Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still a climate of fear......

WayangParty is is this blog.

It is not clear what happened to a certain "JohnLaw2012" in the CNA forum - he stopped posting abruptly a while after he gave information about the bonus received by CDC staff. For all you know, "JohnLaw2012" could be on holiday at a remote resort in Maldives where there is no Internet. But it is what CAN happen to him that makes Singaporeans fearful. Our anti-whistleblower laws in the form of the Official Secret Act (OSA) makes anyone who leaks information on wrong doing by the authorities a criminal. Unlike other countries which offer rewards and protection for whistleblowers, anyone who blows the whistle on this govt breaks the law and is a criminal - why would a govt that pride itself as one having extraordinary integrity resort to such laws....

Official Secrets Act - A person found guilty of communicating classified information, obscene photos under Section 292 of the Penal Code would be liable to imprisonment of up to 3 months or a fine or both.
JohnLaw2012 violated the OSA when he leaked what appeared to many as excessive remuneration for civil servants in the worst recession Singapore has ever faced.
WayangParty interviewed PoThePanda who claimed that he was taken into custody by the police and asked to confess to 'crimes against the state' that he said he did not commit. It is not possible to verify his story even if it is true but people generally don't and won't find his claims incredulous. Singapore is a country which holds the world record for the longest detention without trial [Link] and no regret has ever been expressed for committing this act.
Sedition Act - A person found guilty of using seditious remarks to promote feelings of ill will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore shall be liable to a term of prison not exceeding 3 years or a fine not exceeding $5000 or both.
The Chinese tried to impose a similar law in Hong Kong and the people took to the streets to protest. Why? The Sedition Act is a 'catch all'. Someone criticising a govt policy can be accused easily of 'promoting feelings of ill will' between classes e.g someone says GST hurts the poor can be accused of seditious remarks...simple as that.
Internal Security Act - Section 20 of the ISA ...anyone who issues or circulate a publication or document which is calculated or likely to lead to a breach of peace or to promote feelings of hostility between races or classes of the population shall be liable upon conviction to a fine of up to $2000 or imprisonment for a term of up to 3 years or both.
The PAP govt claims that these laws are necessary for national security but many countries bigger, smaller and more diverse are just as peaceful without them. The truth is these laws help to promote a climate of fear and prevent the necessary reform to their system of govt that will benefit ordinary Singaporeans. This is the only system in the world where the leaders can get such high salaries and still maintain their power and control over the people.
I took down my blog yesterday when a few of my friends got really worried and called me when the WayangParty became inaccessible. All socio political bloggers in Singapore face enormous risks from a govt that have laws in place send them to jail - all it takes is for the PAP to feel insecure and they will do it to preserve the system which gives them enormous benefits. Perhaps yesterday was not the day...maybe tomorrow...or next month or next year. Who knows when that day will be...just like Operation Spectrum when a group of Singaporeans had their lives disrupted. After all these years, Singaporeans still live in a country where can't speak your mind freely without fear....


Anonymous said...

support u lah! keep up the good work!

no tyranny can lasts forever, tightening laws on peaceful assembly only reflect their insecurity and fear.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky;

I have been reading your blogs for over two years. You gave me the impression that You are very concerned with the wellbeing of the people and our country. Hence, You are one very loyal citizen.

In a way, I was surprised that your blogsite went offline. Maybe, I did not understand what was going on. However, as I mentioned above, You are one very loyal Singaporean that we are proud of.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

All socio political bloggers in Singapore face enormous risks from a govt that have laws in place send them to jail - all it takes is for the PAP to feel insecure and they will do it to preserve the system which gives them enormous benefits

Seems to me you think socio-political bloggers have a huge impact on politics? Maybe. One doesn't have to be like WayangParty to criticise govt policies; I think we can do it reasonably, logically and coolly.

Anonymous said...

why is there fear? if you speak your mind, there shouldn't be fear. if your mind is as pure and as correct as the PAP, you will have no fear.

just think like them, act like them, and you will feel so free, and so free of fear!

(welcome to 1984)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are back.

F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) is their desired outcome.

Just an episode of sabre rattling in an attempt to get cyberspace to toe their line.

Eventually, justice will prevail over evil.

Anonymous said...

Long live Lucky Tan...

YOur contribution to Singapore political blogosphere will never be forgotten in history, but the oppressive regime of Lee Dynasty will always be remembered as a great modern failure of monarchy.

bw said...


Please continue to speak you mind. You write with knowledge, conviction and empathy. And there is no doubt you write because you are concerned about your fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

how long can he still live?

Anonymous said...

the worst are those baby school kids who think they know all , n go around being 'reasonable' and 'logical' and think it's oh so cool when all they can spout are half facts and propaganda.


Anonymous said...

if everyone were to fear to speak up to write, this is what PAP want us to be! to be lamb to be zombie, this is not what we want to be, wish to be for ourselves for our children for every citizens of this country.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back...

Anonymous said...

Lucky, I am grateful to you for all the clear and concise writings in your blog. Most readers here will agree that most of us do benefit from your inputs which explain in simple language what can be confusing. You also seem to be able to hit the nail on the head, so to speak, when you talk about a particular subject. You have that particular gift and I sincerely hope our Government recognise your invaluable insights, which I am sure most of them do not possess. You are spot on as usual on the Government's use of ISA, a convenient tool to hold on to power. One day, I hope all Singaporeans including the Government will realise that the right to rule does not come from use of force, but by magnanimity, We only need to see our brothers and sisters across the causeway to know what our own Government can and may do to us to hold on to power. I hope it will never happen to us too.

Anonymous said...

we are the world's greatest copy cat, to a large extent everything that has happened here has been copied and refined from others minus the benefits and extras.

Anonymous said...

Makes me glad I'm migrating for Australia!

I can go to the Aussie Parliament and voice my disagreements and virtually nothing will happen to me.

Now that is the way I want my kids to grow up in.......without fear nor favour.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back man! Am I glad to see u. =)

Anonymous said...

Actually if the gahmen really want to get you, they can even if you post under anonymous and illegally using another person's registered IP address.

Remember there was a guy who posted a bomb hoax as per above, but he was still finally caught one year after the incident, charged in court and sentenced to 3months jail!

Clear eyed said...

Welcome back Lucky! Glad you are back. Hope you will be left in peace to continue the good work of educating Singaporeans on the things schools here don't teach.

sri said...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win" - Mahatma Gandhi

vadhog said...

i visit this blog daily and noticed it was shut down yesterday. am glad it is up again. singapore needs more brave soul like you to tell us more about the REAL country we live in :)

feedmetothefish said...

Hi Lucky,

What does it take to change the essence of a man?

I've been advised by loved ones to take down my blog after your concern of the "cold store", if I may call it that.

I guess, "If it is to be, it is up to me"! Or you or all the bloggers who gives a damn!

All I can say is I can take the infra-structures and some of the basic honest good deeds but I really cannot bear with the arrogance and hubris of the power that is!

Those who love me keep telling me not to blog politically. With my damaged heart, I appreciate their concern. However, if not me, or you, or other concerned bloggers, who will share the truths?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, Good Work all along.

Singaporean has nothing to feel proud of, because they are 100% exploited living in that small island by PAP....

School girls with elephant placards are investigated by police...the list goes on.
All the silly things that go on in Singapore must be made known to the larger world, so when people think of Singapore, they know
"Chewing Gum", "Persecution of Bloggers" etc. All these must be made synonymous with the word "Singapore".

CHRIS HO said...

I paid so much for local newspaper but they offer nothing i read from your blog. Guess not all free stuff are non-relevant. Grateful for the alternative views you often posed, you complete the picture.

LuckySingaporean said...

Guys...make no mistake. I'm no hero. I too am fearful of what CAN happen in Singapore. I'm just buffered by the braver ones like WayangParty, Goh Meng Seng, Tan Kin Lian. WayangParty shoots from the hips with its articles - but why should they be taken down.

Many other countries saw the Internet as revolutionary to their democracies - a technology that will help to secure the hard won freedoms of their society. They fought to put in place privacy laws to protect the netizens so that it will be a free media for expression. Contrast that with the threats from our govt that 'anonymity is an illusion'. Their contant attempts to control it, regulate it, discredit it. Other larger and more diverse countries can do with less regulation why do we need so much regulation in Singapore on the things we say and films we watch. The PAP should leave their 'light touch' and let the Internet be untouched...

Take all the resources they use to investigate PoThePanda, WayangParty to catch the loan sharks that have been terrorising the people, regulate the banks so that people will not lose their life savings on crappy products and leave the Internet slone.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprise when you took down your blog considering the article you wrote is concise and unbiased with sense and sensibility if compared to other social political blog. If the axe is going to fall, you will not be the first to go.

You always highlight issue that was purposely sweep under the carpet or white wash by the MSM. I support you as long you still have courage to pen more articles in the years to come.

a kind of chicken said...

Hey man... If elections are announced, maybe u could be more "moderate" in your postings. =)

I would hate to see anything happen to u and in the long run, having u around is the important thing for all of us. =)

Glad to see u back!

Yours Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky, i only read your blog and some others. To others who decry the impact of socio-political bloggers, they are wrong. I know of many who have had their political consciousness opened up by reading the alternative media.

Continue to be reasonable, logical and cool in dissecting and critiquing government policies, but you go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Who says there is no free lunch ? Lucky Tan's blog is one free lunch that has no string attached. Objective, pure frankness and resonate the ground, and really help the lesser mortals to see through the craps, incompetence and bullshit of leaderships here.

And why are we still using taxmoney to promote PAP party ? Just look at new newspaper, all self-promotions and point-scoring tactics of PAP's Leeders.

ErniesUrn said...

Write! Keep writing! That's all there is. There will be alot of people defending your name, including me. :)

Onlooker said...

There is still a climate of fear because our Garment is not mature enough.
Our Garment cannot take criticism, both negative and positive because of the sycophants and eunuchs have nothing to prove themselves with except PAPer Qualification.
Needless to say if they were to venture overseas they will not survive at all.
Just look at all their past "Achievements" after 1985 except Pres Ong's MRT. A lot of the stuff being done by the previous generation pioneers who are being twisted into profit generating device for the current self proclaimed elites who just shut their eyes to perceivable problems and their ears to cries for help on the ground.
An example of Abuse of authority, judiciary and law enforcement which is the mark of a communist dictatorship Like North Korea which simply love to have selected candidates to get the "Post".

Another chicken said...

Dear Lucky,

I love your posts, but I love your courage even more. Indeed, your posts have opened the eyes of many Singaporeans and widened our political awareness.

Although I'd love to see you continue writing, but I also echo what the other chicken wrote - "I would hate to see anything happen to u and in the long run, having u around is the important thing for all of us. =)"

Take care and jia you! *:)

Anonymous said...

The government sadly refuses to believe that the citizens nowadays are educated and well informed unlike the general population in the 1950s.

They still think we're idiots.

We the true citizens of Singapore are being taken over by more foreigners even when we're facing overcrowding on this small island.

I am so blardy willing to give up my USELESS Singapore citizenship and move out and be a CHAMPION quitter, rather than to compete for lower salaries in Singapore, with nothing to my name.

Rialce said...

I am a super fan of this site, and I had always hoped that I can be as capable as Lucky. Seeing a lot of interllectuals who read this blog, I would like to ask," Do you think Singapore without PAPA will be better?" I guess alot of ppl are not happy and desperately want a change, but being intellectuals, do you think spore would become another phillipines? If there are such risks, then can I ask Lucky if he/she would like to make a post on how to ensure life without PAPA would prosper and not become another...philippines

Anonymous said...

I'm your biggest fan-see since day 1 when you participate in Sammyboy forum.

And i'd fwded your blogs to my frds/colleagues and they been an avid reader since.

Keep up the good writeup.

Anonymous said...

Good to witness the action of a Police State.
Singapore really lives up to its name as a police state.

Guys, carry on and serve this country that doesn't care about you. The PAP loves fear mongering, remember? They build it in the environment/system.
NS kena DB/confinement, break bonds kena shame, laws to instill fear, bring in foreigners to make you "competitive"....wapiang. How lovely.

a kind of chicken said...


That was a good question (at least I think so =))

I think our great fear is that the papies current policies may cause our country to enter a philipines like stagnation and income distribution.

Whether the reversal of the policies will help is one that no one can answer (I think).

I believe what lucky is saying is that we had better start trying to do something before it is too late. The papies are leading us down the wrong road but refuse to acknowlegde it. We must, try and try and try until we fix our country, not deny that anything is wrong.

P.S I lay no claim to intellectualisim

Anonymous said...

Glad u are back!!!! We live for/by our convictions. If we speak true and clearly from our heart, i believe nothing bad will fall upon us.

I left my job at NTU out of convictions that i would not serve bosses who lacks leadership, crave power and institute climate of fear.

I am now in Malaysia and am surprised to find that things here are more democratic, the government and private systems serving people more gracious and tolerant and hence people are more gracious (than...). Actually I am jealous that our neighbour Malaysia has so much that we lack in Singapore!

We must continue to create alternative views for the benefits of those who are listening and for new comers. Eventually, one day, ,we will see the downfall of the pigs governing animal farm.

Anonymous said...

thats the few reasons i didnt think twice to leave singapore with my wife.
no matter how "protected" our citizen or should i mention "protected political agendas" our dear garment enforced. making the opposition party like a fool with their money and their "laws" they laid down as a founding party backbone of our great country.

but our country backbone party is still in tight grip of everything, getting paid highest among the world govt sector. separated the country into elite and non-elite class. im worried for my children's future in singapore. protected or pampered or propagandize life?

your post makes me "feels" for our country and our fellow heartlanders.

,ed (oversea heartlander)

Anonymous said...

Qns 1:
Is it really worth the "fear"? fighting for the rights of the "people". You know. People like Aloysius. Neutral. Concerned about Lucky. hmm...

Qns 2: Is the crowd cheering u on to the iron fist of PAP your fren? hmmm ...

Qns 3: am I a PAP troll. hmmm ...
Say market has rallied a bit. Perhaps its better to focus on making $$$?


Anonymous said...

The government sadly refuses to believe that the citizens nowadays are educated and well informed unlike the general population in the 1950s.

They still think we're idiots.

PAP had tougher fights in the 50s. even with better leaders.

Nope, they are relieved that we finally ARE idiots :-)

Anonymous said...

sorry, wrong link above:

On the whole, if I were a Singaporean, I need not worry much about the affordability of healthcare. Some minor tweaks are needed (like insurance coverage for congenital disease) here and there, but it is not structurally flawed.

The good , educated and informed people of Singapore (represented by Aloy-san) says you are barking up the wrong tree.

Maybe you want to comtemplate that while sipping a cocktail under a coconut tree at Maldives?


Anonymous said...

Lucky, dont be surprise lah. We are still living in a third world country. There is not much freedom of speech.

LuckySingaporean said...


Lets put it this way. If you go the NICU (Neo-natal ICU) of one of our govt hospitals, no baby who has been in there has a bill less than $50K if they are in there for more than a month and for pre-matured births where the baby has complications and has to stay more than 4months the bill is upwards of $300K - now with means testing, the subsidy is very much reduced and the parents who earn more than $3200 has to pay for this bill.

It is very simple, insurance don't cover congenital birth defects - newborns with birth defects, illnesses are not covered and 3-5% land in this category with 1% having serious complications.

There are people who cannot be insured due to pre-existing conditions or are too old and they are exposed to great financial risk with means testing - I pointed out that means testing does not take into account the final bill - they are saying because you earn more than $3200 a month, you can pay a bill of any size.

For many Singaporeans who can still afford insurance, please note what happened to the American system which also started with affordable insurance - it led to cost spirals and as privatisation of the medical sector increased and once you rely on a insurance based system you will find an increasing number of people falling through the cracks because they cannot afford the insurance (see

Aloysius argument is the same as Aaron Ng's one - its says that medical care is affordable, one just needs to buy insurance. I stayed in US for 2 years, the 2nd year my insurance was $7000 per annum. An insurance scheme + a growing private sector medical hub that puts upward pressure on costs will lead us to where the Americans have been. The response of the govt is not reassuring - those left out and fell through the cracks in their schemes - they simply let it be and the parents of newborns to shoulder the burden - the gigantic bills are handed by the hospital to debt collection agencies who pester these parents for payments. To date the govt has refused to release figures on medical debt and how many people fell through their cracks and ended up with a heavy debt burden.

If our medical system is 90% good and affordable, you better pray hard you or your newborn child don't end up as the other 10%.

Anonymous said...

Lets forward this blog to 10 other people we know...

Anonymous said...

Rialce wrote: Do you think Singapore without PAPA will be better?" I guess alot of ppl are not happy and desperately want a change, but being intellectuals, do you think spore would become another phillipines? If there are such risks, then can I ask Lucky if he/she would like to make a post on how to ensure life without PAPA would prosper and not become another...philippines

To begin, the major difference between Spore and say Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan or Philipines, is that Spore is a city state. It is a lot easier to govern a city as compared to a country with land to spare.

A good comparison is HK. And even then if you look at the major cities of countries they are not badly run too. Spore has good governance no doubt, but it has been elevated to undeserving mythical status by the state media. Another party running this city/country is not going to do much worse than the PAP.

Anonymous said...

To see how health insurance can end up, look no further than our motor insurance industry. Regardless whether you have a good or lousy driving record, you end up paying more and more!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr/Ms Lucky Tan,

I am your regular reader and am deeply impressed by your writing abiity and your wide range of knoweldge... political, financial, humour and etc...

I am grateful to have a singaporean like u. xie xie.

Anonymous said...


Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is considered prudent.

soojenn said...

Anon 11:05pm says "Spore has good governance no doubt,..."

I beg to differ..

Kishore Mahbubani also writes that in his article to Wison Quarterly, an AMerican Journal that:

"Another of Singapore’s big strengths is good governance. In May this year, Singapore will celebrate its 50th anniversary of good governance, since self-government in 1959."

The definition of good governance includes (can be found in the UN ESCAP link at, unless Kishore is using a different definition, perhaps a UNIQUELY Singapore one:

"Good governance has 8 major characteristics. It is participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive and follows the rule of law. It assures that corruption is minimized, the views of minorities are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard in decision-making. It is also responsive to the present and future needs of society."

Singapore doesn't meet 6 out of 8 of these criterias. See blog on why.

Civic Advocator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Civic Advocator said...


We've got something to tell you.

Read here

Anonymous said...

Buy insurance?!

What if one day it also kaput like AIG?

Nothing is unthinkable nowadays. I even factor in Temasick going kaput one day ... so I am half body out of Singapore.

Only the naive schoolboys have so much faith in THE SYSTEM.

Anonymous said...

Lucky certain people are not worth your time.

I used to think our government was great. But as I grew older I realized there is a lot of odd/strange policies around. State media is such a disappointment they should be embarrassed.

Regarding the fear it is not without basis. Many people who did not lean towards ***** favour or had previously criticized the ***** are now living abroad lawyers, former presidents etc. Is it not too convenient that every single one has a problem?

And I believe someone needs an organ urgently but we will never know who. Because we are very transparent. Apparently if you are well connected and have $$$ it is not a problem. If you are not you are denied and left to die.

xNSman said...

Rialce: , you have been reading too much ST and MSM. Such propaganda when allowed to proliferate becomes part of your value system when spoken regularly. Taiwan, HongKong and S. Korea are successful even with a multi-party and demoractic system. You have been brainwashed you poor thing. Don't worry, many Singaporeans have bought the story lock stock and barrel. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being back. I love reading your articles. Still, for your own safety, I hope you've got your ticket out (migration) in-hand, should anything happen.

Anonymous said...

Woah I'm honoured to be quoted here.

It is very simple, insurance don't cover congenital birth defects - newborns with birth defects, illnesses are not covered and 3-5% land in this category with 1% having serious complications.

While researching, I also encountered this problem. What to do? Increase premiums for insurance, and make the majority unhappy?

If our medical system is 90% good and affordable, you better pray hard you or your newborn child don't end up as the other 10%

So you want the govt to pay for the 10 percent with birth defects (I suspect the proportion isn't this large)?

its says that medical care is affordable, one just needs to buy insurance

No, I did not say that. It depends on what type of medical care. Furthermore, pte insurance comes after Medisave, govt subsidies and Medishield (if the illness is serious) are deducted from overall bill.

Anyway, Lucky, don't be scared. Your blog is mild compared to others out there.

Anonymous said...

Courage is one thing, being prudent is another.

Is it wiser to be open than to write anonymously as a blogger?

I think by being anonymous Lucky has been able to address a far greater range of issues than if he were open.

I only request him to write more thoughtfully rather than just prolifically and seeing PAP ghost in everything. Sometimes being less radical can actually be more persuasive for those sitting on the fence.

Anyway, are we gonna believe PAP won't come down hard on a critic just because he is open but have stepped into issues which PAP can use to accuse him of breaking the laws ... just like they bankrupted CSJ for just using one word "fabrication" and hence according to PAP CSJ had called GCK, LHL & LKY liars.

The moment you are open they have the records on you of what you wrote and even after 10 years they can call them up ... just like JBJ was sent to jail and kicked out of Parliament through the court re-sentencing him using a past court case.

Steelier men there have been and they have endured anything from 15 to 32 years in detention without trial for such non-criminal action as walking out of Parliament.

This is the reality in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

I know how wonderful our public healthcare is. Probably better than you do and defintely better than your average "reader".

I am asking you if it is WORTH fighting for the "people" who at best thinks you know shit. And in fact dun care at all.


Anonymous said...

Tadak Nama you are the one who is thinking Lucky know shit by harrassing him with all kinds of dumb and confused talk, coercing him to answer a fool like you.

Anonymous said...

i read your blog and toc to update myself on events in singapore, thru your postings and sharings i have gained a better understanding about current affairs and the actual happenings on the ground. cheers and welcome back fellow patriot.

Anonymous said...

Operation Spectrum. Ahh tks to Lucky for reminding us.

Since that church clergy had international political clout, go for the small guys, the ordinary laymen lah in order to frigthen the clergy.

Given that case, I think it is more prudent for the individual who wish to severely critique PAP not to work from within an organization.

That will only give PAP an excuse that it is actually tackling some powerful organization (but in fact may be run part-time by a few guys only) and not individual citizens. Otherwise people will be thinking PAP is such a bully of the small guy.

As to whether PAP is such a bully, I leave that to your judgement.

By the way I had quite a laugh when I read a post above that says of Lucky "You have that particular gift and I sincerely hope our Government recognise your invaluable insights,..."

Anonymous said...

During the time when Lucky took down his blog, I wonder if he was enjoying the adulation of his rabble or wishing that he had indeed taken a holiday in Maldives as suggested by this bored PAP troll. hmmm ...

Now, is the anti-anything-PAP rabble cheering him on his friend?

And this bored PAP troll who suggested that he may regret the Obama-Geithner lovefest his enemy?

I also wonder if by behaving like cyber toughs ... would the anti-PAP wingnuts here help their beloved opposition win any votes/support from the majority centrists Singaporean voter?

"Mr Goh, where is our $$$?" might have helped a certain Dr Chee earned his street cred, but did he win the election?

hmmm ... sorry I am very confused too ... maybe I can buy a better functioning brain when the organ act is passed :-)


Anonymous said...

Catch no balls lah! Wat talk u

Anonymous said...

NoName I feel sorry for you ... you should'nt take so much coke.

Anonymous said...

pls speak in layman's terms for the benefit of us who are non scholars.

Anonymous said...

Actually, those looking for a good national healthcare system can take a look at France. Rated world's best by WHO.

Anonymous said...


Confused minds find it difficult to understand why anyone could be innocent in PAP/government defamation suit which they won handsomely all the time. Take the recent WSJ/New York case that was filed in Singapore, but not in the United States. Needless to say, the government "won" the case easily. Does it mean that the Singapore government was right and WSJ wrong? Apparently WSJ editors disagreed.

My suggestion for curing your brain is a dose of daily reading in this blog and Wayangparty. Okay?

Lucky, keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

how does any system, rated or not adds to performance when it doesnt keep the registers ringing?

Anonymous said...

Tadak Nama = Tadak Otak...a confused person who knows a lot about IMH I suppose. Talks a lot but actually saying nothing. Just ignore the bugger.

Anonymous said...

What we need is:


touchscreen said...

pen is mightier than a sword...You show them,Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23

While I appreciate the work that went into that cited video, what is glaringly missing in the call for "Change" is that it had not been directed at the opposition parties as well but instead idealize them.

Before there is hope for change, the opposition must change. There is just too much hubris, too much "sikit atas" attitude among some opposition parties, in the words of Jufri, a former opposition candidate who spoke in a recent inter-party forum.

These parties have only 1, repeat only 1 seat each in Parliament and they are thinking so highly of themselves. They think CSJ is a crook and sideline him, perhaps just to make themselves look better for not opposing PAP all the way.

Why call yourself the opposition if you want to be so amenable to the PAP and believe only when you get into Parliament something can be done? Ridiculous given the reality inside there. Nobody ask you to be the opposition so dont come back and tell me off in PAP-wannabe manner "why dont you yourself join politics instead just criticising us?"

This got to change. People will response accordingly if the opposition become allied just as all other democracies.

Remember sometimes your best friend may well be your critic.

Rialce said...

Blogger xNSman said...
Rialce: , you have been reading too much ST and MSM......
I do not disagree that PAPA is doing a bad job, but at least there is a system (even if it is flawed) in place and everyone know who is the boss. If they were to disappear suddenly, it will be chaotic. Everyone wants changes but will it be better or for the worse, no one can tell. Drastic changes are never good and I hope the change will be gradual, enabling the people to adapt. All I hoped is that the people will stay rational because we can never tell if the next prime minister may be a bigger tyrant

Anonymous said...


That guy xNSman who criticised you above is himself brainwashed - by his blogging peers - even as he claims others are by MSM.

Why do I say that? Look, when he said you were reading too much MSM - mainstream media - he forgot that this is precisely where everyone gets his news from. MSM is not just Straits Times. In fact ST gets most of its global news from international news bureaus - the first-level MSMs.

So xNSman is just parroting the buzzword "MSM" used by others without thinking over what it means.

For that matter, here on this blog you can see that Lucky uses lots of news from news publications - the MSM - from all over the world.

So if xNSman thinks he does not need MSM, why then is he reading this blog?

Anonymous said...


You made a thoughtful point in your latest post:

Everyone wants changes but will it be better or for the worse, no one can tell. Drastic changes are never good and I hope the change will be gradual, enabling the people to adapt. All I hoped is that the people will stay rational because we can never tell if the next prime minister may be a bigger tyrant

I agree with you that what you said can be real.

Now for the first part of your argument Drastic changes are never good and I hope the change will be gradual, enabling the people to adapt.

Gradual change is precisely what democracy was meant to ensure but LKY crippled it, so that now there is no strong and capable opposition to take over should PAP make a mess of the situation.

Now who can assure that should people's livelihood be compromised, there might be a chaotic re-arrangement of the political structure and as you said might lead to a bigger tyrant? Possible given that one opposition party with just 1 elected MP is already acting so arrogantly.

The only hope I can see now is that there are responsible top people in PAP who understands this danger and capable enough to put a check on Leeism which is the nub of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy,
Lucky Tan is getting so fearful nowsaday that no new post is appearing now.

Look like animals has more rights than human. Just look at Molly Meek blogging politically, safe and sound, under the guise of innocent and naive kitten.

Lucky Tan might want to change his persona as other animal that support the regime,... kangaroo, monkey ?

Shu Fen said...

dropping by here for the first time ^^ but i don't really understand what happened :/

DanielXX said...

Lucky Tan, feel lucky that you're in Singapore! Appreciate all the lucky things that we enjoy, such as the Women's Charter! In other countries, the women will be cum maids!

Anonymous said...

That's strange. Don't the women of USA, France, Germany, Japan, UK, Italy, Spain, Canada enjoy the Women's Charter? In which of these countries are women "cum maids"?

P.S. LHL's salary is > the leaders of these G8 countries COMBINED!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:14

you are not coherent in your rejoinder. the poster meant, if not for the charter the women will be cum maids. it could be worse.

in most of the countries you mentioned, the women are typically large sized with incredible appetites, like those huge amazon women that roar like lions. i am not a lesbian, i do not know for sure if that is attractive but i reckon beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

I do worry for Tony Tan and SPH.

Were they mischevious in the way they wrote about Fatimah Lateef? Would someone be sent to ISA?

Or was Fatimah just one of those poor perfoming GRC candidates who breezed in and just really not competent as an MP? And now needs Goh Chok Tong to play the race card to cover her incompetence?

Or are all GRC MPs of solid background that cannot be criticised? (we have heard from the ruling party itself that GRC helps new MPs to get into parliament.

This is an interesting development.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

Glad to hv you back :)


Goh Meng Seng said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

I am no "Hero" either and I do have my FEAR as well. And just like any other NORMAL LESSER MORTALS in Singapore, I do have a family, wife, child and relatives to take care of!

Even if I have "Conquered" my FEAR but make no mistake about that, such FEAR is still lurking around.

I always believe to live a life of sincerity and all will be well with me. Whatever you read on my blog are my sincere thought of a Lesser Mortal in Singapore. Nothing more nor less.

And I do believe that whatever you have written here are all sincere thoughts of yours too, though with a bit of sarcasm and cynism.

Fear could only live in you when you have uncertainty in your living, your thoughts and your expectations. Fear is for the unknown and the uncertainty.

I put away my Fear by having certainty in what I do, write and say. Never mind of those not within your control because I have already put up with the thoughts of the worst case scenerio; nothing could be worst than what I have prepared in thoughts for myself.

I only hope that you could continue to write with Sincerity and do whatever you think is right with certainty in your mind. Thus the Fear will be conquered.

Best of Luck, Lucky Tan!

Goh Meng Seng