Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MP Charles complains abt Singaporeans

"When you ask Singaporean residents for feedback, they will complain that they have to wait more than 15 minutes for the bus. But when you ask new immigrants, they are happy that the bus comes in under 30 minutes." - MP Charles Chong
Sir, you mean no Singaporean has given feedback that they can hardly afford the last electricity rate hike? No poor family has given feedback that they have difficulty with their HDB mortgages?...when 1 in 7 have defaulted on these mortgages. No Singaporean has approach you for help because they are unemployed and can't support their family..... now that the unemployment rate for residents (PR + Citizens) is 5%, there are so many of them. Sir, nobody came to you to tell you that they lost their lifesavings buying structured products allowed into Singapore by the MAS. Nobody's son has been injured during NS. Nobody's front door has been vandalised by loan shark runners. Nobody is in need of assistance with medical bills. Nobody is need of assistance for caring for their aged parents. Nobody has asked for help to get a rental flat - the queue is 4 years long. Nobody in Singapore has genuine problems ....the only problem in Singapore is that the bus takes more than 15 minutes. to arrive....its arrival is enough to please someone from a 3rd world country where the buses sometimes never make it because they can breakdown anytime.
I gather that MP Charles is trying to say Singaporeans are so unreasonably difficult to please even when the PAP govt has already done its job so incredibly well......yes the biggest problem confronting Singaporeans is the bus taking more than 15 minutes to arrive. When was the last time MP Charles took the MRT? I took it this morning. It was packed like a cattle truck but I'm not complaining because the old lady and the pregnant woman next to me probably had a more unpleasant journey.
None of the bottom 20-30% low income people have any feedback for MP Charles although their incomes have remained stagnant as the cost of living rose. Maybe they don't want to tell MP Charles their problems because he can just say that the lower paid immigrant is happy just to have a job so why are all you whining about stagnant wages.
My fellow Singaporeans, we pay our MPs $217K a year to tell us we whine too much abt insignificant things and that we are not as appreciative as the immigrants that come in through the floodgates the PAP govt opened. He is saying we, the ordinary citizens, are ungrateful people and new immigrants make better citizens...we are just not worthy of leadership as outstanding as the PAP.


Anonymous said...

Bloody PAP MPs. Wow now attacking our own people!! I believe it is time we fight back! this is very sad times for the citizens of singapore. very sad.

Anonymous said...

Well Charles don't conclude too soon. Someday the new immigrants will be like us and poor MP like you would have to put up with their petty whinings all the same.

We people are all petty and complaining lot, only PAP people are wonderful people easily content with life and should'nt they with their $million pay checks and bonuses.

Yeah, PAP people think big, we think small. If ever the pappies complain they complain how much they are underpaid compared to CEOs of banks and other corporations.

We people complain about petty stuff like late buses, spoilt lifts and all those little things. Even if they do complain about joblessness, inability to pay for HDB martgages, power bills, those things that Lucky pointed out, why how can they be important compared to having more money for your overflowing wallets?

MP Charles, when you are up there, the issues of the guy down there look insignificant don't they?

But may I ask you, what are you there for if not to take their complaints (that you nevertheless treat with disdain) and tries to resolve them?

Who pays you the salary or MP's allowances ultimately? The people you bloody fool!

sgcynic said...

Lesser mortals who aspire to immigrate to Singaland must be green-eyed with envy at our bus arrival times. Well, I can't wait to flush a few of our world class MPs down the "jambang"!

Onlooker said...

What Can one expect from a ivory tower greater immortal.

Anonymous said...

pte chong the mp is trying the same old pap tactics: project negative images of Singaporeans, so that we hate and dispise each other.

They hope that this way, we singaporeans will never unite and fight for our rights.

and then they can rule us forever....

Anonymous said...

Oh f-king hell! Who the F said Singapore has world class transport system huh? Slapping his own f-king face!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee! Come election time, all Charles Chong need to do is wear a tie and suit for his rally, speak good English, or rely on a Minister who can deliver a speech in good English, and he will be forgiven!

In the end, you will forget what Charles Chong said about 'lesser mortals'. He can burn down your house and you will still forgive me, as long as he presents himself properly during election time. The 154th and MediaCorp will see to it.

You will vote for Charles Chong still!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising what....he said so himself already....

We are LESSER MORTALS....shouldn't bother DEMI-GODS like himself.

Freed Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Many of our leaders care for themselves first. Even when they care for you, it is because that would help them remain in power.

Cybergoddess said...

But you can't deny there is a big difference in expectation between Singaporeans and foreigners. The Singaporeans who really need help don't whine - they have genuine concerns. BUt there are other Singaporeans who whine about so many things because they don't know how to appreciate a country where almost everything works.

Taishan said...

Ha ... ha nothing's going change.
Not when Singaporeans are easily intimidated.
Look at this forum.
Just about everyone's an Anon. Hard for the govt not to put Singaporeans down to digits when they act like digits.
Perhaps a nick but all's ANON.

Fievel said...

I propose we veto all our MPs to do the following for a year;
live in the same HDB neighbourhoods they supposedly represent, in actual HDB flats,bring their parents to stay in the same estates, take away their rights to drive for a year, have them take the public transport to work.

Scary right???
We have enough capable people who are able to feel the ground. You guys can go back to your corporate jobs. Singapore can be better than this.

Anonymous said...

bravo! bravo! bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

Higher Mortal Charles sounds like both Philip Yeo and the JC Coach that pits foreigners against the RJCians. I spoke to many foreigners at the JCs, e.g., Hwa Chong JC, RJC on Singapore scholarshops who went on to the US's Ivy Leagues and never regret coming back to Singapore.

Higher Mortal Charles is glad you guys complaining Singaporeans remain behind to serve NS to protect him.

Anonymous said...

Just wait for lao hero Ong to get out of IMH to flame this Charles Chong if he ever manage to get out lol.

just julie said...

Dear Lucky,
Thanks for putting my thoughts into exact words.I wish the election is near so that all this rubbish from pappies have not been forgotten and people can vote for a resounding NO MANDATE for the current governement.


Anonymous said...

Its a symptom of the ivory tower.

"I have been working my butts off for 18 to 20 hours a day, with all the best brains our money can buy, and surely I am doing a decent job, if not a damn excellent one, worthy of my 10 mths bonuses, but all these low witted mollycoddled ingrates just dont appreciate my hard and sincere work, and knows only how to whine and whine.

And look what I find on the ground. Just what I suspected. I am not praising myself. Facts speak for themselves. Only those from the third world can really appreciate the first world status and high service quality we have acheived. And even first world immigrants will agree with me.

I just wished we have more of these appreciative satisfied immigrants. Then I can call these locals and say it publicly what I really think they are, and dont care for their votes.

Also then I can really go about the more important things I have to do, namely get my promotion in cabinet and get involved in the PM's pet long term project. But, haiz, I need to meet these hopeless poor lot again in 2 hours time and hear more whinning. An MP's life is so hard."

Anonymous said...

These bloody MPs have become way too arrogant! Asshole

Anonymous said...

MP Charles Chong have made many insensitive and hurtful remarks on his citizenry. Maybe he has been badly irritated during his Meet The People Sessions. Maybe he lacks the patience and empathy that an MP should have for his people.

Whatever it is, Charles Chong should consider giving up political office, it is quite clear cut that it is not his cup of tea.

rookielim said...


It really saddens me to see that our "leaders" are setting such low standards and is contented with achieving standards set by immigrants from 3rd world countries (presumably from India and China) instead of aiming to be world class. Why are we not comparing ourselves with Japan and Hong Kong?

With "leaders" having such low aspirations, we will be relegated to a 3rd world country in no time.

Anonymous said...

After lining their pockets with millions of our Taxpayers money, they now say we are just pathetic Singaporean with no brains.

The PAP people such THICKSKINS they should be SKINNED ALIVE!!!

Their skins are good for making SAILS that will sail their these economic crisis!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone who is too tired for his job. What an arse!

Anonymous said...

Ask that clown to run as MP in those countries lah!

Xtrocious said...

I second the motion that MPs should belong to the constituency that they represent...

If I am not wrong, this is how council members are appointed (elected) in HK...

How else can they feel the pain of your residents and fight for improvements when all the MPs live in posh homes in district 9 and 10?

Anonymous said...

Charles Chong shd be an MP in some foreign country if he wants to compare apples with oranges. S'porean taxpayers pay him something like 13k a month for him to carry balls of foreigners. I would really like to see him voted out next elections.

Anonymous said...

Cybergoddess said...

" But you can't deny there is a big difference in expectation between Singaporeans and foreigners. The Singaporeans who really need help don't whine - they have genuine concerns. BUt there are other Singaporeans who whine about so many things because they don't know how to appreciate a country where almost everything works."

Cybergoddess, you got it right in the first sentence. Foreigners are more amenable because they come usually from poorer countries where life is harder in terms of finding jobs but not necessarily in terms of having more stress in their home country.

I personally know of foreign IT professionals who were at first all praises for this country only to later be so downcast for the simple reason there was no worker welfare for them such as being forced to work long hours without overtime pay.

The other part of what you said about whining that it has nothing to do with genuine concerns is too presumptuous.

It really depends on what the issue is. Do you think that as MP Charles Chong asserted complaining about waiting for more than 15 minutes for a bus is really unimportant? Suppose you are rushing to work and the bus takes 25 minutes to arrive, is this an unimportant matter?

Small matters do matters! In fact if you look at life more carefully the so-called small matters are what matters!

But because MP Charles Chong is now very comfortable; he drives a car in all probability, so how could he emphathise with someone who has public transport problems.

You said in this country "almost everything works". This I have heard umpteen times from Singaporeans and foreigners but if you are someone who reads this blog regularly, you have no excuse.

You cannot be unaware that Singaporeans have been fixed big time by PAP. Please don't look at the present circumstances only. Your CPF life savings is no longer secure.

But even if you want to think of the present only, don't you know that prices of public housing has shot through the roof, that young are finding hard to make ends meet let alone get married and buy a flat.

Well I can't tell you everything. The past articles by Lucky and commentaries by some would be helpful. The issues are real but PAP is keeping all these under cover.

Wake up, Missy!

CHRIS HO said...

Lower income group, already so poor, still wait 15min to take bus travel to ah charles office to tell him their problem? what abt the bus fare cost? I'm not poor but i feel the lower income group can't afford and they know that even if they voiced, ah charles have no power to do anything to change a fact. If i were the lower income group, i would spend my good 15min looking for more job that throws me additional income. I see where you are coming from Lucky, ah charles has no idea....until the day he relies on the bus to get to his ivory tower...15mins late for work.

Anonymous said...

Charles is one nice bloke who is short on intelligence,IQ,that is,but it seems that he is even short of EQ now.

What good is there to praise the foreigners and whack yr own fellow citizens I ask you.

This quite low IQ MP really lacks a proper undertanding of human bahavior,LKY should send him for a basic "BEHAVIOUR SCIENCE" course so that he knows how to correctly analyse the human pattern of behavior.

He should make a true statement that folks fr those 4th world countries who have never been served by public transport would definitely that they land in paradise when they witness the air-con public transportn provided in Spore.

LKY should carefuuly examine his policy of ruling Spore with such a big group of clowns who emerge after being immersed for few years within PAP.

Anonymous said...

Its unwise not to be thankful and grateful but that is the natural traits of human beings. If they have one foot, they want to have a yard. Having said that, it is also unwise not to understand human nature. Perhaps MP Chong should be more tactful and sensitive with his comments and that applies to all MPs.

Anonymous said...

"Ha ... ha nothing's going change.
Not when Singaporeans are easily intimidated.
Look at this forum.
Just about everyone's an Anon. Hard for the govt not to put Singaporeans down to digits when they act like digits.
Perhaps a nick but all's ANON."

What is a nick like you but also another anon.

Nothing great or small about putting your real name or using anon or nick.

What matters is you got your message through. What matters is that you can say what you want freely. What matters is people do not have to link up your postings and argue to no end that formerly you said such a thing now you contradict yourself.

What matters is whether the message makes sense.

There are those who use their real name but if their thoughts are rubbish what's the use?

Listen, Taishan, this is not a game; this is a battle for the minds.

It requires strategy when you can attack and rest at ease as Sun Tzu advised, but you probably have a ulterior motive for wanting people to reveal their names.

Why, look elsewhere like the papers, aren't people putting their real names there even on sensitive political issues?

If you don't see enough of such letters you should know why: the papers refuse to publish them.

PAP wants Singaporeans to put their real names to their letters; so they did. But when PAP saw people were not afraid, PAP changed its mind and tell the editors over tea sessions that they better watch their editorial policies to make sure they sync with PAP's.

You either don't know about this or pretend not to know.

It's PAP that's afraid not those people who already show you they are not afraid.

Where have you been hibernating all this while, ignoramus?

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky, you certainly has an axe to grind with the PAP MPs, Charles Chong,Sam Tan, Charles Chong again.
But I dont't blame you,you convey
exactly what I felt too!

Anonymous said...

Its unwise not to be thankful and grateful but that is the natural traits of human beings. If they have one foot, they want to have a yard. - Anon 1:06 PM

Yeah, paid $200 K a year, a PAP MP should be grateful that they are still people coming to him to complain. Otherwise he will be out of job.

Oops you meant the statement was meant for S'poreans not the MP? Sorry for misunderstanding. I recommend you to join the ranks of PAP cadres where many inside there are salivating to make it into Parliament.

Anonymous said...

There is a group of key people who can effect change in Singapore but they are now on the PAP side. I speak of top bureaucrats, successful people in private sectors who are lionised by PAP, even politicians from ministers to Mps.

I hope these people can to come to grasp with the gravity and enormity of our national difficulty. They must know that those very important decisions made by the govt have been made by few or even 1 man.

The scores of $billions lost over the 1 and half years in US banks these PAP elites should by now know was simply LKY's gift to the US - and in all probability not because the US explicitly demanded it but because LKY is such a chicken, whose hitherto survival and hold to power lies preciselyin pleasing his masters if need by at the risk of ruining our own nation.

Now this national reserves issue is not just the concern of ordinary Singaporeans but affect even pro-PAP people, you the inner and trusted circle in PAP.

At the rate things are going on, can you sit back and believe this nation will still be safe for your own children and grandchildren?

Our nation looks to you for responsibility if only just to think of your own immediate family. May be you have prepared to flee if things turn sour but I don't believe all people are like that.

Anonymous said...

To Anon on 'Mr Lucky, you certainly has an axe to grind with the PAP MPs, Charles Chong,Sam Tan, Charles Chong again. But I dont't blame you,you convey exactly what I felt too!
1:12 PM'

It is easy to identify this incident to highlight our disgust. Lucky is just doing a good job and he is very good at it; i never ever thot Lucky has an axe to grind with the PAP regime MPs.

Anonymous said...

I have been out of a permanent job for almost 2 years. PAP's re-training & job credit schemes does not seem to have helped unemployed PMET like me.

It looks like soon I will have to make a choice of whether to jump from a HDB high rise block or jump the tracks off the MRT station.

Is this feedback good for you ? So may I ask our MP Chong how are you going to help people like me ?

Anonymous said...

There were many suicides, though few are reported nowadays. If our leaders have ever been the slightest affected(by their consciences), they would have acted by looking into them(suicides). Don't even think they read or want to know what cause the people to commit suicides.

It is clear that money occupies the minds of our leaders in that they are concerned only with economic progress.

And now, it is also becoming clear that many MPs are not comfortable with meeting the citizens. How do we explain the rising unhappy incidents between the MPs and the people(who seeked the helps of MPs) ?

Anonymous said...

he should just go and fuck himself.

Lucky Fan said...

Lucky Tan Pwns PAP MP!

gg no re!

Anonymous said...

I submit/agree to our educators/politicians that we shall not do anything to discredit Singapore. On the other hand, we have here the so called "highly educated elite" and the world's most highly paid MP, picking on one of the most insignificant issues in order to discredit the Singaporeans with one broad brush. What led him to bite the very hands that feed him is beyond me. Perhaps he found his maid a much more contented person with so much less compared to that of his wife. I guess his conclusion is better to have a maid than to have a wife!

Majura Singapura !!! ;-(

Anonymous said...

Bravo MP Chong!!

Your comments are doing the alternative party a big favour just like CSJ to PAP...keep it up...keep your more mortal comments coming...If it can make Singapore better...why not...

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:56 PM

CSJ did a favour to PAP? How? Please explain otherwise stop kicking at someone who is already knocked out by PAP - lost his private house, lecturer job, sued to kingdom come, now lives in a 3-room flat and prevented from leaving Singapore.

He may have defects like any human beings but your cheap shot shows more of your meanness than whatever defect CSJ might have.

You sounded like one of those opposition guys in other parties always wanting to make a pariah of him so that they would look better for not helping him out when he was under attack from the machinery of PAP.

This is the true reason the opposition parties will always find it hard to win. If they fight among themselves how to beat PAP. Such a simple logic yet cannot understand. Or perhaps it is all big ego, everyone wants to look like the real hero.

I have no link with CSJ but funny why are there people hating him like that?

Anonymous said...

Charles Chong is the only MP who is not a graduate (with degree).

Not bad with income over 200K per year! And can talk cock some more by saying we are lesser mortals.

Anonymous said...

Another possibility---having served enough terms to collect pension of MP,and seeing colleagues getting burnt----might be a good idea to make a couple of stupid statements.
Will be asked to leave MP post.
Retire to enjoy bountiful pension--which is many times the salary of serving MP in other countries.

c-p-k said...

Ah Chong, why you kpkb about our kpkb? Are we not paying you enough to listen to our kpkb? Do you think that you are paid millions just to shake legs? Or, like your colleague Vivien, you too do not wish to micro-manage?

Anonymous said...


"Not bad with income over 200K per year!"

You got it badly wrong,what is $200k a year,if they get that,I would say they are under pay.

No,$200k a year is only MP allowance,as far as I know,most of the PAP MPS,so long as they work with GLC or NTUC,their basic monthly salary would be say fr $50k t0 $80k a month,such as all those asst.general secretaries of NTUC,why do you think they do what they are doing?

It is sinful to even have the tot that our MP are paid less than 1 peanut ($600k) a year.It is just impossible,with or w/o degrees non wistanding.

Am I jealous?May be,may be not.But that is not the issue!

Vincent said...

when changi airport do not take feedback from passengers seriously, they dropped from 1st place to 3rd place. when singapore government do not take feedback from its people seriously, the country will drop from 1st world to 3rd world.

Anonymous said...


MR Lee Hsien Loong has already answered your question: NOBODY will be left behind.

Higher Mortal Charles simply sits back, relax and implements what his master wants.

Anonymous said...

If charles takes the MRT at 10.30am daily, he will decover that it is very crowded, usually with no seat available. Now this phenomenon did not happen a few years ago, because at 10.30am it should be offpeak hours. Likewise, someone taking the bus will discover that it is usually very crowded.

Given that the goverment owns the MRT, the bus companies and acts as the regulator all at the same time, there is basically no competitive pressure for these companies to listen to any feedbacks. Hence, it should not be too surprising that singaporeans complain to him about such issues.

Anonymous said...

hey check this out!
schwarzenegger runs california better den pap dominates singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13PM, you're absolutely right.

how's this?
if I offer a $50,000 annual salary to a PAP MP, he will complain it's way too low for his top talent. If I offer it to an ordinary citizen (or recent immigrant-turned citizen) he will say it's a great deal... especially since MP is a part-time job.

Anonymous said...

we the LESSER MORTALS, who suffer everyday in order to pay you your MP allowances, in order for you to DO YOUR JOB to represent our voices in parliament,

and yet you bite that hand that feeds you?

Taishan said...

Anon @ 1:12 PM
If nick is also anon why not have a nick.
It's certainly more colorful but.. being a digit it's hard i guess.
How is consistency not a desirable trait ?
And if you're going to win a battle of the minds it better be Obama or Chairman Mao and not some Anon @ 1.12pm. Who are folks to look up to. Digit 2 and 3 ?
Ascribing spurious, imaginary motives to others isn't quite ethical too.
Some digit i am talking to.

Anonymous said...

Taishan you don't understand the situation. What you have as a nickname is easily impersonated by others. If you want to tackle the right people you got to think about this. Unless of course you are from the other side.

It is credibility you are thinking about. On the blog where any Tom Dick and Harry can come and voice, what is credible is just the message and not the identity. You obviously do not understand how things work on the Internet.

You want consistency, that's just how one chooses to make of two postings. If you want to find fault on contradictions, it is everywhere. Unless you never examine your own postings.

Digits or not, it is just a word no more or less than a nick or anon. Just playing with words.

Anonymous said...

1st paragraph opinion: Maybe it would be a good solution to move to our neighbours' place?

2nd paragraph opinion: Umm, due to the overwhelming of pessangers from all races and different countries, i believe Singapore has done a good job educating our local citizen to be understanding and caring. And of course, first class transport! or world? Correct me if im wrong. anyway, doesn't matter.. the real deal is, if public transport sucks, it would be advisable to own a vehicle.

3rd paragraph opinion: i guess what goes up must go down. cause and effect? it doesn't really matter because singapore govt will always look after we people. i have faith!

last opinion: WRONG! our MP3s.. MPs did a lot for us! lets take HDB for example. imagine our government allowed each family to purchase more than 2 HDB units, more people will sleep on the streets. Imagine no ERPs, no revenue for our country hence no funds for future national developments?

Sigh.. have they not done enough? but MP Charles did too much for us that hurt our feelings and put ourselves questioning our loyalty to the err... nation? remember "one people one nation one singapore"?

Anonymous said...

"MPs did a lot for us! lets take HDB for example. imagine our government allowed each family to purchase more than 2 HDB units, more people will sleep on the streets. Imagine no ERPs, no revenue for our country hence no funds for future national developments?" - Anon 7:53 AM

I have no idea what you are talking about!

MPs did a lot for us? Really? After being paid more than $200K a year just for MP allowance? Well every Singaporean can claim that also when they are paid to do work for their employers. What's the difference?

That being a universal truth where is the special credit that you assigned to MPs?

Next you said : "imagine our government allowed each family to purchase more than 2 HDB units, more people will sleep on the streets"

You okay or not? You mean we will run out of land or HDB flats. Are you blind? There are so much empty land around that PAP has taken from kampong people in the 60's & 70's for a song.

Okay may be you mean running out of HDB flats. At the current prices? You mean you believe the PAP is subsidizing HDB flats up to 50% of its price?

You have'nt read what HDB said in the papers, have you?

Formerly the govt subsidy on HDB flat was based on cost of the flat. Nowadays, the so-called subsidy is based on the difference between commercial properties and HDB flat. That's not subsidy, that's discount. But you swallowed that story about govt subsizing public housing.

HDB is making tons of money from Singaporeans; now a new 5 room HDB flat can cost up to $500 K and you think the govt is doing the people a favour?

It is people like you that are sleeping slaves willing to continue supporting this wayward regime.

You even said quite patriotically : "Imagine no ERPs, no revenue for our country hence no funds for future national developments?"

Oooooh, so all the $billions collected are going to be used for the citizens lah.

Then ask Minister Khaw why he suggested we move our old and infirm to Johor for cheaper accomodation?

Ask why there is no social welfare. Ask why your own hard-earned personal CPF savings for your own social security are increasingly locked up by PAP?

You don't know?

Then ask why both Temasek and GIC literally gave away many $billions to failed US banks?

You don't know again?

But may be I am wrong in saying all this. For all we know you are not even Singaporean or you are a son or daughter of some PAP elite who is untouched by all these PAP misdeeds.

You are just coming here to "enlighten" us with your great wisdom and insight. Thank you so much.

Seelan Palay said...

Excellent piece. I've just disseminated it.

Anonymous said...


"I have no idea what you are talking about!"

I absolutely agree with you.

Tat Anon was absolutely talking non-sense,an inferior version of silly ideas copied fr 154th.

Obviously I have to respect his right to say what he said,but I feel sad for PAP,why the supporters of PAP are generally so short of ideas.


Thanks to a free internet where the stupidity of PAP supporters are plainly clear for all to see and analyse.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wants to fight the PAP competently at GE must be daring. I don't mean daring in the primitive manner - rushing headlong like a bull without strategy only to be knocked off.

I mean daring to raise serious questions about what PAP policies will mean for the people 10, 20 years down the road. I mean daring also to make big but well-calculated election promises in the same manner that swept Thaksin into power once.

Otherwise, it will be hard for people to feel attracted.

Look, if more and more S'poreans are forced to flee this country in search of a livelihood, PAP may distribute the unused state land to its own PAP people. The land might be canabalised for PAP's top leaders and its "feudal lords". I see this as a real possibility not to be smirk at given the feudalistic policies it has been implementing unaware to the great mass of ignorant people. (Read recent commentaries in Lucky blog if you want to know more about this feudalism theory.)

Therefore a credible opposition-to-be must dare to promise the people that should they come into power, these unused state lands will be distributed back to the people as a form of social security IF eventually it is found that their CPF money is gone for good through the follies and misuse by PAP.

The current PAP-approved opposition is too selfish in looking after their own personal interests. Apparently from all looks, they seek to be part of the PAP kingdom.

And for all you know they have been bought over by PAP through business opportunities offered to key people, at first unawares but only subsequently to realize the origin of those deals. No corruption involved, perfectly legal stuff.

Just my speculation but seeing how so very well-behaved toward the PAP the key ones are, I cannot help but speculate.

To me these opposition people are as much enemy to the people as the PAP.

Seek out new leadership; I believe that good people are there waiting for the chance to serve.

Yearn and Believe.

Anonymous said...

This is the HDB site for new HDB flats.

(I got into that site through this page which was for buying new flats. So those prices are for new flats not resale ones. A little shocking to look at the figures at first.)

Anyway click the "Price Range" on the top menu bar and see the kind of prices for 4 and 5 room flats.

Few years back I remember the price of a new 4 room flat was around $170K at Punggol. Now fat hope, its between $257K - $299K. With bank interest for 30 years loan, how much will it become? Anyone care to work out?

In few years time, I bet the price will be raised another $100K.

This is one big way PAP, as trustee of your hard-earned CPF savings, easily write off its losses by Temasek and GIC.

Squander the money, never mind. Just raise the HDB flat price and your CPF account on paper drops drastically "to pay for it".

Where is the hole in CPF? All well covered up.

No need to wait until retirement age to fix the citizens; now by raising the prices of new HDB flat so high, not much is left when they retire.

People, especially the young generation now will be slaving for life for very little in the end.

Anonymous said...

PAP = Pay And Pay ... and pay, and pay, and keep on paying ...

Anonymous said...

"Wow now attacking our own people!! I believe it is time we fight back! this is very sad times for the citizens of singapore. very sad."

Yeah, imagine your own representative / leader trying to make his own countrymen look bad to justify their own policy. what kind of leader is this ?

Kin said...

We r such ingrates. Got HDB to stay and still complain. Ppl in other countries gotta sleep on the streets. We should be so lucky that Public Housing is so unaffordable even for the public. Maybe we deserved to be sleeping on the streets!

Anonymous said...

I will gladly live and sleep in the parks had the Authority not summon one that did sleep in one park.

Though there are blood sucking mosquitoes everywhere, I do not mind because the hot weather is killing. Btw, two legged blood suckers in this land are worse than the mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

I think its time for change!! when is election coming!

Anonymous said...

Come on. You're probably driving your BMW to work and your saying we are whiny. How about you PAP people BEGGING for overseas singaporeans to go back to singapore arms.

Anonymous said...

A few issues here;
1. Is there a bus route time table that estimates bus arrival time? What is the expectation on that? What about peak and off-peak arrival schedule?
2. Those migrants who are happy that a bus arrives within 30min must be from the 1st world countries. In these countries, bus transport is not their main mode of transportation.
3. We might have MPs that complain too much also.

Anonymous said...

Migrants from Third World Countries travel by foot, bullock cart, bicycle, tricycle and motorbike. And some travel hundreds of miles in a day in their own countries.

The poor foreigners always have time to enjoy their live, although simple joys and to take things easy. Singaporeans unfortunately can't have it that good.

Anonymous said...

If PAP MPs feel that people should'nt be approaching them about such "small matters" then where's their brains? I mean can't they think of placing feedback boxes at the stations. Or some station guy to take down the feedbacks from aunties and uncles?

This should not be just for bus companies, every services, building management, providers of goods public or private should practise this by law. It is such a small country with so comfortably paid bureaucrats and the situation is like that.

Where's their brains, where's their dedication to improve things? And where's their eyes. Singaporeans are not a lot that write letters to higher ups; but when they are cheesed off they just shoot their mouths off.

Well is'nt that also feedback. Must everything be so proper like PAP law-bylaw bureaucrats and scholars think.

If complain about late buses and long queues are irritating MP Charles, then his complaint about that is also as petty, is'nt it?

But politicians and MP are paid by the people to think not to gripe like this.

What an useless lot when I see that many an amenities and inefficiency are missing. Foreigners might sing praises but they only can see the larger picture. Only when you are a consumer you will know that the efficiency is way below what we expect from people with their such obscene salaries.

Anonymous said...

Despite paying obscene salaries for part time work, PAP still cannot get quality MPs. And they die die also don't hold by elections. So even a sleeping MP can get to keep his part time 200K pa job for at least a few years!

Where in the world got this type of job for the calibre of people like Charles Chong?

Anonymous said...

Before the right political candidates can appear on the scene, first the postulates that LKY had imposed on the people shoud be challenged.

What do I mean?

You see, some people says Lee Kuan Yew is very smart. Yeah I would agree because he knows how to sucker them.


First LKY created the postulate that only individuals with very high academic achievements can be politicians. Hence he has scholars and other individuals with achievements to shout about to serve him.

Hence if such people are his subordinates, surely LKY must be more than human. Hence at one time, the talk of the town was that LKY was a living Buddha. Not strange given that he once insinuated he was the son of heaven.

For me I would grant him that title on the premise that everyone is a son/daughter of heaven.

In reality without the people he is a NOTHING - just to borrow a phrase spoken by Harrison Ford as captain to his crew of a submarine in movie "The Widowmaker".

In any case, in Singapore people with low education even if they are successful in business tend to feel small because LKY has purposely drum this into the populace.

He even put down Sim Wong Hoo of Creative Technology once saying that "although he did not have high qualification, blah, blah..." Hey Sim Wong Hoo was a Poly grad and still LKY talks like that.

Then that chip of the old block Lee Hsien Loong also tried to play the same trick on the psyche of the people. He said of OSIM boss Ron Sim that he amongst the reknown successful entrepreneurs did not have high qualifications.

By putting down such achievers, LKY and the chip of the old block attempts to tell the people, they are still not good enough compared to them, the PAP top leaders.

The postulates that LKY has spread across this country has made class divisions unnecessarily for harmonious social interaction but certainly necessary for him to continue to lord over the people.

Therefore if the people want to fight him, they have to challenge him in this area of his subtle postulations.

But I see the syndrome of Singaporeans putting down individuals trying to make it. Mediacorp artistes always had to put up with this problem when they first started out, artistes like Lee NanXing and Zoe Tay ... then one day they become top artistes and all the scorn disappears completely.

When Singaporeans behave like that they are playing out what LKY tells them: that only the top people are somebodies and ordinary people are nothing... forgetting that they are also ordinary.

To fight PAP, peoople got to fight them first in terms of questioning these subtle assumptions, postulates that LKY had been brainwashing the people with.

People got to realize this and overcome it; otherwise how to expect those who wish to serve and have the calibre to do so but cannot match PAP set criteria of a politician to come into the open?

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr Charles Chong is a true blue Singaporean.

Chong said...

don't they know that these 'immigrants' are using Singapore as a stepping stone to migrate to better countries?

Anonymous said...

Charles Chong couldn't be bothered with your comments! He said he has a thick skin already! - The New Paper 20 Jun 09.

I bet he will still win the next elections in GRC.

So what's the effect of all these criticism on him? Release steam, like masturbation? Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Charles Chong will win! He knows that you people here all HUM-JI!! You only dare to critize him, but when it comes to election, the serial number on your voting slip will make you lose your balls!

Good ol' charlie knows you fear what PAP can do to you more than you fear retribution from God for doing evil.

Humji! Humji! Humji!

Anonymous said...

Who is talking about Charles Chong only; it's just an opportunity to shoot down PAP and snivelling PAP running dogs like you.

Anonymous said...

Another LBW? Is he another "imported FT" from across the causeway?

"FT"? "FT" = "Floor Trap"???

Anonymous said...

MP Charlie is really sleep walking.They are thousands of Singaporeans who need jobs very, very, very badly. But where are the jobs? Sorry, chums PAP given them to foreigners because you Singaporeans do not want them. My foot! I need, my wife needs, my son needs,my daughter needs and so thus many Singaporeans needs those jobs. Of course you PAP ministers and MPs and your family do not need these jobs. Your obscene salaries can last you and your family for the rest of your life. If you PAP Ministers and MPs feel that you are doing the right things with regards to jobs, come out and fight like a man and lady in single wards and dont hide in your GRCs. Shame on you!.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie. If you are a man and has a ball, please request to your PAP bosses that you wish to stand in a single ward in the next election. Whatever, faults or shortcomings, the Malaysian Ministers and BN MPs have, they still have the balls to stand in single wards.

Anonymous said...

I have my suspicions whether that bastard Chong was paid by some foreigner to emit that piece of crap from that shithole of a mouth.