Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singapore 10th most expensive city in the world!

Hooray we made it. 10th most expensive city in the world[Link]. Nobody can call us cheap anymore. We pay top dollar for everything - housing, ministers, cars, utilities, etc. Yes, our electricity is better than the electricity in Hong Kong.

Here is the ranking from Economist Intelligence Unit Cost of Living Survey 2009.
1 Tokyo, Japan
2 Osaka. Kobe Japan
3 Paris, France
4 Copenhagen, Denmark
5 Olso, Norway
6 Zurich, Switzerland
7 Frankfurt, Germany
7 Helsinki, Finland
9 Geneva, Switzerland
10 Singapore, Singapore

What is important to note is Singapore is the only city-state in the top 10 list. If you're Japanese and find that living in Tokyo or Osaka is expensive, you can choose to live in one of the many perfectures that are much cheaper. But if you find Singapore expensive, you don't have much of a choice. Also, we rank 22 in terms of per capita GDP [Wiki Link]and we have an income distribution similar to that of developing countries. We are not only expensive, many Singaporeans don't make enough to live in Singapore. They make enough to struggle in Singapore but frequently score low on "happiness" surveys and need those courtesy campaigns to remind us to is hard to smile when you're struggling.


yamizi said...

'eat not full; hungry but won't die' translate that to hokkien =P

Anonymous said...

how about some writing on govt subsidies (yes, they don't even both to come up with a fanciful term for disguise) to banks for hiring graduates.

here is a riddle: who needs financial aid more? the poor and hungry, banks or graduates.

Anonymous said...

>>But if you find Singapore expensive, you don't have much of a choice

Elite Ah Gu: Move to JB lah. Afterall your aged parents will be housed there :)

Lumbur One said...

Top 10 again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, the gahmen is very strong and stable and the streets are very peaceful. So many foreign talents want to come and are also so welcome.

For the folks here, not happy can always emigrate to a better place. If not, just accept it lah. What else can you do?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky

Stop pandering to unintelligent readers and you will be eternally happy :-)

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 1:39,

I suggest you send that remark to the Straits Times, New Paper, and Today. This blog does not need readers who are unintelligent.

Deity Of Big Cannons said...

I Support you fully, Mr Lucky!

The papers is for the numbnuts, ill-informed and ostrich-heads!

I was from their ilk, then I sort of grew distasteful and went to do my own business ever since.....

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of migrating to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Who say we cannot smile? Look at our glorious leader and MPs. They can smile so well till you can see the whites of their teeth.

Our MPs and Leader are so happy until they can go around the world and even to learn french cooking from Cordon Bleu. Therefore, the happiness survey and the EI survey result is a sham with no factual figures to support.

Anonymous said...

Take heart that we are next to Geneva, Switzerland as promised by GCT. More good years

Jim said...

Another world first for Singapore.

The first 3rd world country with 1st world cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Touche Mr Lucky

Just passing a message from a wise and all-knowing intellectual superboy.

Anon 1:39

Anonymous said...

we are top ten??

wow, indeed, Singapore has arrived!!

We are right there with Tokyo, Geneva etc etc.

The switzerland of Asia. Time to pop the champagne.

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon 1:39,

Ask superboy to come here if he finds anything unintelligent. I'll be ready to explain to him anytime if he has a problem understanding.

Anonymous said...

is the heart more important or the brains? i will settle for non scholars with the hearts in the right place to run this country.

Anonymous said...

This is a site for those Pathetic Singaporeans who knows they how Pathetic Singaporeans are in the hands of Foreigners governing our land but can do mothing much about it. The one who was born in a house (that vanished) at Kampong Java or Java Island.

The Foreigner Talents and Foreign garbage they bring in to neutralise us, when times are bad, the Talented ones quits leaving behind the foreign garbage.

When The Family moved our National Reserves overseas - we cannot know!

When The Family moved our CPF overseas - we cannot know!

When The Family were asked how much we National Reserves we had by our elected President - we cannot know!

When the elected President's Wife - the 1st Lady died, The Family decides there is no HALF MAST - the reason we cannot know!

When The Family lost all our National Reserves - how much? - we cannot know!

Why did Mr Gerard Ee said he is most stressed looking at the accounts of NKF - we cannot know!

Why did the non-executive Chairman (Yong) of NKF have to lose his property to NKF when he said Mdm Peanut knows everything - we cannot know!

Why did TT Durai and his cronies suffered so little punishments when they took so much - we cannot know!

Why was Raffles Hotel group sold so cheaply - we cannot know!

When RO water from the Newater Plants is sold to the Wafer fabrication Plants at high profits - we cannot know!

When filtered water with traces cadmium, arsenic, lead, alumina, zinc, etc, are dumped into our reservoirs to be sand refiltered - we cannot know!

The Family dranked bottled NEWATER to prove its drinkable, sure, its RO water, but that is not what we are getting from our taps - we cannot know!

When questioned, Minister replied "its normal to find heavy metal traces in natural water river" but we are the 10th most expensive city in the world and also the
anyone wants to challenge that.
If we cannot afford the health care. go to JB, the govt provides free screening for Brain Tumour and Colon Cancer, you can die peacefully and cheaply in JB - why are they killing Singaporean - we cannot know!

Why the difference in university fees between Singaporean and Foreigners in Singapore is less than 20% whilst in Australia, USA, UK, Europe and even cheepo New Zealand the difference is 5 times - you cannot know!

When The Family commented Na Te Chi Fang Te Xia for losing SGD90 billions in Temasek of our national reserves, why there is no blood letting - we don't know how!

Why is Goodyear preferred over the Singaporean - we cannot know!

When our Finance Minister commented our National Reserves is not his problem - he too cannot know! - because he is a Singaoporen!

Is there any hope for the poor and hungry Singaporean - I know - NONE

Where are the unintelligent Singaporeans voting the Foreign Family as our Government years after years, election after election - WE DON'T KNOW! BECAUSE SINGAPOREAN ARE PLAINLY STUPID AND HOPELESS LOT.

The Pathetic Singaporean


Onlooker said...

This survey on the most expensive city in the world can be also consider a statistic information.
Basically it is to discourage people to consider movement to and from country.
The strain of taking in too much migrant worker is beginning to show.

DanielXX said...

If we have one of the highest Gini coefficients in the world accompanied by one of the world's highest costs of living, I fail to see why we don't have a social safety net.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Hi Lucky, don't be affected by Anon 1:39. He is still young and will soon realize what is going on.

Anonymous said...

What is so good about living in the most expensive city or having the number one Soverign Wealth Fund?

Voters shud be voting in a government that will make their lives less, not more miserable. Those issues of foreign talents and as well as low skilled but foreign talents nevertheless crowding out our job markets plus the focus on increasing the national wealth without benefiting the people fully and directly with regards to welfare, retirement care or social safety net.

Those issues mean alot more than any academic or global accolades.

Avoid those who talk in foreign and abstract lingos as they may have something to sell. Vote in the ones who has your heart in his mind and soul. It cant be simpler than that.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore today is not what it used to be. All the people serving me from food court to even the Zoo are not Singaporeans. We have lost our Singaporean touch. This is not the Singapore I want. What went wrong?

Anonymous said...

> Also, we rank 22 in terms of per capita GDP

but rank >140 in terms of health care expenditure as percentage of GDP!!! So, where did the money go?

Anonymous said...

Anon of 1:10pm:
>For the folks here, not happy can always emigrate to a better place.

You will be qualified to say that when you own Singapore. Till then, you are not fit to tell us to leave our country.

> If not, just accept it lah. What else can you do?

We can vote out PAP. Are you a slave who only has the choice of either accepting or emigrating? Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.45 am

"We can vote out PAP"


Anonymous said...

what u talking about? we have 4 million smiles :)

Anonymous said...

Voting out PAP is close to impossible now. Honestly, they are not the best govt and not the worst. How many good emperors are there in history of China? or the world? Very rare. The truth is power corrupts.

Anonymous said...

It is good to be expensive, it means people who can afford to stay and foreigners who could afford to visit and or stay are capable and rich.

It also means that if someone, organization or sovereign is able to buy SIN one day, the Singaporeans will be in the hands of a richer master and themselves be richer for it, hopefully. Many of the National Assets are sold and just wish that someone will buy the whole island. Will it happen ?

Anonymous said...

if someone were to buy this island it has as much to do with us as having a different master to serve.

21st dec 2012 said...

Wait a minute, look at the comments posted by anon @ 1:39:

"Stop pandering to unintelligent readers and you will be eternally happy :-)"

The unintelligent readers link point to his profile on his blog. He is referring to himself as an unintelligent reader? A case of an unintelligent person trying to be intelligent?

Going to enlist in april 2009? Excited? Wait till you get posted to infantry or some shit units, then you start to change your 'intelligent' mindset.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, how abt an article on Dr Clemen Chiang and degree mills? I find the quite interesting. A short cut to a PhD...

Anonymous said...

We are the 10th most expensive city in the world, but our income level is nowhere near the top 10th in the world.

Our workers are told that they need to be more competitive, to compete against workers from China, India, Indonesia, Phillipines and Vietnam; all of whom do not stay in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world.

We live in amongst the world's most expensive public housing, and we have to compete against workers who live in cheap housing.

Anonymous said...

Changi was the second best airport wordwide in 2008 according to the Airport Council International's satisfaction survey.

It is indeed an honour for all singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1t 12.22am :

So what if Changi Airport is the 2nd best ? This does not help to lower the cost of living for the common Singaporeans ! It is something if Singapore is 2nd best with the highest personal income for the average citizen !

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.00am

dun be goondu and gullible to not be able to read between the lines lah.

Anonymous said...

money asides, what people are looking forward to is just a more open and compassionate society, as opposed to a calculative and trophies grabbing society.

Anonymous said...

From BT i gathered that singapore is now the world's fifth most expensive location for industrial property occupancy costs in the latest 2009 ranking by Cushman & Wakefield, up from 12th position in the 2008 ranking.

With this perofrmance, the landowers, the state in general and tax people must be busy counting their windfalls. What the state collected from these performance should be shared with the people and be not kept locked up for risky speculations.

Al said...

hmmm... i think this 10th most expensive city in the world survey needs some perspective. firstly, it does not measure residents' purchasing power. it measures how much it costs for a foreign company, in its foreign currency, to send expats. see here, taken from the original article at the link provided by Lucky Tan:

"Worldwide Cost of Living, the bi-annual Economist Intelligence Unit survey, compares prices and products in 140 cities around the world. Its purpose is to provide companies with an unbiased and independent guide from which allowances can be calculated for executives and their families being sent overseas."

Let's not forget, western developed countries' currencies, while they have weakened, are still stronger than our SingDollar.

if foreign companies find singapore expensive to send expats, then i think it's good cost they can then hire more singaporeans.

Al said...

i should also say that my remark above does not mean i side with the government. indeed while we find external sources of reference for a measure of our own well-being, we must be careful to interpret surveys correctly. the more we give way to slip shod interpretations, the more ammo the govt has for saying that we are frivolous. we can't do that.

Anonymous said...

funny, going by the jobless rate figures it seems there is an unprecendented dearth of jobs abroad this moment. huge queues are waiting to take on anyone willing to bring them out of unemployment.

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