Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NS Man collapsed in camp in his uniform....

"Since Mindef's payments ceased in February 2007, his parents have chalked up outstanding hospital bills totalling $133,000 " - Today 13 Jan 2008.
Somehow MINDEF is not responsible.

This reminds me of the issue of insurance for NS men. When I served my NS, I bought some medical insurance and group insurance in case something happened to me. My friend whose mother worked as a washer-woman earning less than a thousand a month said "no way" he would part with the money. The same goes for things like preventive medical care such as bloodtest etc. the PAP must be the only govt in world that expects poor people to starve themselves to finance things like insurance and medical checkups. The argument from the PAP is always the same they don't want to encourage "an entitlement mentality". The people who are entitled to free medical care and check ups are those who can afford it - the ministers and perm secs who spend $46,000 on cooking lessons.....I guess these people have so much money they won't develop an "entitlement mentality".

The Malaysians serve this 3 months chicken feed NS ...but I found out that the Malaysian govt is so paranoid it buys insurance for every one of its NS men for this 3 month period. They have alot to learn from the Singapore govt - they should save all this money ...why waste it on ordinary citizens who have to serve their NS by law anyway when they can use the money to send some of their elites for courses in Harvard.

I'll post my thoughts soon on PM Lee's recent speech where he said that Singaporeans should not get too much help from the govt because it will result in an entitlement mentality.

NSman found unconscious had apologised repeatedly, court told By Leong Wee Keat,

TODAY 13 January 2009 2327 hrs Jeremy Tan's father Tan Kian Lee (R) and mother Hor Hong Kiow (L) have chalked up outstanding hospital bills of S$133,000 for his treatment SINGAPORE: He had seemed "confused" when he returned to his bunk and, according to a platoon mate, Mr Jeremy Tan Chia Whee told them: "I do not know who I am." Twenty minutes after this, at about 6pm, Mr Tan - who was then a full-time national serviceman - was found unconscious on a grass patch outside the block of his third-level bunk at Seletar Camp. More than three years later, Mr Tan is still on the mend. Now 26, he is warded at the Tan Tock Seng Rehabilitation Centre, unable to move or speak, fully dependent on doctors and nurses for his daily needs. His parents are now suing the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) over compensation issues. Mindef has classified Mr Tan's injuries as non-service related injuries, which means he is only compensated on 80 per cent of his ward and meal charges. But Mr Tan's parents claim their son should be entitled to full compensation as he was on duty, and was wearing his army t-shirt, trousers and boots when found. There were apparently no witnesses to what had happened; medical reports said he suffered a head injury consistent with a fall from height. Mr Tan Kian Lee testified yesterday that his son was the duty storeman on Aug 3, 2005, and had been waiting for his replacement, holding on to the store keys when he was found. But Staff Sergeant Wan Chuan Seah - Mr Jeremy Tan's superior - said the general practice was that the duty storeman may return to rest at around 5pm, upon completing his tasks for the day. This was despite the stipulated duty hours for the duty storeman being from 8am to 6pm. Since Mindef's payments ceased in February 2007, his parents have chalked up outstanding hospital bills totalling $133,000 for his upkeep. Yesterday, mother Hor Hong Kiow told the court that manpower officer Linda Quek had told her she would appeal to Mindef to cover Mr Tan's medical fees, as his injuries had occurred in the course of duty. Madam Hor also claimed Major Quek had told her the Singapore Armed Forces would appeal on the family's behalf. Mr Jeremy Tan's sister, Jasmine, provided the court with a transcript of SMSes that he had sent to two servicemen, copied off his mobile phone. In one SMS, Mr Tan reportedly asked a serviceman what time he was coming back to the boat-shed. He also messaged another man, Sergeant Chew Zi Guo, with his apologies. State Counsel Shawn Ho said Sgt Chew, who also spoke to Mr Tan over the phone, would testify that he did not understand why Mr Tan said he blamed himself for everything, apologised repeatedly and cried. The hearing continues.


Anonymous said...

The peasants are a bunch of whiners and losers.

They should meekly accept their lot in life that they are inferior to those who can spend $46000 on French cooking courses.

Free health benefits are only for the elite. They are the chosen ones to live the dream of the 66.6% who voted for such a system.

yamizi said...

Another life ruined...

Anonymous said...

omg! he was forced to serve ns for the country, and the country can't even take care of his bills???

why so cheapo?

now we know why some pple with sons choose to emigrate.

Anonymous said...

We were conscript into NS but we die is our business.

Pains and grief are what the parent get when their son died during NS time. And noone is responsible for it. What recourse do we have?

Wonder what will happen if one of the MIW's son died?

Anonymous said...

The MP who was set on fire was not on duty during the incident, as he was having lunch after completing his duties in giving out goodies to residents. Hence he is should not be entitled to 100% medical coverage....

Onlooker said...

There are many more such cases that are under saran(tm) wraps. This is one of the few that got out into the public view.
Perhaps that the real reason why blogging/FB/Twit?socialsite not encouraged?

Note:- not accurate becos there are some really bo chap type who c first come first serve one.
But for the carry ball type
While(Pat see MOtor)
if White unicorn c 1st very important
else if Reg c than give MC usually 3 day++ esp if Reg can help the O with stuff
Else usually order are rank based but rec will always be call a keng regardless if the Dx is serious or not.To discourage them from voicing out their discomfort.

ie commoner = generic panadol/ponstan+antacid/LMS/antibiotic,
unicorn = Referral to Hospital with very bery good spec looking into their health issue and all those fees are paid by y_o.

Out of point:
Some White unicorn love to visit MOtor and chatting. == Commoners wait long long to see MOtor sometimes even worse see next day esp if the particular MOtor is the very carry ball type and unicorn want to siam something.

In this case ,NS are equal but white unicorn are more equaler.

Ashamed said...

"Entitlement mentality" - an approrpriate term but it refers not to the poor but to the ruling party politicians in Singapore. They think they are entitled to high pays, absolute power, etc etc whereas there should be absolute nothing for the poor as they need to be taught how to stand on their own two feets!

Anonymous said...

These are incidents that should wake up Singaporeans who have blind faith, loyalty and love for this country of theirs'.

It can be wasteful and COSTLY!


Anonymous said...

all middle class with sons out there - migrate now! Your children are worth nothing to this corporation who conscript your sons. Question - he was allowed to go to rest in his bunk at 5pm - could he walk out of the job and go home at 530pm?
And you refuse to pay for his bills when he fell ill while under your care, Ministry of Defence. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

If you don't agree, Singapore is run by Papers. We have Paper Govt, Paper Generals, Paper Justice System, Paper everything. Everything looks good on Paper and they praised themselves and say it is all because of them. In times of crisis, the blame game and finger pointing begins. They shrug it off and say move on, things happened unfortunately. That Singapore did well in the past was due to their efforts, but when Singapore starts going downhill, it was due to external factors.

I wonder what will happen should there be a real upheaval and everything sort of turns upside down in Singapore. Will they stood up to the test? I really have my doubts. seeing recent events happening and not seeing any real leadership being shown. Some of them are actually Paper clowns, mouthing lots of BS.

For the NS Man, all my sympathies with the family.

Dixon Lim said...

I was just wondering what will MINDEF do if the collapsed boy is PM Lee's son??

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, the boy collapsed in camp! How can Mindef deny responsibility??!!!

Anonymous said...

Mindef is very poor. But, one Ex BG could spend almost $20,000 to learn French cooking..

Lets be realistic, they wont help us. I think by now, almost more than 500,000 Singaporeans have served NS.

Lets us have our fellow NSman family. Lets us each contribute $1. Leave the govt and Mindef out. If we do not take care of our own kind, who would.

xNSman said...

All the rhetoric about appreciating the sacrifices of Singapore men is crap and full of bull. You want to trust the government, by all means, go ahead. Pray that nothing happens to you and don't expect the government to take care of you. NS started in the 70s and only in 2009 that they finally introduced an insurance scheme paid by taxpayers. Previously. you had to pay for it yourself. What a thoughtful government?

LuckySingaporean said...


Was there an insurance scheme for NS men introduced for 2009? I don't remember reading about it. Any ref?

yamizi said...

Only NTUC and Aviva was introduced and paid by our own allowances.

Have new insurance scheme that's paid by the authorities? Does it cover ICT/RT/IPPT as well?

The Void Deck said...

The new SAF don't-look-at-me-for-money-when-shit-happens insurance. Good move but it took them since 1965 to finally realise this. Heh

Anonymous said...

Sadly there is one law for the rich and powerful and one law for the rest of us. Look at how Tang Wee Sung dodged the kidney transplant waiting list. So much for transparancy.

xNSman said...

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is enhancing its insurance coverage scheme aimed at encouraging its employees and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) active servicemen to secure a minimum level of insurance protection for themselves. This initiative, which takes effect from 1 January 2009, will be extended to all MINDEF employees and SAF regulars who are 45 years old and below, and full-time National Servicemen (NSFs). The scheme will provide insurance protection against personal accidents in daily life.

This opt-out insurance coverage plan rides on the existing SAF Group Term Life insurance scheme, which has been available to SAF personnel since 1983. For a monthly premium of $12.80, MINDEF employees and SAF personnel who are eligible will be insured for a sum of $100,000, unless they opt out of the scheme. To help full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) pay for the monthly premium, all NSFs will receive a $20 increase in their monthly allowance from 1 January 2009 onwards.

xNSman said...

Link is:

Happee said...

I find it very sad that the country's system is such that it fails to provide for those who have been forcibly enlisted and sustained injuries within camp.
Certainly I don't think it is due to a lack of finances on our country's part, being able to subsidise the education of so many Chinese nationals who grace the campuses of our universities, as well as being to invest vast sums of money in foreign banks which have largely vaporized by now.

While I do not deny that the orderly and safe day to day living found in our country is commendable, I feel disappointment in the way citizens are treated.

I feel second class in my own country.

Anonymous said...

Only when dragon prince's son Horny Lee is in the army then they introduce this insurance scheme eh?
Scared Horny Lee breaks his precious Lan Jiao and need taxpayers to pay his hospitalization bill, izzit?

Taxpayers alredi paid his oversea school fees at MIT in US alredi.

During my time, the pathetic insurance coverage was paid from own pocket, right?

yamizi said...


in short, we still got to pay that insurance from our own pockets?

Anonymous said...

I think PM Lee should revoke the donation of his pay rise to the education sector.

Just pay up for this guy's medical fees, enough of bull shit already.

PM Lee and Teo Chee Hian. They should contribute their pay to this chap.

(elections must be around the corner with the interview with WKS and rah rah about PM donation....)

xNSman said...


"To help full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) pay for the monthly premium, all NSFs will receive a $20 increase in their monthly allowance from 1 January 2009 onwards."

I assume that the increase in monthly allowance would be enough to cover the monthly premiums. Government very good hor! NS start in 1970s and 2009 they finally offer this. See, how good there are!

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