Friday, July 31, 2009

Chee addresses his troops....

Pretty decent speech for someone accused of being a psychopath. Whether you like their politics and cause, you have to accept that joining the SDP does take a lot of courage. All of them are probably put on the watch of the state security agencies and face a high risk of bankruptcy. It is hard for many Singaporeans to see through the negative image the media has painted of Chee but the Internet does help to bring his message to across to more people. In any other developed country, the SDP would have been just another pro-democracy fact some countries are run by such parties. But in Singapore, the authorities/govt treat them like political extremists....yes, standing up for democracy, justice, equality and freedom is dangerous in Singapore although a number of these ideals are in our pledge because the PAP govt will see it as undermining the system they have created....the PAP has diverse interests other than that of ordinary Singaporeans and these interests are put ahead of justice and equality...we see it in the way the minibond fiasco is resolved. That is why the PAP treats the SDP as a threat that needs to be crushed rather than just another political party. The SDP is asking for the democratic rights and freedom of Singaporeans to be restored and that is seen as something very wrong by the PAP.


Anonymous said...

u r right. those who think chee is mad never seen and hear him for themselves.

Anonymous said...

It is wrong because then the useless PAP will be kicked out. I wonder where that Chua Lee Hoong is now after her mad dog raving against CSJ.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore a police state? If not why are so many afraid to give opposition parties a chance despite being unhappy with PAP? Is the threat if bankruptcy and financial ruin real or imagined?

Anonymous said...

I believed it more of psychological and standard belief that typical Asian carries if nothing is broken there's no need to change. Time for more V for Vendetta for me.

Anonymous said...

But we are seeing cracks? They are getting bigger by the day. Many are still afraid and will continue to give PAP the mandate to rule. What does it take for people to exercise their rights without fear of consequences? No one wants to go to jail. No one wants to be bankrupted. No one wants to lose his job. No one wants to be denied education. This is what goes through the head of the avearge person when he is standing in front of the ballot box. The fear of the state security apparatus real or imagined is pervasive. Don't underestimate that.

Anonymous said...

I always think Dr Chee and his sister Sook Chin are two good persons that we can trust. No one single pap minister earns as much trust from me.

The sibling indeed make their parent proud. They provide much needed fresh air in this very stifling environment.

Anonymous said...

"But in Singapore, the authorities/govt treat them like political extremists...."

Lucky your statement above should rather read "But in Singapore, the authorities/govt & some OPPOSITION PARTIES treat them like political extremists...."

That said, I think CSJ should change his style of speaking. He speaks like an lecturer and uses "cheem" words when more common ones will do. He also carries an American accent which he probably acquired during his student days abroad. Drop it if you want to connect well with Signaporeans.

In fact LKY also started out with "cheem" bombastic words and using long sentences. I remember reading his speeches in ST in the 60's and could'nt make out what he was talking about.

Nowadays he speaks plain English, sometimes his sentences are so short and simple. He had learnt how to reach out to his audience.

CSJ should learn from his enemy. The objective is to reach out to ordinary masses not to only to the intellectuals. I hope he understands and rectify this.

And I might venture to suggest Singlish is also not bad to connect with your Singaporean audience. PAP looks down on Singlish but I say use it!

Except for the snobbish, Singlish is how Singaporeans connect with each other, and not that they don't know how to speak in proper English.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 10:40,

You said-
"But in Singapore, the authorities/govt & some OPPOSITION PARTIES treat them like political extremists...."

I think that is oversimplifying. The way the PAP works to draw the boundaries - you obey or get punished. There are people who do not subscribe to what the PAP does but don't want the punishment. Can we blame them? For those who say the other opposition parties are not courageous, please step forward join the SDP - you have a choice. To me, the opposition all of them have some level of conviction to stand up and do this because the PAP has created a price for doing so. What price you willing to pay for your beliefs? Everything? If you say everything, join the SDP. However, there is room for people who stay within the boundaries - because at the end of the day, it is one man one vote. If you get jailed or bankrupt, the PAP removes you from the election so you don't even get a shot.

The people in opposition should understand this and stop insisting that everyone should do the same thing and adopt the same strategy. In-fighting among the oppostion is one of the ways to keep the PAP around for the next 50 years. They should accept their differences and stop insisting there is only one way to get the changes done.

The wind is starting to blow in the right Chee is right to say spend time preparing..

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of diversity and bilingualism...


Anonymous said...

I like PAP. If we have SDP or WP, then it would mean I can't appoint trusted close relatives to high positions anymore. relatives are also damn smart and talented okay? Not many families around can produce president scholars and doctors hor. Mine can.

Don't say I play cheat, or I sue you. And I never lost a lawsuit before.

WL said...

When LKY and PAP came into power, we believed and respect the leaders. But beginneing from the 1980s, things begin to worsen and by the turn of the century, there is little trust and respect left. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

Other opposition parties surely do not have to agree with CSJ ways. But why do you think they are not associating with his party such as in inter-party public talks?

When CSJ gets hammered by PAP, is it too much to expect of other opposition parties to at least voice their reservations about how PAP treat an opposition party?

At one time one opposition party even sent a letter to the press to criticise CSJ ways. For what?

As you say every party has its policy but running down another one is another. It disunites the opposition camp, simple as that, when in the first place there is not much unity to start with already.

I think it is not a question of lack of courage but lack of heart, lack of unity among the opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

There is a misconception that only opposition people have courage and the rest are timid sheep. Rubbish.

Courage comes in many forms - courage to look after the disabled for life, courage to take serious sicknesses in one's strides, courage to take risks in businesses, courage to face angry customers with a smile and courtesy ... the list goes on.

Hey courage is everywhere and it springs from "HEART" - compassion, sympathy, concern and such similar virtues.

That some people have an inclination for politics proper does'nt mean other do, even though they might be socially concerned people who cares about what is going on.

PAP created the postulate that if you want to criticise the gov then join the opposition. Let not the opposition or any Singaporean be swallow this PAP story.

To criticise a gov (and also opposition politicians)is natural and a natural right for people in every country. Without criticism, a gov might not realize its mistake because it tend to be distanced from the ground.

What is happening to PAP is precisely due to this problem. It has blanked off much of the serious but valid public dissent and as a result there is lacking checks and balances resulting in all issues that Lucky has brought to light not least the murky and negative performance of Temasek.

And now Ho Ching has the cheek to invite outside investors to invest in Temasek so that Temasek can have more discipline. And this is for a trial period only.

In other words she is still not sure whether lack of checks and balances were the problem. Any Tom, Dick and Harry could have told her so.

What a pathetic situation.

Anonymous said...

anon@31/7/09 12:02,

I was wondering is it good to have so many opposition parties and frankly most of them said talents and resources are limited. Why can't they just combined and work on one manifesto instaed of splitting and fighting among themselves...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:57

I believe it is good to have more than one opposition party. First this provides competition so that their members can be attracted by the better ones. Second, this pluralism is a source of different ideas, hopefully.

Let it be like the marketplace where every company competes for business. This is good for consumers.

All the opposition parties need to do now and it is very belated, is to form an alliance pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Never mind about differences. Just give a show of unity. Yes a SHOW!

The public face of politics is very much show business.

In the 60's although the agenda of PAP was completely at odds with the Chinese-educated politicians mostly under Lim Chin Siong, PAP still had to join force with them in order to sweep into power. Of course what happened later is another story lah.

Anyway there were many other disparate parties in those days going through town blaring their political messages in loudspeakers but they never counted.

In Malaysia the opposition alliance formed in their last GE also did a great job of shaking the ruling party.

Well in every democracies the story is the same - there is a big alliance of opposition parties even though they may well be quarreling behind the scene, never mind.

People see only the facade lah.

So why the opposition parties here refuse to do that?

Anonymous said...

Last election, Chee's party SDP contested the least number of seats.

Yet they were the worst losers (by percentage) among the parties.

Even one WP member publicly admitted to voting against the SDP candidate.

Like that how to be relevant under the system, even if you have the ideals, courage, strength, spirit etc, etc?

Maybe Lucky should post an analysis why this has befallen SDP and whether next election is also the same outcome. Or what SDP, or any other opposition parties, needs to do to win an election.
Or they should not even contest at all, if they remain the same or worse. Why fought losing battles?

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous comment before me, I can say that the SDP has been battered in the last elections because of the local media's campaign against the SDP.

Thankfully, because of the internet I got to read 'Misconceptions of the Singapore Democrats' article -

Anonymous said...

To the anon above,

You maay be able to find the answer in the below link, "Why the Singapore Democratic Party deserves our support":

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Dr Chee should start speaking in Singlish. IM SURE THE MOMENT HE DOES THAT, the PAP will jump on it and call him an uneducated fool.

I love singlish and I'm sure he uses it sometimes too but you know what they will do to him..

And I bet with you, even if the Chinese speaking man supports opposition and connects well with someone who speaks his dialect, im sure one blast on front page of zaobao about anything on the person is enough to change his opinion.

Seelan Palay said...

“If we had considered them serious political figures, we would not have kept them politically alive for so long. We could have bankrupt them earlier.”
- Lee Kuan Yew on political opposition, Straits Times, Sept 14 2003

I'm glad I support a serious political figure like Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Anonymous said...

thats true...the SDP is doing what any other average democratic party anywhere else in the world would do - including Malaysia. PKR, PAS, DAP all organise demonstrations too.

Anonymous said...

Now that's the problem. Everyone says ST is rubbish, just a PAP mouthpiece. But when it runs down CSJ and SDP, many believes what it says. So who is to blame. ST can create the state of fear in people. It has been doing it for decades. The people have swallowed everything hook, line and sinker. Sadly, I don't think the situation will ever change. Internet or no internet, PAP will continue to rule Singapore.

Anonymous said...

you call that speech ...decent?

don't bring your "agenda" or..problems. come support...the "party".

that sounds very familiar.....

Anonymous said...

Last Anon 15:13 above, kind of agree with you. The mainstream media is still influential, even if people know it is not quite credible.

Like advertisements, people know they're just marketing spin but just look at how well some advertised products are selling. If not effective why the companies are splurging so much?

Logic is one thing, being persuaded subconsciously is another.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think it is a decent speech. But beyond the speech there are he and SDP's actions, which speak louder than all our words.

Anonymous said...


Control of information and money gives u absolute power.

Sinkees gave them to PAP a long time ago for the illusion of safety. To be fair, the PAP old guard actually did a good job so ur parents were not morons.

Anyway, the only way dictators\commies\etc lose power is thru some black swan event. often external influence. and ALWAYS extreme pain.

U sure u want change?
I mean u dun even want to pay more income tax to help pay for decent universal healthcare...

Not say I say what but I believe XiaXue still gets more traffic than u do ...

Anonymous said...

"Not say I say what but I believe XiaXue still gets more traffic than u do ..."


Anonymous said...

not say i say....lucky can change his mask to a young tart. Ha.

Anonymous said...

not say i say what.. but we are lucky that lucky has more brains than xia xue.

it's okay, she can keep her higher hits.

Anonymous said...

not say i say....lucky want be young tart also cannot Ha

Anonymous said...

not say i say.. but young tart go bad real fast then got rotten egg smell

Anonymous said...

What is the monkey in several posts above doing here? Get out you retard!

Taishan said...

anon @ 31/7/09 16:21

The monkey above you is providing some comic relief.

Anonymous said...

SDP has to keep on working until Singaporeans can catch up. Singaporeans are too shallow to see what's happening to their country. Even when burning offerings to their dead relatives, they have to shout "Huat Ah!" I thought only villagers have such practice. The well educated ones have either given up on Singapore and emigrated, or have been co-opted into the PAP.

Anonymous said...

not say i say....lucky not only got more brain than xiaxue( some say different only what), heng got more money also(vert important hor) Ha

Anonymous said...

agree with SDP than not shallow hor. LOL

Anonymous said...

It is not about agreeing with SDP, but agreeing with the fundamental values of democracy.

The same fundamentals that many democratic parties share around the world.

Anonymous said...

how honest can they be when they get into power you think?

you think they be as transparent and that they will answer to ALL your queries like what we accuse the pap of??

they already say...don't come to us with your agendas( may translate to problems). come to us if you support the

whose party now are we ...celebrating huh?

Anonymous said...

And how honest do you think the PAP is? Were Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King honest people? Is Aung San Suu Kyii an honest person? Or are you going to say she will become corrupt too?

You said: "they already say...don't come to us with your agendas( may translate to problems). come to us if you support the"

I'm sorry but he said agendas, NOT problems, maybe you need to clean your ears. You yourself shot your own speculation by adding the word "may translate".

Anonymous said...

you know why leaders have close door meetings and they don't invite the press or the public to eavesdrop on their conversations?

the nature of politics is such that it does not allow full disclosure so, one will always have an ax to grind with the authorities for not being upfront or transparent etc( on certain matters)

similarly, for anyone who has risen to power, the incumbent will face the kind of accusations leveled at the pap

they will face the same challenges( protests and condemnations as the current gahmen) and i seriously doubt, there will be as...gentlemanly.

as for associating agendas with...problems, it's better you learn to read between the lines. no one in power will always be that accommodating to the people.

Anonymous said...

"The way the PAP works to draw the boundaries - you obey or get punished."

lucky, i feel just the opposite.

the pap don't want to set boundaries clearly because if the boundaries are too stiffling, they know singaporeans would just keep their peace until voting day when they show their displeasure.

pap would rather the boundaries be vague so that people would rather err on the side of safety to not attempt to challenge the boundaries.

Anonymous said...

it is my observation that those who support SDP are in essence supporters of basic values like freedom, democracy, justice and fairness. if tomorrow SDP becomes a tyrant crap party like the PAP, these supporters will drop SDP without a thought. in this sense these ppl transcends party politics, i.e. they dun support a party for the party's sake. this is good for Spore.

Anonymous said...

firstly, no one ever ascend to political power preaching corruption,injustice, immorality and poverty etc.

so of course, you have to preach "values" otherwise, you are not going to gain support but unfortunately, few can identify with SDP values. because they failed to understand the composition of the Singaporean society and the values ascribed by different social stratas, they remain generally unpopular with the masses.

lastly, if you think pap is bad for sg, try dropping them then.

easier said then done once they latch on to power.

Anonymous said...

Preaching values while doing another is by now the hallmark of PAP. Enough said.

Anonymous said... not sure if it's good or bad news but got to wait and see in the increase of size.

There may probably be lots of moles in it.

Anonymous said...

Er....moles? I think they are all in one family, PAP & SDP. PAP needs SDP to be around. It's too obvious to call ourselves communists if there is no SDP.

You think so?

Anonymous said...

Er....moles? I think they are all in one family, PAP & SDP. PAP needs SDP to be around. It's too obvious to call ourselves communists if there is no SDP.

You think so?

Moles? I would think the honour belongs to LTK and CST, both "approved" opposition. But why do u want to go down this line for no other reason than to sow disunity amongst the oppositions. You must be a pap running dog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2/8/09 10:13

Yap, like you said "approved" oppositions. Why do you think a democratic society needs "approved" opposition? Isn't it obvious that it's all a huge wayang.

Why are we not rooting for oppositions then? Why are we so afraid to stand up? It's because in the end we all know PAP will prevail.

Look at the billions Temasek lost, and we are still happily sticking decals and flying PAP flags and queue for NDP tickets.

What are the oppositions going to do?

LuckySingaporean said...

Guys why the accusations and counter-accusations. The two 'types' of opposition we are seeing arises naturally from the legal and political constraints put up. Like I said there is no one correct way of implementing change and making progress in Singapore.

The PAP biggest enemy is its own arrogance and slip-ups. When they PAP does it job well and deliver the goodies, it can come out to hammer the opposition until they don't see daylight ...the opposition cannot get any sympathy or support because pple just don't care when things are going well for them. However, when the PAP foul up badly like in the case of Temasek, they will definitely lose ground as people will see the lack of accountability and shift support to the opposition.

In short what is more important than what the opposition does or strategies they adopt, is the PAP's own mistakes and lack of competence. The wind is beginning to blow favorably for the opposition, they and their supporters should spend time preparing instead wasting time debating who has the right approach.

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