Monday, January 12, 2009

Insane act, insane attacker...

Another Update : Someone suggested in the comments that since MP Seng has met the man who asked him to exorcise ghosts, it has to be known to MP Seng that the man is mad and needs treatment....the man ought to be institutionalised because it is obvious he poses a danger to himself and his neighbors. I have to say this is against the principles of the PAP govt. Giving the insane free lodging, food and treatment will result in an entitlement mentality....everyone should work to support themselves for as long as they can breathe even those who are insane.
“The matter of what the reason is and whatever condition the person is in — that is no reason to commit such a crime against anyone, not just an MP. This is a very serious offence, when a person prepares and brings flammable material and goes and burns another person, regardless of whether the victim is an MP or not.” - Minister Wong K.S.
"But Sir, the law was changed so that people can be jailed for 20 years if they attack MP. If an ordinary person is attacked, the punishment is not the same" - Lucky Tan

MP Seng Han Thong was the unfortunate victim of a vicious attack by one of his constituents. This is the second time he has been attacked while performing his duty as an MP.

I would like to wish MP Seng Han Thong a speedy recovery. As I understand the attacker was not of sound mind and has been to IMH for treatment hence it is possible he was honestly unable to tell right from wrong and was not in full control of his own mind. I heard on the news the attacker who is already 70 years old can be jailed for life. From the news reports about his mental condition, he appears to be suffering from schizophrenia. Anyone with such a condition cannot possibly be responsible for his actions. The insanity defense can be applied - but this is not a normal crime is a horrendous attack on an MP. So does the insanity defense apply regardless of whether the victim is an MP? Because the victim is an MP, a different punishment can be imposed on the attacker if he is found guilty. Burning an MP is not the same as burning an ordinary Singaporean...and that to many is a burning issue.


Ghost said...

Are you kidding? He tried to set fire to a MP! I don't care what he is suffering from, he'll be lucky not to get the death penalty.

oldhorse42 said...

I suppose he is happy to get a death sentence. That will end his misery. What is the point of living? May be this is what he hoped for when he chose to attach an MP knowing that the punishment will be more severe.

Anonymous said...

The 20 years jail punishment for assaulting an MP reminds me of the book "Animal Farm" where the farm animals' initial chant was:

"4 legs good, 2 legs bad"

That was because all the animals hated the farmer.

After the pig took over the farm, it learned to walk just like a human. Then he changed their chant to

"4 legs good, 2 legs BETTER"

All animals are equal, but some are MORE EQUAL than others.

Read about Squealer, the Pig, in the link below nd see if you can find and similarities.

good noose said...

mp said...there is no need to resort to violence.

does it mean he is a freed man now? lol.

Onlooker said...

Why do senior citizens(SC) hate Seng han tong(Ang mo kio GRC again)?
This may be the real sentiments on the ground after they(SC) realized that all their effort to build Singapore up(while it is not that prosperous and still dependent on malaysia for water).
opinion:- Finding out that he(a SC) is not eligible for a measly Ang bao which could be where his next meal came from not to mention the rising inflating (>monkey peanuts< ego and price).
Lets look it another way then.
Who allowed the massive migrant workers influx(who were exploited here by the way) and they were also forced to forage for recyclable to feed themselves (they fish in canal too) and compete with less fortunate senior citizens(sometimes even taking the recyclable the SCs have collected).

Alternative view point:-
Perhaps for that "insane" attacker's life sentence might even be the best option(for him).At least he do not have to worry about where his next meal might came from.
They do feed prisoners in prison.

Oh by the way:-/ Encouraging Senior citizens to spend?
What about the FTs? why aren't they spending to boost our economy(perhaps they need to send the money home)?

Lesson Note:- It's better to err in giving the Ang Bao to someone (not eligible) than to kenna someone's pent up wrath.

Anonymous said...

Mr Oldhorse42,

U said he is happy to get a death sentence? If so, who will be the next lucky guys to get the two kidneys, two eyes and especially the brain.... haha

Anonymous said...

The attacker is 70 years old and already not in sound mind. Any jail sentence is likely to be a "life" sentence, since he might not survive long enough to walk out of jail.

Does it sound fishy that Seng Han Tong was attacked twice? And both times by former cabbies?

Is there something that we are not aware of?

Anonymous said...

20 years in jail with free lodging and meals for a 70 years old (no caning expected i guess?) is a much better deal than the cpf longevity
scheme...ha we might have a wise old man here.

Anonymous said...

i think we need to examine our pathetic skeleton of "social welfare" system.

here is a man who is clearly of an unsound mind. AND his mp was aware of it. instead of ensuring that he received proper medical treatment, he sent grassroot leaders to his house to "play doc".

what is the system in singapore to ensure that the mentally unsound would receive medical treatment?

with singapore being so caught up in rat race and impending economic gloom, there just might be some pple who wld do something similar.

Anonymous said...

Why just an MP? PM, MM, SM lagi better

AlphavilleSG said...

Remember the case of a doctor who was assaulted in a hawker centre for no reason, his mouth bloodied, lost a few tooth, while the police can't do anything about the madcap Bruce Lee even though he was seen strolling about, why? Because it is not a seizable offense

Police was helpful too, advise him to go queue up at the magistrate office tomorrow (since pass office hrs) to apply for a warrant for arrest.

the con said...

"Lianhe Wanbao reports that the elderly attacker started looking up the MP three years ago, complaining about ghosts in his flat.

The MP even arranged for some grassroots leaders to visit Ah-Ong to reassure the resident that his flat was safe."

should have called the "real ghost busters"

but then, they are too busy collecting offerings on sunday to finance their "successful lifestyle" lol

one wonders whether the "ghost busting" doctrine works or not. :)

if it works, i am sure our gods in parliament house will be happy to set up a shrine in the name of their god.

heck, free ads to promote their services for a whole year in our national papers for a year somemore. lol.

so how about it? lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is a dangerous man, regardless of his mental state, just like terrorist. Lock him away but just make sure he does not jump out of a newly renovated toilet with a huge window without a grill and toilet paper of the floor outside to cushion his jump and then declare that he poses no immediate threat to the people.

8:57 AM

Anonymous said...

When I saw that Shortie Wong Kan Seng speaking english in pieces (ji de ji de) to the press, I have an urge to burn his tiny ku ku cheow.

He's still sitting on the fat million salary cushion, eh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Shorty Wong is just like that Ah Pek - both are haunted by ghosts.

Especially true if everyone greets Shorty Wong with the phrase below:

"Good day, sir. What is the progress on Mas Selamat's case?"

Anonymous said...

MP Seng only has himself to blame.
If he had indeed known that the attacker was unstable, as MP he should have arranged for the old man (so poor that he was apparently evicted from his hdb flat) to get proper medical help.

What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Seng should just bite the bullet and move on.

WKS should concentrate his efforts on catching escaped terrorists instead of charging 70 yr old man and peaceful demonstrators and oppositionists.

The AG and CJ should look into prosecuting white collar crimes, corporate frauds, and mis-selling of toxic financial products instead of getting all puffed up over their own soddy "reputation".

Ghost said...

This is why they say that the internet is a surreal world. Seng Han Tong was set on fire by a crazy man, and most of the people seem to be siding with the crazy idiot. If this happen to me and someone set fire to me, I want the book to be thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

Attacked by terrorists, by mad man or caught in a niteclub fire, these incidents are called bad luck.

Seng Han Thong is considered lucky. Still alive, still can see and with only 10-15% burns and assured of the best treatment. Although may be out of action for weeks or months but still has his 5 figure allowance every month.

Anonymous said...

To Ghost

> If this happen to me and someone set fire to me, I want the book to be thrown at him. <

The old man, Ong Kah Chua, is being trialled and will face punishment for his act. No doubt about that.

But whether the people will feel sympathetic towards MP Seng very much depends on how they perceive him, his performance and what he represents.

Chinese saying : Justice exists in the hearts of the people.

Anonymous said...

The attacker must have watched the movie Punisher, and now perceive as hero. If the attacker is unsound, how is it that he only attack the MP but not others ? It is still better to do something good for society and persecute in honour than to jump in MRT disrupting service if life come to a end for him. At least now the MPs are terrified whether they are next target.

Anonymous said...

Unsound ? Isn't this been said of Dr Chee by the emperor ? How credible is the ShittyTimes ?

Anonymous said...

The lyrics of this song is very applicable to this incident.


Note pun on assailant's name Ong Kah Chua.

"Kah Chua" in hokkien is cockroach and is repeatedly referred to in the chorus.

Anonymous said...

lesson: the poor man's justice is....crime( to his oppressor)

Anonymous said...

Its an Honest mistake...lets move on!!!what to do...burn least the man has balls...finally someone in sg has balls...respect!!

oldhorse42 said...

The MP was slapped before he was burned. The person who slapped the MP was an ex cabby. The person who burned the MP is also an ex cabby. Coincidence or there are more to it? The MP is an advisor to the taxi drivers association.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i hope some singaporean table tennus sportsman/woman can burn Lee Bee Hwa (wayang advisor to tennis assoca). Her turn to burn at the stake is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

the press will try all ways and means to potray him as crazy. else it will seem like people are starting to get damn pissed with their policies & retaliating.

even if he is truly crazy, why did he go crazy? did the hdb taking back his home got to do with it? the pap cannot pretend that this is a freak incident. its the environment that creates people.

Anonymous said...

The PAP MP probably is squirreling away the Town Council excess fund to the "Sinking Fund", ready for investment in Lehman.

This money won't EVER go to benefit residents like Ong Kah Chua. The PAP MP rather prefers his home foreclosed.

yamizi said...

I hope they don't cane the attacker. It's very painful. Given his age, I doubt he can make it for the pain.

Anonymous said...

i believe he is having pork chop in prison now.

Dog said...

If there are more Cockroach Kings this could well become a better place to live in. But of course it is better to throw faeces instead.

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