Saturday, March 21, 2009

BBC Interviews PM Lee

"Life would be much easier for me if the Minister Mentor were not my father and Ho Ching were not my wife. But they are there. This is the way Singapore has worked. I think Singaporeans have understood that this is how the system works and they will render judgment when elections come." - PM Lee, BBC Interview.
I completely agree with with what PM Lee said. I feel so sorry for PM Lee for his predicament of having the best 2 of the fund managers in the country/world being part of his family. This has made his life so difficult. But still he is so modest because the same family also had the best telco executive in the country/world in the form of his brother who was SingTel CEO and himself, the best person to lead Singapore. I really wonder where we will be without his family. The British must be so impressed when they heard his interview.
" I am not comparing myself and I don’t look at these rankings.We go on a system which is open, honest, transparent – what is the job worth, what is the quality of the person whom you want. We need the best people for the job and these are jobs where you make decisions which are worth billions of dollars. And you cannot do that if you are pretending and you just say, ‘Well, we are all in it for the love of King and Country’. We want it to be honest, we want people not to come in for the money. But at the same time the sacrifice cannot be too great. And at times like these, you want the best possible government you can have.” - PM Lee on his high salary.
Yes, the leaders of other countries are all pretenders accepting lower pay and professing their love for their country. The PAP govt pays the highest salaries in the world so that they don't attract people who come for money - now I know why my leaders are extraordinary ....they operate on logic that few can understand. I guess AIG was also paying out high bonus because they don't want people who come for the money but cannot allow their employees to make sacrifices that are too great. Please those people who want to sacrifice a lot don't have to join the PAP anyway - they are not suitable because as PAP members, their sacrifice cannot be too great. You see the PAP govt already generated enough sacrifice in this country from those opposition members who are arrested, jailed, bankrupted and thrown out of their jobs. While the PAP members cannot be allowed to sacrifice too much, there is no amount of sacrifice that is too much for the opposition and their supporters. So we are led by PAP leaders who cannot sacrifice too much, don't profess the love for the country and have to be paid the highest salaries in the world but they are not in it for the money. Our PM concludes that these are the best leaders in times of crisis. I'm sure your respect for the PAP leaders will increase several fold after reading the full interview here. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such good leaders ....I'm sure all of you know what to do when the elections come.


sgcynic said...

LHL should have quoted AIG CEO Edward Liddy: "Why pay these people anything at all? Here's why: I am trying desperately to prevent an uncontrolled collapse of that business." LOL

Anonymous said...

Think he believes he is fooling anybody? If he thinks so he is, I hate to say it,...... stupid. Even the stuanch PAP supporters dun believe this high minister pay shit.

This idiot is the guy making billion dollar decisions?

Thanks lucky, that was beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

and we're better off without him

Anonymous said...

Okay, PM has said that he do not want people who do not come in for the money and that those who want to are pretending to love their country. He has yet to answer the question about what type of person Singapore needs. How does that make the current crop of leaders look? It is also quite insulting and insensitive to say in a BBC interview that people are pretending to love the King. The British still regard the monarchy as an integral part of their society. How would they feel if an outsider criticize their institution or regard it in such a manner? Did the PM help to damage goodwill with an international media company and Britain? You decide and then evaluate his political awareness and command of the situation.

very hsien said...

".....we want people not to come in for the money. But at the same time the sacrifice cannot be too great. And at times like these, you want the best possible government you can have."

At best, he is confused. At worst, he is out of his mind.

Either way, we are in for big shit!

Anonymous said...

The Chees are financially bankrupted, whereas the Lees are morally bankrupted.

Tell me which one is worse...

Anonymous said...

Life would be much easier for me if the Minister Mentor were not Lee Kuan Yew father and the Prime Minister were not Lee Hsien Loong.

I would then live like a proper citizen in Singapore. But since those two fuckers are there to tweak the system to their LEE advantages, Singaporeans are screwed.
Honestly, for all these years, Singaporeans have nothing to feel proud of, except for the Singapore Fried Noodles found overseas.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee, or any minister, can talk big, talk small, talk rubbish etc with absolutely no consequences to their power.

If I were him, I will do the same or even worse.

If you can say or do anything without any consequences or fear of it, you will have man's worst nature.

That's why this world have so many bad and greedy people because there are no consequences or fear of it.

That's why there

MintFallen said...

I am glad to be a Singaporean, living in such a developed country equipped with the busy life of the 21st century.

But I would said that the reason why Singapore is so prosperous is mainly because of its size. Well if a country is big, it is hard for the government to manage it as the goverment is not able to look into so much area, cities at a same time.

Another factors is that if a country is small, it is more easy for the government to maintain law and order, conduct upgrading work efficiently and complete the upgrading work faster because of its size.

To conclude, I would say that Singapore is good for its size.

Best Regards,
Mint Fallen

Anonymous said...

He thinks "Singaporeans have understand". Wonder which part singaporeans understand? If singaporeans understand, then singaporeans would not have to emigrate.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone was in the ruling party for the money. The original pioneers were the only politicians from that party whom I truly respected.

Since then, every single guy in the ruling party is in it for the money. With so much money and bonuses at stake, little wonder that our politicians refuse to do the right thing and resign when they create huge fiascos.

Logically speaking said...

"Life would be much easier for me if the Minister Mentor were not my father"
Indeed, I agree with you PM Lee. But then, if your father is not MM, I doubt you will be Singapore's PM!

Why do NS ? said...

pretending to be in it "for love of king and country". I have difficulty with that remark. Is he saying that none of the PAP ministers are in service for the love of the country? Someone pls remind me why my son who left S'pore at 9 has to go back to do NS? To me, he's doing it so he won't end up getting arrested if he ever steps foot in S'pore. His new citizenship is not recognised until he's 21 but he needs to do NS at 18 or else....So someone remind me pls. Leaders cannot be expected to serve purely for "love of king and country". Young men need to NS because... why again??

Anonymous said...

your son need not do NS if he leaves the country b4 11 years old i.e. before he gets his IC. This has been the ruling for years. All he need is to apply for deferment till 21, and renounce his citizenship at 21. You can google for the american embassy in singapore and they stated this policy there for americans who are also singaporean citizens. It is sad that we need to refer to a foreign website for a policy that is supposed to have been stated on our govt's website!

Why do NS? said...

Thanks anon at 5:37.Unfortunately I made the mistake of extending his passport when we visited relatives in Singapore. Didn't realise then how "expensive" that mistake was. I tried asking for deferment till 21 when he went back on new country's passport. But they replied that he has "benefitted" from SG citizenship. So too bad... to anyone else out there - don't extend your sons' passports if they left b4 11 !

Anonymous said...

PM Lee was very impressive, very cool in the Interview. He was very relaxed, laugh a lot liked he usually did when facing the media or the people. He spoke English liked Angmoh.

He also declared to assure the World that he and all his men are in politics not for the money. They want to serve the people and the country. It was so touching that he appeared earnest and sincere.

Indeed, has he not been the Child of his father, the Minister Mentor and the Spouse of Ho Ching, ex CEO of Temasek, PM Lee might have been a greater man than he is.

I believe he is not in politics for money, I doubt he needs them, his family must have plenty of them. His Father Lee Kuan Yew alone is being paid few million SIN Dollars annually and so is his wife. No one should doubt his claim that he(LHL) is in politics for the sakes of the people and the country.

The Lee Family, especially MM Lee, have been revered for decades, proof of their respectabilities. Hopefully, the History of Singapore must record their contributions and all our students be taught to honour our greatest leaders.

And let us all pay our respects too.

Anonymous said...

Mr.PM Lee,

If you claim you are not in for the money, can you explain why Singapore tax payers are forced to pay you and your family 10 million dollars salaries a year when the salary of Obama is only a fraction of yours ??? Stop this crap talk to BBC, it just shows how fake your speech was !!

Anonymous said...

pm lee answer me this:

why are there still people who die of desperation in a country that can afford to lose billions by gic/temasick.

fellow singaporeans, pse do the right thing at the election & vote these heartless, 'in it for the money' bastards out!
& i hope the pap ministers are reborn as destitute in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Here is my view of that idiot and his gang of idiots.


Anonymous said...


He called his father Lee Kuan Yew a NATIONAL TREASURE.

Had it not for his father Lee Kuan Yew and his position as Prime Minister of Singapore, how in hell did his exceptional wife - HO CHING got the post of CEO of Temasek and lost all our National Reserves. SM GOH said THE FAMILY is an EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY, once u are not a part of that FAMILY your "exceptional" vapourised.

If GOD is not going to strike THE FAMILY with lightning, we as responsible SINGAPOREAN should strike THE FAMILY in the ballot boxes!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we will render him the mother of all judgements when elections come.

Furthermore, we will give him the mother of all mandates.

Onlooker said...

As a pragmatic person, Paying them Millions is a complete waste of tax money that could be better spent providing for better living condition of citizens who have contributed more then them as a collective.
They are still stuck in their "Meritocracy" that is "All pig are equal but some Pig are more qualer"

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15 PM

My foot, if getting SGD3,000,000 per year is not for money, what is?

You must be getting more???

When LHL is the PM, he covers for his National Treasure father's income of $$$$$$$$$, his Brother income of $$$$$$$$$, his Ho Chin income of $$$$$$$$$, his Sister's
income of $$$$$$$$$, his Uncles's
income of $$$$$$$$$, his Cousin's income of $$$$$$$$$, his Cronies's income of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

where from - 7% GST, ERP, sale of HDB flats, Radio and TV license, Sale of Land, Foreign Workers Levies, Cigarettes and Liquor Tax,

What are "their contributions" that their propaganda machine has not taught "all our students be taught to honour our greatest leaders."

The great ones have retired or forced to retire or committed suicide or died.

The ones left are the corrupt and dictators.

LHL is there to cover the dirt for his father. If its not too late to trace.

Anonymous said...

im amazed by how our "leaders" constantly shoot themselves in the foot..

Everlearning said...

Sometimes we are not given a choice to choose if we stay at, say Tanjong Pagar constituency.

I forsee I won't be given a vote in my lifetime, so sad!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Tanjong Pagar will be contested when the pagar falls. It won't be long.

Anonymous said...

I think what he is trying to put across is:
We do not want people who are only after the money, but we must be realistic. We can't pretend that good people will join just by telling them that since they love their country, they must sacrifice their earning power for the sake of the country. Therefore, we must give them high pay so that they will not feel they are sacrificing too much.

Whether you agree or not, is another matter. But I think Lucky misinterpreted his speech a little bit here, partly due to the way LHL said it.

Just like his infamous "fixing the opposition" speech. He was probably trying to imply that he would have to do that, "If I am such a tyrant, as alleged by the opposition."

But no matter what, it is hard to defend a man who has shown little mercy in putting down people who crossed his path. Maybe he was pressured by someone, since without that someone, he would be a lot better off?

Anonymous said...

Sadly Obama is giving pinky a good run (to the bottom) for his $$$.

and these folks were solidly pro-Obama.

Anonymous said...

i often wonder why the oppositions could not think out of the box and challenge the strongmen in their wards.

before, people used to say that the titanic is unsinkable until that message is ingrained in their mind. if you look at it deeply, the strongmen's ward can be very vulnerable indeed.

Anonymous said...

And I remembered one time, in an ang moh interview(if im not wrong), something about putting the then, hooligans, possibly during the post war era, whereby by trying to keep peace, he just putting them in jail w/o any hearing....that easy.... woah, some proud moment coming from a man of so-called power..tssk