Friday, January 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS : Family wins lawsuit!!

Why must there be a lawsuit in the first place?!

Jan 16, 2009, The Straits Times
Breaking News
Family wins suit
By Selina Lum

THE parents of a former full-time national serviceman, comatose for more than three years after an incident in camp, have won their lawsuit against the Defence Ministry. The High Court decision paves the way for the family of Jeremy Tan, now 26, to seek disability compensation and medical benefits from Mindef. On Aug 3, 2005, Mr Tan, then a corporal rostered as duty storeman at Seletar East Camp, was found unconscious at the foot of a building where his bunk was located on the third-level. The ministry classified Mr Tan's injuries as non-service related and stopped paying for his medical treatment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital from March 2007. But Justice Tay Yong Kwang ruled at the end of a four-day hearing that Mr Tan's injuries were 'attributable to service' and he was therefore entitled to a payout. The case hinged on the interpretation of a provision in the Singapore Armed Forces (Pensions) Regulations, which provides for payouts to disabled servicemen. Lawyer Lau Teik Soon, acting for Mr Tan's parents, argued that when he was found with injuries at 6pm, Mr Tan's tour of duty had not ended. But government lawyers argued that even though Mr Tan was performing his national service, he was not doing anything related to his duty at the time. He was not at his place of duty and was last seen resting in his bunk. But Justice Tay said that the words 'attributable to service' can cover injuries caused while a serviceman is on standby duty and was not doing any particular work.


Anonymous said...

GREAT, there is justice after all.

Anonymous said...

A snap election is coming, since there is so much good news - the Minibond settlement and now this. More goodies in the coming budget.

Hey, a most likely date is Mar 09 during the school break.

You know PAP strategy, very brilliant in psycho one.

xNSman said...

The fact that the family has to resort to a law suit to get Mindef to be responsible shows much the State loves its NSmen. This family could afford the lawyers to take up the lawsuit, what about the poorer family?? Thank you MINDEF!!!

Elections coming??? State want to show their compassion?

Anonymous said...

Their PR has taken a beating eversince Mas Selamat's debacle. So now is damage control before announcing an election. This New Year's budget will be the best sweetener I bet.

Anonymous said...

No No no,

There is no kangaroo court here ok?

The law is independant of PAP or any upcoming elections.

Understand Children.

Mt fave song - it's too late to apologise, too late......

The damage is done when the family HAD to file a suit in the first place - bloody shit - conscript, and still want to avoid liabilty - bloody shit@!

Onlooker said...

There is hope yet.Even with job security on rocky ground. It's heartening to know that at least for one storeman there is reprieve and his family is not paying for the neglect and authoritarianism of a system which purpose is to churn out compliant PAPers.
And now for the others who have suffered and covered up the incidents for fear of implication to your own family.
Be it 1206(wrong on purpose for loss of a "!really important" item which could be lost by someone else) or getting confinement/ weekend sai kang just because your obicer/spec do not like you or really like your GF a lot.And not to mention those EXTRA training to "Toughen U up" that will not see the light of public because some of these are actually illegal but condone in the service because of issues.
Wouldn't it be better if you had told someone or blogged something about it.
For Example.
@anon :- Kenna Weekend sai kang because fail one station on ST BJ ah beng and ah seng kenna too.Will not come home for soup on sat. :(
@anon mon:- Why sayang?
@anon :- because fail ippt = less performance = promotion stalled.
@anon mom :- get promotion can go for those peace keeping duties last time ah Wong go timor like that mah.
@ anon :- mom they are siao (promotion) on not kee siao one want to die in a war zone when they could just score promotion through training performance.
@anon :- and no promotion = no cushy $$$Miilion$$$ peanut job but must settle for security guard job.the ultimate sai kang.
@anon mom:- what to do let move on.

Anonymous said...

The case shouldn't have come to court in the first place.
MINDEF should have done what is RIGHT. Now people's impression of
this govt have dropped a few notches down the already downward