has to be out of his mind.
IT WAS not the first time Koh Chan Meng had defaced a wall at Parliament House. . Yesterday, the court heard how prior to being caught red-handed scribbling :“Hi, Harry Lee I love you” on Wednesday, he had allegedly written on it twice before. . The unemployed 47-year-old was slapped with three counts of vandalism, and accused of scribbling on the wall outside Parliament House at North Bridge Road twice on Tuesday and once on Wednesday. . He allegedly wrote :“Go sue me Lee Kuan Yew Go Gavin Son” at about 1.50pm on Tuesday. Later, at 6.35pm, he wrote :“Shammugan can you play your own orgams”. . The following day, at 1.30pm, he wrote :“Hi Harry Lee I love you” and was detained by Cisco guards. . In reply to queries from Today as to why Mr Koh was :not spotted by Parliament guards during the two incidents on the first day, and — since there was a security camera at the spot — if the police had already been alerted to the incident and were already in the process of investigating when he was caught, a police spokesman said it was inappropriate to comment as the matter was now in court. . Mr Koh has been remanded for a psychiatric assessment and will return to court on Jan 29. If convicted, he faces a fine of up to $2,000 and a jail term of up to three years for each charge. He also faces at least three strokes of the cane. ANSLEY NG


Anonymous said...

Let me suggest this to Mr Koh:

When you come out in three years' time and that old fart is still around, try a "Smouldering Seng" on him

Otherwise, pee on that old fart's grave and write "Mr Harry Lee, I love you" on the epitaph

Anonymous said...

everyone knows nobody actually loves him for what he did, holding on to his "power", taking away our rights to question, to fight for what is right. he may think that since nobody really loves him, might as well instil fear, securing his "integrity" thru legal means. so peasants like us who are poor, without means to countersue, is doomed to fear him as long as he lives. But fear not, like us, he is just a mortal.

Onlooker said...

Noticed that these are the peoples who are the most vulnerable in society.
In most society (with GST) there are at least universal health care in place for their citizen.And while they have higher cost of living.The poor and destitute there were taken care by social workers who are paid to care for them. The youth there might not like the higher cost of living but most will return when they do not have the ability to support themselves.
As for LKK, no one will remember him for anything good even with his autobiography.As for those who love the "speaker of brutal truth", they will find another (powerful and dictatorial person) to worship and carry ball for.
The action taken now is too little and too late.
And isn't the abolishing of estate tax which the rich can still live comfortably after paying it an entitlement mentality?
or perhaps it is the accounting of the assets involved that is most intriguing.
Because no one can gather such a huge amount of asset simply through a law firm.

Anonymous said...

fuck the pap

Anonymous said...

Mr.Harry Lee,most singaporeans would like you to retire now.At 85 and still earning huge obscene salary as a public servant,will definitely incur the wrath and envy of the citizens. Your monthly salary can keep quite a number of people employed.Many of us in our 40s and 50s,are jobless. We have mouths to feed and bills to pay,whereas your wife and children are already multi-millionaires. No need to worry, your PM son will surely be able to govern Singapore well.So please just retire gracefully and enjoy the fruits of your labour before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

( this is my private comment,
so you need not post it )

I think your mention of CISCO should be CERTIS.
I remember reading somewhere that CISCO USA claimed sole usage over the name CISCO.
For the "CERTIS Cisco" that we still see, I believe the "Cisco" will be dropped eventually.
Hope I am not incorrect...

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I won't mind having Harry Lee on the payroll if he was of any use.

Look at him recently... all he does is spout either pathetic observations that even 3 year olds know or simply fart through his mouth with the most ridiculous bollocks said on Earth.

His existence is a liability to Singaporeans. How to tell the world we are moving forward if we are still mentored by this old dinosaur?!

Yes, I love Harry Lee ... to die earlier.

Anonymous said...

Give the old man his dues. Holding on to power through proxies is the only thing that keeps him going and he deserves the fruits of his lifelong labour. Let him enjoy what is left of the legacies he eventually will leave behind. After that, God only knows what will happen to Singapore. Nothing is permanent, and nothing is important after death. Dust to dust. Amen.

Anonymous said...

the 85yr old man cannot step down because pap know many people worship him after yrs of brainwashing thru the education system.

the day he step down, pinky, woody etc have to stand based on their own accomplishment which is equal zero.

so he will be in the elections until he die. even so, im sure the pap would love to secretly replace him with a clone. or embalm him & continue to put him up for elections as if he was alive.

Shea Kang said...

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.

Shea Kang said...

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. Thanks for sharing you knowledge :)