Wednesday, January 21, 2009

COE Price Collapse...ahead of CNY

Just a sign of the times.

A Car (1600cc & below) &Taxi $2,693 vs $5000 (last month)
B Car (Above 1600 cc) $200 vs $3089
C Goods Vehicle & Bus $2,900 vs $3500
D Motorcycle $900 vs $1000
E Open $3,000 vs $5701.

There has been a demand collapse and talking to friends from various industries, I gather that the economy has can be described has having fallen off the cliff...or had a heart attack. I'll give my thoughts on the economy tomorrow.


a kind of chicken said...

general comment not related to this specific post.

most of the time, you speak of the govt as though they are fools intent on building reserves and boosting GDP when it hurts the country.

perhaps they are not fools. After all, they are politicians and ultimately, making everyone angry at them will hurt their own interest.

Maybe a lot of them have large share holdings in glc's and other singapore companies. Hence they write the policies so that it benefits these companies.

This is just a hypothesis. But maybe it will be a fruitful line of inquiry?

Anonymous said...

i am aware that u may be fully aware of such a hypothesis but choose not to emphasise it because it is not..... well u know.

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing called arrogant and it happens all the time,all the places to all the great men/ladies.

If everything is so sensible,then we wouldnt hv history books to read and learn.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, no matter what, Singapore will be peaceful. There are still traffic jams, the buses and MRT are still packed, people still eat at foodcourts, kopitiams and restaurants. There are also no protests except those from SDP.

Now, when it is as peaceful as before, what is there to worry?

Maybe the MPs just have to stay back a bit late to hndle the longer queues at their MPS. Aiya, just once a week only what, and if not free just ask the grassroot leaders to stand in. And collect handsome 5 figure allowance every month.

Anonymous said...