Monday, August 10, 2009

"Pledge moment unites Singaporeans " - CNA

"It's very meaningful to unite everyone together, especially in this downturn like's more important that everyone stays united as one people, one nation"
-Sheng Siong Supermarket's corporate affairs manager, Tan Ching Fern
8:22pm yesterday hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans recited the pledge and renewed their commitment to Singapore. This is a serious but also a strange moment because it was organised by a govt than has in the last 4 decades turned Singapore from being one of the most democratic societies among east countries to one of the least democratic developed east asian countrie - just compare us with Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea ...even Hong Kong, Indonesia, Phillipines and Malaysia. Many of these countries went from martial law under dictators to full blown democracies with freedom of the media and rights of the people to assert their power restored. What happened to this promise of democracy? Singapore today is known for jailing and bankrupting people who fight for democracy and assert their rights as citizens , running elections based on estate upgrading and a media ranked among the lowest in press freedom. Equality too has taken a beating. While a small number of elites have rewarded themselves with the highest salaries in the world and its network of GLCs, many of which are monopolies, dominate the economy, many Singaporeans now find it hard to make ends meet. At almost every National Day rally they will blame this economic inequality on an ageing population[Link], I just want to remind everyone when they hear it this year that Japan's population is ageing much faster and Taiwan[Link] & S. Korea are also facing an ageing population yet the income inequality is half of ours.
8:22pm yesterday was a very meaningful moment for many Singaporeans because it reminded them how far this nation has strayed from its promise and how Singaporeans must now work together to restore democracy and equality. Many have been busy making money and have forgotten what they have pledged to this nation. The time has come for us to fulfil this pledge rather than just reciting it. To fulfil this pledge we need men and women who believe in it and will lead us towards our promise for Singapore.


The Pledge Moment unites S'poreans in one voice

Time stood still in Singapore at exactly 8.22pm on Sunday when tens of thousands of Singaporeans at home and abroad took time out to recite the national pledge.
The "Pledge Moment" was a symbolic gesture to get the nation thinking about what it truly means to be a Singaporean on the country's 44th birthday.
Singapore's national public warning system sounded its chime signal at 8.22pm islandwide, signalling the start of the Pledge Moment.

With that, thousands of Singaporeans across the island joined the 150,000 people at downtown Marina Bay - where the National Day Parade was taking place - to recite the Pledge.
As the parade was being beamed live on giant screens from two of the newest malls along Orchard Road - Orchard Central and ION Orchard - Singaporeans stood at attention and with one hand on their heart, the words flowed...."We the citizens of Singapore......"
At train stations and heartland supermarkets, pockets of people dropped what they were doing and for 30 seconds renewed their commitment to a country they call home. A supermarket at Bedok North, a suburb in the east, was one of the many retail outlets taking part in the Pledge Moment. The supermarket staff got into the National Day mood by giving out flags to shoppers and encouraging them to stay back to recite the Pledge. Sheng Siong Supermarket also took part in the Pledge Moment. "It's very meaningful to unite everyone together, especially in this downturn like's more important that everyone stays united as one people, one nation," said Sheng Siong Supermarket's corporate affairs manager, Tan Ching Fern. Words flowed easily for some, but for others it took some prompting to recall words that were probably last spoken when they were in school. "To all Singaporeans, since primary school days they have been saying the Pledge. For me, I'm not schooling anymore. So in fact, this brings back some memories," said a member of the public. "This is very good - because everyone celebrates with Singapore," said another. "Singapore's birthday is actually our birthday..." said a third. Truly, the pledge recital was a historic moment when Singaporeans were literally united in one voice. - CNA/ir


Anonymous said...

Strangely, there's no fireworks this year? At least I did'nt seems to hear one... Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

Lucky, Lucky,

Why would you crave for a myth called democracy? Can democracy put food on your table?

In this pragmatic world, material wealth rules. And you don't even have to provide this to everyone. If just over 60% of the populations enjoy a minimum standard of living, we will achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

Long Live PAP!

Chee Wai Lee said...

I do not need any government to tell me to recite the pledge at any specific time.

I hum that refrain (from many years ago) with our pledge as its lyrics as and when I please. Often, it fills me with sadness to hear myself sing those words that seldom apply to our society anymore.

Anonymous said...

As above posting, "Can democracy put food on your table?"

In Singapore, the GDP contracts, yet FT keeps coming in, the hdb flat price keeps increasing, wage keeps decreasing...

The "pie" is getting smaller, yet more people is coming to share. on top of that, we have 'donated' significant part of the 'pie' to other countries.

We have elected PAP as government, not as businessman.

Anonymous said...

Now the pledge is only meaningful to the higher mortals.

WL said...

The pledge is quite hollow given that what has been done is far from what is being said. Action speaks louder than words.

sgcynic said...

Only lesser mortals (and "godlike beings") cling on to symbolisms. :) Let's fight for the spirit that was intended by the words of the pledge. said...

I have long time no recite the pledge, the 8.22 pm yesterday was quite significant.

Anonymous said...

then what about the remaining 40%? An inclusive society should make sure that they should be able to afford the basic necessities.

tiredman said...

I thought that foreigners are more important than local?
There is a straight fall in production for the past few years. This is the reaction that makes him thinks that perhaps he is wrong this time or is it just another wayang show?

Anonymous said...

Pledge ourselves as one peaceful people. Due to kiasu? Kiasi?

This one very important and also happening but unfortunately not in the official pledge!

Because we are so peaceful, everything looks normal and OK.

Singapore has peaceful people that other countries and their gahmen can only dream about.

Anonymous said...

the pledge has long lost its meaning to many citizens that have been exploited by the greedy pap led by wooden goh and small lee.
ns, hdb debt for locals, jobs, passive income from hdb for ft.

Anonymous said...

just only i open doors for a little girl to walk thruth and she neber turn around and say...thank you hooor.

this not first time ok. you know why so rude our little prince and princess in sinkapall?

i tell you...NO MONEY thats why

oh no....i think maybe too many money life so good they become SO PROUD....all become rude rude!!

a rude people country everywhere is sinkapall!!!!

i soooo PROUD

Anonymous said...

i shall blame also foreign come here for money.

many many foreign people many many more RUDE PPL is sinkapall!

got money GOT EDUKATION no mannars.....SOOOO RUDE!

Anonymous said...

oh yes must say

shame shame sinkapall leechers

leech money make RUDE RUDE people

shame shame shame

Anonymous said...

TO Anon 07:49

Can hoodwinking the population pay off your hdb loans and education expenses? Can empty promises feed you and your family? Can job schemes which don't work prevent your from being retrenched and your job from being taken away? Can pro-banks and business protect your retirement funds? Can Temasick save your cpf funds from going down the drain (let alone turn in a profit)? Can foreigners who are here to exploit be relied upon to defend Singapore in times of needs? Can nepotism prevent the installation of leaders who are in the business to leech off the system and make a profit at the expense of the people?

Anonymous said...

To anon 14:33

All that you had said are problems for the 40%.

Like I said, why not make yourself to be one of the 60%plus and we will achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation!

Haha, what a wonderful country!

Anonymous said...

you see parents at age 30s and their children or not?

you see them in heartland shop many...all rude rude and ugly people.

what come this nation become?

aiyo yo...the next generation finish.

Anonymous said...

Lets forget about democracy for singapore. just be happy earning money. Remove the word 'democracy' from the pledge and the problem is solved, simple. the 34% pop will soon be converted to similar thoughts as the 66% pop. PAP regime will rule like a dynasty for 1000 years. those who disagree may leave, like me, for instance. but i will come back to vote, whenever.

Anonymous said...

go public toilet..urine anyhow shoot

i say women toilet

ugly smelly sinkapallings

shame shame shame

Anonymous said...

@ 07:49

Why 60% and not 100% and what is an elected govt for if not to provide and look after the welfare of her citizens 100%.

Lucky, the race issue is a problem that is hidden by all the great news about how well it is being tackled in Singapore. I maybe wrong and I hope I am and to lend support to my case take a walk around the estate and observe the various races keeping to their own group.

Anonymous said...

and anyhow urinate..very impotent fact you leave out

Anonymous said...

If the government were to announce tomorrow that there will be no more election in future, nothing will change in Singapore. Life will go on as normal. ST will give all the reasons you can think of and more why election is not good for the country. The opposition will make some noises but that will be taken care of with threat of lawsuits and bankruptcies. There will be lots of rantings in the blogosphere but will be ignored like now. There will be no civil disobedience for sure. That's the way we are. We get screwed by the government. We then take out our frustration on our fellow countrymen, in the hawker centres, in MRT, on buses, while driving, etc. Some take out on their maids. Sad....

Anonymous said...

All this reciting pledge at 8.22pm in unison is a farce as I witness it at the KFC outlet. Majority of the employee is not reciting maybe due to they are not Singapore citizen. For those who do it is is laughable as they don't even dare recite it out loud with gusto. Maybe the pledge meaning no longer hold true to them anymore but more of a wayang enforce on them to perform by the company.

I guess my $3.20 devil drumlets is well spend as I truly enjoy the NDP wayang.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 11/08/09 06:50, well-said, totally agree with you.

Packrat said...

Interestingly enough, the Singapore pledge absolutely guarantees that we will NEVER be a Democratic Nation (based justice and equality) because in the pledge, we will FOREVER "Build a democratic society" and NEVER live in nor uphold said democracy.

Interesting wording that has never been changed or questioned.

Anonymous said...

When Liverpool came recently, there were 55k Singaporeans who sang the anthlem with gusto and passion ...

"When you walk through a storm ..."

Anonymous said...

I read recently there was a historical moment when singaporeans were united ... when RI(or was it RJC) was beating some Chinese team in a badminton match.

Onlooker said...

And the strange thing was after 8:22 where I'm having my dinner and watching the pledge recital there is a PR ah tiong kopi kia who scoff and say why should he recite the pledge of his host country when his goal here is to make money .I almost choke on the food I was eating but I must concede there is truth in his words.
And another thing reciting the pledge with so many PRC around me actually made me feel alienated in my OWN country that I have to serve NS in.
But still Happy National Day Singapore.
Choose wisely the path we took,Can we afford more honest mistakes or just shrug it off thinking " What to do? it happened...".

Anonymous said...

If you people are so fedup with reciting the Singapore Pledge, perhaps it's time you recite the ex-Singaporean Pledge instead!

Btw, Singaporeans are sure silent lots. But they are protesting nevertheless. Except it's not with their mouth, but their bras and panties! LOL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12/8/09 03:54:

Wow, I love the ex-Singaporean Pledge. I reflects exactly how I feel. I will be at one of the featured popular emigration countries in a couple of years.

I was working on 9/8/09 at 20:22. I was the only Singapore citizen on-duty. I was surrounded by "foreign talents". For the majority of them, their main interest is to make a quick buck here to return to their homeland to retire grandly.

Anonymous said...

PLedge? what pledge? Now its just a national aspiration. wat for recite it. THis comment has made the entire 8.22 event completely MEANINGLESS