Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan Boyle sings...

Unless you had no Internet access for the past 2 weeks, you would have heard the voice of Susan Boyle on BGT (Britain Got Talent). I watched the video many times and asked why it has such 'magic' - the youtube clip has now been seen almost 50 million times and it rarely fails to put a smile on people's faces or tears in their eyes. In financial parlance, Susan far exceeded expectations and surprised on the upside.

Here are videos of Susan singing starting with the most widely seen clip:

@ Yahoo! Video

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Anonymous said...

When will we hear Lucky Tan sing ? Will Lucky Tan enter into PAP Idol where Lim Swee Say, Wong Kan't Sing, Lee Hacky Leg will be among the few judges with them buying supporters' vote and fixing Lucky Tan ?