Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leaders without sympathy and empathy.

Sometimes I really wonder how the PAP govt do they pick so many MPs that don't seem to have any empathy for the ordinary people. One called us lesser mortals, another said we are mollycoddled, and one likes to ask pointed questions of people coming to her for help. What has happened to the leadership? They say you will know the true colors of people during the time of crisis. We had a taste of that during the minibonds saga - first they deny responsibility, then they ignore the people in need and after than they try to push the blame to the victims.
This is the worst economic crisis faced by the world and our nation since independence and the PAP leaders are asking what the people can do for them rather than what they can do for the people. The ordinary people are the ones to take the pain and the bitter medicine. This says a lot about the leaders and how they take care of their own interests first ahead of those of the people. The PAP runs an economy that will now perform the worst in Asia yet the blame for this mess falls on the shoulders of ordinary people. It is the people who spend too much, the people who did not save enough and refuse to change their lifestyle that are responsible for all their own pain. Nevermind that many people cannot adjust their lifestyle anyway because they are already at rock bottom find it hard to pay for basic necessities and the relentless cost of living increases that the PAP levied on the people made it hard for many to save money. It is the fault of the people that they are in pain. The people should adjust but the govt need not - no GST cut, no transport fare cuts. The people need to be toughened up, take the bitter medicine and blame for the economy. The PAP has created a world in which the elites can go and lose billions without repercussions and the ordinary old folks can lose their livelihoods because they took too many days of sick leave because there is no protection for those employed and old.
Sometimes I wonder what kind of selection criteria they applied to get leaders who are show so much elitism, arrogance, despise for the ordinary people and willingness to serve the interests of the establishment over the ordinary citizens? We are in a dark hour - the ordinary people are already suffering the pain of rising unemployment, pay cuts and fear that they will not be able to support their family....yet we have to hear these unhelpful and hurtful remarks from our leaders. What is said and done in this difficult period truly reflects the characters of our leaders.


Anonymous said...

No need to wonder.
Just visit RJC/HCJC.
Speak to 10-20 of our finest brains :-p

Anonymous said...

Simple. If the head shows compassion, his underlings will emulate. Now the reverse is true. Sad day for us.

Anonymous said...

What you say is not true.

Lucky Tan is our leader and he cares for our well being. Thoes PAP dogs? They are people who claim leadership. Who on earth would follow them willingly without fear or out sized reward?

If they are leaders, then the Mafia is a leader.

Anonymous said...

I guess PAP if fully preaching JFK famous quote to the core at Singaporean - "Don't ask what the PAP can do for you, but what you can do for PAP"

Therefore, we can forget about getting any sympathy or empathy from our leaders. However, they still will bother to wayang abit to show their concern but that about it.

Anonymous said...

It's correct to blame the people. Who are the idiots who keep ticking the box with the Lightning Bolt at every GE? So, it's right - stupid people deserves a stupid govt. I guarantee you the same result at the next GE... sure one

Anonymous said...

Doesn't take much thinking to understand why someone set fire to an MP.

And it does not really suprised me that the sentiments, expressed online after the event, had been more sympathetic towards the culprit than the victim. Why? Well, they just brushed aside that incident as the grouse of a mentally disturbed old man. Really?

There are people who can lead with sympathy and empathy, but they simply could not fit in with the system, either academically or are politically at odds with the mindset of the leaders.

The people who obviously lack the sympathy and empathy are therefore the best that they could find, by scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Why would these people not want to be an MP when they can just sail into Parliament, smoothly and guaranteed via the back door, without a fight, and stand to collect a fat allowance on top of their normal job. It is a sad reflection of our political landscape and the result of the system itself.

Too much of the same type of identical thinking, unsympathetic people running this country is going to result in a closetted decision making Government that will ultimately result in a disillusioned people. It is happenning now.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with you more on your astute observation; elitists can only breed more elitists; how can one expect elitists who drive to work in expensive cars, dine in posh restaurants and shop in boutiques to have any empathy for the plights of common people who are left to fend for themselves. Instead of pinning the blame squarely on people who turn to government for assistance as not tough, they should probably reflect on themselves, why are the bottom rung so badly affected and could they be the side effects of their policies.

Anonymous said...

A leader without sympathy or empathy is a leader who is out of touch with his nation. Do any of these MP's actually go out day to day and take a look at the place they are representing? Do they actually have any kind of drop in sessions that allow their constituents to voice their concerns within the local community?

What there needs to be is a representative of each district who can air the concerns of the ordinary tax payer, put pressure on the MP's of each constituency on the pressing matters that are most important and to be able to fairly question if these matters are not being dealt with for the people, why they are not being dealt with. The MP's have to answer these questions as part of their role as an MP, and MUST be held accountable for each action they take. Maybe if opposition MP's were to have sessions with their constituents and raise concerns in Parliament?

Perhaps when this begins to happen empathy and sympathy might begin to slowly seep in, though I imagine this will not ever happen for as long as the PAP are in charge...

Anonymous said...

becos of his helicopter vision, i think lucky tan will make a good politician; if the opposition has not started to seek him out, others may.

Anonymous said...

"becos of his helicopter vision, i think lucky tan will make a good politician; if the opposition has not started to seek him out, others may."

Cannot, Lucky Tan is a national treasure that is too precious to land up in ISA. Imagine how destructive Lucky Tan will be when he start praising the government just like when he first start out.

Anonymous said...

>>Do any of these MP's actually go out day to day and take a look at the place they are representing?

My group of MPs greet at traffic junction 24/7 rain/ night got spotlights somemore :)

Anonymous said...

the answer is really simple just as some have also commented.

it starts from the top.

lky (& thus pap) policy has always been 'no mercy' 'no handouts' 'u die ur business' 'money first'

until he is gone, and maybe even after that it will still be the same.
we may see some fake compassion but only when another strong leader with true sympathy & empathy emerges will we see changes.

if u can't wait, u have no choice but to vote opposition as pap has demonstrated again & again they will not listen to people after they are voted in (eg GST, annuity, etc etc)

Taishan said...

PAP wunderkids sentiments:

"We would rather grow callouses in our hearts than assist the hoi polloi"

More of this crap and sooner even the dullard would rouse.

GLOW said...

I live on to see the day the PAP and its pappies git voted out...

I want all the truth to come out.. how they have taken from the poor to give to the rich..

I want to see that party demolished .. for all that they have done against its own people..
subverting the constitution and manipulating all the appratus of the stste to prolong and enshrine itself as the defacto government when there was no free and fair election ...

Its leaders held accountable for their dereliction of duty.. betraying the people and the oath of their office..

Its members removed from their offices..

I live on to see the day the opposition come into power..

I live on the cast my VOTE....

Onlooker said...

That is also why we must get more Alternative parties voted in.I don't mind a PAP NCMP.

Anonymous said...

Dun forget lim sia suay, he tells Sporeans to bite the bullet.. lol, while he rejoices at his own million dollar salary.

and also Gan Ki Yong, who says no to a hiring Sporeans first..

not forgeting Cow Boo Wan who tells old Sporeans to consider retiring in JB...

many more lah, cannot keep track!

Anonymous said...

I do not really like the scholars system where young people at the tender age of 16 or 17 who may excelled in extracurricular activities and their studies are given grand overseas scholarships; and when they come back to work in the public service, they rise so rapidly with such great incomes while their workload may not be as heavy as those in the private sectors!

How can we always deem scholars to be the BEST always?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:46

Check your facts.
We do not select scholars at 16!

We select them at 10 ... though its probably pretty much decided at birth.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans do not deserve any sympathy, coz we get exactly what we voted for.

Cannot blame on anyone or anything else. Period.

Freed Singaporean

Donkey said...

Since when is sympathy and empathy the requirement to be "elected"?

Take for example LHL.

He has absolutely no sense of the ground. He relies on what his "intelligeience" tells him, which we know is flawed, or if not, certainly incomplete. He has no natural ability to connect to people. (Of course he is useful but not as a PM.)

He is PM, because his father, decided it is best for PAP, which is an entirely different thing from being best for Singapore.

And of course the electoral playing field is so rigged that whoever PAP elects, the exploited people will also "democratically" elect; and PAP can always use the argument, that if they are not performing we can always vote them out.

Now we have to put our money where our mouth is too. I read somewhere someone said that he is so fed up that even if PAP runs against a donkey, he votes the donkey, ie if he has a chance to vote at all.

I think we must all be resolved, and be not kaisu and kaisi for whatever follows, or love our money more, and to do just that. (We must not also be afraid that we then comes under ISD's watchlist.)

It is also a vote to demonstrate how pathetic Singapore have become, that we are even better of with a donkey.

Anonymous said...

With no conscience, sympathy and empathy do not exist.

What is lacking all these years in the Leaders is just conscience. And when a human is without conscience, he could very well be ruthless, brutal, sadistic, exploitative and churlish etc.


Anonymous said...

These so-called young MPs were selected from a pool of bright graduates. The selection criteria is very strict and out of this group only a few made it. They are then put through their paces and appraisals made on performance. They start their careers in a GLC "slowly" climb the corporate ladder until they take over as CEO, President etc. Then they will leave and start their new career as an MP. Maybe they might be considered good enough as Minister. This scenario may not be exactly the path for all but should hold true for some of them.

In order to remain steadfast in their career as a PAP MP, they must toe the party line and not rock their own boat, for that would be the end of their career. Whatever personal disagreements they might have towards any government policy they need to keep to themselves.

Therefore, one cannot blame them for being the mouthpieces of the PAP, for that is their role. One can only regard them as bright men who have sold their souls for personal gains. We can only fault the top echelons of the PAP for the bad policies (past amd present) to what is happening now. Whatever has been said by these MPs has the tacit approval of the Supreme Council, otherwise these guys will find themselves out of job pretty soon.

stayer staying elsewhere said...

I'm listening to Barack Obama's audiobook - Dreams from my father and realise why he's so empathic - cos he was raised by a single mother and working class grandparents. I doubt PM Lee can empathise - he doesn't even know mee siam has no "hum". And was it Michael Palmer who was surprised there were "poor" Singaporeans? If the PAP's selection criteria is 4As at "A" levels and scholars , they'll inevitably pick the wrong people cos more often than not, it's the well off who can score As and scholarships cos they are the ones who can afford top quality tuition to win them the scholarships...and it tough for these people to truly understand the plight of the poor...

Taishan said...


Arrogant, Insensitive, Greedy

Anonymous said...

We hear this party line all the time.

We grumble about it online and at the coffeeshop.

But when the PAPaya famiLEE threaten us with upgrading and job security during the elections we all get into line and continue to vote them in. We have been brainwashed by so many years of propaganda. Someone said to me the other day that Governments should be afraid of the People. In Singapore, its the People who are afraid of the Government. When will we ever speak with one voice and make concrete changes to be a democracy where everyone experiences prosperity and progress?

Many of us have been left behind. More will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

If they are bad, God will punish them.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have only themselves to blame, cos every election, they choose PAP and allow them to take so many seats. I really hope more Opposition members will rise up and shine, so that we have more Opposition voices in parliament. Singaporeans deserve better leaders.

Anonymous said...

There will come a day when Singaporeans wouldn't give a damn to fear, carrots or sticks and vote according to his heart and mind.I am looking for this day and I know its not too far away

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