Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year and the 1st PAP gift arrives!

Happy New Year.

We all heard the reassuring words of our PM who said yesterday there will be help for those in need in 2009. Coming from someone who said that the GST hike was meant to help the poor we all know what to expect in times of trouble. In fact the 1st gift from the PAP has arrived today. It is a gift for the most needy Singaporeans - those who are sick. Today means testing will be implemented at all govt hospitals.

I have pointed out that it is interesting how the govt can means test you without taking into consideration what your final medical bill is. If you examine the means testing criteria it is based on income OR housing. So if you lost your income due to retrenchments, they can disqualify you from affordable care because of where you stay. Just to get an idea what medical bills are like these days, you just have to look at the case of the pregnant maid who had a pre-matured baby who was treated in one of our govt hospitals - the total bill was $67,000 for a 27 day stay at hospital. Well, you might think that for Singaporeans the medical insurance takes care of that....that is a misconception. Our system does not take care of newborns with congenital health problems or are simply born pre-mature. A baby born 2-3 months pre-mature can result in a bill of $100K-250K and this is not covered by insurance. But this is one of the cracks in our system - insurance with its payment limits, types of treatment etc will mean more people falling through the cracks. Also, many people will be uninsured because they are too old, have pre-existing conditions, have no income etc. Just look at what happened to the US system which was based on insurance.

What has been driving up medical costs? Last year hundreds of thousands of foreigners came to Singapore for medical treatment because Singapore has been marketed as a medical hub to the rich in the Middle East and around the region. That strained our capacity and drove the cost of medical care up. The PAP's solution of this problem is to make Singaporeans pay more when they are sick.

So this is the 1st gift from the PAP govt in 2009 and it is to those who will get sick in 2009. How's that for a great compassionate start to 2009....


Anonymous said...

I am an insurance agent and have been trying to get the people i know to at least insure themselves with my company's medishield.

I've tried to explain to them that in the short term, official policies are unlikely to change and that getting a shield is the lesser of 2 evils, as compared to a huge bill in the event of hospitalisation.

While some have taken my advice, many remain oblivious to the spiralling medical costs and instead baulk at insurance costs.

I'm not a staunch supporter of the current medical system in Sg but I sincerely hope the general public can be educated about the need to get some basic and affordable insurance coverage.


Anonymous said...

Little Lee and "Compassion" Khaw will be so remembered for this poorly timed 落井下石 act.

Anonymous said...

this site shld be renamed to...

..daily of a singaporean whacking the govrment


Anonymous said...

No lah,daily of a S'proean trying to find the truth,in addition to 154th going 188th,hahaha.

Masochist said...

To the Men-In-White,

Is this first salvo of 2009 your best shot?

Awww....that's wimpy!

You can do better than coming up with just means testing.

Come on,dish out more lousy policies.

Let us feel MORE pain.

Sweet lovely pain.


Let every single person in this little island be so blessed to feel your sweet "love".

Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you PM Lee and your merry men!
Mean testing has failed in countries where it has been implemented earlier. It's now considered obsolete.Don't understand why our "smart Alex" khaw would want it for singapore.
Guess it's his 1st gift to the govt.and score a point above his other million$$$ colleagues!

Anonymous said...

I love the gift of PAP ! Please introduce one new gift everyday. The people of Singapore will love to accept those gift which they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

S'poreans deserve the PAP govt.

As for those who voted otherwise, live with it or ship out.

Clear eyed said...

Thank you PAP for this very thoughtful gift of means testing. I've always believed that all your policies are for the good of Singaporeans and means testing is no exception. It is to force Singaporeans to take care of our health. And you know that we understand the language of $$$ best. I am so grateful to you for your tough love. And I will express my gratitude to you at the next election, whenever it may be, and if I'm given the chance to vote.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what was last year's Xmas gift. if they had forgotten, i've no doubt that they will make up for it real quick.

Anonymous said...

Where's the "Golden period", Mr Lee?

Why a sudden dark mood on New Year Day, Mr (cannot-make-it) Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

this year gift will be ... mee siam got harm. lol

LuckySingaporean said...

Don't worry about gifts lah - besides the predictable CPF cuts....many more gifts will come.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

If u had sold when PAP declared "Golden Era" and bought when they announced that the "Great Depression II" was near, you would have done well.

Lets all await eagerly for the next big gift/tip :-)

Kirk said...

I think the battle is hard. Singaporeans are so kiasu they accept all kinds of gifts easily, and that includes a 1st class govt who will bring us a swiss style lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Like any commercial entity, Singapore Inc constantly strives to improve its bottom-line.

What better way to do that than transfer liabilities to a third-party (You)?

So long as they can convince 66% that these changes will not affect them and that it's someone else's problem, they can pretty much do anything they want.

Anonymous said...

I think their "gift" will have "long-term outlook" kind of strings attached to it. They will ask you to wait like 30 years or when you reach 83....

When was the last time your CPF cut got improved since they cut it?

This (Sub)Prime Minister brought in the Lehman Bonds during 2003-2007 to create havoc. Now he declared "GREAT DEPRESSION" in 2009!!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I remember in 2006 election, when the idea of means testing first floated and kena whacked by all, Khaw then dropped the idea and said something to the effect that there is no urgent need for means testing. Now into mid term before the next election, PAP thought it is now time to do so, and when 2011 election comes, people will forget about the pain.

AlphavilleSG said...

I remember Steve Chia was argueing against the water tax levied on fresh water consumed, instead since it being a resource that no one can do without, capped it with an allowance, for e.g. like income tax bracketing.

Nice suggestion right... You guess it the brilliant PAP govt. rejected it.

Anonymous said...

i am just wondering when these "brilliant" people will concede to the fact that they did worse damages( in terms of scale) to people's lives than all the pimps assembled.

someone should calculate the nett effects of misguided vision on a global level. the social costs/crimes/wars generated as a result of wealth creation by these elites is far far greater than all the crimes committed by people they put to the gallows.

Anonymous said...

new year leh! Don't argue. Listen to nice song, ok? ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Noose for the new year. The rule of laws tightens around your Noose.LOL.

Volunteers for TKL said...

Hope you are okay with us publishing your article at our petition site.

LuckySingaporean said...

Volunteers for TKL,

No problem. It is intended that all articles here are open source and can be used by anyone.

Anonymous said...

the pimps don't churn out prostitutes. it is political reform(not just the dragon state) that pushed/lured/baited/stumbled tens of millions of women into prostitutions.

all because the big dragon was foolish to have followed the little dragon vision.

c'mon, where are your pride as women?

you sold your soul, ms kangaroo.

Volunteers for TKL said...


Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

"No problem. It is intended that all articles here are open source and can be used by anyone."

Lucky Tan,
your post is open-sourced but it is GPL or LGPL or Apache 2.0 license ?

After modifying your post, do I need to contribute back to you for greater good ?

Anonymous said...

To help us with the trafic conditions, you implemented ERP and increased the charges subsequently when more help was needed.

To help the poor, you implemented GST and increased the charges subsequently when more help was needed.

To help us with the crowded buses and trains conditions, you increased the fees.

To help us to put a roof over our heads, you provide us with expensive housing with 30 years loans.

To help us the poor with electricity bills, you implemented pay as you use (PAYU) metering scheme.

To help us with safety, you housed the most dangerous terrorist in Singapore in a lame site who eventually escaped.

To help us to boost tourism, you extend the ride by up to 6 hours for 173 persons in our latest Singapore icon - Singapore flyer. And they get a free "bungy jump" thereafter.

To help us with our conservancy charges, the town councils collected a huge sinking fund and invested in risky minibonds and lost up to 16 millions.

To help to create more jobs, you allowed more FT to work in Singapore.

To help Singapore as a whole, you increase the meansters pay but still Singapore is the 1st country in the region to slip into recession.

Thank you. but please please please do not help us anymore.

Anonymous said...

These blood sucking elites will continue to suck out even the last drop of blood from those old and sick singaporeans. Just imagine if one is old and unable to pay up the premiums for their medishield coverage anymore, then what should they do then when they fall sick? Are these old folks supposed to commit suicide or just leave them to die on their own? This is what can happen to a country and its people when it is governed by a bunch of those greedy and heartless people.

Anonymous said...

I pray to the day when I can witness to see the curse of these heartless people and their family members will come to no end. They are just animals.

Anonymous said...

That is why their party called PAP ie. Pay And Pay !! Man-in-the-street have to pay and pay, pay and pay, ... !