Sunday, January 04, 2009

Protecting the integrity and independence of our courts...

Today's Sunday Times headline : LAW WON'T TOLERATE ATTACKS ON COURTS. [Link]

Singapore courts must be respected. Singaporeans must obey the law.

Anyone who raises questions about the courts is seen as attacking it as part of a broad conspiracy to undermine its integrity and independence and has to be prosecuted. The Western media is always attacking us and our system and they are trying to destroy the integrity and independence of our courts by questioning it.

The way to protect our courts and show the world that it is not bias is for our courts to unbiasly fine those that question it. A ruling by our courts that our courts are not bias reassures the citizens that our courts are completely unbias.
All these people who like to question our courts are driven by ideology and it is non-ideological to say that our courts must be respected and cannot be questioned.

Yes, the way to change the laws such as those preventing free speech, assembly, on censorship, etc that stops political alternatives from emerging and preventing them from winning elections is to get elected and change the laws in parliament. In short, change the laws that stop you from winning elections by winning elections - how's that for a smart idea. I wonder why Nelson Mandela, the respected leader that he is, never thought of that and organised so many protests.
As a Singaporean, I completely support what our AG and Chief Justice have said and I propose we go further. To bring up good citizens that respect the courts we should mandate that our students be taught that our courts are just in school and put that in the textbooks so that they grow up to be law abiding citizens and not someone like JBJ or CSJ. The truth should be taught in our schools and the truth is our courts are just....that can be the only truth. It must be a good thing for our students to obey the law and not question our courts....I recommend this video for you to further your understanding of the matter:

....and so it must be true that our courts are unbias and independent, I read it with my own eyes in the Straits Times!


Anonymous said...

When the QC in UK ruled against the Singapore court in the last decade, what did LKY do?
Set up his own court with the judges and the president being his Yes-men.

Anonymous said...

Kangaroos hiding behind the law, using it as a tool for their own agenda. Nothing new from this sillypore.

tokrot said...

Changing laws is like asking for the impossible( you have to be someone like AG but then, he too has to be approved for his appointment isn't it?)..:)

Try changing their salary to the common man's pay, can or not? hahahaaaa.

Anonymous said...

The Rule of Law is ONLY GOOD IF the LAW upholds and delivers JUSTICE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video.
I watched the fuller video - Democracy to Despotism.

and it is chilling.

Anonymous said...

When you have 50% walkovers, 66% mandate and 98% seats in Parliament, not just the courts and the law, be it billion dollar investments, million dollar salaries, policies and taxes, etc, everything also can. You see, the stakes are indeed very high, even though it is just a little red dot.

So if anybody aspires to be in the above enviable position, please form a political party to win 98% seats in the next elections.

Otherwise continue ranting in blogs to no avail.

AlphavilleSG said...

Ironically, it was Walter Woon who said Singapore does not have a constitution, when you have only 2 opposition members in parliament, the constitution (requiring 2/3 majority) can at any time be changed to suit every intended purpose of the PAP govt.

When the guiding principles for the creation of new laws is a blank sheet, where's the assurance that these laws are just and not self serving implements?


Anonymous said...

AS it is, the way K Shanmugan calling on Singaporeans to be in politic, get elected before working on changing the Law, is tantamount to declaring that the Singapore Government is the Law. Is Law defined as he implied?

Please pardon this commoner for asking the above questin, because I thought the Law is based very much on reasonabllity, fairness, equitability and commonsense.


Anonymous said...

patriot 2.33 pm

"Law is based very much on reasonabllity, fairness, equitability and commonsense."

Yes correct, but in the way the PAP sees it.

Eg What is fair and reasonable to you may not be so to me.

Hence if you want your way of reasonability and fairness, please win 98% of seats in elections.

Anonymous said...


I missed out on one very vital component to Law in my previous post.


Yours Truly: patriot

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous is it, that the only way to beat them is to join them, now why didn't Chee think of that, instead of sitting in the rain with placards?

When will ST reporters grow some balls or some integrity to question the issue at hand, ST reporters are all puppets, they put their profession to shame!

Anonymous said...

why not boycott election and let pap win 100%? hahahahaaaaa

then it will be really...farneeee. hahaaaaa

Anonymous said...

When will ST reporters grow some balls or some integrity to question the issue at hand, ST reporters are all puppets, they put their profession to shame!

Not only the journalistic profession has no integrity. The law profession, the academia, are all puppets and without balls. There is no political freedom, hence no intellectual freedom, and this is why SG has failed to be a knowledge economy.

Anonymous said...

Whilst the world is moving forward, Singapore seems to be moving more and more backward.
No freedom, no democracy, ruled by a corrupt elite....
Is the Obama of Singapore born yet?

Anonymous said...


If a rogue regime is entitled to legislate any law to suit its' own agenda, then the citizenry and the country will be bullied and fully exploited.


Anonymous said...

The video brought up some old demons as it reminded me of my unhappy childhood in the singapore education system (Rosyth Primary) in the late 80s.

I was always sent outside the classroom for asking questions.

The teachers were horrible and one math teacher I remember in primary 6 would even force us to slap ourselves if we did something wrong.

If we didn't slap hard enough he would hit us on the face. Imagaine a full grown man hitting a 12 year old boy.

Another teacher, a chinese language teacher would throw chalk into our face. Once it almost hit my eye.

I hope things are better now.

But my unhappy experience together with NS made me leave the country more than 10 years ago.

I am much happier now and live a life that is more comfortable and financially stable than people back in my former home.

I urge those of you who are unhappy with the system to just leave.

There are too many bad memories.

Anonymous said...

Socrates once said “ an unexamined life is not worth living” and in his often philosophical questioning of the then prevailing assumptions of his days has resulted in his own demised as the ruling authority of his day accused him of poisoning and corrupting the minds of the youth of the day, thereby sentencing him to death. Yet it is his willingness to challenge prevailing assumptions that leads to progress in our human understanding.
He, however, has left us with a 5 steps process of critical thinking as follows:-

1) To look for statement/idea that is normally accepted
2) Try to find an exception
3) If found, the initial statement/idea in 1) is wrong
4) Integrate the statement to take into account of the first statement
5) Truth lies in the new statement that is hard to disapprove.

The problem with us is that we take words and written word, book, professors, teachers and other authorities like the video to be the absolute truth and without question. Just because it is printed doesn't necessary mean it is true-remember that!

yamizi said...

Lucky! Your humour is back on full gear!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Lucky. You are right on.

When I heard the news on TV, I was wondering if these people were just paying lip service or serious about what they said. It is scary that people at that level would say such things at such an occasion without getting red face. It would be scarier if they truly believe in what they had said for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh really...and Hitler was a humanitarian

Anonymous said...

Hi 4.26AM,

It's unfortunate that many of us are not like Lee Kuan Yew's sons & grandsons, when these people can have "very good" memories of the system. Think about it, these fools went to overseas schools using taxpayers' money and the old fart's influence, and they think they are smart!

Onlooker said...

Just a Thought:->

The system is just (judiciary) because 2 monkey (who are paid peanuts by the way) say on media and announce that people must respect and think The system is just.
Yeah there is no margin in error and all your base are belong to us......

Monkeys want more peanut while causing massive damage to the integrity of the judiciary system.

in a nutshell:-> PR FAIL.

plus nobody really bother to read the straits times now but thanks for reading it for us :)

fishmonger said...

I laughed until tears in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Once, someone had his sentence enhanced for the fact he might commit the crime again or worst.

Now, isn't it always the case the punishment must commiserate with the crime rather than for such dubious reasons.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the day when I can live long enough to see these self made millionaires being tried in court by their very own sets of laws and let them have a taste of their very own poison, really I love to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Hitler must have done everything lawfully under his own regime. But was it just and fair?

In short, law IS NOT EQUAL TO justice.

If so, why people should not question unjust law and/or administrator of unjust law i.e. the court?

Anonymous said...

the good book says...the sting of death is SIN and the strength of SIN is the law. even religious people don't have a clue to what that means and that's makes perfect sense for them to treat you as a bunch of idiots.

make that a big bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

There will be changes once the old man kick the bucket, so let hv patience, coming very soon, hv u guys saw how he spoke in the TV last night ? he fumble, slow and weak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 11.06 am,

I totally agree with you after thinking about it for a while as i'm not so familiar with civil law.

I was just thinking about the peaceful protests by

1. Gandhi
2. Nelson Mandela
3. Martin Luther King
4. Aung Sang Suu Kyi

I'm sure all of the above leaders have had broken the laws in their respective countries but that doesn't mean those laws are JUST in the first place.

If those Indians, S.Africans and African Americans just remain silent and never fight against UNJUST laws during those era, I'm sure these people will still be treated as a 2nd class citizen or worse in their own country until NOW.


Economist with a Heart :)

Anonymous said...

Respect must come from what citizens and others perceive from within their hearts and minds, not coerced. In other words, it need to be earned, not mandated.

Anonymous said...

To prolong his life, that idiot Lee Kuan Yew is getting tons and tons of lingzhi, ginseng from China, some sent to him by chinese commies out to curry favor him.....many of those bought using the $$$$ he won from Chee Soon Juan and JBJ through the Court, mentioned in the article by Lucky.
Tons of tonic wasted on this lan jiao.

Anonymous said...

no doubt, laws are necessary. however, laws cannot be the exclusive domain or control by a few "learned men" or the "converted". worse, we have a situation where the best legal minds command the highest fee. now how accessible can these elites be to the common man if we are to assume the best legal minds will probably provide for a "fairer trial". or judgment?

or are you saying the poor deserves "cheap lawyers" or less able lawyers to represent them?

we have made a mockery of the law when the people resign themselves from the right to judge.

laws yes. but whose laws?

Anonymous said...

Read how CSJ responded to Chief Justice, Attorney General and Law Minister.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Interesting article:

"Singapore Maneuvers In Response to Chee" in Far Eastern Economic Review."

Anonymous said...

Read that the supreme court of Isreal had ordered the government to allow foriegn journalist into the Gaza war zone. Now that's a independent judiaciary.

I wonder if our courts will ever say the government is wrong, guess not. Why? Its not that our courts are not independent, its just that are government is never never never never never wrong. It never makes mistakes, except honest one while the opposition make only dishonest mistakes

Singapore Indian Voice said...

Wonderful video you provided, Lucky Tan.

Interesting how it is from such a different time, place and context, yet is so very relevant to Singapore

Anonymous said...

"Hence if you want your way of reasonability and fairness, please win 98% of seats in elections."

But then it will be a short-life win as a army, ordered by a refused-to-die old fart. will be called in to revert the "freak election", and endup 100% of seats won to PAP instead !

You forget that we have a Junta government here too that ready to pound on those who threaten their legacy !

tewniaseng said...

Since they have the majority, why not pass a law making LKY an emperor, so that PMship can be passed on generations to generations thru' thousands of years, until year 3996 and beyond.

correction said...

protecting the integrity and independence of our ... elites.

930noose said...

i thought the garmen said our women were lucky not to have ended up as maids in other countries because of blah blah blah...

i suppose, it is alright to end up as "maids" in your own country when you become old huh? wauhahahaha...