Sunday, January 11, 2009

SInce Independence Day, independence aplenty...

It has been several decades since we gained independence from the British. What "independence" meant to our forefathers was taking control of their destiny - to be independent of their British masters who governed them. Since our independence from the British, our govt has taken our independence to a whole new level....
Recent discussion surrounding the independence of our judiciary tells us how accomplished we are as an independent nation. Our judiciary is now independent of decisions from the Privy Council in England and it is independent beyond all doubt...anyone wearing kangaroo T-shirts is jailed for breaking the law for committing judicial blasphemy. Our AG engages in verbal and legal warfare against the Western media which constantly attacks ours judiciary like barbarians in our civilised world. The independence of our judges are so unquestionable that any worries about them being beholdened due to the appointment process can only be dismissed as conspiracy theories.
Now there will be an independent panel to decide on which party political film will be allowed in Singapore. I'm sure they will be as independent as the team that investigated Mas Selamat's escape and their views will be as independent as that of the Straits Times.
Having set high standards for independence in our institutions our govt constantly lament that Singaporeans are too dependent on the govt. You may wonder how this is possible when we are not a welfare state...when there are no safety nets like in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. We are dependent on the govt for housing, transport, water, electricity and medical care.....and the PAP govt is so tired of the people being so dependent that it has hindered its ability to raise prices. An outstanding govt like the PAP ought to be able to raise prices to whatever it wishes and not have all these dependent people screaming at those price hikes. When our govt laments that Singaporeans are too dependent on the govt, it expresses the desire of our elite leaders to break free from a citzens who they see as hindering them from realising their grand achievements.
Yes, the PAP govt has created an independent judiciary, independent civil service, numerous independent panels,...and now it wants its citizens to be independent enough to be able to accept those price hikes without screaming the 4 letter word - PAIN.


sgcynic said...

Declared vs felt/perceived independence. We have achieved the former. Working towards the latter. LOL

Sgcynic said...

PS: Singapore, Animal Farm. Pigs at the top. LOL

AlphavilleSG said...

Things are looking desperate... Mr Seng Han Tong, got set on fire?

Apparently it was the doing of a resident whom had seek his help about mortgage arrears during a Meet-The-MP session.

I beg the PAP MPs to stop worrying about getting the best returns for sinking fund and the serve the people, for once.

Anonymous said...

i watched the news and everyone is like....have these LAWS written all on their so serious looking gives a shit abt what triggered the old man to ....bring harm to himself..if he is not already "harmed" before the incident. lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i really love it.
PAP people got whacked!
C'mon, we need more of this.

All NS slaves, book out with your weapons and live ammos and fall in at the parliament taking place this month!! Watch your front for white targets and fire!!
You won't be slaves anymore!

Anonymous said...

nooo....white men is right...poor man wrong. white men right...poor man wrong.

sounds like animal farm?


Anonymous said...

We have replaced our leaders with men whose skin are white to men whose clothes are white.

Apart from that the colonial mentality is still there.

Volunteers for TKL said...