Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MP Sam Tan : Singaporeans are too mollycoddled....

Wow. Singaporeans are so pampered by their govt according to MP Sam Tan. Sam Tan gets about $217K a year for his part time MP job and probably much more for his full time job. Sam Tan is not mollycoddled, it is the thousands of Singaporeans hired in the volatile manufacturing sector, temp jobs who have to struggle to make ends meet that are mollycoddled. It is the $800 cleaner who has to go to the govt for help when she loses her job because it was not possible for her to save any money given the rising cost of living that is mollycoddled. It is not the job the govt to help all these people, MP Sam Tan is saying the govt should walk away and that will toughen up Singaporeans.

This is all very interesting especially when Sam Tan has a safe job in the CDAC which is recession proof and a part-time MP job that pays $217K - Sam Tan is not mollycoddled, ordinary Singaporeans who lose their low paying jobs easily and have no choice but to seek help are the ones who are mollycoddled. Sam Tan who got into parliament in Tanjong Pagar GRC thorugh a walkover on the coattails of MM Lee is not a mollycoddled politician but the Singaporeans who have to compete against the foreign workers who come in by the thosands are mollycoddled.

Ordinay Singaporeans who have no safety net and have to work until they are old are mollycoddled. But Sam Tan who will get pension after serving as MP is not mollycoddled. The old ladies digging the trash for aluminium cans and collecting cardboard boxes for a living are mollycoddled but Sam Tan is not mollycoddled. The thousands of ordinary Singaporeans who squeeze like sardines in the public transport, struggle to pay for the costliest public housing in the world and the non-stop hikes in fees, fares and rates of govt agencies are the ones who are mollycoddled but MP Sam Tan who makes more money in his part-time MP job in one month than many Singaporean workers in one year is not mollycoddled.
MP Sam Tan who never have to feed his family with less than $2000 a month is qualified to say that ordinary Singaporeans are mollycoddled. It is not the job of govt to help the poor and needy....what is the job of the govt? To squeeze ordinary Singaporeans so that can barely breathe to ensure that the people struggle ? Sam Tan says this will 'toughen' Singaporeans up. Yes, Sam Tan is one tough person who has never worked in the private sector and has never been retrenched to tell us all that.
The Straits Times May 25, 2009 8:00 PM
We're too mollycoddled [Link]
MANY Singaporeans see Government help as an entitlement, something they would tap on as a first port of call rather than as a last resort, said a backbencher in Parliament on Monday.
Mr Sam Tan, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, is worried that Singaporeans might have been so mollycoddled by the Government that they have become 'practised at the craft of recession cushioning', and so accustomed to the government largesse. '
Each time the economy shows signs of slowing down, we've the NTUC and the e2i coming out to the forefront to job match, provide training, reduce retrenchment,' he said in his speech on the President's address. 'We've Ministry of National Development pump-priming with infrastructure projects.
We've, of course, the Ministry of Communications, Youth and Sports and its numerous help schemes.' Making clear that he is 'not diminishing the efforts' of civil servants and unionists, Mr Tan added: 'I am, however, wondering what the true impact of all these efforts are.
'Suppose you're the father of an eight-year-old boy who wants to learn how to cycle. Do you line the streets with cushions so that he would not hurt himself if he loses his balance? '
Do you brace his knees, and every conceivable part of his exposedbody with padding? You might, if you were an extremely protective father.
But a commonsensical approach would be to let the boy have a go at it himself, and take the knocks and spills as they come.
'A boy who's mollycoddled is a very different person from the one who is physically tough and take the spills without fear, and whining.
The latter, I think could be the approach that we take towards helping Singaporeans during tough times.' Citing an example to back his point, Mr Tan said recently he has seen many residents, especially the elderly, come and see him at meet-the-people sessions.
'The difference is that while in the past, many of them would be hesitant to do so, and would rely on their children first. Today, many see the government help as an entitlement, something that they should tap on as a first port of call, rather than a last resort.
'I want to spare my children the burden of caring for me', they tell me. I am frankly astonished and dismayed, for my traditional Confucius values tell me that it is the natural obligation for children to look after their parents, and for the parents to be cared for by their children when they grow old. 'I would sometimes tell them 'You should let the children care for you, not the state, not because this is a good public policy (although it is), not because society expects it (although it might), but because it is the right thing to do. 'It is filial piety, one of the most fundamental values of the human race.'


Practical Singaporean said...

With such political leadership, it is no wonder that Singapore has a high gini index... Sad to say that many of the new and younger MPs introduced by PAP are downright disappointing. Many of their actions and words have showed themselves to be out of touch with realities in the grassroots and not worthy of political leadership.

singaporeshortstories.blogspot.com said...

Sam Tan is now recently made a Parliamentary Secretary of Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. He is also a Member of Parliament. With these two portfolios, he is indeed one of Singapore's richest.

I did not really follow what he said in the Parliamentary settings. But what I really hope is that being the elected voices of the common Singaporeans, members of Parliments should take pragmatic approaches to better improve the constituents' livelihoods.

Anonymous said...

It only reinforce the perception or reality that most MPs live in ivory towers. Let's have a game show where these MPs live the life of an average S'porean and then they tell us whether we are mollycoddled. Or are they sticking their heads in sand. Parliament is really a talk c**k singsong session. All talk and no solution/action.

Anonymous said...

Let's just fucking vote them out altogether in the next election.

Rich fuckers only know how to talk cock all the time just to fill newspaper space!

Anonymous said...

Sam Tan thinks that way because of his "traditional Confucius values".

Aren't all the elites Fundamental Christians?

"FM Thio ... we have a problem ..."

yamizi said...

I think he missed the part where confucius also mentioned that it is the duty of the country to take good care of her citizens.

But well...Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really something!! I am not sure how this Tan feller got the idea that Singaporeans are mollycoddled, but I sure hope he gets his facts right. Just look around us, everyday I see old folks selling tissues, I see old folks fighting for a Coke can I threw away & I see old folks struggling to make ends meet. I am just sad to see all the sons & daughters of this country struggling & totally pissed with MPs like Sam Tan. He should get a private sector job & see how well he fare before he starts opening his mouth. This is so demoralising for the Average Joe on ethe street!

Onlooker said...

We mollycoddled Sam Tan and his peer too much. time for them to be voted out :)

lim said...

Yes, ideally children should take care of their elderly parents, but nowadays, the children themselves are already having a hard time taking care of themselves and their children, and all because of our high cost of living. Hopefully come next election, the elites will get a wake up call..

Anonymous said...

MPs supposed to represent the people, why is this Sam Tan so heartless ?? He deserves to have smelly shoes thrown at him, he is just disgusting !!

Anonymous said...

Confucius my arse! Come down from your ivory tower and take the hard knocks yourself, let's see if you can take it without the many "cushions" you have.

Anonymous said...

Definitely uniquely Singapore, a country where the Elites denigrate the citizens and yet get off scott-free.

So far, we have:

1.Miss Wee Shu Min - wretched, unassuming leeches
2. Her Dad, the AMK MP - YAARRRRR,
my girl is right
3. Charles Chong - Lesser mortals
4. And now, Mr Sam Tan - mollycoddled Singaporeans with his warped sense of social contract

That dude should read up on Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau before mouthing off.

Anonymous said...

suppose you were the minister mentor and you want your young charges to learn how to be a good politician, what should you do?

shouldn't you let them fight their own battles instead of hanging on to your tailcoat?

talk about being mollycoddled. this guy has not checked himself in the mirror?!!!

Anonymous said...

It's time some brave soul makes a BBQ pork out of Sam Tan.
BBQ on Memorial Day, right? Or do you prefer minced Sam Tan pork for Duan Wu festival?
We don't need Sam Tan, we need someone like Ong Kar Chua.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether he feels any shame getting into Parliament via the back door. Someone said it aptly. He must check out himself in the mirror.

But, on hindsight, I guess these are all shameless birds of a feather flying into Parliament together.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

This fellow whole working life in People's Association and CDAC(civil service), recession proof and good pay. Need to worry whether got sales and business or not? Just organise activities and courses?

Anonymous said...

A no-brainer for all voters. This is a fucking idiot as far as I am concerned and deserve not one iota of respect. What has he done for Singaporeans? Should any one of us a reason to take heed of "words of wisdom" emanating from this piece of shit?

Anonymous said...

Funny that Singaporeans are mollycoddled when the elderly are having to go to such extremes to enjoy the very little time they have left. Remembering that most of the older generation in retirement are the ones who contributed to the supposedly successful 'Tiger Economy' that Singapore has become. What does it tell you about a society that disregards the very section of the population that made Singapore? You can certainly guarantee that the forefathers and the like don't need the 'mollycoddling' apparently handed down by the government as they enjoy the good life from their luxury home whilst their fellow countrymen have to fight for scraps just to make ends meet. What happens when the elderly need medical care but can no longer afford it especially when the younger generation struggle themselves because of the influx of overseas workers taking the work and undercutting the hard working, tax paying Singaporean who needs to be able to feed his family and can barely contribute in making their own parents lives just a little bit more comfortable?

That cannot happen because Singaporeans are mollycoddled and its not up to the government to pull their people out of the mess that the government created, that would mean that they are actually doing their jobs for once and we don't want to make them work for their money now do we?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sam Tan that Singaporeans are over-protected, especially from things like:-

- Free press
- Free speech
- Homosexuals
- Terrorists
- People who strikes/protest
- Oppositions
- Marxist Activists
- Non-govt endorsed Unionists
- Multi-party govt
- Welfare (dirty word here)

Anonymous said...

"Sam Tan gets about $217K a year for his part time MP job and probably much more for his full time job."

oic, now i understand why the interests in politics and why people are fighting tooth and nail to help the poor and to represent the people.

we need ... cheques and balance

Anonymous said...

How much is S$ 200K?
That is a lot of money.

Taishan said...

When times are good you are squeezed so the govt can save for a rainy day.
When the rainy day comes you are moddled cuddled, supposedly.
You are on your own in good or bad times.

Anonymous said...

this guy lacks humility

Anonymous said...

Ideally, a country should take care of its citizens, especially citizens who had to bear arms for the country.

Our country, which prides itself on Confucian ethics, instead tells us to go screw ourselves. All we get when we MR is a crappy watch and a cert. Our jobs are still open prey to cheap FT, and our govt tells us to dump our parents in JB nursing home.

Sam Tan is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

all that talk about voting out. i really would vote for opposition, BUT HOW TO VOTE WHEN KENA WALK OVER? HOW TO VOTE WHEN PAP HAS A TYRANNICAL GRIP OVER OUR LIVES?!?!? HOW?!??!?!
there are many angry singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

He is most likely another curry favour champion, who has no INTEGRITY whatsoever.

GLOW said...

what kind of bloody jokers do we have in parliament..??..

I want my bloody VOTE... sick and tired of these xxxxsuckers..

No more walkover PLEASE ..

GLOW said...

I know that LKY cannot sleep nowadays.. he used to worry about our neighbours.. NOW.. even he must know that he has made a mistake by "killing" off the opposition.. if he is as brilliant as he is said to be .. the writting must be on his bedroom wall by now.. he's got a whole parliament house full of candidates who have nothing to contribute..

FEAR.. he can't change the system he created.. its bigger than himself now.. he can't help the opposition even though it is the right medicine to take.. ROCK and a HARD place.. only choice, bo pian.. keep the system going... while he ponders his own MORTALITY...

I am sure the FOUNDING philosophy of the PAP did not have such a future in mind..

Fievel said...

When they say Singaporeans are too mollycoddled, maybe they should take care not to make such a sweeping statement as to hurt the feelings of our fellow PRC and Indian and Angmoh Singaporeans. They are new here...give them a break. We the longer-term Singaporeans are the ones who are mollycoddled ok! So Mollycoddled until people go and commit suicide day in day out becos they dun dare to live on anymore without govt's help...go do a 'COPS' reality show in Spore and u will know how many Sporeans die from suicide a week. But its ok, GDP figures still going strong can already. God darn it.

Fievel said...

Our situation is like a telecomm industry with only Singtel but no starhub, no M1. Without Starhub, even when there was just Singtel & M1, was there "free incoming" subscription plans? Wads more right now we are more like Singtel vs Hutchison paging only... haha..of cos can forget about "free incoming".

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan is back with WHOLE NEW INVENTION...


Anonymous said...

"He deserves to have smelly shoes thrown at him, he is just disgusting !!"

That is too molly-coddled to him. Stuff smelly socks into his mouth, that's more like it, so he can't talkcock and sing song again.

Anonymous said...

Citizens in good times are on their own but in bad times they are "molly-coddled". What a wisdom from PAP !

Chee Wai Lee said...

I like this line best:

"'Suppose you're the father of an eight-year-old boy who wants to learn how to cycle. Do you line the streets with cushions so that he would not hurt himself if he loses his balance? '
Do you brace his knees, and every conceivable part of his exposedbody with padding? You might, if you were an extremely protective father."

I say ....

Suppose you're the Party Leader of a political upstart who wants to sit in parliament and still be paid well. Do you split Singapore into GRCs so that he would not run away crying if he loses in an SMC fight? Do you post a senior party member with each GRC to protect his every inadequacy? You might, if that's the best candidate you can muster and you cannot stand the idea of losing ...

Anonymous said...

the ordinary singaporeans are very suffocated. the divide between the rich (including high salaried politicians) and the poor are soooo damn wide.

the poor singaporeans fight for their livelihood, comparing which brand of bread can save them 5 cents a day, elderly browse thru not their computer internet browser but the dustbin hoping to find an empty can or a piece of cardboard so that they can accumulate enough to sell for a few cents in order to buy bread for their meals.

we have come to a very sad state. our politicians are indeed very very very out of touch with the grounds.

to hell with this MP who accused singaporeans as being too mollycoddled.

to the highly educated politicians, please please please feel the ground and exercise more empathy to the struggling citizens.

Anonymous said...

If i earn 200k as my ANNUAL salary not PARTIME, i will be more than willingly to take care of my parents, but now i barely can survive well with less than 2k salary monthly.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Sam is truly too MOLLYCODDLED by his PAP masters.

Imagine the guy has never spent a single day walking the street of Spore,he holds only one job so far in his life and that is an office in PAP's affiliate,P.A.

Of course he is paid an allowance of S$217K a year,so he is forced to meet the lowest,poorest Singkies regularly and from this miserable experience his one tracked mind formed such a funny conclusion.

Would you all think it fair for me to declare that Sam would not survive one single day in the jungle outside,I have been there for more than 40 years,I do know a thing or two.

I think it is fair,what SAM knows is to PLP his biggest boss,and you should know who,the chap who dropped this Asian values years ago!

Anonymous said...

The elite in Singapore have become totally callous and uncaring. Ah Tong should stop talking about graciousness, compassion and EQ - makes me throw up everything I hear him crap on. All useless rhetoric. They should stop being hypocritical and be blunt and brutal like the thugs LKY says they are.

Anonymous said...

S$ 217 K for part-time job?
Any sense of proportion.
when so many people without a job & 0 or little income have to fend for themselves.
How many people can make $217k in their life time, even with full time job. Where can they seek help?
How to survive?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are too mollycoddled.

That why Singaporeans have to swallow bitter medicine, bite the bullets, tighten their belt and go for cheaper alternative.

Singaporeans are too mollycoddled.

That why Singaporeans elderly are expected to work until they drop or be shipped out to JB.

Singaporeans are simply too mollycoddled.

Anonymous said...


I really pity your parents for giving birth to a gong kia...

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to vote PAP without a blink of an eye if my area isn't graft into GRC with walkover.

Anonymous said...

SG girls are mollycoddled and more than equal to the boys compared to their counterparts in the region. Sam shud suggests that they be unmollycoddled and serve NS among other things; but then, that wud be political suicide rite?

Anonymous said...

I want to add Hri Kumar

Anonymous said...

No need to eat sour grape. Just find your way in and u can be as rich n powerful as they r. Simple.

Anonymous said...

When a person offers a strong opinion, it is usually a reflection of his own real life experience. MP Sam must have been so extremely mollycoddled himself that he would never understand why people complained.

If you tell him that you haven't had rice for 2 days, he would probably ask why you are so mollycoddled; why can't you have chicken for a change?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

Sam is absolutely correct u know.
Do you know how many arses he had to kiss?
And bending over each time his superiors reach for their belt ... Confucius values u know.

U think so easy u try lah ... oh wait ...

Anonymous said...

Such arrogance makes me sick!

Ghost said...

Sam Tan want the PAP to walk away? Be my guest, just don't complain about it if you get voted out of office in the next election. In fact if he feel strongly about it, he should say it during the next GE.

LuckySingaporean said...

Anon 3:08,

Hri Kumar's idea is ridiculous. He doesn't even understand the existing system where perm secretaries are appoint at the highest level of each ministry to formulate policy.

The minister running the ministry has to be elected so that his interests are aligned to that of the people. The perm sec who is the unelected civil servant has to be capable to advise the minister.

Obama does not need to be an expert at everything he has various secretaries who are the experts - but it is important that he is elected.

Anonymous said...

12.00 pm

That's right. Ministers need not be experts or technocrats. But they must be strong political leaders who has the ultimate say with the nation and people's interest at heart.

You cannot be really strong politically and with a good feel of the ground if you don't go through the electoral process. Just like you cannot be physically fit without an exercise regime.

Hence I think Hri Kumar is missing the point and a very important one too.

Anonymous said...

There's something odd going on here because for the past 2 weeks, a few studies have shown (and been published by none other than the gahmen mouthpiece ST) that S'poreans are getting more resilient.

Yet after all these studies, suddenly is mollycoddled MP Sam Tan with his tirade.

So...who's the one with the right pulse on what's really happening?

My guess is that he may be wanting a nice and cushy MP life, and is damn toolan that people are coming to him during his weekly Meet-the-Pesants sessions.

But Mr Tan, isn't that your job? To listen to people in your weekly Meet-the-Peasants nuisance, opps, I mean sessions...

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Sam Tan is sick of PAP and that's why he say such nonsense to irritate people to the extreme? What value does he add for saying those shit other than displaying his arrogance and putting PAP in the bad light?

lazylizard said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't Molly Meek going to say something now that Sam Tan is misusing her name or is the kitten been put to sleep due to mollycoddle ?

MollyCoddled said...

I agree. In fact it is evident from the top. So perhaps the PAP should set the example and stop mollycoddling itself, like the GRC system.

Anonymous said...

The system may not be changed at my generation. But i will have my little girl reading this site (and many others) when she starts learning. This system will not stay forever untouched.
Lucky, pls continue your efforts.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the old folks who went to see Sam Tan. Instead of getting help, they get chided and embarrassed for not asking their children to support them.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Mollycoddle Sam Tan is prescribing a medicine that he himself won't swallow.
Just like the greedy Wall St companies cooking up financial products that they won't buy themselves but will make you pay through the nose to buy it.

It's the same mentality at PAP. The PAP Ministers and MP deserve only dealth.

Anonymous said...

If that remark is true, then I think MP Sam Tan is doing the PAP a dis-service. Many ordinary Singaporean are struggling to make ends meet (high cost of living, health-care etc) and far from being mollycoddled. But of course there is bound to be a small section of society that fits the description but to generalise such remark is in my opinion - irresponsible, insentive and arrogant.

Anonymous said...

MP Sam Tan can kiss my arse. How am I supposed to support my parents when I myself have little to survive on? While governments around the world are trying their best to support their populations by returning tax payers their dollars dollars in the bad times, our government chooses to spend it in failing banks. I simply cannot see the logic of not helping those people who have readily allowed the ruling party to take power. Are we so dumb and blind that we allow such arrogant punks to tell us how we should continue to suffer while we work to support them? Didn't Confucius also say that the worthy should help the poor and not augment the goods of the rich? Obviously some double standards here.

kwayteowman said...

Just for kicks and for the record, the KTM shares some of Sam Tan's concerns - there are a lot of people seem to want to offload their parents onto the State. You seem to like this idea too. :-P

Your piece is however inflammatory with little (no?) intellectual merit. :-P

What's wrong with the old ladies who collect aluminum cans and cardboard boxes for a living? Is it not an honest living? You see them no up izzit?

Perhaps explain why one must feed a family with less than $2000 to be qualified to say that ordinary Singaporeans are mollycoddled?

The KTM doesn't remember reading any piece you've written that demonstrates that your great insights into economics or public policy. Does it mean you are not qualified to open your gap? :-)

P.S. The KTM does however agree with you that Hri Kumar's suggestion is quite ridiculous. ;-P But he's new lah, so we can afford to give his some slack.

Fox said...


What's wrong with the old ladies who collect aluminum cans and cardboard boxes for a living? Is it not an honest living? You see them no up izzit?There is nothing wrong with the old ladies per se. No one has suggested anything to that effect.

What is wrong is that we have a meagre social welfare system that allows for that. You may argue that taking care of senior citizens should be the responsibility of families but bear in mind that there are many families in which the breadwinner can barely manage on their own. There are also senior citizens who do not have children.

If you cannot see my point, then let me give you another example. There is nothing wrong with an 8 year-old child working in a hawker centre washing dishes. Is it not an honest living too? You see him/her no up, izzit?

Anonymous said...


what makes u think that people who go to the gahment for help has not already exhausted other means of helps? And even if people do choose to go to the gahment for help first, there is nothing wrong with that.

King Greg said...

This kway teow man always come here and give surprisingly elitist remarks in kan-see-ang powderful england.

Mai kay-kay lah! Where got real kway teow man so lurb cheng hu one?

Nowadays a lot of elite pretending to be average Singaporean. Maybe even elite very tired of being elite , ha ha!

Lucky talk about Sam Tan, but suddenly kay-kway teow man twist his words macam talking about seeing old lady no up???

Anyway kay-kway teow man, stop licking cheng hu balls, lah, already many people doings that, that's why we come here to read Lucky's "inflammatory with little (no?) intellectual merit" posts instead of wasting our time and brain cells reading your kay-kay glassloot opinions.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Sam Tan will retire well? God will punish him in other ways if he is bad.

21st dec 2012 said...

KuayTeow man,

I'm hungry.
Can u quickly serve me (the low class citizen) a plate of "kuey teow mai hum" that I ordered first instead of serving your "privileged" customers (the elite class) with "mee siam mai hum"* first?

* something u dun sell at your kway teow stall

ErniesUrn said...

This is what happens when you get MPs through GRC walkovers...cheap cars that never go through thorough inspectation. They are bond to crah and burn.

Sam Tan... I hope you stay on with MM Lee. :) It's 2 birds with one stone for me and other Singaporeans. (1 very old bird and 1 stupid bird)

Anonymous said...

To think these people who have set the benchmark for greed and self-interest dare to take the people to task. All I can say is that we deserve it. We deserve it for allowing them to get so powerful, arrogant and deceited. We deserve it that we have allowed a few men to control us instead of serving us. Let this be a lesson for the generation to come, never ever let anyone monopolise power, not only will we lose accountability and transparency, who end up losing even our right to voice our discontent. It time the people took back the power after 50 yeras.

Anonymous said...

Pity Mr S Tan does not seem aware that his own party leadership seems to be taking the extortionist route of power.
Is Dr Balaji an extortionist, cruelly holding healthcare hostage?

Dr Balaji Sadasivan:"...But in the next five years, if you give us a strong mandate, we will find ways to make healthcare affordable and more convenient for more Singaporeans... ... bringing down the cost of your healthcare, but (to) do this, we need a strong mandate from you ... ", sounds very presumptuous to me, over confident of winning the elections. The other possibility is that he has no dignity,just shameless toeing the line of his puppet masters. Healthcare costs dependent on a 'strong mandate'? Sounds like ransom.

Needs mandate to do the right thing? In context of their expectant win by virtue of the hyped up GRC system (constituency groups of up to 6, an inherently gerrymandering like situation), his statement seems more akin to extortion then leadership.
Mere puppets of the 'central executive committee' (PAP-CEC), what good are they for the leadership of Singaporeans? These walkovers only perpetuate the fallacy of the PAP 'GRC omnibus', that yields that purported life of privilege and prosperity ('PAP').

Instead of demanding a strong mandate, Dr Balaji would have done much better to say, "I will always have your rights and interest at heart, being elected would give me larger a platform to extend my purpose; a bonus of a good mandate allow me greater parliamentary credibility over other elected MPs. My priority for this term would be to keep healthcare accessible and affordable to all. No matter what the outcome of these elections, I'll always have the interest of Singaporeans at heart; no matter who I am or what I'm doing; you'll never regret your support for me.”

In no where do I sense Dr Balaji's moral commitment in his address and both possibilities are reprehensible.

In a 31Dec09CNA report of MM Lee's interview with National Geographic,
He (MM Lee) said “Singapore is in a good position at least for the next 10 years with the current leadership in place. … For the long term, it will depend on whether there is a younger team imbibed with the same integrity and ability”.
Mr Lee said his task is to ensure institutions and systems are in place.

I beg to defer as the 4/2006CNA report of Dr Balaji's poor showing proves otherwise. Integrity as I've described remains question, likewise are the promises that have far from been fulfilled. If indeed the PAP's CEC had a part in Dr Balaji's statement, then the CEC must have a less then noble constitution and composition.

Perhaps Dr Balaji, (possibly the PAP puppet masters) need a lesson in humility?

References/ minor comments:
The PAP cadre system, http://www.singapore-window.org/80404st1.htm
29April06,CNA: Dr Balaji Sadasivan promises lower healthcare costs if PAP given strong mandate http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=1284659
31Dec09,CNA: Social cohesion key to keeping Singapore going: MM Lee: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1027947/1/.html
Instead of the true motto of Integrity Service Excellence, it seems like the govt's true motto is Integrity subservient to Expedience ( http://www.gov.sg/ )

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