Sunday, March 08, 2009

Elections are imminent Part 2.

Part 1 is here : [Link]

The Elections Dept has completed the revision of the registers of electors. They released this little bocklet which I picked up at the CC yesterday.

It is a booklet with information for overseas voters published on 3 March 2009. The Elections Department is now starting to register overseas voters. That is a lot of work to do for nothing if we are not heading for an election soon.

Guess what else I picked up at the CC. Interesting leaflets explaining the virtues of govt of various govt policies. Like this one:

Yes, ERP is beneficial to those who don't drive and don't pay ERP like myself. But I wonder what people who have no choice but to drive through it every morning think about it. Great isn't it? ERP benefit the hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans who have to squeeze into those sardine can MRT trains that are not affected by road congestion.

I guess there is no better time than an election to explain why the rising cost of living is a world wide phenomena that has nothing to do with the PAP govt. Yes, the govt is there to help us with the rising cost of living - although cutting GST is not one of measures to help Singaporeans, we should be thankful for great ideas from the PAP govt to help us cut down the cost of living like sending our lonely old folks to Johor Baru nursing homes to save money and precious land that can be used for golf.


Anonymous said...

Never voted in my life. Never had a chance. So now I will vote with my feet.

Onlooker said...

Will there be walkovers again?
GRCs getting bigger and bigger.
Backdoor wider and wider.
or more "get out of my uncaring elite face" perhaps?

Anonymous said...

It will be a repeat of the 2001 election with 60% walkovers and 75%mandate. Because only PAP can save us from recession.

Some things never change, and this is one.

Anonymous said...

Control of Malls, Shop Houses, Industrial Buildings and keep increase in rental, result in increase price of selling products and services, and even shrinking in terms of quantity and quality.

isn't that the culprit for rising cost of living?

who owns all these? and who is the one who say must reduce rental to help tenant and which are the companies insisting the hike?

all the same group of heartless and wayang people.

Anonymous said...

of course the GE is imminent...lots of wayang show on tv and papers now...goodies goodies and more goodies...
But singaporeans need to remember after the carrots comes the sticks...

Anonymous said...

They need to "relaese" older people.
They need yr mandate to "relaese" u.
They need a strong mandate. Cnnot wait, bec they need to "release" a lot of people bec time is bad.

Anonymous said...

in the end there can be only ONE, yes ONE GRC, long live walkover!

Anonymous said...

One day the whole of Singapore would become one big GRC.

Anonymous said...

The life of a Singaporean is not much better than that of a well-looked after and trained dog. The dog lives in a nice kennel, fed daily with given good clean water. Once in a while he will be taken out and exercised. That is about the only freedom he has. Many dogs are not so well off as this one. Yet there are many who prefer the freedom of open spaces that they can roam and free choices they can make, rather than being tethered and restrained from what your natural instincts yearns.

Which dog would you want to be? Take your chances and be damn about what your master who lives in a mansion tells you or acquiescently remain reasonably happy and "safe" in your kennel.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 wishes for the next General Elections, whenever it is.

1) LKY will be on the ballot.

2) He loses his deposit.

Oh well, its good to day dream sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I believe, if there is an election soon, MAS Selamat's spirit would be accompanying them during their election campaign.


Anonymous said...

Statistically, a larger GRC makes the parliament less diverse. If you extrapolate it, there won’t be any opposition in the parliament if there is only one huge GRC in the election by definition. This is just another form of gerrymandering by a dominant party.

Jim said...

Since the last election in 2006, PAP have implemented a lot of unpopular policies. The transparency and accountability over our sovereign fund losses is lacking. They have also shown a lack of empathy for Singaporeans, for example the Mini Bond cases and asking Singaporeans to send their elderly to JB.

I'm afraid PAP will be more daring if their votes for the coming elections remain the same, or even increase.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

The weak and stupid is fodder for the PAP and unworthy of anything else.
Why bother?
The other day, I heard we had 20k new citizens last year.
Very soon, the unworthy will become a irrelevant statistic.

More worryingly, coups are starting to crop up, Iran is struggling with 25% inflation and N. Korea is rattling its sabre again.

*sigh* There goes the exotic mid-east and korean ski holidays :-S

Anonymous said...

While Papie is denying that an election is imminent to throw the opposition off guard, they forget that you can fool some people some of the time but not all people all of the time. So elections are coming, what's new? They always like to win a mandate when the ground is either very sweet or very sour as like now. Well, they may miscalculate this time round because the issues are just too dire to give them the momentum.

Has anyone ever wondered how much the government spends on the propaganda bullshit? I think we are up there amongst the top ten for blowing our state funds to advertising agencies. ERP is good for you and HELPING YOU to cope with rising costs? Indeed!


Anonymous said...

Election is truly coming. Selected school have been informed, last year, that they are the polling stations.

Hence, the MIW will be giving candidies to every singaporean soon similarly to giving sticky cake to the kitchen god when CNY is coming.


Another pathetic singaporean who can't get out of this stinky well.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to see the opposition winning a GRC or increasing their percentage of the votes if you had read the Straits Times or Sunday Times over the weekend when they did a feature on whether the ground's sweet for an election.

Look at the comments of the two guys interviewed. Apparently, more education doesn't result in a corresponding enlightenment of the mind.

I think we will have to bite our teeth and await more "good years" of being fucked around.

currypuff said...

Is this the reason why the traffic police and speed cameras seem to have MIA these past weeks?

Anonymous said...

The ground is obviously not sweet, but they may be betting on the old psychology of reminding Singaporeans that in times of uncertainties and difficulties, only the PAP can pull Singapore through.

Singaporeans are really easy to manipulate and the ruling party knows all the tricks to hang on to power.

When they dish out another off-budget handout, you can be sure that election is just round the corner.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

This is published today on The Age.
Globalisation's demise sinking Singapore

Anonymous said...

the best thing we folks can do when the greedy, overrated, overbearing, highly conceited, untrustworthy politicians come round during elections,
is to ask them for money,
take the damn money and vote them out.

Anonymous said...

Li Ao was right.
Singaporeans are the most XXXXXX up people in Asia.
No need for election, lah! We already know how it will turn out. I'm betting at least 75% for the 'Greater Immortals' and 'World Class Team' to bring us 'More Good Years'.

Anonymous said...

There is this one kind hearted Singaporean trying her very best to look for a poor Sporean but failed.

What is happening,did MM Lee build two distinct Singapore,I think so.

Well,I am very sure that he did not set out to do so,so it has been a futile effort.

Is there or isn't there?
'I am puzzled by reports of a recession. Shopping malls and food outlets are always crowded.'

MISS ISABEL MATHEWS: 'I am a little puzzled by reports of a recession, which run counter to my observations. When my friends and I visit shopping malls and food outlets, they are always crowded. At food outlets, we have to wait to get a place to sit or to place orders. This is also true of shopping centres where the crowds seem to be as big, if not bigger than previously. People seem to be spending money as liberally as before, though one should expect a little belt-tightening in view of the reported fall in income of at least a section of the population. Is it because we have not come across the section of the population badly affected by the recession, who do not visit shopping centres or food outlets? An American report suggested an unhealthy fallout from the recession because more people have resorted to less expensive fast food to tide over the economic crisis. Fast-food outlets have also trimmed prices of mass consumption items, while perhaps increasing prices of delicacies. The report stated that health officials have expressed concern that this switch to more fast food would affect the health of the nation. I am not sure whether this is true in Singapore, where it would be an unhealthy development, especially among students and young adults.'

Anonymous said...

i just found out that they ve relaxed the rules for overseas voter. they have dropped the criteria, e.g. working for the government while overseas etc... Wonder why and why these changes were not brought up for all (did i miss it) in public?

Anonymous said...

something to argue about: folks always say that PAP is the best party because all the others are bad. I would like to put my thoughts to this: we have many good alternative parties, e.g. WP, SPP, reform. They are just as good as the PAP to govern singapore in the next 4 years. We can't be sure if the PAP could do better in the next 4 years for singapore for singaporeans.

Folks do you know what is the benefit of failure? (as of now, wrt to singapore's economy and our people?) Now we should know who to vote into parliament to challenge the current monopolistic regime. Go, vote for the guy who can speak on behalf of u and who can fight for u. Go, the time has come.

Group of Senior Citizens said...

Some things never change, and this is one...Anonymous 8:40PM

Hey, we used to think like what you have said. PAP can save us? Want to put us senior citizens in JB nursing homes when we are sick?
You bet! This time round,we won't be fooled by these million$$ ministers anymore. We can make the change!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Isabel Mathews,

Very simple explanation lah. In Singapore, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. If you want to look for poor people, get a brain and go to the heartlands.

Anonymous said...

Hope my area can vote....GRC is really skewed to PAP advantage.