Friday, April 10, 2009

BREAKING NEWS : Kenneth Jeyetnam joins Reform Party!

MR KENNETH Jeyaretnam, the elder son of late opposition leader J.B. Jeyaretnam, has joined the opposition ranks and is not ruling out contesting the next general election. Three weeks ago, he joined the Reform Party, which was set up by his father a few months before he died last September. The 50-year-old hedge fund manager was co-opted into the party's 13-man central executive committee (CEC) a week later.


Anonymous said...

a new hope

Anonymous said...

I hope the opposition parties will collaborate with each other to avoid 3 corner fights and contest in as many wards/GRCs as possible.

For the current situation in Singapore, we need as many opposition voices as possible in the parliament to be an effective veto to prevent rubber-stamping policies. It does not have to be the best opposition party, as long as there is someone asking the right questions. The PAP's self-check system has obviously failed badly.

Anonymous said...

Go Reform Party Go!

But the rest of us Singaporeans will have to do our part if we really want change. Are we being served by the current PAP government, or are we serving them?

Vote anyone who contest against PAP this coming GE, end PAP's absolute control/power for the last 50 years which has let to absolute incompetence, complacency, greed... and absolute corruption as PAP gradually removed the checks and balances to enrich themselves at the country's expense.

There is no shortage of competent people with the passion and dedication to run our ministeries. But first we'll have to remove the PAP's self-preserving Climate Of Fear, including the institutions PAP have set up to systematically destroy opponents, put justice back into our judiciary, and have the police force serving the country, not the PAP.

With the PAP Climate Of Fear out of the way, good and competent people will step up to the plate.

Jane said...

Bravo Kenneth! This is the way to go...that your late father's aspirations,dreams and goals for us singaporeans be fulfilled. The next step is to take part in the next GE and win! Many singaporeans like me are waiting for more qualified and credible candidates like yourself to enter parliament with a clear "conscience".
You definitely have the support of many many loyal singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Return Of the Jedi!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely wish Kenneth JEYARETNAM will be as resolute as his late father.

As the Offspring of a stoic UPRIGHT MAN(J B Jeyaretnam, You certainly will be relevant and able to perform.

May i say that You Kenneth Jeyaretnam gives hope to many Singaporeans.

I wish You a successful and happy political journey to better the live of your fellowmen.

Best Regards !


Anonymous said...

I hope Mr Jeyaretnam (Hedge Fund Manager) transferred all his assets abroad. The Lee regime may use politics as an excuse to take his assets away like Tang Liang Hong

Anonymous said...

do u think JBJ's son is really that blur?

Anonymous said...

Will he be the lone and only voice like his late father?

That is Reform Party = Kenneth = Reform Party.

Just like before Reform Party =JBJ= Reform Party?

If so, that is the sad part about opposition parties here.

Anonymous said...

Lets see whether we do have a Obama in Singapore.

More are coming this year,if you are smart,you see opportunities.

MM Lee better pray he stays healthy,as there is no way for PM Lee who is an ivory tower man to handle real world fighters,his wife supposed to be fro real but proved to be otherwise.

The tricks of MM lee has been well known and well documented,so those who are brilliant and have great aspirations should devise ways to tackle him,only by provong that you can be as cunning as him,then you have chance,and Singapore would avoid the type of chaos as witnessed in other countries,e.g ROC

Anonymous said...

I salute him for his bravery. Hopefully, he will have more success than his father.

Anyway, I have a gut feeling that elections may be held soon. All the small signs like the introduction of new political faces are there.

So when does Lucky think the elections will be held? This year or the next?

Notlee said...

OMG! Not another political dynasty in the making in SEA.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully more prominent people (businessmen, civil servants, teachers, bloggers, retirees, lawyers, doctors) will step up to run as oppositions. It can only be good for Singapore if more people are interested/involved in politics.

For these people to be successful, they will need grassroots help in spreading messages important to the people. Hopefully people reading this blog are civil minded and ready to help their cause. Learn from American election politics!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.23 pm

Hopefully? It has been 40 over years already! Why are you still hopeful it will happen? Based on blogs? Most, if not all bloggers are NATO, just like me or even you.

Anonymous said...

fame precede words

haven't open mouth all start jumping to conclusion. keke.

gotto measure the words first see got power of MM or not lah lol

Onlooker said...

That's great news :)
Hope he will win a seat in the next election.
We need people with more real business experience in the parliament.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, save your efforts...Singaporeans does not deserve you fighting for them, just as they did not deserve your dad.

Anonymous said...

Go Kenneth Go !!! We support you !!! Singapore needs people like you !!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:02 PM,

Time has changed. The younger generation has little interest in what LKY did in the 60's. The era of LKY is coming to an end. Internet and technology has opened the minds of many to other possibilities (impossble in the days where news media is tightly controlled.) The younger is also better educated than the generation prior. Society can only advance where people are free to pursue their ideals. This is one reason Obama is such a phenomenon world wide and America a country with hope. What kind of society do you want to children to grow up in?

Kenneth is an intelligent person and understands the important work of his father. He is the hope for the country. If Obama can become the president of usa, Kenneth can certainly have a big impact in this country, even though the system is rigged. What was impossible in eastern europe has become reality so be optimistic and participate!

Anon 7.23 pm

Anonymous said...

Lucky' should Enter The Ring too!

THe More Noise ,the Better!

anyway , ALl the Best to Kenneth!

Anonymous said...

There will be a day when S'pore voters will act like M'sia non-Muslim voters such as Chinese and Indians whom voted "blindly" for PAS in their Mar'08 GE!

Why non-Muslims vote for PAS? Bcos BN-UMNO did not take care of them!

Even PAS put a "donkey or monkey" there, they rather vote for an "animal" than a "non-human" BN-UMNO!

I hope PAP will not one day end up like BN-UMNO...