Monday, March 09, 2009

Listen to what this woman said....

Courtesy of WayangParty

It was a news clip about how a number of hawkers slashed prices to keep its customers. But when the lady owner of the stall was interviewed she told the story of a regular customer who ate at her stall who was so poor he could only buy $1 worth of food for lunch everyday. The poor customer stopped patronising her stall because he was so poor he couldn't afford food and fell to his death.
For many people, poverty in Singapore is an abstraction. It is some number in our economic statistics that they don't get to see 1st hand because they live away from it. Those numbers represent real people - who are suffering real pain and not getting the help they deserve. As a Singaporean, I refuse to accept this. We are so affluent we can spend billions to bailout western banks and give out so many scholarships to foreign students they mistake us for Santa Claus. Yet we have Singaporeans who cannot afford food, electricity and a decent home.


Anonymous said...

In Singapore, it is difficult to find out how many are so poor that they got not enough money to eat even a decent meal. Is it 5, 10, 20% or more?

Unlike other countries, nobody beg on the streets. Or do widespread illegal hawking. Or protest in large numbers. The streets here are so normal and peaceful even in the worst of times like now.

In 2001, when there was a bad recession, an election was held and PAP won 75% of the votes.

So that's why there will be one coming soon to prove their point again. That is, Singaporeans will support them strongly no matter what. Once everything is peaceful and there is also support for the gahmen, what is there to worry?

Jim said...

PAP's dream country is one where every citizen is obedient and economically productive. Those who are not productive should make way for newcomers by disappearing. Among the productive, there should be intense competition so that PAP can get the best value for money service. Citizens should also be eternally grateful for the "sacrifices" that the leaders made and should be willing to serve the leaders FOC when called upon to do so.

Anonymous said...

U refuse to accept?
How do u help those too stupid (MM's secretary's words) to understand their position?

Parka said...

So what has that poor customer been doing to make himself less poor?

Anonymous said...

If one is living alone, handicapped, unable to work, and poor, with no begging on the streets and no REALISTIC AND DIRECT help available,

then I seriously think that the government is doing a genocide on this unknown group of helpless people.

genocide, via starvation method.

Anonymous said...

"nobody beg on the streets"

If understand that it is an offense to beg in Singapore. That might explain why "there are no beggars" here.

Taishan said...

Someone who had no recourse to assistance through ignorance or otherwise simply decided not to live.
The lack of compassion and empathy of society and a now uncaring and unsympathetic government is all too clear.
While it could act thus in the early formative years it nows continues on the same trajectory but only for its citizens. For itself it rewards handsomely. Fondue for itself and crumbs for the folks.
This has to be spreaded far and wide - PAP government need to change or be changed.

Onlooker said...

That Customer could have been collecting cardboard and aluminium cans to sell to recyclers for the money to eat.
But even now they are beginning to face competition from migrant workers who also need more money to send back home.
Think:[ an old local/foreign senior citizens vs a young "enterprising" migrant worker who wasn't paid enough.
There are old folks who can't afford to eat more nutritious food:-
who have the backbone not to beg for help.
Who does not know who to approach for help.
Who had approach their PAPer MPs for help only to be told to sell their flat.A Home they have been living in for a long time for the HDB "market" "cost" value.
Who have worked all their life contributing to Our country success but were left forgotten and denied their CPF money because of poor "investment" by PAPer who cannot fail.
Who do you think will win? the young and strong worker or the old folk who can't even carry the load they have collected.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans get the government that they choose for.

And Singaporeans are the most kiasu, kiasee and easily kiaed (made frightened) people in the world.

Bad recession in 2001, 75% of votes.

Good times in 2006, only then do 33.3% dare to vote against.

Super-bad recession, I predict 90%. A few well-directed threats will win the right response. Do you notice flat upgrading to lifts in a lot of districts? That will vanish if you vote against. Do you want govt to stop holding job fairs in your constituency? Vote against. Do you want your district to be targeted for Foreign Talent Dorms? Vote against. It won't take much for Singaporeans to be scared till pi4 gun3 niao4 liu2, so they guarantee vote the 'right' way.

The 33.3% who voted against in 2006 have now emigrated, will be Gerrymandered Out into no-contest wards (or wards where the Opposition is jailed, sued or bankrupted before the election), or will have had their votes diluted by new citizens.

When I was young I felt sympathy for people like that $1 customer. As I grew older I realized that there is a 75% chance he voted for the 'right' party. So I have no more sympathy.

Face it. The HDB-heartland-poor have always voted overwhelmingly for the 'right' party. The Elite is right; these Lesser Mortals don't even know how to use the internet and search for information.

Respect must be earned. The Masses have chosen. The Masses get the government they deserve. There is no need to respect the Masses.

Taishan said...

Change can occur through some pain, sacrifice. Each to sacrifice what they can endure. Every little bit helps and can make a difference.
No pain no gain. Towards a more compassion, free, fair society a little pain can be endured and is to be endured.
A vindictive, vengeful government is not enduring.
A compassion, free society is.
Quit bitching, blaming !
Spread the message, the truth.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore

When your neighbours votes for The Party, you get more Foreign Talents buying up your neighbours' houses; why complain rubbing those Talented shoulders in the Supermarkets.

When your neighbours votes against The Party, you get Foreign Garbage Dorms sited within your neighbourhood. Why complain, when your neighbourhood voted to be boycotted.

Therefore your votes counts, either way, you get the Foreigner.

When The Party is voted in the next election, 1 SGD = 1 Ringgit
You should thank The Party for saving you the efforts of carrying a calculator in Malaysia.

You have to thank The Party for prolonging your will to live, for you to enjoy your CPF contributions.

What this woman said about dying of starvation; maybe that's what The Party wanted via the Organ Transplant Act. He may not be able to pay for his $1 food, but he sure is worth at least $600,000 for his organs. Wonder which hospital took them.

Andrea De Cruz paid alot to fix her liver.

Tan Ah Beng said...

Our elites are staying on the 70th floor. They can't see the poor dying of hunger on the ground floor. Can't blame them, really.

The Deity of Big Cannon said...

My Bro is a civil servant; he told he discovered and stunned by the amount support the papers and the Tv station gave to "the fav Party".

I told him; on paper, the country looks like it is a mix of state & private ownership. Look who is owner really.

The Papers, Tony T, the ex defense honcho sits on the Chair.
Cap-Land is owned by who?
Come on, unless you are the dumb fuck, you know already!

Jesus man, as far as I see, the P rules this place like "The Last King of Scotland". When he know can't pay his goons anymore, the King of Scotland told his goons to plunder freely from his people.

Unless we know the state of the coffer, we can't anything for certain.

From landlords to housing authority, it looks that way.
The Olde Man or his Boba Fett ran out of moolah and giving his goons to plunder freely from the people.

Even my gramps knows abour the Olde One and his "plausible denialbility" deeds.

They are waiting for him to croak....b4 they do. There all his works will be known.

Anonymous said...

we copied the foreign workers policy from the US where migrants are imported into the land of opportunity. many have achieved their american dreams becos of it.

one thing we did not copy however is their welfare system, the important safety umbrellas to protect displaced americans as a result of the policy without which the americans may have rioted against the policy.

we did the technical copy but left out the humane part of it ... becos it is not deemed necessary and our people are too blur to know the difference anyway?

Anonymous said...

those heartless elites can blow billions away without blinking a eye while letting us singaporeans die hungry!
lky, where is the sense of proportion???

Alan Wong said...

Our infamous Minister of Welfare Vivian was right afterall! Do they expect to have their meals at the hawker centre, food court or restaurant ?

Basing on the current market rates for ecomomical rice, since one meal will only cost S$1 or S$2.20 at the most (for 2 meat + 2 veg), 3 good meals would only cost max S$6.60 x 30 days ie a max. S$198 per month.

Who in the first place said that our original S$290 per month was not enough for those social welfare recipients ?

Our PAP Gahmen was even kind enough to provide an extra S$40 pocket money to them. How can one say that our PAP Gahmen is not compassionate ?

The records now have prove the critics wrong. Please remember to vote for PAP in the coming election.

Anonymous said...

I read Andy Xie's a decade to lose. I thought about the corner mom and pop trolleys hawking their cottage wares, food, fruits and all in the streets which we have killed off. Becos they were such eye sores or becos their gst contibution is nil?

These are elements of the domestic market that help create hopes and the multiplier effect of wealth for the small man in the streets, that in these bad times instead of seeking public assistance these people could have earned their 3 meals with little startup costs. And in the process helped support the consumption of local services.

The policy of helping the ordinary people become productive and useful is a social responsibility where the heart is concerned, whereas hoarding the cash and dividends to focus abroad and losing them is not.

We have the anthem and the pledge throughout our adult lives and in the army. The small man in the streets are our brothers and sisters, the foreigners are not. Therefore we should not think of creating opportunities and wealth for the foreigners without first looking out for the common man in the streets.
Every policy we made should consider Singaporean first above all else, not mumbo jumbo.

Anonymous said...


very funny.

$290 a month is enough to feed a mouse.

what if i stay in boon lay and I want to eat the $2.20 food at toa payoh?

By traveling there and back, one would already be spending more than $2.20.

Please, stop destroying the country by voting for THEM.

Anonymous said...


If you are trying to be sarcastic well done if not then you are just another MOFR.

When the citizens have to go to the level of paying for cheap meals because they have to spend the bulk of their income on housing loans, power supply, high medical costs, high transport costs, etc, all these facilities are run by your favourite PeeaPee govt.

Anonymous said...

If we have just 2 million indigeneous people life could have been more leisurely and affordable, in your dreams. If you are local born and bred and you cant take the pace, you probably deserves it; you should look up country or elsewhere to spend your last days.If our place seems to be high costs and geared for the high networth, it is an accident. It wasnt engineered that way, we didnt import them It is like this. It cant be helped, you see.

yamizi said...

I salute to the hawkers who chose to lower their price during this bad times.

Even commercialised hawkers know how to do some good deeds during the bad times.

Isn't it obvious where the votes should go to should an election comes?

As a lesser mortal, all I could do is to pray that my ward doesn't get walkover (literally) and hence has the opportunity to exercise my right as a citizen to cast the right votes.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to comment on the price of a meal in Singapore. If in bad times, the hawker lower the price, it is either for the good or bad. It is good if the ingredients used to make the food is of good quality and doesn't lead to long-term health effects, e.g. cardiac stuff... It is bad if in cutting cost, the hawker unknowingly buy bad quality ingredients to cook the food. The food that we eat today is not quite the same as yesteryears. The ingredients that goes into making the food has changed although it may taste about the same and is called by the same name/from the same brand. Beware of what you eat, please. If needed, we should force these (cheap) products out. We should get the government to subsidise the better products (if only the PAP regime is not so money minded); this should be done as part of nation building.

Anonymous said...

Feed them cakes I say.

Taishan said...

Singaporean Creed, adapted from American’s Creed - Dean Alfange

I choose not to be a common man
It is my right to be uncommon…
I seek opportunity if i can … not blind security.
I do not wish to be a kept citizen.
Humbled and dulled by having the
Fondue-eating government - dream, build for me
Success or Failure
I refuse to barter my votes for a HDB upgrade
I prefer the challenges of life to the
guaranteed existence of a kept citizen
The satisfaction of Fulfillment to the calm of utopia.
I will not trade freedom for a COE
Nor my dignity for a HDB flat.
I will never cower before the Fondue-eating Overords nor bend to their threats.
It is my right to stand tall, proud and unafraid;
to think and act for myself; family, my fellow beings
And enjoy the outcomes of my creations;
and to face the world boldly
and say “This I have done with my own hand,
Get outta my face you Fondue eating crowd"
I am a man.
I am a Singaporean !

Anonymous said...

Cheap isn't always good. Mind what you put into your mouth.

When banks sold Minibombs, Internet morons said you're all greedy people who went in with eyes open.

When people got retrenched, Internet morons said you're so stupid, should go for training and accept super low pay for next job.

When Internet morons eat food without asking for ingredient list, they deserve to get cancer from harmful substances.

Anonymous said...

Well, nobody is stopping you from eating in the high class restaurants if you are so kiasi. Too highly read health conscious blokes commonly die early in between exercises, while chain smoking health unconscious people (like dengXiaoPeng, davidMarshalls..) lived well into their eighties, fit as fiddles. if you believe word for word what the textbooks say, you should eat nothing but organic and
sleep besides oxygen tanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a cold cold society that becomes more and more sinful each day. It's a first world cuntrey alrite. Expansive cars everywhere, minister pay million million dolar.

Anonymous said...

LOL yah lor got so many people PRETEND on the internet that they know everything. after office hours the part time job is to go on internet to call people stupid. Pretend to lecture people to read term n conditions, preach why other people should do research before investing. met some of these people before,, they only good at telling other people what they are doing wrong. All they do is scold other people and says it their own fault for misfortune. When these preachers themselves kanna shit, they whine and bitch like a crybaby and say it's not their fault.

needless to say, such disgusting people have to resort to demanding authority on the Internet because these losers don't get any respect in life.

The Great said...

I say keep the welfare away, keep subsidies away but most importantly keep income tax as low as possible. I certaintly dont expect to be taxed for my money be it hard earned or easy come.

CHRIS HO said...

I used to wonder if there are any poor people in Singapore. For many years i doubted. Until one day it dawned on me if they are poor, how could i meet them at bugis or orchard? What appears to be a perfect world that i live in now becomes merely a mirage.

Anonymous said...

"I say keep the welfare away, keep subsidies away but most importantly keep income tax as low as possible. I certaintly dont expect to be taxed for my money be it hard earned or easy come."

unfortunately human nature is not perfect.
a govt has to spread the wealth around because if not, sooner or later there will be a revolution.
just think of it as protection money.
anyway hopefully one day u become so destitute that u pray for welfare instead of condemning it.

The Lab Rat said...

This article says that there are 450,000 workers earning $20,000 to $30,000 a year.

My goodness.

Anonymous said...

at least a portion of them are local born i hope.

Gahmen wearer said...

is there even such a thing as welfare in this expensive city of ours? Everything is merely a facade... even if the PAP wins the next election,does the world really know the underhands means i.e. vote-overs or even.... possibility of tampering?

Why would a non-elite, poor dying man's death mean anything to the government? His contributions to SIngapore's economy are so passe.

What MM doesnt stop to consider is, were he not who he is today, he could have easily been this poor old man who feeds on $1 meals and falling to his lonesome death.

A world that looks beautiful but has no compassion for its people is akin to an apple with a rotten core.

How long can the worms stay within before they start to chew through the surface?

I wait and watch.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. I'm wondering about the people who continue to vote for the government. Everywhere I turn and speak to the middle class, there is a voice of dissent and dissatisfaction. So who on earth are the ones voting for the government?